Discovering Herself

Discovering Herself

Linda was a preconscious country child. She was a
sandy haired slender girl of Irish and German extraction. She
started playing sexual games with her cousins at an early age.
She got caught a few times and was admonished that nice girls
did not do those kinds of things however despite the threats that
accompanied the lectures she found she could not refrain from
doing things with other girls for long. Her sexual affaires
continued much to the detriment of her reputation.

When she was twelve-years old her family moved to a
larger town. It was not long before she was getting close to
some of the local neighbor girls. The one that she set her eye
on was a girl in her classroom at school. She thought she was a
very attractive girl and the fact that she lived on the next block
from her house was an added plus. The girl's name was

Jennifer was a mix of English and Italian. Her dark hair
and dark brown eyes made her very attractive to Linda. All of
her cousins had been as light skinned as her. Most of them had
blonde or red hair. So this olive skinned girl was an exotic
beauty to her.

Rather than run the risk of getting caught by her mother
one more time she sought out ways to spend as much time as
she could with Jennifer. Jennifer's mother was a full figured
Italian woman. The recently divorced, Mrs. Angelina Jones
had thick, wavy black hair. She kind of looked like Sophia
Loren in her early Italian movies. Linda found the mother very
attractive as well.

Angelina was a very warm and loving woman and was
happy to have Jennifer around. The girls were normally loud
while they were playing. It was common for Linda to have
diner with Jennifer's family. She loved the Italian food. The
house was always filled with the smell of cooking. Even
though Angelina was from southern Italy she had lived in
northern Italy long enough to appreciate northern cooking too.
So eating at her table would very between red sauces and white

The first time Linda slept over with Jennifer she cuddled
up close to her and boldly reached around her body and felt her
right breast. She would someday be as full figured as her
mother but right now she had a nice handful of newly swelling

Jennifer didn't draw away from Linda when she played
with her nipple through her nightgown. Linda took that to
mean that her advances were not unwelcome. She moved her
hand between her friend's legs and felt her vulva through the
nightgown. Jennifer rolled over onto her back and looked at
Linda's face by the moonlight coming through the window.

Linda kissed her on the mouth and parted her lips with
her tongue. While they were kissing Jennifer placed her left
hand on Linda's tummy and started rubbing her fingers down
towards Linda's crotch. Linda was impatient and let go of
Jennifer's vulva long enough to pull up her own nightgown and
place Jennifer's hand right on the new pubic hair that had
recently appeared on her vulva. As Jennifer started probing the
valley Linda put her hand back on Jennifer's mound. She used
her fingers to pull the nightgown up the girl's legs. She held
her breath as she placed her fingers on this dark haired beauty's
cunt. It had straight hair on it and it seemed by the feel that it
was much thicker than her sparse patch.

In her desire to make love to her friend she pulled back
the covers and reached inside her friend's nightgown and pulled
the material away from her breast. By the pail moonlight she
could see that her areola was larger and darker than her own.
She leaned over her friend and took one of her nipples into her
mouth. While she was sucking on the nipple she inserted her
finger into Jennifer's pussy.

Linda didn't know if Jennifer had been sexually active
before but she did not encounter a hymen. She didn't know
enough about physical anatomy to even question the lack of a
barrier. All she knew was that the canal was very slippery and
her friend moaned and squirmed as she ran her finger in and
out. She finger fucked her until Jennifer was begging her to let
her catch her breath.

When Linda withdrew her finger she could not resist
smelling it. She found the odor very pungent. She tasted her
finger and it was not unlike the taste of her cousin's pussies
when they had taken turns fingering and licking one another.
Having sampling the taste she moved down her friend's body
and turned her own body do that she was laying across her
lower tummy with her back was towards Jennifer. Her activity
was hidden from her sight.

Linda parted her friend's legs and moved the blanket
farther down her thighs so that she could get a good look at her
vagina. The light was enough for her to see the contrast of her
own skin from the slightly darker skin of Jennifer. The pubic
hair was indeed straighter and thicker than hers. It looked as if
it was pointing towards the opening between her legs.

She bent over and smelled it again. She almost drooled
on her friend's pussy. She blew on the hair and watched it
move in the moonlight. She parted the vagina with her fingers
and saw the labia and the nub of her friend's clitoris. She blew
her warm breath onto the clit and heard her friend moan her
enjoyment. Then she opened her mouth and drew the hooded
clit into her lips sucking air in at the same time causing the
flesh to vibrate inside her mouth. Jennifer was being aroused
beyond her youthful dreams. She was enjoying the oral
stimulations of her flesh so much that she almost stopped
breathing when her climax caught up with her. Suddenly her
young pussy was the center of her world and every nerve in her
body was responding in pleasurable spasms.

Linda turned around and kissed Jennifer on the mouth
again. Jennifer was stimulated by the kiss and by the smell and
taste of her own pussy on the lips and face of her friend. She
eagerly returned the kiss and licked the juice from Linda's face.

Linda didn't resist when Jennifer rolled her over and
continued kissing her. She removed Linda's nightgown and
went after Linda's beasts. By the moonlight her tiny breasts
looked almost transparent. The areolas were like mauve caps
on the soft swellings. Her hungry mouth devoured one nipple
while stimulating the other nipple with her fingernail.

Jennifer drew a trail down the middle of Linda's body
with her fingernail. The kisses grew more urgent as her finger
got closer to Linda's pubic area. When Jennifer's fingertip
touched Linda's clit it sent a ripple through her body that had
her biting the pillow. Linda's need was so great that she had to
grab Jennifer by the wrist and drive her finger deep into her
vagina. They were breathing into each other's mouth as they
masturbated each other to a mind-blowing climax.
The girl's may have thought they had muffled their cries
of excitement but it was enough to awaken Angelina. The
mother heard the moans of the two girls even at the other end of
the hall. After listening for a moment she had a good idea of
what the girls were doing. The mental picture she formed was
so arousing that she found herself reaching for her vulva. As
much as she hated to admit it, the lack of sex since her divorce
left her very horny. Her nightgown had ridden so far up her
body that she was able to feel the familiar softness of her pubic

She managed to wiggle her hand around enough to
position her fingers on her vulva. She lifted her leg a little and
rubbed her pussy vigorously until she made herself cum and the
warm flow of her vaginal secretions filled her fingers. Then she
curled up and smelled her hand as she thought about what it had
been like to discover the joys of sex with her girlfriends when
she was the age of Linda and Jennifer.

Angelina felt a little guilty about her thoughts the night
before as she made breakfast for the teenagers. The girl's were
full of life and as noisy as a marching band tuning their
instruments. They thought they were being so enigmatic with
their references to last night but Angelina knew what they were
saying. She just pretended it was over her head in hopes of
learning more about what had gone on between them.

After the dishes were taken care of Angelina excused
herself, and said that she had to do some shopping and would
be gone a few hours. The girl's gave each other a look that said
they could not wait for Mrs. Jones to leave. Angelina caught
the look as well and suspected she had given them the
opportunity to continue their youthful experimentation.

She gathered up her shopping list and asked Jennifer
where her car keys were. She knew full well where they were.
She always left them on the shelf below the vanity mirror by
the front door. She just wanted to her daughter get that superior
sound in her voice as she pointed out where they were like she
was talking to a child.

She backed her Country Squire mini van out of the
driveway and headed to the shopping center. She no more than
reached the mall that she remembered that she had forgotten her
checkbook. She pulled back out of the parking lot and headed
back home. While this sudden return hadn't been deliberate she
was pretty sure what the girls might be up to and she was eager
to find out if she was right.

She knew if she pulled into the driveway that the girl's
would hear the van. Instead she parked in front and snuck into
the house hoping to catch them in the act.

She opened the front door half expecting to find them
right in the living room but they were no where to be seen. At
first she did not hear any noise. She even thought they must
have gone someplace. Then she heard an unmistakable
squeaking sound coming from Jennifer's bedroom.

She moved slowly in that direction. As she got closer
she could hear their voices as they giggled. At the door she
could make out Linda's voice as she told Jennifer that she
wanted her to do. She was sure that Linda was telling her
precious young daughter to suck on her clit. Angelina was
trembling with excitement as she opened the door slowly
enough to not make a sound.

Sure enough the girls were naked little angles on the bed.
Linda was leaning against the headboard with pillows behind
her back. She froze in absolute fear when she saw Angelina
staring at her from the doorway. Jennifer was on her hands and
knees with her face between Linda's legs. Her long black hair
was draped over Linda's lap hiding her lower body. Angelina
had a marvelous view of Linda pulling on her nipples and her
daughter's exposed bottom with its dark anus and her bulging
vulva looking back at her.

When Jennifer realized that Linda had stopped talking
and was not moving she lifted her head and looked up at
Linda's face. She saw where she was looking and a chill ran
down her spine.

She peeked under her arm and saw her mother standing
there with her purse in her hand. She quickly rolled off Linda
and sat up on the side of the bed with a look of shear terror on
her face. She didn't know what to say.

Angelina approached the bed and sat down beside her
daughter as if her body supported the weight of the world.
Linda lifted her legs and turned her body so that she was sitting
on the other side of Angelina.

"Girls you know the Church condemns what you are
doing. I should punish the two of you."

Jennifer retorted, "You know that the Church is just a
bunch of old men only interested in protecting their own power.
I'm sure lots of girls do what we were doing"

With that Angelina pulled Jennifer across her lap and
placing her left hand on her back she delivered a hard blow on
the child's bottom. Jennifer tried to protest but to no avail. She
was sobbing hysterically as the palm of her mother's hand
repeatedly rained blows on her unprotected posterior. It was
soon glowing with heat. The tears were streaking down her
cheeks. Angelina pulled her to her feet and had her stand in
front of her while she pulled Linda across her lap.

Linda tried to protest as well but she was no physical
match for Angelina. She was quickly subdued and draped over
Angelina's thighs and her left hand was stinging her bare
bottom until the girl was a sobbing child just as her friend had

When she finished the spanking Angelina's hand was
throbbing as much s Linda's red behind. She even tried to
comfort the stinging by rubbing the palm of her hand on her
own breast but the material of her dress was in the way. Then
Angelina smelled the unmistakable odor of Linda's cunt. She
knew that the girl must be soaking wet between her legs and
she could not resist slipping her hand between her thighs and
feeling her vulva. She slipped her middle finger between the
folds of her vagina and found that the girl was in full sexual
arousal as she had suspected.

Linda instinctively spread her legs and moaned with the
enjoyment of the finger in her pussy. She even raised her
bottom to provide for easier access. Jennifer, who was
watching what was going on, found it to be very erotic. She put
her hand between her legs and sought out her own vagina with
her fingers. She stood there masturbating right in front of her

Angelina could not take it any longer. She pulled Linda
to her feet and stood her up long enough to reach under her
dress with both hands and pull her panties down. She gathered
up the skirt of her dress and sat back down on the bed. She
unbuttoned the top of her dress and unhooked her bra. She did
a maneuver where she pulled one shoulder strap off one arm
and then pulled the bra through the other sleeve of her dress.

Both girls could not take their eyes off the sight of her
ample breasts. Her areolas were dark and large. Linda was
sure that her areolas were larger than the palm of her hand.
Angelina saw the way Linda was looking at her tits and held
them up in the palms of her hands as if to offer them to the girl.

Linda sat back down next to Angelina and put one arm
around the woman's shoulders as she placed the other hand on
the closest breast. She thrilled at the feel of the soft flesh. The
nipple seemed to get hard in the palm of her hand as she
kneaded the fleshy orb. She leaned forward and moved her
hand under the tit so that she could put the nipple into her
mouth. She used her tongue to manipulate the nipple until
Angelina was going crazy for want of getting her pussy
manipulated too.

Jennifer was watching it all. She didn't have to be told
what to do when her mother held out her hand. Jennifer took
her mother's hand and stepped close. She placed her free hand
on her mother's nylon clad thigh and knelt before her mother.
She let go of her mother's hand and placed it on the other
nylon-clad leg. Her mother placed her hand on the back of her
daughter's head and pulled her face between her legs.

Jennifer had a lump in her throat as she looked at her
mother's gaping pussy. The pubic hair was as straight as her
own but much thicker. Jennifer could smell not only the odor
of the adult woman's sexually stimulated pussy but her perfume
too. She could not resist the impulse to lick the vagina. She
dove in and attacked the folds of the woman's cunt with all of
the vigor of a starving person.

Angelina was in heaven one girl sucking her nipple and
playing with the other tit while her own daughter was eating her
pussy. She climaxed so strongly that she kicked her legs out
straight knocking Jennifer over backwards. She had to pull
Linda away from her breasts to recover.

She apologized to Jennifer for having knocked her on her
butt. Then she picked her off the floor and sat her on the bed
next to Linda. In her desire to atone she wanted to repay the
thrill that she had given her. She lifted her daughter's legs up
by the ankles and forced her to bend her knees. She knelt by
the bed and placed her face against her daughter's pussy. She
used her tongue as only an experienced lover of pussy could.
She pointed her tongue and licked the girl from asshole to clit.

Jennifer had never felt a tongue touch her anus before
and she loved the thrill that ran though her body. When she
mother's tongue probed her vagina she could not believe the
way it moved inside her canal. As her mother sucked her
clitoris into her mouth the poor girl straightened her legs and
pointed her toes at the ceiling. The climax she had was earth
shattering for her. She felt like she had run a four minute mile
and she was totally out of breath.

Linda was watching it all while stimulating her own clit
with her finger. She cold not resist leaning over and kissing
Jennifer tenderly. Angelina raised her head with her daughter's
juice covering her face. She moved between Linda's legs and
lifted her legs in the same manner s she had her daughter and
took her time licking this girl's anus and probing the depths of
her anus with her tongue. Poor Linda was so carried away that
she hardly even noticed that she was kicking Angelina's back
with her heels. She was almost insane before Angelina moved
her attack on to her clitoris. It took no time at all before Linda
was breathless and her eyes rolled back in her head as she
climax. She was as drained as Jennifer had been just a short
time ago.

Angelina stood up and forced herself between the two
girls and the three of them rested for a while. At this point
Linda had not tasted Angelina's pussy. In fact she had never
sucked the pussy of any adult. She thrilled at the feeling of
kissing the woman's face because it was covered with the
remains of Jennifer's and her own pussy juice.

Linda started stroking the woman between her legs as
Jennifer went after her mother's breasts. The girls acted on
mutual consent. As Jennifer sucked on her mother's tits Linda
knelt beside the bed so that she could do to the woman what she
had done to her.

Linda found her legs very heavy and was only able to
drape them over her shoulders before going after the woman
pussy. She had never put her face into so much hair before.
Jennifer's was hairy but nothing like her mother. As she licked
the woman's pussy some hairs were either pulled out or broke
off. The result was that she had to hack them up and wipe them
away with her fingers before returning to her goal of tasting an
adult pussy.

Linda had her arms around both of her legs and she was
able to comb the woman's pubic hair. She used her tongue to
pull the hood back to expose the clitoris so that she could suck
on it. She moved her head down farther so that she could
explore the vaginal canal with her tongue. It was only a short
move to the woman's asshole. She had never even considered
putting her tongue into anyone's asshole before but here she
was with her tongue poised to simulate that dark brown anus.
She found the aroma stimulating and the act of tongue fucking
that hole to be breathtaking.

The dual assault on her body was such that Angelina
could not hold back the rush of a climax any longer. She
placed one hand on the back of Linda's head and the other on
the back of Jennifer's head and bulled them both so tightly
against her body that both felt like they were being smothered.
By the time Angelina's orgasm subsided and she let the girls go
they had to pant for air until they recovered.

The three of them showered and got dressed before
discussing what to do about their new relationship. They
agreed to not include anyone else into their circle because
sooner or later someone would let it out what was going on.

They planed on ways that the three of them could spend
as much time with each other without drawing attention to
them. The problem was largest for Linda because she did not
live with Angelina and Jennifer.

Linda knew her mother would never approve of her
relationship with them and she was too young to run away from
home. Everything seemed hopeless for a while. They found
ways to be together as much as possible but it was hard to keep
Linda's mother being suspicious about what was going on.

Then Linda's world seemed to fall apart. Her mother and
father announced that they were getting a divorce without
warning. Linda's mother assumed that Linda would live with
her but Linda announced that it was not what she wanted.

Her mother was distraught that her daughter didn't want
to live with her. When she pleaded for the reason Linda
reminded her of all the times she had punished her for having
sex with her cousins and girlfriends. She blurted out that she
was a lesbian and that she couldn't live with some one who
disapproved of her life style.

Her mother tried to tell her that she was too young to
know what she was. Linda assured her that she had known
about her attraction to other girls even before she knew what
the word "lesbian" meant.

They sat up that night and talked about their feelings and
cried on each other's shoulder. Linda made it known that she
wanted to have sex with her mother and when the mother didn't
veto the notion they kissed each other with increasing passion
as Linda began fondling her mother's breast.

The woman was not sure she could do this with her
daughter but she didn't stop her as Linda began removing their
clothes. The seduction continued to the point that Linda went
down on her mother and gave her the best tongue fucking she
had ever received.

Sex between she and her husband had deteriorated over
the years and the feel of a live tongue stimulating her cunt gave
her unimaginable joy. The woman soon gave into her primal
feelings and found that she enjoyed sucking pussy as much as
she enjoyed having hers sucked. She was amazed at how very
natural it all seemed once she let her guard down and accepted
her daughter as her lover.

They didn't get any sleep that night. Linda could not get
over how satisfying it was to teach her mother just how much
love between women can be so thrilling that nothing else
matters. The bed was a hopeless mess. The sheets and blankets
were a tangles pile at the foot of the bed. Her mother had not
removed her makeup before they started and it was smeared all
over her face. But she was deliriously happy.

They talked about their feelings for the next couple of
days. Any guilt they might have had was washed away in the
heat of the bed. Her mother wanted to know about Linda's
other relationships. Linda was not sure she should tell her
everything because she might become jealous. She told her
about the times she had not been caught and what they had
dome with each other.

It was not until the third night that she told her mother
about her girlfriend Jennifer and her mother. That was a rather
stimulating idea that Linda was having sex with her girlfriend
and her mother at the same time.

Linda offered to introduce her to Angelina. Her mother
had to think about that for a while. When she agreed it was
Linda's plan to make it a special event for all of them.

Linda called Angelina and asked her to bring Jennifer
over for dinner the next evening. She didn't tell her what to
expect. Linda and her mother made a special meal for the four
of them that was befitting a holiday. The dinning table was set
up in a very festive manner so all were on their best behavior.
The conversation concerned nothing more demanding than up
coming school events. When the dishes were put in the
dishwasher they returned to the dinning room table.

Angelina could sense that both of them were excited
about something. Linda's mother seemed to be particularly
uncomfortable and shy. Her cheeks were flushed and her
manner was that of a nervous child. Angelina wanted to ask
what was up but was stopped cold when Linda placed her arm
around her mother's waist and led her in front of the chairs
where Angelina and Jennifer were sitting. As they stood in
front of their guests Linda lifted her mother's dress far enough
to reveal that the woman was not wearing panties. Her flesh
was a pink as her daughter's and while her pubic hair was
thicker and a darker shade of brown than Linda's her labia were
visible hanging slightly below the tangled mass of hair.

Angelina face beamed as she reached out and cupped the
woman's cunt drawing her close enough to kiss the waiting lips
of the woman's pussy. During the next few hours the two
guests took turns sucking the woman's pussy. Linda even went
down on her mother's cunt in front of Angelina and Jennifer
after which Jennifer did the same to her mother.

The four women spent the night in the master bedroom.
The contrast of the two couples was so erotic. Two of them fair
skinned with sandy blonde tresses and darkening pubic hair and
the other two were dark brown skinned and long black hair with
matching straight pubic hair. It was a tangle of dark and light
on the bed. By the time the first light of day came in the
window they were as close as four women can be.

The day was spent exploring every way two women and
two girls could make love to each other. Every body part was
and every hole was explored for its sexual value. After that
Linda moved into her mother's bedroom. The two of them had
a special relationship through Linda's remaining teen years and
beyond and Angelina and Jennifer were always welcome to

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