Debbie Gets Pumped – part-2

Debbie Gets Pumped – part-2

Debbie Gets Pumped (Part #2)

The rape continued for the next two hours, until all the men had finished with her. She drifted in and out of semi-consciousness as each man emptied his balls into her. Then Doc turned to Jim and said, “She’s all yours. We broke her in real good for you; her ring’s gettin’ nice and lose. After it pops over the head it starts to roll up and down your shaft as you fuck. Fuck her as long as you want, she’s not going anywhere for the next few hours. “I think that Debbie’s going to be my favorite little project.” Doc said as he walked out of the room.

Jim stood at the foot of the bed looking down at his unconscious wife as the men left the room. Her feet were still flat on the bed, knees bent and leaning outwards, her hands were holding her belly now that they were no longer being held down, and her face was contorted in a look of pain, an unbelievable amount of thick white semen poured from her open pussy down over her ass and into a large pool slowly soaking into the sheet.

Jim’s cock was getting rock hard as he got on the bed. He put one knee on each side of his wife’s ass and placed his cock at her open slit. Lying down on top he took her hands from her belly, linked his fingers together with hers and pulled them above her head, holding them there. He watched Debbie’s face as his cock slid effortlessly into her wet cunt. It slid in further than it had ever had before without any resistance, until the tip started going through her abused dilated cervix ring. Jim groaned, feeling the ring sliding tightly along his cock head. As the ring snapped down over his helmet he could feel the velvet lining of his wife’s uterus pushing against the tip of his cock. Debbie groaned and her eye’s opened slightly while her eyelids fluttered. Jim’s face was now so close to hers that he could see that her eyes were crossed. He knew that he was causing his wife incredible pain but he just couldn’t wait any longer; he rammed forward and Debbie’s ring slid further up his shaft. She let out a deep painful groan, he could feel her body tense and try to rise off the bed under him, but he just couldn’t stop. He held on tight and pushed into her even harder, her ring continued on up his shaft and the velvet feeling that had started on just his cock head followed the ring up until it had engulfed Jim’s entire cock. Jim knew that he couldn’t hold back much longer; he had never felt anything so incredible before and started to fuck her very slowly. The velvet soft inner lining of her stretched womb felt so soft dragging up and down his cock as it fucked.

Debbie eye’s were rolling around in their sockets wildly as one long deep groan changing in pitch from low to high emanated from her wide open mouth. Having sex with his wife like this, causing her such pain somehow excited Jim more than ever before and he could feel his balls twitch, contract and tighten. He quickly rammed his cock hard as he could into the depths of his wife’s uterus and with a groan released his seed. Debbie’s cervix ring contracted around the base of his cock as he started thumping, blowing wad, after wad of thick semen inflating her abused, stretched womb.

Doc appeared at the door again saying, “all done with her?” Jim pulled out slowly feeling her ring sliding down his cock and finally that wet sucking sound as it plopped free.

Doc and one of the other men grabbed Debbie by her arms and legs carrying her into the kitchen where Doc had set up an IV bag stand by the table. She was placed on the table with a pillow under her head. Two men held her legs apart with her ass just barely on the edge of the table. Doc glanced over at Jim who had a puzzled look on his face and said, “Most men think that a woman has only three holes that can be violated, but I’m going to show you a fourth, and with that the men holding her legs spread them even wider while Doc stepped in between them with a piece of plastic tubing in his hand. “Debbie, now this might hurt a little.” He said with a large grin. With one hand Doc spread Debbie’s slit wide as the other hand moved closer holding the tubing. Jim could see an umbrella shaped piece of clear plastic on the end. As the umbrella touched Debbie Doc moved it towards the top of her slit until it was just below her clit. Suddenly he pushed and the umbrella tip disappeared into her. Her eyes and mouth flew open but only a weak moan and then a deep gurgle came from her throat. She had been screaming for so long that her voice was gone.

The gurgle emanating from deep in her began to change in pitch as Doc slowly pushed the tube deeper. “This is a very special catheter,” Doc said, “Once it is fully inserted into the bladder it opens and holds itself tightly in place.” Doc stopped pushing it in and pulled it back just a little. Debbie’s back arched as she attempted to scream, but of course only gurgled in a high pitch. Doc let out a laugh and began to push it in again. Suddenly Debbie’s entire body jerked and she let out a deep grunt. Her eyes and mouth were still wide open as Doc pulled back on the catheter she tried to scream once again but only the sound of squeaking air rushed out.

Doc looked up into her eyes saying, “There now it’s in, and I think Debbie needs to pee, don’t you honey”. A large stainless steel pan was held between her legs and Doc released the clamp on the catheter. Golden yellow liquid flowed down the tube and began to slowly fill the pan. Watching the sight of the warm yellow liquid escape from her body and the sound it made as it fell into the pan made everyone’s cock start to get hard again. Debbie moaned with relief as her bladder emptied itself.

As the last drop of her yellow gold dripped from the end of the tube Doc looked up at one of the men and said, “I think she’s empty so it looks like it’s time to fill’er-up again boys.” One of them handed him an IV bag full of more yellow liquid. He hung it on the IV stand next to Debbie, coupled the IV tube and said, “OK Debbie the boys and I filled the bag, so it’s time for you to take our piss up your pee hole. Hold the bitch down tight boys she might try to get away,” and with that he grabbed the bag with both hands and squeezed hard. The men’s hot yellow piss shot down the tube at light speed. Debbie’s eye’s and mouth shot wide open again with the sound of sucking air and a small sound that was almost a squeal as a loud gurgling sound came from her belly as the men’s foul yellow liquid began to quickly fill her bladder. Two more men grabbed the IV bag and kept squeezing hard as doc let go.

Doc undid his pants and let them drop to the floor along with his underwear. His 9” cock sprang to attention as he stood between her legs watching the piss flow down the tube inflating the helpless woman’s bladder. He smiled as he watched her belly grow larger and larger as the men’s warm piss filled her. Debbie’s ass tried to rise off the table as her back arched, but the men quickly pushed it back down and held her fast to the table. She managed a squeaky scream, as her eyes slowly rolled up until only the whites could be seen and then only the sound of air escaping from her lungs and the fluttering of her eyelids let them know that she was still semi-conscious. As the bulge in her belly grew she began to almost appear pregnant. The last of the yellow liquid finally drained from the bag, down the tube disappearing into her belly with the sound of air bubbles squirting into her stretched bladder. Doc quickly closed the catheter clamp and disconnected the bag. “We don’t want to loose any of that precious liquid now do we Debbie?” as he pushed on her delicate, painfully over inflated belly. Debbie moaned and tried to move but she was still held down tightly. Doc took his cock in one hand and with the other spread her abused wet pussy lips open moving the head forward until it was resting at the entrance. He looked up at Debbie as he thrust forcibly into her. She moaned as his invading baby rod slipped under her bulging bladder and on through her still dilated cervix, deep into the velvet lining of her uterus. Doc moaned with pleasure and delight at the feeling of violating the most inner concealed private area of her womanhood. He began to fuck in and out of the helpless woman feeling the lining of her uterus dragging along his cock with each stroke. It only took a few strokes before his balls tightened and he let out a moan of ecstasy and pressed into her pussy with all his strength. There was a moment of complete silence then suddenly Debbie let out a deep grunt as the first massive surge of Doc’s semen shot deep into her womb. Doc moaned quietly and Debbie grunted with each thump of his cock and surge of sticky thick white baby cream. Her uterus inflated more with each rush of sperm that shot deep into her, causing even more pain.

Doc lay on top of her for a few moments as he enjoyed the feeling the warmth of her cum filled womb inflated and pressurized by his recent orgasm. As he withdrew his deflating cock, her cervix still clung tightly pulling it from her pussy almost an inch before letting go with a soggy wet sucking sound and then a loud plop. White creamy liquid ran from her cunt in large globs dripping onto the kitchen floor with a splattering sound forming a sticky pool. Her face grimaced with pain as Doc backed away, his cock glistening with Debbie’s juices saying, “OK boys, she’s ready for round two”. Then one by one each man took her again, pumping her pussy hard, feeling her rock hard bladder pressing down on his cocks. She was filled again and again with hot sticky baby seed.

Jim could only watch as his wife grunted and moaned for the next hour. Then after the last man pulled out, Doc stepped forward with another syringe in his hand saying, “Well I guess we took things a little too far. There’s no way we can hide what we’ve done from Debbie when she wakes up in the morning, so lets bring he out of it so we can enjoy the look on her face when she can really feel all that pain”. He pressed the needle into her inner thigh and injected the liquid.

After a few seconds Debbie began to drift back to reality and she suddenly screamed out in pain and horror looking around at all the strange men surrounding and holding her down. “Oooohhhhhh GOD! What’s happening to me? Wha… what are you doing? UHHHhhhhoooo god, oh god!” She cried out looking down at her bulging belly and the two men holding her legs spread and pushed up with her knees bent back almost touching her ears. Doc pressed down on the bulge in her belly. She screamed in agony as he pressed even harder. He released her belly and looked directly into her eyes and said, “Debbie, I’ll bet you’re a little sore down there between you legs aren’t you? That’s because in the last few hours you’ve been fucked deeper than you’ve ever been fucked in you life. You see the boys here had a little bone to pick with you and wanted to fuck a baby up your pussy, well, I kind of made it happen for’em. Debbie let out a feeble, “Nooooooo… oh god noooooo…” “yep” continued Doc, ”there’s so much sperm swimin’ up your sweet little cunt right now that you could start your own sperm bank. And I’ll bet that bulge in your belly has you a little worried too, doesn’t it? That’s a little gift that I let the boys give you. It’s there piss. It’s been inside your belly for about oh, an hour now. Doesn’t the thought just make you all tingly inside? Oh wait, maybe you just need to piss, right?” He laughed and pushed on the belly once more. Debbie screamed again as her eyes crossed and looked like they were about to pop out of her head. Doc put all his weight on her belly bulge, which made the short, clamped tube that was sticking out of her pee hole stand straight up at attention. He reached down flicked the tube with his finger and released the clamp. The men started laughing as suddenly a warm yellow jet of piss shot into the air from it like from a fire hose almost touching the ceiling before arching back down and hitting the kitchen floor just short of the sink. Doc kept pressing down as two more of the men joined him. Debbie’s head tilted back on the table as her eyes rolled up into her head until only the whites shown. A low deep groan emanated from deep within her wide-open mouth as the helpless woman was forcibly drained. The yellow steam slowly diminished until finally it stopped.
The pressure on her belly was released as the men’s hands were removed and a she gasped in a large gulp of air.

Doc said, “Now I've saved the best for last.” He reached into his black bag and pulled out a fairly large cloth sack secured at the top by a string. “A friend sent this to me from Brazil and I’ve been dieing to try it out” he continued. Everyone watched intently as he reached in the bag and grabbed something. “Hold her up so she can see this.” He said smiling. Two of the men lifted Debbie’s head. Doc released the sack and it fell to the floor. Debbie’s eyes went from half closed with pain and exhaustion to wide open with surprise and fear at the site of what Doc was holding, a black and orange stripped snake about 18” long. “Now Debbie, this might feel a little strange.,” he said moving towards her wide open crotch with the snake in hand. “But it just wouldn’t be as much fun if you weren’t conscious now would it? My friend tells me that this little guy just loves warm moist holes. It’s funny though, he can go in but my friend tells me that this little guy can’t backup and get out once he's entered the whole. Lets try it and see, what do you say.” “NOOOooooo oh god please NOOOooooo…” Debbie cried as Doc took a speculum in his free hand and shoved it up into her anus already well lubed with semen. He ratcheted it open to about an inch and slowly lowered the snakes head down and into the opening. Debbie screamed at the thought of what was about to happen and grunted at the feeling of the speculum being inserted into her virgin ass. Doc released the snake’s head after he was sure that it was well inside the open speculum. Then he let go of the snake’s body on the table between Debbie’s legs. The black and orange stripes began to slowly disappear into the her. Suddenly Debbie gasped, her eyes popped open wide and she seemed to stare of into space. For a moment she held the breath with a look of disbelieving horror on her face, then she let out the strangest grunt they had ever herd, starting high pitched and continuing down until there was only the sound of air escaping from her lungs. Her entire body began to shake as if she were having a seizure. It took everyone to hold her down on the table for the next minute until the snakes’ tail disappeared though her open ass-ring into the depths of her bowels. Next her body gave a series of large jerks, then a sudden gasp for air followed by a short high-pitched moan. Everyone including Doc stood watching and holding the helpless woman down, there mouths open in complete silence wondering what must be happening inside her belly. Doc reached down and slid the speculum from her anus, “Wow! That was worth every penny.” He said with a chuckle.

Debbie now laid staring at the ceiling taking short gasps of air with little grunts and groans, trying desperately to say something. Doc leaned over; place a stethoscope on her belly and listened. “MMmmmm, DAMB! It's still going deeper. Don’t worry honey; he can’t live for more than a few hours in there. Then you'll just poop him right out. ” Debbie’s face suddenly contorted in pain, she gasped and tried to sit up, but the men were still holding her arms and legs down. “OH!” Doc said, with a large grin.“ I forgot to tell you he might start biting, as he gets angrier. OK boys lets fuck her once more and then we had better get out of here.” As they all took one last turn at Debbie the feeling of the dieing serpent twisting inside her lower intestine, pushing their cocks around, the sound of pain in her groans and the look of terror in her eyes made them cum even harder and longer.

When they were exhausted and finished with her, Doc left Jim standing by the table looking down on his wife who was curled up in a fetal position holding her belly and moaning loudly as the snake was in its final death throws. At the door Doc turned around and said, “Tell Debbie that we will see her next Saturday night and maybe i'll remove that catheter then and we can have some more fun and games…”

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