Dementia Ch2: Loyalty Turned in on Itself

Dementia Ch2: Loyalty Turned in on Itself

Dementia Ch2: Loyalty Turned in on Itself

Authors note: This story came together as a blending of several stories that have been commissioned from me in the past. The first five chapters were for a particularly messed up woman I dated when I was too stupid to know better.

NC, MC, V, Snuff, Tort, Xian undertones, Snow, D/s, SM, M/f, f/f,

My eyes opened once more and I was now in my office. My floor was carpeted cheaply. The lights were track lighting, and the walls had a strangely unfashionable painting that, ugly though it was, did somehow manage to break up the blank space of the wall.

I inhaled sharply and coughed on cum that was still in my mouth. I lurched forward and expectorated my boyfriend’s cum onto the desk. I felt faint for a moment, but I was fine after a few gasps of air.

I became aware of my surroundings. There was cum on my desk and on important paper work that I did not have time to make new copies of. My hand dashed to the Kleenex and I cleaned up the mess.

Standing up I noticed that my blouse was anything but neat. My skirt was crooked, and my make up needed a touch up. My purse provided a mirror and I fixed myself up. My C cup bra was half on and half off.

While fixing myself up I thought about my current situation. I must have passed out and sleep walked my way to work. I must have passed out and still not gotten oxygen while my boyfriend still fucked my mouth.

I had just enough time to button the top button on my blouse when one of my half dozen bosses came into my office. “Got the report for the boss toots?”

I hated that guy.

He didn’t wait for an answer he simply grabbed the appropriate files and walked out. My mind flashed to an image of a red-eyed man fucking his cock into my mouth. I was suffocating and unable to struggle to get air. His clawed hand was holding my head firmly onto his cock and I was drifting out of consciousness.

I shook my head violently to shake the image and I saw my office door close. My boss was taking a file that he had gotten off of my desk to his boss. It then occurred to me that I didn’t know what boss he was taking the files to or what file he had taken. There could be cum on that file.

My mind had been impaled by the thought and my thoughts were transfixed by fear. I could get into a good deal of trouble simply because I had not taken the time to notice what files had been defiled.

I walked with the semblance of calm back to my desk and sat down. I neatened everything and then I did it again. I thought that somehow what I was doing could fix what I had done. In a way my boss was my master. He owned my future and he knew it.

The phone on my desk rang and I answered it. My voice was calm and smooth. I Identified the company I worked for and stated my name for the caller’s benefit. I did this without thinking as I had been trained to do by my boss.

“I would like to see you in my office at your nearest convenience.” The boss was on the line. Not the one who had taken the files, but rather the big boss. This boss was the one that the papers were going to. I couldn’t read his voice all that well, and it didn’t matter. I would do what I was asked because in my line of work a man like him could make me and break me without thinking.

“Right away sir.” My voice would have been unreadable by most people too, but I knew that he was not most people. He knew that I was nervous, and he probably knew why.

We both hung up simultaneously. He had nothing more to say, and I had no time to stay on the line. I had an order. I was told to be in his office at my nearest convenience. That translated in office speak to the minimum amount of time to walk briskly to the bosses office.

The hall way was cold and I felt naked, but I walked with purpose through the corridors. I knew that I had to maintain every semblance of dignity because if I didn’t it would reflect badly upon the company, and I was merely a small component of the company. The man I was seeing considered the company a component of him. I corrected an earlier misconception. He was not my master, he was my god. My god was about to smite me.

I identified myself to the receptionist not all that sure how I had managed to walk so far without the distance even registering. I remembered hanging up the phone, I remembered being in the hall and I remembered being here. I was walking through my day trance like.

Taking a deep breath and stretching I arched my back showing off my business assets to those others in the office that were staring at my chest. This time there were only girls in the outer reception area, but you never knew what tastes the big people in business had. I wanted to be remembered, and I could hope for nothing more.

Time passed while the boss did things in his office that mortals made legends about. Finally the receptionist spoke and said, “the boss will see you now.”

I was now in his office. The trance that I had gone into in the hall way had not left me. I was probably still feeling the after effects of passing out this morning. The only cure for it was to pay as much attention as I could to everything that I could.

That’s when I made the mistake of blinking. My eyes had glazed over and they had dried out somewhat it felt a little strange and it distracted me a little too powerfully. The visions of my morning returned to me with a vengeance.

I went limp at that point and was lowered me to the ground. I was back at my home and my boyfriend was still fucking my mouth. My lips moved under pure memory and I was the servant of habit only. The bastard hadn’t even stopped fucking me, but there was nothing that I could do my muscles would not obey me.

I know deep down in my heart that I would not have disobeyed him if he had asked me not to resist him, so I shouldn’t complain about his actions. On the other hand I know also that I was being truly and deeply harmed by the lack of oxygen that his phallus was causing. It was no wonder that I was so messed up that I sleep walked my way to work. My airway was still being blocked by his thrusts and I was unconscious on the floor.

My breath caught in my throat and I was once again in the office of my boss. I was sitting down and I was in a professional position. My legs were crossed and my nylons were showing off my legs in a manner that was a custom among my profession.

The office was large. I was actually sitting on a leather couch. My boss was sitting on a leather recliner. The entire room was made of leather and mahogany.

“I have read the report you compiled on proper etiquette within the office. You have a comprehensive knowledge of the rules that my company embraces. I do have a minor problem though.”

The pictures on the walls were real pictures. Men stood in full armor with their eyes glairing out hungrily at you. These were the family of the man I worked for. These were the ancestors of a living god of the business world. What this man wanted he damn well got and there were no questions asked of him ever.

He leaned forward and got up from his chair. His eyes were elsewhere and his face wore a smile, but I knew that he was glaring down angrily at me. He walked calmly to his desk, but then this man was a mountain of calm masking an empire of malice. I was a dead woman.

“Would you like something to drink?” He asked me as though it were a question, but it was not. He had a cup ready and I was accepting it before I could respond.

“Yes please, I would like that very much.” My hands grasped the rim of the tea cup and I brought it to my lips. I sipped and tasted the liquid within the cup. It was cum. I smiled at my boss and did not react. I was going to act perfectly normally to the massive breach of etiquette. It was my job to observe etiquette and it was his job to decide what etiquette was.

I lowered the glass. It was within my ability to lower the glass after the first sip had been taken. That was one of the choices that I was allowed.

“Drink up, I have something to ask you.”

I obeyed. I placed the glass to my lips and I took the liquid into my mouth. I hesitated before I could swallow though. Somewhere my mind was screaming, and I was feeling violated. I could do nothing except obey though. I had honed my job down to an art and nothing was going to cause me to make a mistake. I steadied my mind so that I could swallow, but my boss had held his hand up in a gesture that meant that I should stop.

That moment was frozen for me. I had some mans cum in my mouth and I could do nothing with it except hold it there. My right hand was on the handle of the cup and my left hand held the saucer that the cup once rested upon. My blouse and my skirt were the perfect models of neatness and my legs were crossed in a way that befitted my station.

Time was not still for my boss though. He pressed a button on his desk and one of his other employees walked into the room. She was shorter than me at about five foot, but she had quite full breasts. Hers were a D cup to my C and her lips were more full than mine were. Her walk was smooth, almost as perfect as mine was.

It was at that moment that I realized that even though something was seriously wrong with the situation that I could do nothing about it. I was a piece of the company. That was all I was. I was a trained servant and I was good at what I did.

“My assistant will take that from you now.” Nothing was out of the ordinary, you could hear it in his voice.

The assistant swept her raven colored hair over her right shoulder and let it rest between her perfect natural breasts. She laid down with her head upon my lap, and her lips parted. I gave her the cum that I had nearly consumed. Her lips worked passionately upon each other’s and we exchanged lipstick.

She was a good kisser and her body was alive. Her tongue slipped into my mouth seeking out any residual traces of cum. She had skills that would bring her up in the world of business. When she had gotten every drop she sat up and walked sensuously to the boss. She knelt before him and opened her mouth to show him that she had not yet swallowed. Her face was immaculate her makeup had not even been disturbed.

He nodded his head and she swallowed. She opened her mouth once more and showed him that yes she had swallowed every drop. He turned his attention back to me.

“I noticed a wet spot on your report, I had my assistant identify it. You are one thirsty little girl aren’t you?”

The vision flashed before me for a moment. My boyfriend had been thrusting into me long after I had stopped responding. He could not care less for me, all he wanted was to enjoy himself. There were wisp like spirits drifting about the room. They surged into him like a hungry flock of crows. They partook of a little piece of pleasure and they flew out of him.

They flew into me and what I had first thought were beaks were shards of glass. You could see through glass though. These things were not like that. They flew into me, and the light that I kept somewhere in my soul was simply absorbed into the shards. It was like having a shard of a starless midnight stabbing through your body. They were windows, but the window was open, and the place that they led to was the grave.

He thrust one final time into my mouth and began to unload his tensions. That must have been what I had coughed up onto my desk. The moment I felt him beginning to fill my mouth I was happy that the world was finally full of air again.

Only it wasn’t. I didn’t begin to breathe again. The first spurt was small. The next spurt could have choked a horse. It wasn’t choking a horse though it was choking me. I didn’t swallow though as my throat was not working just at the moment.

“Take off your cloths.” I was back to the real world once more. Strangely it felt less real than the world that I had just come from. The painful reality that I was remembering had crisp edges and was painfully real.

I didn’t move in response to my bosses order. Perhaps it was because nothing seemed real. There was something unreal about this world and it was infinitely more pleasurable. The memory was not real, shards of darkness simply didn’t exist, but the pain was more real than the strike of my bosses hand across my face.

Something hit me solidly in the back and I realized that it was the floor. There was a ripping sound and I was vaguely aware of a button flying across my field of vision. My mind had gone numb. I didn’t struggle. He slipped my under things off and he was at my entrance.

I looked to the side and there was my husband in his business suit. A dark thing was perched upon the shoulder of his suit, and his eyes were glowing red. He was smoking a cigarette and looking at me accusingly with his glowing eyes. This caused me to direct my attention downwards. There was the hardened cock of my boss positioned at my entrance.

I had my boyfriend to blame for the fact that I was currently being raped. If it weren’t for him fucking my mouth so brutally this morning I would have never coughed up onto my desk. I didn’t blame him though I had willingly taken him into my mouth. This was as much my fault as it was his.

I wished then and there that I had given myself up to him when I had the chance. Now there was something bad happening to me and it was all because I had drawn the anger of my boss.

The cock at my unadulterated pussy was just about to make my life change permanently. I had wanted to give myself to my husband. I looked over to where I had seen my husband and he was no longer there.

The cock thrust violently into me and buried itself to the hilt. I gasped air and arched my back. I gasped not from pain, but from shock. Once again I did what I was supposed to because that’s what my memory told me to do.

I was once again in the dark place this time I was in a circle of flower and lines were written all over my body in cinnabar. I was on my back and I had a mouth full of cum.

The room was not illuminated, but I recognized my kitchen. A distant part of my mind told me that it wasn’t real, but another part of my mind told me that I didn’t want to go back to where the world was true.

My eyes searched about the room for elements that I knew were real that I could latch my mind onto. My eyes found things to latch onto, but my mind failed to reject the fantasy.

A spider crawled across my face. The sensation was real and it sent shivers through my entire body. This was one of the less real elements of my dream, and I was unable to reject it. The crow shaped holes into blackness seemed much more real than the spider and I knew that they were not real. I thought I knew it anyway. What was real and what was not was slipping away and I was fading into the memory.

There was a body above me and there was no air in my imaginings. I was still not breathing. The body was eye to eye with me though my eyes were giving him a lifeless stair. There was no movement to my body? Was I dead? All I knew was that I was beginning to feel cold and my fingers tingled.

He placed himself at my entrance and he could not squeeze himself in. His cock was covered in my saliva, and his own cum, but I was simply too tight.

Little winged women full of venom and hatred that were made of the same darkness as the corbies were pulling my pussy lips apart. A single thrust pushed him into me and I arched up my back and attempted to gasp at the pain.

I managed to get just a slight hint of oxygen, but my boyfriend clapped his hand upon my mouth and held it there firmly. He worked himself in and out of my ruined virginity. I don’t know what made me angrier, the sex or the suffocation. At least now I understood why my boss had not taken my cherry when he thrust into me.

When my eyes opened once more I was in a trash bag behind the building where the boss dumped paper he didn’t want as well as bodies. I must have stopped breathing again while he fucked me. I ripped my way out and found that I was not the only one in the trash bin. The boss had decided that his personal assistant was a liability. She too was in the bin.

There was a third person in the bin and he was most certainly alive. He was thrusting madly on top of the body. This was the under-boss who had taken my paper work in the first place. This jerk was fucking the woman who had taken the cum directly from my lips.

He was close to Cumming when he noticed me. I was too week to resist him. He knew that I was alive and he pulled me close to him. She was apparently beginning to grow cold and had begun to grow uncomfortable.

I attempted to squirm away from him, but the pencil neck managed to pry my legs apart. He was inside me, but I knew how to get him out of me. My hand had taken hold of an iron rod and it was loose. What ever piece of equipment that had been dumped into the trash bin was now going to save my life.

I cracked him across the head and then stabbed the iron bar into his eye. I climbed off of him in time to have him only pre-cum in me.

I then took the dying desk jockey into my mouth. I filled my mouth with cum and then pulled my mouth off of him. I then lifted the dead girl up and placed my lips to hers. She had taken cum from my mouth once, and she was going to once again. I figured that it would be a fitting tribute to such a skilled office assistant.

When I had emptied my mouth of cum I kissed her nipple and dressed her once again in her cloths the best I could. Some of the girls cloths I had been forced to take to replace my shredded versions. I felt bad for doing so, but I figured that this girl had spent enough of her life naked that she would not mind being interred into the landfill short a few scraps of clothing.

My car wasn’t in the parking lot. It was likely at the bottom of some lake somewhere. I resigned myself to a long walk, but the thought that I was unlikely to encounter anything worse than I had already encountered.

The forest seemed to close in on me, but I knew that it was my own mental demons. At one point as I was walking I thought I saw my boyfriend leaning against a tree smoking a cigarette, but upon my second look I saw that it was simply a six foot tall tree stump.

There was a black bird on the tree and it hopped onto my shirt. Making one peck it pinched my nipple and then flew away. I cried for a few minutes as the insanity of it all hit me. Nobody heard me though. I was truly all alone in the forest walking a path that nobody walked after business hours at night. There were probably people in the forest, but they weren’t in my part of the forest.

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