Debbie Gets Pumped (part 3)

Debbie Gets Pumped (part 3)

Debbie Gets Pumped (part 3)

It was mid morning on Monday when the four men crept up to the back door. Doc inserted the key he had taken from Debbie’s purse Sunday morning. He knew that her husband Jim would be at work and he had called the bank to check on Debi and found that she had called in sick. It had been only a day and a half since Doc and the boys had left Debbie curled up on the kitchen table grunting and moaning with a snake twisting in her bowels and Doc knew that she should be passing the serpent soon. What he had planed for Debi’s next session meant an office visit.

As they entered the kitchen they could hear the sound of a woman grunting hard from somewhere in the house. They walked quietly down the dark hallway and stopped at the bathroom door. Inside they could hear very clearly a long loud distressed female grunt, then a whimper, a moan and finally series of loud farts with the long plunk, plunk, plunk, splat sound of something falling into water then a women’s long painful sigh. Doc turned to the other men and with a large satisfied smile whispered, “Sounds like she finally pooped it out just in time.” He motioned to two of the men to flank the door and then put his finger to his lips to indicate silence.

They heard the toilet flush, the door opened and Debbie staggered out holding her stomach, moaning and looking down at the floor, not expecting there to be anyone in the house let alone four men just outside her bathroom door. As the two men grabbed her by the arms she gasped and looked up with shock and surprise, sucking in so hard that in made a squeaky, rattling sound, her voice still weak from her ordeal the day before. Doc stepped forward out of the shadows into the light coming from the open doorway behind Debbie. She started to speak but was cut short when one of the men pushed a piece of cloth over her mouth and nose, covering it completely. She suddenly went limp as if she had gone to sleep, but her eyes remained wide open still staring directly at Doc. “OK” Doc said, “remove the cloth and put it back in that zip-lock bag. We wouldn’t want any of you to be overcome by that stuff.” The man holding the cloth put it away and zipped the bag shut, saying, “What is that anyway Doc?” “Oh, it’s great stuff. We use it in the O.R. to paralyze the voluntary muscles in a patient so they won’t move around and injure them self during surgery. But I’ve found a wonderful new use for it. You see Debbie is at this moment completely cognoscente; she can see, feel and experience pain. Everything that is happening to her but she can’t move a muscle, not even to scream. Can you honey?” Doc said as he reached under her short cotton flannel nightgown grabbing the catheter tube that was still embedded deep within her bladder and jerked it down hard, making a strange wet sponge like sound deep inside her lower belly. She didn’t seem to react at all. Doc put his face close to hers and turned on a small flashlight directing it into her eyes, then pulled the catheter hard once more and the let out a laugh saying, “Oh yeah, you felt that didn’t you my sweet. I can see you screaming in your eyes. You know sweetheart you really should wear underwear. Then you wouldn’t get your pee-tube pulled” Then he laughed again and told them, “Take her to the car and lets get out of here.

The men carried her out to the car with Doc leading the way and put her between two them in the back seat and Doc drove them the few miles to his office. During the short trip the two men in the back seat couldn’t resist the urge to lift up her nightgown and take turns yanking her pee-tube while watching her face for a reaction. “Wow, did you see that?” One of the men exclaimed, as he pulled hard on the tube, “Hey Doc I think I saw her eyes move.” “Well you didn’t see them actually move. I’ll explain in a minute.” When they arrived at the office she was quickly carried in through the back entrance, down a flight of stairs and into a small basement room. The walls of the room were lined with shinny instruments and in the center was what looked like a birthing chair, which she had used a similar one during the birth of her children. But it looked somehow different. They grabbed her legs and arms and placed her into the seat. Her cotton flannel nightgown was pulled of over her head catching under her tits pulling them up hard and then releasing them so that they bounced and jiggled. Seeing her completely naked in the chair made their cocks start getting hard and one by one their zippers went down and their erect cocks popped out. With one hand started stroking their cocks and the other squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples. Everyone accept Doc that is.

Debbie’s belly throbbed with pain from all the pulling and jerking on the catheter tube. She tried to look around but couldn’t move her eyes from the fixed position they were in. she could only watch as her legs were pushed back and spread then placed into the stirrups. There were many straps dangling from the chair but no one attached them. Doc rolled a stool up and sat down between Debbie’s wide spread legs. She was slightly reclined in an almost upright sitting position, her head was pushed up which made her look directly at Doc and her pussy mound, with her knees bent and legs pushed up and back. Doc took a surgical razor proceeded to shave her pussy. When he was finished he ran his hand over her mound and said, “Now that’s a smooth pussy.”

Doc smiled, looked at her slit, ran his finger up and down it a couple of times, took a hypo with a long six inch needle, spread the slit with one hand and very slowly pushed the needle through her pussy lips pressing down on the plunger as the needle made it’s slow decent until the full six inches were buried into her meat. He again very slowly pulled the needle out and repeated this in six more places around her open slit, and then said, “Perfect. Lets get started. Hand me the speculum.” One of the men handed him a weird looking device, in the middle it had four rounded pieces of plastic about 3” in depth tapered slightly downward like an unopened tulip and then flaring back out slightly on the tip, which were joined on the back side facing Doc by four metal rods that looked like small car shock absorbers that were running straight out to the sides welded to a 12” metal ring, with a half round flat metal bar on each side. Doc looked up into Debbie’s eyes and said, “Time for some real fun now Debbie” He took a tube of surgical lubricant rubbed it around the outside of the two plastic pieces and lowered it to Debbie’s waiting pussy lips. Pulling her slit apart with one free hand he pushed the device forward. Everyone watched it disappearing into her cunt until the four metal rods were pressed tightly against her crotch. He pulled the two flat half round bars and they slid out until they were secured tightly against the inside of her legs. “There now were ready.” Doc said, “To answer your question Jake, there are only two autonomic responses that she can exhibit under this drug. When Debbie feels extreme pain the pupils of her eyes will dilate. The more extreme the pain the large and longer they will stay dilated. The other is perspiration, when she experiences prolonged extreme pain it causes stress, which caused perspiration usually on the forehead. Ok.” He said turning his attention to Debbie looking directly into her eyes, “This little device is a new invention of mine and you’re the first one in the world it’s going to be used on. After enjoying our little encounter with you yesterday so much I was inspired to finished it last night. You see in the position that this modified birthing chair puts your body in there is a lot of pressure exerted downward on your pelvic region. So the theory is that if something were to, oh say, spread your vagina open wide enough, your cervix would practically spring out of your body. This special speculum has pneumatic cylinders that should in theory of course, open to 6”, but well start of slowly. We wouldn’t want to rip any thing, well not before were finished anyway. So I’ve mixed up a little compound that will relax your muscles and tissue. That’s what was in that nasty, painful injection that I just gave you.” He said with an evil laugh. “Now lets get started, we have lots to do to you before the day is over.”

“Now watch her eyes” Doc said and then he held up a box with a small joystick on it and pushed it forward slowly. The device made a hissing sound like air brakes on a semi. Her pussy lips began to open slowly 1”, 2” then at 3”. Jake yelled, “Wow look at her eyes” Doc looked up at Debbie’s eyes, stopped the device and said, “Debbie do you feel any pain?” her pupils were huge, so large that Doc couldn’t even tell that her eyes were brown anymore. “Just another inch ought to do it, but if it hurts to much just yell out.” Then he laughed and pushed the joystick forward again. 4”, 5” “Ok well stop there that looks good.” Doc said while the other men strained their heads to see his handy work. The pressure was so massive from her internal organs pressing down that her cervix was popping out of the five inch opening almost two inches looking like a puckered cap on a pink vaginal mountain. The sweat was now beading on Debbie’s forehead and beginning to run down into her eyes which no longer looked like eyes just big black circles. Doc looked at her protruding pink mound of meat and said, “Jake get that cylinder over there.” One of the men grabbed a large gas cylinder and placed it near the chair. “Now get that tube over there and hook her up.” Jake reached over on the counter and retrieved a small roll of plastic tubing with couplers on both ends. He pushed one end onto the cylinder nozzle, and then Doc pointed to the catheter tube sticking straight up out of Debbie’s pee-hole. Jake attached the other end to the catheter and released the clamp that had been holding back Debbie’s piss. Yellow liquid rushed up the tube towards the cylinder. Then Doc said, “OK Jake, turn it on.” A hissing sound could be heard as Debbie’s warm yellow piss shot back down the tube like a bolt of lighting disappearing into her. A strange sound could be heard inside her belly as it began to expand. In just a few seconds she looked like she were nine months pregnant. Doc yelled, “OK Jake, better shut it down before we pop her bladder.” Jake shut off the gas valve. Doc looked down at her cervix mound and said, “That’s more like it.” The men looked over at her crotch and could see that the protruding pussy meat was now pushed out three inches or more. Well beyond the metal ring of the speculum.

Doc took a huge hypodermic needle held it up and tapped it with his finger. He lowered it to Debbie’s protruding cervix, looked up at the helpless woman’s eyes and said’ “If you feel any pain Debbie be sure to scream, OK honey” and began to slowly push the needle into her meat on the right side of Debbie’s cervix mountain then stopped at with the needle just barely into Debbie’s pussy meat. Jake was intently watching Doc and said, “Hey Doc, I think you missed.” “No I didn’t miss I’m just loosening her up. Believe me I know where I’m going.” Doc pushed down on the huge hypodermic’s plunger, stopped and pushed the six inch needle deeper and injected more of it’s contents then deeper and deeper until the full six inches of needle were buried deep in her pink tender inner pussy meat. He repeated the same process three more times until he had gone completely around the outside of her tender cervix. Then he picked up another smaller needle started injecting the cervix ring itself. He went completely around it injecting until the needle was empty, then said, “There now this shouldn’t take long. This compound is 50 times stronger that the one we dilated her with the other day. I can hardly wait.” And he unzipped his pants and dropped them to the floor. His erection was complete and sprang to attention. He stood between Debbie’s legs watching her open pussy; it almost seemed to move as the compound took affect. Doc told Jake to strap Debbie down because the drug could start wearing off any time now. Jake accommodated him by strapping down her arms and legs tightly to the chair.

As Doc watched her inner pussy loosen up he was amazed at the speed with which his compound was working. Her cervix was already dilated almost fully and the pink mountain was beginning to bulge even more from the loosening tissue and the inner pressure. “Amazing” He said as he moved his 9” cock into position. He placed it at the opening ring of Debbie’s cervix and pressed forward. He could feel the warmth of her inner body heat surround his cock head as he entered her ring. He pushed harder and her cervix ring snapped down around his cock head. Doc moaned in ecstasy and pushed even harder. His cock slid deeper into her whom and after four inches it veered to the right and he knew what it was that he was entering; it was just as he had planed. Her womanhood was opening up for him; he was entering her fallopian tube.

Doc moaned again at the sensation and the thought of what was happening to Debbie, which made him pushed even harder and finally her tube gave way to his invader. Six inches into her and Doc could feel her tube expanding like a sausage being stuffed. It was being forced to stretch over his cock like a thin rubber, but this was no rubber it was Debbie’s fallopian tube and soon he would reach the prize; Her ovary. Doc had injected the relaxant almost directly into both of them and as his cock slid deeper into the innermost female parts, Debbie’s mouth opened and a deep groan came from her depths. The drug was slowly wearing off and the thought of the pain that she was enduring made Doc lunge forward, which sent his cock sliding deeper than he could have ever imagined. He felt something move or rupture deep inside Debbie and suddenly felt his cock head move forward as an unbelievable warmth engulfed it, and he knew that he arrived. His balls pressed hard against Debbie’s cervix as he felt the warmth of her innermost sanctum surround his cock-head. His full nine inches were buried in her and he could feel the tip of his cock pressing against the inner wall of her stretched ovary surrounded by eggs. Doc felt his balls tighten; he let out a moan of complete ecstasy as the first surge of semen shot down his cock and erupted into Debbie’s ovary. Surge after surge followed as Doc flooded her eggs with his seed. Debbie’s eyes bulged, her mouth opened even wider and a gurgling sound came from deep within her. The surges of Doc’s thick white seed kept flooding into her expanding ovary as the gurgling sound continued to emanate from her open mouth. His cock kept on pumping longer and harder that ever before. He could feel her bladder pressing down as her ovary, which was expanding, with his sperm, her gas inflated bladder slid across his cock-head making him moan even louder with ecstasy.

Finally the thumping of his cock in Debbie’s belly slowed and stopped. Doc sighed with relief as he kept his cock buried deep in her inner whom. His semen had inflated her ovary to the bursting point and he could no longer feel her ovary walls, only the heat generated by thousands of Debbie’s eggs being directly impregnated by his sperm.

He pressed his cock into her hard and kept it buried deep inside for the next few minutes until he was sure he had done the ultimate damage to her ovary. Debbie would never have another period from this ovary. Doc smiled with satisfaction as he began to withdraw his softening cock from Debbie’s whom. As he did Debbie’s long gurgling exhale turned into a long sucking inhale with a look of ultimate pain and terror in her eyes. It felt as through he were pulling her insides out.

As it deflated Doc’s cock slid slowly back down her tube and through her uterus. Even in it’s dilated state her cervix ring clung tightly to his softening cock. He could feel the warmth of her fluids mixed with his follow his cock as her cervix ring slowly slipped down his manhood. When it reached his helmeted cock-head it stopped and stretched as Doc backed away until after stretching out two inches, with a “POP” it snapped free. Doc backed away breathing heavily, a mixture of thick white sperm and Debbie’s pink juices with spots of bright red shot from the stretched cervix opening falling to the tile floor.

Doc looked at the fluid still draining from the depths of her whom onto the floor and said, “Dam it Debbie you’re squirting out all our babies.” And gave a chuckle as Jake took her place between her legs.

Debbie now regaining more of her functions screamed as loud as she could, “NNNOOOOO…” as with look of retribution on his face Jake said, “This is the second installment for repossessing my truck.” And took his 10” erection in hand, placed it at her cervix opening and rammed it forward with all his strength…

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