Doing the garden

Doing the garden

This story is about a teenage male and an older female (Aunty & Nephew). If you are not into this type of story, please do not read it and do not comment. Thanks.

Her name was Nickie. She was about 5 foot 8 tall and 37 years old. She had Blonde hair, Hazel eyes, and housed a nice c-cup sized chest landmark! She was white, but tanned from Sunbeds. Her husband sShane had recently flew out to Kuwait for work, and was due to stay there for a year. Nickie and her 2 daughters Amy, 7, and Gema, 3 were getting set to also fly out there at the start of the summer holidays to visit Shane for a month. Before he flew out, Shane asked his 16 year old son Jamie if he would be willing to maintain his home garden so that Nickie wouldn't have to. Jamie aggreed, and every Tuesday, he would go to their house (usually of the day when Nickie was in work and the kids were in school) and mow the front and back lawn, and tidy up the borders. Then, he'd leave when the job was done.

However, one particular day was different. Something happened that he'd never have thought possible. One particular Tuesday, Jamie couldn't get round to the house at the usual time. He got there later than usual, 5:15 to be precise. He could see straight away the Nickie was in, as her Silver BMW Estate car was parked on the driveway. He walked over to the front door and knocked. After waiting for a few moments, Nickie answered the door.

"Hiya Jay" She exlaimed in her usually happy tone with a wonderful, warming smile on her face.
"Hi Auntie Nickie, I am so sorry I'm late" Jamie explained.
"Oh don't worry about it hun, there's no rush"
"Are the girls in" Jamie enquired
"No, they're at their nanas" replied Nickie.
"Oh okay. I'll get to work now anyway" laughed Jamie. He then proceeded to go round the back of the house, and quickly mowed the lawn with the petrol mower. He then raced around the front, and quickly mowed the tiny lawn that lay there. He didn't bother with the boreders, so the whole thing only took him half an hour. He went back round behind the house, and locked the mower away in the Shed, and re-entered the house. There he saw Nickie stood putting her coat on by the front door.

"All done" said Jamie
"Thanks alot hun" Nickie replied. "Listen, I'm just nipping to the shop, I wont be 5 minutes, could you just stay here and wait for my mum to bring the girls around please?"
"Yeah, sure, no problem" answerd Jamie. With that, he sat down on the leather couch in the front room. After just a few minutes of Nickie leaving the house, Jamie suddenly remembered the dream that he had last night. He pulled out his Mobile Phone, and dialled his friend.
"Alright, it's Jay"
"Iya, you okay?"
"Yeah I'm good. Listen, I can't stay long, but I had this dream last night" said Jamie.
"Oh did you really?" Replied the voice on the other end of the phone.
"Yeah, I did" explained Jamie, not realising that his Auntie Nickie had silently come in the house. Nickie was about to go into the Front room when she heard Jamie on the Phone.
"It was about my Auntie Nickie" Explained Jamie. Nickie put her ear to the door. "I know it's wrong, but I dreamt that I was… fucking her." This immediatly got Nickie wet.
"It could be wrong, but your Auntie is a babe" Came the reply from Jamie's mate on the other end of the Phone. Nickie wanted to – find out more, so she called out:
"I'm back Jay!"
"Right, I gotta go, talk later" Whispered Jamie rapidly down the Phone. She then opened the door, and entered the Front Room.
"Hiya" Said Jamie
"Hi" replied Nickie " Hasn't my mum been yet?"
"No not yet." Nickie then walked over to the large mirror hanging on the wall above the fireplace in her Front Room. She pretended she was looking at somethng in her eye. She then seductively lifted her shirt right off! There she stood, her beautiful tanned torso exposed, with just a very revealing black bra on. She turned around to face Jamie, and immediately acteded shocked.
"Oh, I am so, so so sorry Jay – i just, forgot you were here." She then held her shirt infront of her.
"No, really, it… it doesn't matter. Its your house anyway" Jamie joked. Nickie then through her shirt onto the couch, and walked over to Jamie. His 7 and a half inch cock was rock hard, and being quite painfully suppressed by his pants. Nickie then pulled down her pants, and through them on the floor too. She was so horny.
"So you want this do you?" Nickie seductively asked. Jamie couldn't say anything, and just stared, opend-mouthed at her. She then unclipped her bra, and let it drop to the floor, revealing her beautiful, firm, golden-tanned, c-cup breasts. Jamie's already opened mouth just opened even more! She sat on Jamie's lap, and felt his hard cock press against her butt cheek. This got her even more horny, and she started to kiss Jamie. He couldnt believe what was happening. He would have slapped himself to make sure that he was not back in that dream, but there was no way he was going to spoil this moment. She then stood up. He thought he had ruined it. But no. She went to the middle of the room, took down her panties, and lay on her back on the floor, with her legs up in the air, spread. This revealed hear perfectly hairless, kind of tight looking pussy. It was glistening, as she was already wet from getting naked infront of her 16 year old nephew, and sitting on his lap prettey much naked, and feeling his hard cock pressing against her butt cheek.

"Come on then, big boy. Fuck me, hard" Said nickie. Jamie didn't need telling twice. He got completely naked in what was probably a record time, exposing the whole of his 7.5 incher. He then laid on top of her, and inserted it into her pussy. She let out one hell of a moan. It went all of the way up her, and he proceeded to bring it out to near the entrance of the pussy. He done this slow action twice, and then started to bang his Aunty hard and fast. Nickie new there was no way that Jamie was going to last that long, but she just tried to enjoy it while she could.
"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, FUCK ME!" Screamed Nickie.
"Uh, uh uh uh uh uh uh" Jamie looked down at her chest to see her big tits flailing about. This sent him crazy, and he started really going for it now. Shagging her alot faster (if that was possible).
"Uh, oooooooooo yeah. I want you to cum in me. Come on big boy, fuck me till you cum all inside me." This was definately the last straw for Jamie, as immediately after these words, he shot his load all inside his aunty's hot pussy.
"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm fuck yeah" Jamie exlaimed as he orgasmed inside his aunty's pussy. He pulled himself out after this, and was about to lie back, satisfied when Nickie got up on her knees, and stuck his hard-but-going-soft, cum covered cock in her mouth. This immediately got Jamie rock hard again. To see his aunty sucking of his cock which was covered in his cum was amazing. She done this for about 3 minutes until he came agen. He shot his load all the way down her throat, and she loved it. She pulled his cock out of her mouth, and licked the whole head of it completely clean of his young cum.
"Oooooooo your so tasty, and big" said Nickie.

Then, just as they lay there, completely satisfied with what had just happened, they heard a car coming up the Driveway.

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