Forced Lactation Ch3

Forced Lactation Ch3

Chapter Three…

The dinner passed civilly enough and Jennifer thought she would have
enjoyed it immensely if she hadn't been so lewdly on display. He looked up
and saw that the women had placed their utensils down, remarking "Taylor,
bring the good Cognac and another snifter for Jennifer…This once she'll
join us" and the black man bowed slightly and left the room…The other
women were sitting quietly staring at her and Jennifer began to feel very
self conscious, her nipples had remained like pink stones and she knew she
was slightly aroused in spite of herself…He turned to Cindy and said "Let
them come in now Cindy, they must be tired of waiting for us to finish" To
which Cindy merely nodded her head and went to a side door, opening it and
allowing three children to enter the room…The first two looked enough like
each other to be twins, a boy and a girl, both perhaps 10…The boy that
followed them made Jennifer catch her breath…He was about 17, she guessed,
certainly not more…What made her catch her breath was watching him softly
fondling himself…Also naked she saw that he would soon be a full man…His
cock was about half hard and of a very respectable size for one so
young…The children moved around the table looking at the women and
Jennifer noticed the they had straightened in their chairs and their breasts
were protruding more proudly…The young girl stopped in front of one of the
women and reached to her breast, squeezing it…Clear drops of fluid ran
from the nipple and down the child's arm…Then it turned to a milky
consistency and began to spray from the nipple…The girl smiled and allowed
herself to be brought into the woman's lap and began to manipulate the
breast…Jennifer sat stunned as the milk ran freely and the child captured
the nipple and began to nurse…Squeezing and manipulating the breast all
the while…

Jennifer found this so erotic that she knew she was sodden beneath the
robe…He looked at her and spoke…"That's Linda, she's always one of the
favorites, she came here much the same as you three years ago…she has no
desire to leave now" Jennifer couldn't believe what she was hearing and
thoughts jumbled through her mind"…"I know this is difficult for you to
understand, that's why I've invited you to dine with us so, I can explain"
He said…Jennifer noticed the other young boy was squeezing both breasts of
a slightly overweight blonde and milk was flowing copiously from them to the
floor…He then climbed into her lap and began to nurse as the girl…He was
more insistent and Jennifer could see that the blonde was aroused from the
expression on her face…As He began to speak, Jennifer noticed that the
beautiful teenager had stepped to her side and was beginning to manipulate
her breasts…"No Robin she's not ready yet, be patient and I promise you
that; you'll be her first"…The boy merely grinned, bowed his head slightly
and turned to the woman seated next to Jennifer He wound his hand into her
hair and yanked her head back causing her to gasp…He captured her mouth
and Jennifer could see their throats working…As he mouthed her, he began
to slap her breasts…It started gently but progressed to where the slaps
were the only thing heard…All the others seemed to be as mesmerized as
she… …Jennifer watched the milk begin to flow and drops flew from the
nipples as he punished the ripe flesh…Some fell on her arm and she looked
at it scarcely comprehending…The boy was fully hard now and as he leaned
to take the nipple, the woman raised it to him and cradled his head with one
hand as she began to masturbate him with the other…

This was going on directly next to Jennifer and she began shaking…She had
never even thought that seeing someone nurse could be so moving…He leaned
over ran his finger through the fluid on Jennifer's arm and raised it to her
lips…She mewled slightly and licked it from his fingers as he smiled at
her…She couldn't describe the taste but somehow it pleased her and she
calmed as he spoke… Jennifer you've been brought here to assist with the
children…When you're prepared, you'll lactate as the rest and if any child
chooses you, you will immediately allow them to nurse and if they're
sexually aroused, you'll see to that as well, do you understand" Jennifer
didn't trust her voice but tried mightily to speak…"But why…why have I
been chosen, why have you brought me here against my will" What followed was
mostly spoken by Cindy…"I know that Alicia and Myrna have told you many
things already and Jennifer realized that their conversation had been heard,
perhaps taped…"No, don't worry, they won't be punished, they've saved me
the trouble of explaining how you're to be prepared…Did you understand
about the injections and need for manipulation and suckling to have you
fill…Jennifer said "ye…Yes but I still don't understand why me"…Cindy
smiled and said…"I'm sure you're fully aware how magnificent your breasts
are…You've been under surveillance for weeks…We know that you're erotic
and also that you haven't had a relationship in some time…In short, you're
just what we're looking for…

The sounds beside her intensified and as she looked to the boy, ropes of cum
flew from his magnificent cock and he'd aimed it right at Jennifer They
landed on her robe and she could only stare at the lubricious
fluid…Strangely she felt an almost unbearable urge to touch it, run her
fingers thought it…The boy raised his face from the woman's breasts and
turned to her smiling that indolent smile…He leaned across and gripped her
hair in the same manner and took her mouth, his tongue delving sharply…She
tasted him and the fluids,feeling her cunt gush…Cindy laughed low in her
throat and said…I think she's sufficiently aroused" to which the Master,
as she'd already come to think of him smiled and said…"Where's Taylor with
that Cognac"…The black man appeared silently with a bottle of fine Brandy
and Jennifer noticed a syringe on the tray as well…This time Cindy
prepared the needle and she offered her arm with out resistance…"Good girl
Jennifer these shots will take about a week and then we'll pull you off
them…Start the Reglan combination and have you prepared in no time…

The Master while Cindy spoke had reached below the table and Jennifer felt
her panties being pulled aside and his finger entering her…She knew it met
no resistance…The teenager and other two children had left as she sat
feeling this man masturbating her…She tried to hang her head but Cindy
stepped to her and raised her chin saying, "Jennifer you will always look
into the Master's eyes, if he touches you"…He was softly manipulating
Jennifer's clit now and she felt the heat rise…He abruptly stopped and
spoke to Taylor…"Take her to your room and I'll follow shortly"…Jennifer
was shaking badly as the black man took her forcibly by the arm and raised
her from the table, steering her towards the door…The last thing she heard
in the room was soft muted applause of the women there, as she was led

Jennifer's feet hardly touched the ground as the huge black man hurried her
through the corridors and finally entered a small room at one's end…He
shoved her into the room and she stumbled, falling onto the bed…"I'll
speak to you just this once" he said…He flipped her robe open and her
sopping panties were evident as soon as he did so…"Every time you get like
this, I'll be there to fix it, you might not like my methods at first but
you'll come to understand what you're supposed to do" Saying this, he
quickly stripped Jennifer of the robe and panties…He made an exasperated
sound when he saw the tangled wet curls at the base of her belly…"He won't
like that" he said…"You'll be getting that bush off tomorrow or he'll have
Alicia and Myrna's ass for it…As he said this, he pushed his finger deeply
into Jennifer and slapped one thigh forcefully…"When you're with me, you'll open your
legs immediately, is that understood"…Jennifer could only nod miserably
and splayed her legs for him…

They sat on the bed as he forcefully finger fucked her and with the pain she
felt undeniable arousal…Her cunt was making squelching sounds and she
watched as he freed himself from his pants and began to
masturbate…Jennifer's eyes widened as she saw the size of his manhood…It
looked to be only semi hard and it was huge. She remembered Myrna's words
about him almost splitting her in two and now she knew why…She'd never had
any man like this touch her and her mind screamed her fear…"Yea" he said,
"That's got yer attention hasn't it, yer gonna come to love this black
snake, now say Hello to it" saying that he took her hand and started
masturbating himself with it…Jennifer felt it throb and harden
perceptibly…It was sticking straight out from him now and it had to be at
least 10 inches in length but it was the girth of it…Jennifer couldn't get
her hand all the way around it…

"We'll just get you ready and wait for him, he always likes to be there the
first time" saying that, he swung her around on the bed and placed a pillow
under the small of her back, pushing her legs up and out from her body…He
hadn't stopped with his finger and Jennifer realized now that he had more
than one buried in her cunt…He was expertly widening her and she had no
doubts that if he didn't, he would do terrible damage to her tender
flesh…When the door opened and He entered, she was just beginning to
breathe heavily and the sex sheen was all over her body, as he worked
it…Jennifer didn't notice him at first until she heard him speak…"Is she
ready Taylor" to which the black man replied "Yes Master, do you want to
assist" Jennifer watched Him smile and nod as Taylor rose and quickly
dropped his clothing on the floor…His body was magnificent, every muscle
defined in cafe au lait elegance…He maneuvered himself between Jennifer's
legs and she looked down at the black cock that was to enter her…She was
shaking now but she knew it wasn't all in fear either…

He had stepped to the bed and she watched with amazed eyes as he began to
masturbate the black man just inches from her sodden cunt…"I think it's
about right now, don't you Taylor" he said as the black man nodded and she
felt him place the cock at the entrance of her cunt…A few strokes and she
felt his insistent hand begin to feed that cock to her…Jennifer didn't
think she could take it and opened her mouth to protest…The slap wasn't
brutal but she knew enough now to hold her tongue…Jennifer felt Taylor
gather himself and then make the first long plunge into her…Her breath
exploded from her and she threw her head to the side at the rude
invasion…"We'll just rest a moment and give your cunt time to adjust" He
said…"It's always somewhat of a shock when Taylor first begins"…Now she
felt the huge hard member begin to withdraw and she braced herself for what
she knew must come…He'd taken it almost all the way out and now smoothly
and slowly slid to the hilt once more…Jennifer was amazed, her cunt had
taken it and was adjusting…

She looked to her side and saw that He was sitting in the chair next to the
bed masturbating…Before her mind could fully comprehend that, Taylor was
picking up the pace and as she looked between her legs Jennifer could see
the lips of her cunt pulling out obscenely as the cock withdrew…Then he
began to hammer fuck her…Jennifer knew she was mewling and groaning but
she couldn't help herself…She was so full of this man and he was punishing
her cunt as she'd never felt before…Taylor seemed to know it even before
she and his hips began to rotate as he slammed into her…It took her by
surprise as it exploded through her and she babbled…"OH SHIT…OHHHHHH
Fuck FUCK FUCK…Unhhhhhhhhhhh GOD!!! Jennifer was embarrassed at words that
would ordinarily never pass her lips but in her sexual frenzy she couldn't
help herself…Jennifer had just had one of the most explosive orgasms of
her life…Taylor wiped a drop of sweat from her cheek and she thought he
was going to give a measure of kindness…

When he began again Jennifer felt like a rag doll, caught in a whirlwind and
all sensation centered in her cunt…Now she joined in the fucking and her
body heaved to meet him…It was glorious and he was fucking her to
pieces…Jennifer would have it no other way now…As she felt her second
climax mounting, she was aware that He had stepped close to the bed and she
looked with glazed eyes as he presented his rampant cock to her…No
conscious thought passed through her as she opened her mouth and accepted
him…Jennifer ran her tongue around the head and tried to remember all the
things her friend's at school had tried to teach her about sucking a
man…She reached tentatively towards him and he smiled…Wrapping her hand
around him at the base of his cock, she began to masturbate him into her
sucking mouth…She let her saliva gather and run from her mouth down
him…It was exquisite…He was fucking her mouth so tenderly as Taylor
again started that hammering rotation…Jennifer's orgasm thundered through
her just as the cock in her mouth began to spew and she greedily sucked
harder…He never made a sound…

As she came down Taylor had slackened his pace and was just idly sliding
into her softly…Jennifer was careful now, she knew He'd be sensitive and
she laved more than she sucked…She cleaned him completely and looked into
his smiling eyes "Yes Taylor, this one will certainly do" he said as he
removed himself from her and made towards the door…"I think twice more for
this first session should be sufficient" he said as he closed the door
softly behind him…Taylor was smiling into her eyes but it wasn't a smile
of kindness and she quailed as she heard him speak"…"The sooner I get you
off twice more, the sooner I can get to something I really want" Now he
reached under her and raised her legs to give him more access and began to
slam into her…Jennifer's mind went blank…

Jennifer woke up aching from the horrendous fucking she'd received the
evening before…He'd been good at his word and she did have the two orgasms
that the Master had told him to give her…Nerve racking, exhausting
orgasms…He'd finished her quickly and perfunctory, hardly waiting for her
to come down from the bliss after the Master left until he quickened things
and she felt lost in a sexual frenzy…He'd buried his thumb in her ass,
something that no one had ever attempted with her and when she did cum that
last time she was close to passing out from it…He'd merely stood, thrown a
cover over her and left the room without a word, leaving her so stunned she
was thoughtless…Jennifer just lay there trying to make better sense of her
predicament when there was a soft knock at the door and Alicia stuck her
head in…"C'mon lazy bones, you'd better get a move on, they're already
serving breakfast and if you're late you won't get any of the delicious
Belgian Waffles with home made ice cream and strawberries on
them"…Jennifer realized that she WAS hungry and swung her legs over the
side of the bed wincing slightly…"Taylor put a first class job on ya, did
he" Alicia said…"Bet your pussy aches somthin' fierce, I know mine did the
first night he took me"…

Jennifer just looked at Alicia and nodded her head…"Yup, he always hits
the new ones a pretty hard lick but Master wants it that way…You'll never
be frustrated here, that's for sure, now hurry up, shower, dress and meet us
downstairs…Alicia said as she closed the door leaving and Jennifer looked
around her, there were fresh things at the bedspread rest at the end of the
bed…The same as she'd worn the evening before…She rose wincing again and
walked to the bath, starting the shower and seeing her brand of toothpaste
on the vanity next to the sink along with two or three new
toothbrushes…Jennifer brushed her teeth quickly and got into a shower at
just the temp she liked…As she scrubbed she felt a lot of the aches
dissolve in the hot flow…She wanted to wash her hair but didn't think
there was time and resolved to ask Alicia when she could do that…She saw
the razor prepared for her and shaved her mons pubis completely, hoping He'd
be pleased… When she'd finished, had a quick pee and dressed, she slid
into the corridor and went to the stairs…She had no idea where they were
having breakfast but just naturally assumed it was downstairs somewhere…

As Jennifer reached the bottom, she could hear voices at the rear of the
house and made her way there…There were glass doors and she could see the
women seated there, so she pushed one open and entered…The scene was much
the same as the previous evening…The same women sitting around the table
softly chatting and four of them were nursing children as they ate…She
stepped next to Alicia grateful that she'd saved a seat next to her…Myrna
was just across…Cindy was at the head of the table and nodded at Jennifer,
continuing her conversation with a stunning brunette that Jennifer hadn't
seen the night before…The woman looked beautiful but somehow distraught.
Before she could let her mind dwell on that, Alicia drew her to the
sideboard and her eyes opened wide in amazement…It was a breakfast buffet,
the likes of which Jennifer had only seen in top Hotels in Europe when she'd
traveled there…A veritable cornucopia of fruits, cereals, meats and Taylor
standing there in immaculate whites doing eggs…Jennifer avoided looking at
him but he didn't pay any attention to her until she stepped in front of him
and he said "Would you like some eggs this morning Jennifer…She nodded,
saying "Yes please, just two over medium" and he very adroitly slid them
onto her plate when they were finished…Now she looked into his eyes and he
said "Something you want to say"…Jennifer shook her head, she could still
feel the ache this man had caused her and he was treating her as if he'd
never seen her before…She felt strangely about that, it'd never happened
to her before…

She took the seat next to Alicia and had just begun to eat when the boy
Robin came into the room…His eyes blazed at Jennifer but he stepped up to
the same woman who had nursed and masturbated him the night before…He
nodded at her and she straightened in the chair and arched her back jutting
her breasts proudly through the slits…Her sharp intake of breath as he
twisted the nipples presented to him made everyone pause what they were
doing and look at what was happening before them…Robin again looked at
Jennifer and smiled…She could see the drops of fluid dripping from the
woman's nipples as he lowered his head and began to nurse…Jennifer could
feel herself becoming aroused and tried not to stare but found it
impossible…She watched the boy free himself from the soft doeskin pants he
wore today and begin to masturbate himself…The conversation resumed and
the other women went back to chatting and having their breakfast as if
nothing was happening…Alicia leaned close and said "Robin's showing off
for you, he never comes to breakfast but it looks like he's taken a fancy to
you…He's a beautiful boy but he can be quite cruel"…Jennifer didn't know
what to say to that and merely nodded…She could see he was fully aroused
now and just lazily masturbating as he sucked on the woman who was sitting
very still with her eyes closed…He stopped suckling and whispered
something to the woman, manipulating the breast he'd been suckling until a
multi spray of milk began to issue. Then he stood and directed the spray
onto his swollen cock and presented it to the woman…She'd opened her eyes
and began to lower his lips obediently to him when Cindy spoke…"Take her
to your room Robin, it's not necessary to do that here" He smiled at
Jennifer again as he pulled the woman unresisting to her feet and turned
from the table, leading her to the door…

"Alicia" Jennifer whispered, "Is she going to suck him now"…"Of course"
Alicia replied, "I told you that when we feed, if the child is aroused and
wants sex, we're to immediately give them whatever they want…Most of the
younger ones just want to be held and masturbated but Robin is
different…He likes to humiliate his women and often makes them suck him,
like you just saw…Master doesn't allow any fucking at table or he would do
that too"…Indeed, Jennifer had noticed that of the four women nursing at
the table, one a beautiful girl of about eleven…Jennifer was so
confused…She didn't know quite exactly how she felt seeing these things
but she had to admit to herself that it was erotic and she WAS
aroused…Cindy spoke again, "Alicia, you and Myrna had better hurry if
you're to begin her first session, I'll give her the injection in the other
room"…Saying that, Cindy rose and came to Jennifer's side…"When you've
finished, come to me" was all she said as she turned and left…She noticed
Alicia and Myrna hurrying to finish their food and realizing that she was
quite hungry hastened to finish the excellent food herself…

When they'd finished Jennifer followed the women into the corridor and
Alicia indicated a door just to her left saying, "Go to Cindy now and we'll
have things prepared, when you're ready" She didn't really know what THAT
meant but she wasn't going to disobey to find out…

Jennifer saw the door ajar just down the hall and stepping up to it, she
peeked in and saw Cindy sitting behind a beautiful ornate desk…Cindy
sensing her there looked up and said…"Come in Jennifer and close the door
behind you"…She motioned to a chair and Jennifer sat as Cindy turned a
laptop computer around on the desk so she could see it…She gasped as she
recognized the scene that was playing in the video on the small
computer…It was her, the previous evening just as she began to suck the
Master and Taylor was fucking her from behind…Now she could see Taylors'
face, she couldn't the night before…He was perfectly calm and looked
vaguely detached as he hammered that cock into her…Cindy sighed as she
spoke…"Taylor is always so predicable, he fucks just like a robot but you
look like you're enjoying it" Jennifer looked at her face on the screen and
felt the heat suffuse her as she reddened…Yes, she certainly did look like
she was enjoying it…She watched as the Master came and she laved him
clean, admitting to herself that the scene was certainly erotic…

Cindy was writing on some paper as Jennifer watched the Master leave the
scene and Taylor position her for the additional fucking she knew she'd see
now…Cindy looked up and said "Would you like to see the rest of this, I
have a little more work to do"…Jennifer didn't trust her voice and nodded
her assent…She'd seen porno enough times but this was HER being fucked and
it was arousing her anew…She watched her own face contort and she knew
that she'd recognize the minute that Taylor wrung the orgasm from
her…Jennifer didn't even realize that she was pressing her fist to her
lower belly and putting pressure on her clit as she watched…Soon enough
she saw the impending signs of it and looked at Taylors face…He evidently
knew as well and picked up his pace, beginning to revolve his hips…Cindy
looked up just at that moment and turned the volume up, as Jennifer
came…She didn't realize that the animal sounds she heard now had come from
herself the night before…"Pretty vocal aren't you Jennifer" Cindy
smiled…"Taylor does have his uses, hard to believe that he's taking care
of so many here…you didn't know but he'd just come from a session with
Linda before dinner"

Jennifer felt her wetness and wondered if she dared to ask to go to the
bathroom and relieve the need she'd begun to feel but was afraid to
ask…Cindy finally turned the computer around again and pushed some
paperwork towards Jennifer "This is an application for an off-shore account,
sign it and $5,000 a month will be deposited for you, you'll want it if and
when you decide to leave"…Stunned anew, Jennifer stammered again "Bu…But
how long will you keep me here…Can't I just leave now"…."No" replied
Cindy "There's been a considerable amount of funds spent on your
investigation and getting you here, you'll be here at least three months to
offset that and then we'll re-evaluate you"… "Now are you going to sign or
not" and Jennifer slightly shaking took the pen and affixed her name on the

"Good" said Cindy "Now it's getting late and we want you to have your first
session before lunch" Saying that Cindy removed a small white towel from a
silver tray on the desk and Jennifer seeing the syringe, meekly offered her
arm as Cindy prepared to give her the injection…That done, Cindy took
Jennifer by the arm and led her to the door, saying "Alicia and Myrna are
waiting for you now…They're on the second floor at the rear, you'll be
able to find it, go now"

Jennifer hurried upstairs and down the corridor to the open door near the
end…As she entered she saw Alicia and Myrna just sitting talking,
obviously waiting for her…They both looked up and seeing her they rose and
drew her towards the bed…Jennifer looked at the things on the bed not
comprehending…There was a blindfold, a red rubber ball gag, headsets and a
long bar with metal fasteners on each end…Alicia grinned when she saw
Jennifer's confused stare and said…"You're to have sensory depravation
during your sessions…Master has asked especially to have that for you…He
doesn't do that often but when he does it's because he's particularly
interested…You should be flattered"…Saying that as Jennifer started to
ask a question, Myrna stepped to her and fastened the rubber ball gag very
firmly in place, stopping all thoughts of speech…

They lay Jennifer on her back, removing her robe and leaving her in panties,
garter belt and hose…She watched as Myrna began buckling leather cuffs to
her ankles, then spreading her legs and attaching the cuffs to the fasteners
on the ends of the pole…Jennifer knew she couldn't close her legs any
longer and then Alicia put on the blindfold and everything was black…It
was a very frightening feeling, Jennifer was completely helpless and knew it
…She could still hear Alicia and Myrna whispering to each other but then
she felt the headsets fitted to her and all she could hear was soft strange
music…It sounded like Gregorian Chants…

Jennifer was then turned onto her stomach and her wrists fastened with
something soft to the front and above her, probably to the bed posts she
thought…The next thing she realized was that she was being massaged and
oil was being applied…At first it was just two hands that began working on
her thighs but soon she felt another pair begin on her neck and
shoulders…It was a sensation such as she'd never felt, she began to relax
and felt tense all at the same time…Jennifer felt oil being poured all
over her panties and run down between her legs…The hand there moved to the
top of her thighs and between her legs, softly rubbing her cunt…Her
arousal was swift and she felt that she could cum if that hand became more
insistent…As she thought that, her arms were untied and she was turned
onto her back, the wrists re-fastened…The massage continued with her
breasts being oiled thoroughly and Jennifer began to relax into it sighing
into the gag in her mouth…

Jennifer must have dozed but feeling a cool liquid on her breasts she opened
her eyes into blackness…She felt a cloth wiping her breasts and then it
began…Both her breasts were being manipulated, she knew that the two of
them were doing it…It began softly and she knew that her nipples had
quickened…The squeezing and pulling on her breasts was becoming stronger
and mildly painful…She didn't know how long it went on, she had no
reference, no sight and only the music in her ears…Now she was feeling
more pain as her breasts were being methodically mauled and then with a
shock, Jennifer realized a mouth had taken her left nipple…The mauling of
that breast ceased and the suckling was soft and very pleasurable…The
other breast was still being manipulated painfully and the contrast almost
stunned her…Then she felt the right nipple taken as the mouth at her left
bore down and sucked harder…The feelings in her and her nerves were
bowstring taut as the mouth on her right nipple matched the urgency of the
first…Now there was pain as the sucking intensified and both breasts were
being squeezed and pumped…She wanted to scream "Stop" but there was no way
she could and she also knew that her hips had lifted…This went on until
her breasts were aching with it and her cunt was silently screaming for

It stopped and she felt the cool liquid and cloth again…The head set was
slid to one side and Jennifer heard Alicia whisper…"Jennifer just be
quiet,…We know you're aroused and don't want Taylor to find out…Myrna
wants to help you"…Jennifer's mind tried to understand and failed.
When she felt the mouth take her through the panties, she was glad that
Alicia hadn't taken the gag out yet…She knew she would have screamed…She
felt Myrna's fingers on both sides of her clit as the mouth worked stronger,
then the gusset of the panties was moved aside and she felt the
tongue…Probing, laving and her hips jerked as she shook violently, came
strongly into that insistent, sucking mouth…When she'd calmed, Alicia
removed her gag, untying her as Myrna unshackled her from the spreader
bar…"You're to shower now Jennifer and then we're to introduce you to
everyone…They'll be waiting in the great hall for us…

Jennifer stood on shaky legs and spoke to Myrna as she made for the
bathroom…"How can I thank you Myrna, what you did was unbelievable, it was
so good for me" "Forget it" Myrna replied…"You can return the favor

***To be Continued***

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