Captive in the Woods, Part Two

Captive in the Woods, Part Two

After breakfast the men left the cabin, knowing that she would clean everything up and have her chores completed when they returned. They had broken her to their ownership and she hadn’t thought of escape in several months. Her thoughts these days centered on how to keep the men happy, and as she worked about the cabin, she found her thoughts drifting to the stranger who had taken her without a word the previous day. He was tall, more slender than her masters, but still a solidly built man. His light auburn hair hung halfway down his back, and his blue eyes had seemed to look right inside her when their glances had met. He had fucked her well, and she found herself getting wet thinking about the feel of his nine thick hard inches inside her pussy and ass. Finishing the chores inside the cabin, she stepped outside into the chill air and went to the stream, diving in before she could change her mind to wash the semen and sweat from her body and hair.

She didn’t stay in long, the water was frigid and made her nipples so hard they ached, returning to the cabin to stand as close to the fire as she could to warm up. Once dry and warm again, she curled up to await the return of the men and promptly fell asleep. She awoke several hours later to find herself hanging by her wrists from the center beam of the roof, just her toes touching the floor. As her eyes opened she felt nipple clamps close on her nipples and squealed, her gaze meeting that of the stranger as he grinned at her reaction to what he’d done. She felt his fingers trail down her front and slide between her legs to the moistness of her mound. They found her clit, teasing it into hard prominence as she hung helplessly. Suddenly she shrieked as something clamped on her clit, causing spasms to roar through her and her hips to jerk uncontrollably.

He moved around behind her and she felt his hands spread her ass cheeks, felt a finger probing between them at her back opening, and then slide into her, poking and probing until she was used to it. A second finger joined the first, further stretching her asshole, and then withdrew and she felt something else pushing at her anal opening. As it started to enter her, it stretched her ass even more than the mans two fingers had, and she realized that he was inserting a butt plug into her. Her body was jumping and twitching in its bonds at all the sensations he was forcing on her, and a low continuous moan was issuing from her lips, interrupted by gasps as he pushed the butt plug completely into place.

Next she felt his fingers again at her pussy, testing the wetness and twitching the clamp he’d placed on her clit which caused her to jerk again. She felt him open her pussy lips and the cool tip of a vibrator slid into her all the way to the cap. Before he turned it on, he used a wide strap between her legs, and attached to another strap he had snapped around her waist, to hold it in place, so that her muscles could not push it out as she came. She heard him move away from her, leaving her hanging there, vibrator on high in her pussy, butt plug filling her ass, and clamps on her nipples and clit. She heard a chair creak as he sat to watch her, and then her mind tuned out everything as the stimulation took over and she started to experience one orgasm after another. Her body shook as if she were having seizures and she screamed over and over again until she was hanging limp in the ropes, her body completely beyond her control.

The spasms kept rolling through her and each was stronger than the previous one. The strap not only held the vibrator in her pussy, but also caused the clamp on her clit to shift and stimulate her supersensitive and hard clit repeatedly. She was so lost in the feelings being forced on her that she didn’t hear the creak of the chair as he rose from it and stepped up to stand in front of her, his eyes studying her body as it twitched and jumped. He reached out and hooked the cord that connected the clamps on her nipples, giving it a tug that made her nipples stretch and harden even more. She moaned as he tugged again, her body arching towards him. Just as she began to cum again, he released the clamp from her left nipple, flooding her with a torrent of painful pleasure. The nipple throbbed and pulsed in time to the waves of ecstasy rippling through her pussy; as the sensation reached its peak and she thought she could go no higher, he released the clamp on the right nipple, sending her spiraling through another series of uncontrollable spasms.

Her body was almost doubled up, hanging by her arms from the restraints, her breathing ragged. He could smell her juices as they puddled in the strap, and ran over the sides and down her legs. He pushed the strap against her clit, causing her to jerk in sudden pain and pleasure, and then he released the last clamp and she passed out from the intensity of the orgasm that tore through her body. When she regained consciousness, he was carrying her to her pallet, where he gently laid her limp exhausted body down and threw her blanket over her. As she slipped into sleep, she could still feel faint pulses of ecstasy travelling through her body.

She awoke a couple of hours later to find herself again alone as the sun started to slide behind the towering mountains. She rose painfully from her pallet and built a fire to get rid of the chill in the cabin. She went to the stream and brought in a bucket of water, pouring some into the large hearth pot and then throwing in meat and vegetables, herbs and seasonings to start a stew simmering over the wood fire. Time passed, darkness fell completely, and still the men did not appear. She finally settled in front of the fire to wait, moving the pot of stew aside to keep it from burning and still keep it warm as she listened to the wind blowing through the pines that surrounded the cabin.

It was very late when she heard male voices approaching the cabin, one of them raised in an angry tirade. As they entered, she saw that there were only three of them; one of her original captors was missing but she didn’t dare to ask where he was. She moved silently around the cabin, serving the men their dinner as she continued to listen to their discussion. She learned that the missing man had fallen from the edge of the ravine and broken his neck upon landing at the bottom. The argument was about just how he could have fallen that way as he was the most surefooted of them all. She quietly cleaned up after the men’s meal and settled to her knees off to the side as they sat and smoked, still discussing what had happened and making plans to retrieve his body and bury it the next day.

When it came time to douse the lanterns, the remaining two of her original captors ignored her, but the stranger beckoned her to him. Her body began to tingle again as she saw flashes of what had passed between them earlier in the day and she dropped to her knees in front of him as he sat in the armchair. He sat silently watching her for several minutes as she knelt before him, knees spread wide, back straight and eyes down. He saw the flush creep over her body as she remembered what he’d done to her, how he had reduced her to a quivering ball of vibrating flesh. Her nipples grew hard, and he could see the wetness gathering at the lips of her pussy as she became more excited at her memories of that morning. He had known that she would react that way and was pleased with her response to his nearness.

He unzipped his jeans and ordered her to take his cock in her mouth. She moved forward between his legs meekly and bent her head down to his lap, kissing and licking his length as it grew and hardened. Her lips found and encircled the head and his hands settled on her head and let her know that she was to continue, take him all the way down her throat. She swallowed and he slid all the way, her face pressed against him tightly as he filled her mouth and throat with hard cock. He moved her head as he wanted, completely controlling how she sucked him and how far he went in and out of her warm wet mouth. His cock had grown and was rock hard as it moved in and out, and he moved her head off it and told her to turn around and get on all fours in front of him.

She was positioned perfectly for him to see her pussy and ass, and he sat for a moment admiring the view before slipping off the chair and fitting his cock between the lips of her pussy and ramming it in to the hilt. She whimpered in ecstasy as he pounded in and out, her body shuddering as she came all over his hard length. He pulled out of her and settled the head of his cock at the entrance of her ass; steady pressure popped it inside and he continued to push until he was in her to the hilt. He let her adjust to his entry before fucking her hard and fast, driving her to one orgasm after another before flooding her ass with his hot cum and collapsing over her. As he rested atop her quivering body, he whispered softly into her ear, asking if she wanted him to take her as his own, get her away from the men who had held her in the cabin in the woods for months. Her reply was a simple yes master. He rolled off her and pulled her tight against him right there on the floor before the fire, where they both dozed off.

When she woke in the morning, she was again alone; the men had already left to recover the dead man’s body from the ravine. They were gone all day, and when they returned that evening they were covered in dirt and sweat, tired and hungry, and eyeing her up and down with looks that she knew meant that she would be well used by them that night for hours. The men went to the brook and cleaned up as she put the food on the table for them, settling quietly off to the side, ready to fetch whatever they might want. The men sat and ate voraciously, washing the food down with their own home brewed liquor. After they had finished, the stranger disappeared outside for some time, though she hardly noticed as the other two men had ordered her to please them.

When he reentered the cabin, the stranger stopped in the doorway to watch for a moment as the other two men used her mouth and pussy to slake their lust, filling her with their cum and collapsing to drink more shine. Then he stepped in and sat where he could reach the jug as it went between the two men, laughing and joking with them as they all drank deeply from the jug. He had her sit at his feet, curled against his legs with her head resting on his knee; on one pass of the jug holding it to her mouth and making her take several large swallows of the shine. It went straight to her head and she began to squirm as she felt her body betray her desire in hardening nipples and a flash of desire that flowed through her body leaving behind a flush that covered her entire body from head to foot.

The men were drunk and wobbly, though she could tell that the stranger was nowhere near as bad as the other two. She laid her head back down and let her mind drift, not paying much attention to the men’s words until the stranger suddenly told the other two that he wanted to take her with him when he left. Her captors glared at him and refused, telling him that they’d caught and trained her, and were going to keep her. To her surprise, he backed off and made it seem like he’d been joking, passing the jug around yet again. Shortly after that the men passed out cold, and the stranger pushed her away as he rose from his chair. He told her to go and stand outside the door as he moved to the men; she stepped out and closed the door behind her.

He stepped from the cabin a few minutes later, and as he swung the door closed behind him, she caught a glimpse of flames starting to spread across the floor and furniture. He took her arm and guided her down the steps and away from the cabin as the flames quickly overtook the dry timber of the cabin walls; and as they approached the edge of the woods, she saw her own tent set up and waiting. He pushed her towards it and she ducked and crawled inside, followed closely by him. As the cabin burned with her former captors inside it, he looked at her and told her that she was now his, and then took her ruthlessly.

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