firecracker ch.2

firecracker ch.2

*authors note: haha i skipped the first rape scene…use your imagination.*

I had ignored her for 2 days now. The motel room was so big i was able to shut her into one room and leave her there. in some way i felt guitly that i wasn't feeding her, or fucking her.

i didnt want to admit it…but she was probably the greatest fuck iv ever had. her body was flawless, and moved perfectly with mine. you can only look at a car before you have to test drive it…the body can look nice but how would it ride? she had moaned and screamed so cutely, nothing similar to a fake porn rape scene. the whimper she made before i came was the greatest sound i had ever heard. it was as though she knew the end was in site, but to get there i would become rougher than before. i left her pussy swollan and dark pink. i hadnt touched her since.

if she was so amazing, i thought, than why am i in the opposite room smoking a cigar at 2am…

i had lost my soul long ago. the whole reason i worked so hard in business was to afford girls to help act out every sick fantasy that i had. my family had always been rich so even when i was 15 i was paying girls to get topless, maybe let me pierce their nipples. one time i had even paid a girl $20,000 to cut off her gross labia in front of me. she was a hot girl but somewhere along in her creation god made a mistake and gave her long lower lips, and i taunted her low self esteme long enough until she gave into pressure. the image of her crying, facing me on the tile floor as she cut her flesh was so erotic that i had cummed twice before she finished. her cries still ring in my ears whenever i masturbate.

i thought about this girl, this 'quiet raped firecracker's' story. i couldnt even image what it feels like to get fucked by one man, much less 7 inside of her at the same time. i was more worried about contracting an STD than her mental health over the subject, and i wasnt about to walk inside her room and ask how she was feeling. usually on these long business trips i buy a pretty girl, torture her until death and then pay a man to take care of the body. she might not even know she was going to die within 17 days. i wondered if threatening her with death would make her suck my dick better.

i got up, paused, sat back down. i knew if i looked at her my dick would get hard but at the moment it was pathetically falccid, unexcited by the idea of rape. it would be a waste of money if i didnt use her every night like i had planned.

i ordered out for room service, though i had already ate. after it arrived i cautiously walked into her room with a plate of food.

she was asleep, naked, and even paler by the moonlight through her small window. i had put her arms in handcuffs and a leash around her neck that had an alarm attached so if she put too much pressure no it i would be notified. i stared at her beauty. her ass put other white girls to shame, the way it plumped out just before curving back into her legs. she didnt have long porn star legs, her legs were actually kind of chubby which gave her a cute silhouette. her waist was very thin, and it gave the rest of her body an extreme hour glass shape. her red hair was almost blue in this lighting, and covered most of her face.

my first plan was to wake her, have her eat and then fuck her. that plan was lost now. she could eat after i was finished. i set the plate down and walked over to her. i stopped myself before waking her up and thought about how fun it would be to play with her while she was so vulnerable.

i slowly pushed her legs apart and starred into her phenominal pussy. it was a very tite squeeze the other night, so tite a drunk man would think he were getting anal sex. her lips were small and cute, if her and i had been lovers in another life i would have spent hours eating her out. she had the type of pussy that would make men raise their standards to an impossible level. in some way, i could not imagine going back to a regular, stretched out wife back at home.

i pushed a finger inside of her slowly. she was very dry. so many stories lie when they say she would be wet and aroused in this situation, i expected her to be dry. i pulled out my hand and spit on it a few times, pushed it back inside of her and continued my work.

it wasnt until a minute or two passed by until she let out her first moan of the night. it was so sedductive, more like a whimper. i looked up to her face, she was still asleep. my flacid dick had finally woken up, and was becoming massive. i continued fingering her until she was moaning every few seconds, asleep and unaware that she was enjoying a voilation on her body in the middle of the night. i stopped to get undressed.

her pussy was wet from my saliva now, and only a very faint feminin oder of arousal tinted the room. i pulled my naked muscular frame on to the bed ontop of her. she was so small, i had to make effort not to put the weight of my body on her. i possitioned myself near her perfect cunt, ready to push. i stopped to look up at her beautiful sleeping face.

she was awake, and she was starring strait at me. i stopped in my tracks and starred back, her eyes were a brilliant green/gold. in that moment that our eyes met, it was as though we were two animals on opposite ends of the food chain, i was the crocodile in the river, she was the little gazelle..and our eyes were locked in that split second just as the gazelle notices the crocodile ready to attack and cannot pull away fast enough.

i pushed into her, hard and fast, ignoring her star, i attacked her body so hard i might as well of been stabbing her. she let out a painful scream and it was obvious her pussy wasnt healed from the night i had first taken her. i pulled out slowly and pushed my cock back inside of her just as hard as before. i had set a painful pace for her, and i wasn't about to stop.

her cries weren't as loud as they were tragic. it was almost as though she were losing her voice, and she sounded like a confused and scared kitten being tortured by a little boy. i pushed up her legs until they were near my neck and pumped her hard. she struggled againsted her chains, as if by some miracle that she would break from them i would say 'congratulations, you win' stop fucking her and give her the keys to my car and never bother her again.

i stopped to unlock one of the handcuffs so i was able to turn her over, she wouldnt be able to get away even if she weren't binded to the bed, i was nearly twice her size in bulk and she was weakend by not eating for 3 days.

i had her half way on her back with one leg inbtween mine and the other one almost doggy style. from here i could see her ass and her tits, also her amazing slit which was already pink from friction. i watched my cock dissapear inside of her, the most erotic site ever. as i pulled out her lips stayed wrapped around me as though saying 'no, stay.' i went slower, enjoying the site of my cock burried inside of her and pulling back out. the feeling was amazing.

and then i saw her tiny hole right above her pussy. it was so small i couldnt imagine fitting a pinky in there. i hadnt taken her anally the other night, mostly because it had been so quick. the image she had given me about the men around her, her screaming in pain that most women will never experience, was so erotic that i nearly exploded within 10 minutes. i had never stopped to examin her anus, which i regreted now.

'prop yourself up like the dog you are' i wispered in her ear as i pulled out of her pussy, which was now red-pink. she paused for a minute, and then did as she was told. she must have though i was only changing positions. one of her hands was still in the handcuffs so she had some difficulty pushing herself up, but finally did.

her ass….oh god her ass was amazing. i couldnt do it justice describing it. she had a bit of a bubble butt, but it was small and in porportion. one of her cheeks was about the length of my hand streatched out thumb to pinky. her pussy juices had leaked down onto her anus, and it winked at me as i starred at it in awe. almost unconciously i put my middle finger up to her ass to grab a drip of liquid just before it fell from the gravity of her new position. i pulled the drip up to her asshole opening and slowly pushed my finger inside.

she wasn't expecting this at all. she must have assumed i was going to keep fucking her in her pussy. she gave out a very small gasp and tried to move her ass away. it was too late, i pushed my finger inside much more quickly than she expected.

"please.." she gasped "please not there, it hurts so much.' i pulled my finger out, happy to hear her finally speek. 'please,' she cried 'just not there.' my finger was still clean to my surprise, and i took my other hand to lower her back and push up her ass so i could get a better look at her tiney asshole. i spat on two of my fingers now, and pushed them to her opening.

'oh god' she cried, 'no no… dont do anymore' she sobbed 'please, it hurts so bad.' i pushed my two fingers into her painfully. i didnt care about stretching her out slowly, neither did my dick. her skin ripped around my fingers and a small trinkle of blood left her anus and went down to her pussy. i watched it in amazment, and my dick moaned to touch her, rape her, voilate her ass until she passed out.

i decided to use her blood as lubricant. i pushed my dick up to her small asshole.

'are you ready for this?' i asked.


*end of chapter 2. hope you liked it (i think i did).*

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