Daddy Left Us Home Alone

Daddy Left Us Home Alone

Cindy and Sammy were asleep in the room they shared above the kitchen when the planter fell to the floor with a loud crash. Cindy barely stirred, but Sammy was startled out of her sleep. She wasn't sure what she had heard, but she didn't want to wonder so she crept into daddy's room. Daddy's bed was all messed up, but he wasn't there. Sammy figured daddy dropped something and started to go back to her room. Smashing came from the downstairs and without thinking Sammy ran to what she thought was her fathers assistance. All the young teen saw was the kitchen window open and the planter and some other items crashed and broken on the floor. She didn't think a lot of the mess and window, she just got a broom and started sweeping up the broken pottery, glass, and dirt that was all over the floor. As she swept she called out for her father, asking if he was alright. Her heartbeat raised when she had no answer, yet still heard movement. Dumping the dustpan contents into the garbage, she nervously called out again. "Daddy?" she crept towards the doorway to the living room. "Is everything okay?"

The blow to her head didn't knock her out completely, but it left her in such shock that she couldn't even scream out in pain. The blood on the lamp in front of her face showed what was used to hit her. A pair of rough hands were fumbling around inside her pajamas. The man's face was covered by a mask. A cloth was shoved into her mouth when she opened it, coming to her senses, to scream. He had her pajama pants down and was sniffing her panty covered crotch. She could hear his heavy breathing and feel the heat coming through his mask. She tried to struggle from him and scoot back on the floor, but he pinned her with his massive weight. Then he pinched her inner thighs so hard, bruises formed immediately. He raised the top of her pajamas so that her 13 yr old nubs of nipples showed. She was not really developed yet, just puffy nipples on a flat baby-like chest. He rolled her right one in his fingers slowly and aggressively. Bruising the nipple as she whimpered under the gag. He used his fingernails to scratch her sides. Tiny droplets of blood formed precariously on her ribcage. His nails went all the way to her panties. He lowered them slightly, so the delicate curls of prepubescent hair she had recently grown were showing.

He lifted his mask enough for his mouth to come into sight for her. His thin lips were curled provocatively in anticipation of his game. He laughed slightly, before biting her clit forcefully. Sammy was choking on her tears and the mucus gathering in her throat. His rough hand pinched her cheeks tightly. He put a finger to her lips motioning her to quiet down. Then with his thumb he pushed on the gag so it went farther into her throat. Her tear streamed face was blushed red. He grabbed her left nipple and pinched it as his tongue began wetting her tight virginal pussy. She squirmed again and he pinched her inner arms this time, bruising them as well. Then he stuck three of his fingers sharply into her tiny little hole, spreading it open and cutting the flesh as he did with his nails. He lapped at the blood forming around his prize. His cock was bobbing from excitement when he pulled it out of the sweatpants he had worn for ease. It was a thick and long shaft, with a large protruding head. He loved how much it oversized such a young thing. It looked like it would tear her when he slapped it next to her bloody twat. She squirmed her leg trying to keep his cock from touching her and he laughed at her aloud. Pinching her cheeks and bruising them, he whispered to her "the more she moved against him, the more bruises she would have, and that was fine with him, in fact he preferred it." Then he licked the side of her face and slammed her head into the floor several times. Her eyes started to glaze over a bit, which his smile made his enjoyment of this clear.

His large prick split her pussy open in a single thrust. Her body ached from the abuse, but she kept still and tried not to provoke him farther. He fucked her dry tight pussy harder than she had ever been spanked. His body slamming into hers was horror for her first time. She could feel the blood of her virginity and wounds trickling down her leg when he lifted it over his shoulder and started a rapid slamming movement again. He kept spitting on her pussy and face. He slapped her chest and ass and back. She had lost her will to fight and just lay there, praying in her heart that he would finish and leave soon. He didn't. He got bored of the way he was pinning her and flipped her body over. She had a sweet little ass he pinched and slapped repeatedly, bruising it everywhere he touched. Then he spread her cheeks apart and spit on her asshole. His dick shoved into the tight little hole harder than he had done to her pussy. Her cries, muffled through the gag excited him more and more. He slammed his cock into her harder with each whimpering tear. After her body started to feel loosened up he got up and grabbed her by her hair. He pulled her hair so hard he lifted her off the ground.

"Where is your sister?" He growled at her. She was sobbing through the gag and shaking her head no. He shook her head with her hair and said, "I will find her whether you show me or not. Would you like to see her again before you die? I could just kill you now." Her helpless body shivered and shook from her fear. She looked at the stairwell and wondered if he would leave them if she showed him where Cindy was sleeping. He saw her looking in that direction and didn't hesitate. He dragged Sammy by the hair up the stairs into the first room he saw. It was the den, that angered him so much he grabbed Sammy by the throat and squeezed until her eyes looked like they were going to pop out. Then he dropped her on the floor. He looked into the other doorways and found the sleeping 11yr old. He went back to Sammy who was recovering her pass out and dragged her by the hair into her room. He put her into her bed tied her gag so that she would choke herself if she tried to get up, and told her she should enjoy watching this. When he pulled the blanket down from Cindy, she started to stir in her sleep. She was wearing a little girl undershirt with little pink embroidered bows and matching panties. His lip curled up as he watched the sleeping child. He knew what he was doing when he had broken in. The younger one was the one he really wanted. He liked the girls he raped to be uneducated about sex completely. He wanted a girl that was not only a virgin, but oblivious to the idea of sex completely. He loved the shock in their eyes when he saw what they were in for. The disgust they always had for "it" touching them. He loved the way they would squirm and fight. It just made him want them more.

Cindy could feel something pressing down on her and started waking from her sleep. Before she was able to be completely aware, her pillow was covered over her face and she passed out from lack of oxygen.
Sammy whimpered through her gag, worried for her sister's safety. She was terrified of the intruder killing them both. She hoped where ever daddy was he would be able to come home and save them.

"Want to help?" he sneered at Sammy. He pulled down Cindy's panties like he had with Sammy and sniffed her crotch. He pinched the child’s nipples. He played with her hair. Sammy's eyes caught everything. She was so glad that her sister was knocked out and didn't have to be awake through the torture. She hoped it stayed that way.
"You like this don't you? Little fucking whore." he sneered at her again. He pulled off the little girls clothing with a lot more kindness than he had shown her sister. The under things were pocketed after he sniffed them again. He started licking the hairless baby pussy. He cupped her bottom in his hands and dove his tongue into her hole. His excitement built up so much he became more aggressive with each moment. He was soon biting the child so hard she was bleeding as well. This was too much for him. His blood-lust so strong, the mere smell made his cock hard. He spit on her pubic lips and shoved his dick inside. He buried it into her over and over, watching the blood trickle out onto his balls. Then he pulled it out and stuck it in her ass as well. She sounded like she was coming back to and crying from under the blankets and pillow.
After raping the child anally for what seemed to be an eternity to Sammy, he pulled his cock out and left her on the bed. She didn't move. Sammy was terrified he had killed her. She didn't see clearly what he was doing until it was too late. Her gag was pulled our and his bloody-shit covered cock was shoved down her throat. She choked on the taste of feces and her sister. She was horrified by the action and couldn't respond. His hands were holding her head as he face fucked her tiny mouth till it too was bleeding. He never came. Not once. When he was done he just punched her in the face and knocked her out too and left the same way he came. He left the city immediately and headed for the next town on his list. While watching the signs in his rear view mirror he pulled out the panties he had stolen and sniffed them lovingly. He could still taste the young girls’ blood, which only fueled his need.

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