Forced Lactation Ch4

Forced Lactation Ch4

Chapter Four…

After Jennifer has showered and put on fresh lingerie and hose, she went
with Alicia and Myrna to what they called the Great Hall…They passed an
open door just down the passageway from the room where Jennifer had her
session and looking in she saw the woman Linda sitting on the bed cradling
an older man's head at her breast…He looked to be in his sixties, was
naked, and his rampant sex gave testament to his own arousal…Alicia and
Myrna had stopped with her and were watching silently as she raised
questioning eyes to them…Alicia raised her finger to her lips and
whispered in Jennifer's ear…

"Jennifer I told you that you'd be feeding the children and others…That
man is one of the others…We have many wealthy sponsors that come
frequently for sessions here…That's where the money comes from to maintain
this house and give us the lifestyle we have plus the checks each
month"…Jennifer half listened as her eyes were riveted on the
spectacle…The man had risen now and taken both of Ellen's breasts in his
hands…He expertly manipulated them and sprays flew from the engorged
nipples onto his rampant cock…He released one breast to masturbate as he
continued the flow…His cock was slick with the milk and had grown
perceptibly harder…He noticed the women standing at the door and nodded
rather cavalierly at them or so Jennifer thought….

Now he'd released the other breast and the milk still dripped from it's tip
as he drew Ellen's mouth to him…She began to suck him and made sounds that
he seemed to be enjoying…It wasn't long before Jennifer saw his buttocks
tighten and Ellen's throat begin to work…She realized that Ellen was
swallowing his cum and felt her own sex just slightly clench…Alicia bowed
to the man and drew Jennifer away from the door…C'mon Jennifer everyone's
waiting and they don't like us to be late…

When they entered the Hall Jennifer noted that there were about ten women
there…They seemed to be of several nationalities…There were two black
women, one with huge pendulous breasts and the other very slender with cafe
au lait coloring. An Oriental girl that was in her latter stages of
pregnancy and the rest were of different shapes but mostly
Caucasian…Jennifer was introduced to each but she never did have the
faculty of remembering names and only remembered that the Oriental was named
Aiko and the slender black was Eileen…

The women all seemed to be excited and asked Alicia and Myrna to tell them
all about Jennifer's first session…She heard herself being talked about as
if she weren't there and felt slightly humiliated…The women all tittered
when Alicia told them how Myrna had saved her from Taylor's ministrations
and two of them cautioned Myrna about what would happen if she were caught
doing that…Myrna just giggled and said they'd have to catch her first…

As they were talking Taylor entered and was carrying the silver tray that
held the usual syringe…He walked directly to Jennifer and she sighed as
she sat in a chair, presenting her arm…She had to admit that he was very
good at making the injection, she hardly felt the prick and she almost
giggled as she thought of the pun…She'd certainly felt HIS prick…He
asked softly if she'd been aroused at her session and Jennifer said "No, not
this time"…He glared at her and then looked directly at Myrna, saying…"I
hope that's the case, I really do" He'd pulled aside Jennifer's robe and was
fingering her…Seeming satisfied, he pulled her robe closed and left the

Jennifer noticed that several children had entered and found herself looking
for the beautiful boy Robin…He wasn't among them but there were several
boys about his age…She watched as one of the boys murmured something to
the black girl Eileen and she obediently sat in a chair and raised her legs
holding them behind the knees…The boy stepped close rubbing something on
his cock and ran himself smoothly, full into her and started
fucking…Jennifer noticed that Eileen's eyes were locked to the boys and
never even blinked as he stroked into her…He reached forward and was
manipulating her breasts which weren't as large as Jennifer's but almost
immediately they began to run with milk…The boy let it flow all over his
hands and then presented his fingers to the girl…She mewled as she sucked
on the milk laden fingers and he picked up the pace of his fucking…

Jennifer could see that Eileen had come on heat and was beginning to hunch
her cunt back at the boy…Alicia was sitting next to Jennifer and with a
start she realized that the girl was masturbating…The boy looked close now
and was breathing very heavily…He started hammering Eileen's cunt and the
girl started babbling…Alicia whispered urgently…"Jennifer finish me, do
it quick before anyone else comes and catches us"…Without any conscious
thought Jennifer plunged two fingers into Alicia's sopping cunt and used her
other hand to manipulate the clit…As she watched the pair in the chair cum
almost simultaneously, she felt a gushing release from Alicia and heard the
girl's grateful guttural groan…

***To be Continued***

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