Body Work pt. 1

Body Work pt. 1

It was a shitty old car in the first place, barely worth repairing. Still, Jeff insisted on getting it fixed, and for as cheaply as possible. He was unemployed, and money was getting tighter by the day. That’s what brought us out to that tiny garage in the middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania at 11 o’clock at night. He’d found this guy on the Internet. All used parts, cheap labor, done quickly, the mechanic has promised. They would settle on a price later.

He had brought me with him in case the guy needed someone to steer the car when he towed it. However, the guy had brought a friend to do just that, and all we had to do was follow. The garage was on Main Street, but they must have meant “Only street.” There was nothing else around for miles.
When we got there, the mechanic and his friend unhooked the tow chains and pushed Jeff’s car inside the tiny garage. In the pitch black we heard the sound of a pull chain, and one dim, incandescent bulb flickered on.

“Here it is,” he said. “Look around so you know I’m legit.”

I knew nothing about cars, so I let Jeff walk around and scan the place. As I stood waiting, I felt the two men’s eyes on me in the dim light. I shivered imperceptibly, wishing I had elected to wear pants that weren’t quite so skin-tight, and perhaps a bra. Jeff had convinced me not to wear one that night. “With your perky little tits,” he said, “You don’t need one. You look better without. Hell, hot as you are, you might get me a discount.” His words echoed in my head as I felt my nipples begin to prick up in the chilly air.
Jeff wandered back, nodding. “Looks okay,” he said.

The mechanic stepped forward under the light, and for the first time, I saw his face clearly. He was actually kind of attractive, in that white-trash, farm-boy way. He looked to be in his early twenties. His jumpsuit read “Jake.”

“I can get the parts I need from the junkyard. Shouldn’t take me more than a day and a half.” He was addressing Jeff, but his gaze was directed at me. Awkwardly, I nodded. “Most places would charge you over a grand for this type of work. Maybe two.” Jeff whistled under his breath. He definitely did not have two-thousand dollars to spare. He didn’t have two-thousand dollars at all.

“With used parts, I can knock some off of that.”

“How much, do you think?”

The mechanic paused, looking over his shoulder at his friend and scratching the back of his neck. “Seven-hundred.”

“Really? That much?”

“Hey, man, with the pump comes lines, filters, maybe new tank… Shit adds up.”

There was a pause as Jeff thought it over. He needed that car, but he needed to pay rent that month as well.

“Maybe we can make you a deal,” said Jake, as a sly grin began to spread over his face. “I’ll take a hundred off of that if…”

“If what?”

“If your fine little lady over there shows me and my friend here her ass.”

“WHAT!” Jeff yelped, as my face went bright red.

Men stared at my ass wherever I went. Firm, round, and perfectly smooth, Jeff called it “the cock-hardener.” It had gotten me into trouble many times, and now, as my heart beat in my throat, I wished desperately that I had worn baggy sweatpants, instead of the tight, grey jeans I had grabbed from the top of the laundry pile.

“Up to you,” shrugged Jake, as his friend chuckled in the shadows behind him.

He had sensed how much we were hurting for money, and now he was capitalizing on it. Jeff was a jealous guy, and I saw his anger building. Still, he needed that car, and he needed his cash. As he mulled it over, I saw his face soften a bit. He looked over at me.

“A hundred dollars off, and all you have to do is moon these guys once.” He whispered.

“Jeff! I’m not a stripper!” I whispered back. “And I’m not yours to whore out!”

“I know baby, I’m really sorry, but if you do it we can just get out of here and forget about all of this.”

“Two-hundred if she shows her tits, too.” I blushed harder as the two men snickered in the corner.

“Please baby, I don’t have the money to pay the full price. Then I promise, we’ll get out of here and it will be like it never happened.”

I looked back and forth between the pleading eyes of my boyfriend and the leering eyes of the two strangers in the corner. “Fine,” I sighed. “But we are SO not having sex tonight.”

Turning to the strangers, face burning, I pulled my shirt up to show them my tits. My pale skin glowed orange in the dim light, and the rush of chilled air made my nipples stiffen to sharp points. As their eyes roved hungrily over the curves of my breasts, I felt my clit jump as blood rushed to my cunt. Was I actually enjoying this?

“Turn around,” Jake commanded.

With my shirt still up at my collarbone, I turned around and unbuttoned my pants. As I bent to lower them, the men laughed and hurled encouragements.

“That’s right, sweetheart. Down around your knees.”

I was aching with embarrassment, but the sudden heat and moisture I felt in my pussy gave away my arousal at the thought of these strange men ogling me in their dirty garage.

“It’s too dark in here,” one said. “I think I need to get a closer look. Get my money’s worth.” I heard their voices getting closer behind me.

“That looks so delicious I want to take a bite out of it.” Said the friend.

“I bet it’s real firm.” Said Jake.

Suddenly, there was a sharp slap on my backside that made me gasp. I reached down to pull up my pants, but a large, calloused hand encircled both of my wrists.

“Hey! Jeff shouted from the sidelines. That wasn’t the agreement!”

“Now that I think about it,” swaggered Jake, “Two-hundred is a little steep for just looking, even with T&A as good as this.”

Jeff started forward, but before he reached us, Jake’s friend intercepted him and pinned him against the wall. Jeff was tall, but not very muscular, and the brawny farm-boy held him back with ease.

“Now I think we oughta revisit the deal.” Said Jake, as he wrapped a muscled arm around my waist, pressing my bare ass against the perceptibly stiff cock that was straining at the crotch of his pants. Fear, mixed with strange arousal, sent adrenaline coursing through my bloodstream. “I think we oughta introduce the concept of touchin’.”

He dragged me roughly to the hood of Jeff’s car and bent me over, one hand still locking my wrists together. Jeff’s shouts of protest were drowned out by the laughter of the brute who was restraining him. I started to scream as loudly as I could, but even as I did, the memory of the desolate landscape we had driven through to get there deflated whatever hope I had of rescue.

“Now, none of that, miss.” Jake scolded, delivering another hard slap to my ass-cheek.”
Enjoying the resonant sound it made, he spanked me again and again until I fell silent and my backside burned pink.

“There now. No need to make a fuss. We ain’t gonna harm you. We’re just trying to make a deal. A nice fair deal.” He cooed, mockingly. “How about this. Me and my buddy rent you out from your man over there for…oh…say… an hour, then we do the repairs for free.”

My eyes widened at the thought of what these men would do to me if given an hour to do it in. Jeff was struggling wildly but fruitlessly under the grip of Jake’s friend.

“I get the feeling,” I hissed “That I don’t have a choice.”

“Sure you do, sweetheart. You decide right now.” With that, he reached down and ran a finger along my exposed slit. “Hey Phil! He exclaimed triumphantly. “She’s soakin’ wet! The little cunt loves it!”

“Sounds like an agreement to me!” answered Phil, who was easily subduing a newly enraged Jeff.

“Get up on the hood.” Commanded Jake. “Don’t try to run. You ain’t got nowhere to go, anyhow. I crawled up onto the hood as Jake ripped my pants roughly from my legs, along with my shoes. I wasn’t wearing underwear. “Take off your shirt, bitch.”

As I grudgingly pulled it over my head, I heard the sound of the door opening followed by rattling metal. He came back, swinging the tow chain like a lasso. Hooking one end to the subframe of the car, he wrapped the cold length of it around my midsection over and over, until I was wearing a corset of rough metal chain. He then hooked the loose end to the other side of the car. I was bound, naked, ass-in-the-air, completely at the mercy of two rednecks with very unseemly plans for my body. The fear, laced with that strange, dark excitement, was boiling my blood.

“Please don’t hurt me,” I begged, meekly.

“I ain’t gonna hurt you darlin’. I’m gonna give you the ride of your life!” said Jake. “And you better believe that by the end you’re gonna be ready to dump that spindly-armed city boy and be my little whore for good.”
To my right, Phil had grabbed some duct tape and was binding Jeff to a pole with his arms behind his back.

“Don’t touch her!” Jeff screamed.

“Enougha that.” Said Phil, as he slapped a piece of tape over Jeff’s mouth and walked over to stand beside his buddy.

“Tonight, I’m your boyfriend, darlin’. I’m your goddamned daddy. You listen to every damn thing I say, starting now. Face to the hood, baby.” Said Jake, and I lowered my head until my cheek was pressed against metal.

“Reach back, and spread your ass.”

Flush with embarrassment, I did as he ordered. Through my parted thighs, I could see that both he and his friend had taken out their engorged cocks and were stroking them enthusiastically at the sight of my exposed openings. Phil stepped forward and forced two large fingers into my pussy.

“Oh yeah, real wet. She’s lovin’ this.” He mocked. He finger-fucked me roughly for a few moments, and then shoved his hand in my face.

“Lick ‘em you dirty little whore.”

My arousal increased as I tasted myself on his fingers. Jake walked to the side of the room and came back carrying a container. A moment later I felt him smearing what must have been petroleum jelly liberally over my asshole. I whimpered, real fear beginning to send shivers down my spine. I had never taken it in the ass before. I had always wanted to, but I was afraid it would hurt and Jeff had always been too polite to force anything. I loved it when he stuck a finger in my ass during sex, but I had never taken anything larger than that. I remembered the two hard cocks I had seen a moment earlier. They weren’t small.

Jake’s fingers continued massaging my now well-lubricated asshole.

“She likes that.” Said Phil.

“Well then she’ll love this.”

He plunged a finger inside me, causing me to gasp. Then, he stuck another slippery finger inside. It was uncomfortable, but it didn’t exactly hurt. In fact, aroused as I was, I began to take some pleasure in it. Of course, I couldn’t let him know that. He’d only give it to me harder.

As Jake finger-fucked my asshole, he used his other hand to stroke his now dripping cock. Phil leaned down and bit my ass-cheek hard, as he had announced that he wanted to earlier. I squealed from the sudden jolt of pain that shot up from my already sore backside.

“I got an idea.” Phil chuckled fiendishly.

I heard something whir to life in the background. I jumped with fear, causing my ass to tighten around Jake’s fingers.

“Don’t worry, whore. We promised we wouldn’t hurt you.” He reached forward a fondled my breast soothingly as he spoke. “And me a Phil, we always keep our promises.” With that, he pinched my nipple hard enough to make me cry out. “Usually.”

Phil returned with the unnamed piece of equipment, which sounded as though it was wrapped in something soft. “This should get her going.”

Phil pressed whatever he was holding to my slit. The vibrations emanating from it sent waves of pleasure shooting from my clit. Suddenly, the fingers in my ass felt incredible. I wanted more.
Feeling the telltale relaxation of my ass muscles, Jake ran his hands up my stomach and grabbed both of my tits excitedly.

“Little slut is ready. Beg for it whore.” Jake pinched both of my nipples as Phil smacked my ass emphatically. “Beg for it!”

“Please fuck my ass.” I murmured.

“Louder!” Phil spanked me again.

“Please fuck my ass!” I shouted.

“And what do you call me?” Jake then forced his four fingers into my pussy and his thumb into my ass, fucking me roughly with his entire hand. I screamed my response, my voice ragged from the intense pleasure this harsh treatment elicited in me.

“Please fuck my ass, daddy!” I shouted.

“Since you asked so nicely, I think I will.” He sneered.
I heard the squelching sound of Jake lubing up his cock. The vibrations on my clit were liable to send me over the edge at any moment. My nails scratched at the hood of the car as I awaited what was about to happen.

I felt the head of his pulsing meat pressing against my asshole, as he gripped my hips with both hands. With a grunt he entered me, stretching my ass with his thick cock. The shock of it made me moan loudly.

“Jesus, this is the tightest ass I’ve ever felt.” His voice quavered, revealing the intensity of the pleasure he was experiencing.

“I want some!” Said Phil.

“You’ll get your chance.” Said Jake, as he thrust into me with more force.

Every stroke pushed me further toward orgasm. If I came, Jake would feel the tightening on his cock and it would give me away for certain. They’d know I was enjoying it and they’d never let me leave. I struggled against the rising pleasure that was building uncontrollably inside me.

“I’m not gonna blow my load in this whore’s ass.” Said Jake after a few minutes. “She’s gonna swallow my cum.”

With that he pulled out of my ass, and rotated me so that he was in front of me and his friend was behind. I was relieved, as my mounting orgasm faded. A moment later, however, Phil thrust his cock into me and I was back on the edge. He was even bigger than his friend, and I was afraid I’d come any second from the way he was filling me. Jake looked down at me, sneering.

“Suck my cock, slut.”

“Yes daddy.”

His cock tasted mainly of lubricant, but I could taste myself on him, faintly. I felt like a cheap whore, and I liked it. In my excitement, I forgot to do a poor job of sucking him off. In seconds, my lapping tongue had him moaning, and he grasped the back of my head, his fingers entangled in my soft, brown curls. Behind me, Phil was pounding me harder, pressing the mystery machine against my clit pushing me closer and closer toward my inevitable climax. As I came, Jake unleashed his cum into my mouth. Feeling my orgasm, Phil came at the same time.

Filled with hot cum at each end, still twitching from my very recent orgasm, I collapsed onto the hood of the car.

“Uh-uh.” Scolded Jake. He put his hand under my chin and forced me back onto my knees. “Open.” I opened my mouth to show him that I had swallowed his cum. “Stick out your tongue.” I did as he commanded. “Good whore.”

“So now… you’re going to let me go, right?” I asked quietly. A slap across the face was his reply.

“How long has it been, Phil?”

“Twenty-eight minutes, exactly.”

“See, we got a deal, slut. You’re ours for an hour. We’re paying for you in services rendered, cause your broke-ass boyfriend can’t give us what he owes. Got it?”

I nodded.

“For the next thirty-two minutes, you belong to us."

I nodded again. Naked, chained, roughly used, a stranger’s semen dripping from my ass, I surrendered to their will and awaited instruction.

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