Friday Night_(2)

Friday Night_(2)

It was the usual Friday night. Too tired after a week’s work to go out, Carl and I were staying in as usual. Having got in from work in the early evening, I had taken a hot shower, and was now looking forward to an evening in with my man. Carl had probably spent the day at home, dealing with a steady stream of pre-weekend customers, watching porn, and yanking his dick.

I’d met him through work three years before, and we’d been living together for a year now. He had, in the last year, become gainfully self employed as a drug dealer. I’d fancied him from the first time I saw him. He was tall, dark, muscular, with piercing green eyes, and a rugby player’s physique. And he looked dangerous, which nice, but obviously stupid girls like me always love!

One of the first things that I’d noticed about him were his huge, strong hands, and long, thick fingers. I’d sit all day in the office imagining them sliding into my dripping wet pussy, his handsome, rugged face between my legs, his tongue sucking on my clit. I didn’t get much work done that summer that he first swaggered into the office, the cocky bastard! He told me later that he’d fancied me as soon as he saw me too. He’s always liked slim brunettes,and he often tells me that I’ve got the nicest tits that he’s ever seen!

We’d usually have a couple of grams of coke, buy lots of vodka and beer, and then settle in for the night. We were normally joined by friends of Carl’s, as all of my girlfriends liked to go out dancing on a Friday,and also, none of them liked Carl very much, being of the view that he treated me like dirt,or like a little sex toy. They weren’t far wrong, but I loved him.

“Ahhh, that is so fucking good”, exhaled Carl, as he hoovered up a large line of Colombia’s finest marching powder, cutting another one out for me. I leant over and kissed him, then bent over the table to take my line, and he reached up my skirt, and cheekily rubbed my pussy through my knickers.

This was something that he’d always done. To Carl, I was his property, and my body belonged to him. We’d frequently argued about this in the beginning of our relationship, as he would get drunk and openly try to touch me in bars in front of our friends. Obviously, all of his male friends found this hilarious, as none of them seemed to have much respect for women either.

I remember one night when we were in a local nightclub, and all obviously fairly drunk. I was sitting on his lap, kissing him, when he had suddenly pinned both of my hands together in my lap, and pushed his hand up my skirt, and into my knickers, in front of everyone, and tried to force his finger inside me. He'd done it so quickly, and so unexpectedly, that i hadn't had been able to stop him in time. I had dragged his hand out from under my skirt, and screamed at him so loudly that he had let me go, with all of the boys at the table laughing, and cheering him on. I slapped him around the face, and stormed out, absolutely humiliated that a club full of people had seen me getting my pussy fingered by my drunken boyfriend.

I should have walked out there and then, but as with most controlling, abusive relationships, I couldn’t seem to walk away. He didn’t call me for two weeks, and I ended up calling him in the end, begging him to take me back, and apologising for hitting him. Since then, he’s never been quite so brazenly open about it, but he certainly doesn’t hesitate to feel me up whenever the mood, or the booze, takes him.

Only last week, as we walked home, he’d pushed me down an alleyway, forced me roughly to my knees, pulled out his already hard and swollen cock, and, grabbing me by my hair, had tried to stick it in my mouth. I had clamped my mouth shut, and tried to pull my head away, but he had cruelly squeezed my lower jaw, causing me to choke. As i gasped for air, he'd pushed his thick purple helmet straight into the back of my throat. He came within seconds, roughly fucking my face, obviously getting off on the fact that i was on my knees in a filthy alleyway, like some whore. Carl had apologised afterwards, claiming that he ’couldn’t wait’ until we got home, that i was 'too hot' to resist,and that it was my fault for being a little prick tease all night. I’d had to walk home with cum on my dress, as he’d insisted on pulling his dick out of my mouth just as he was cumming, and shooting his load all over me, a favourite of his.

“Hey! We’re expecting company!”, I said as I tried to push his hand away, although I didn’t mind when he didn’t stop right away. I was loving the way that he was rolling my hard little clit between his fingers, my pussy already wet. Coke always makes me horny, and I love it when I have his full attention, regardless of whether he wants me, or just my pussy.

“Mmmmm….", I breathed into his ear, as he slowly began to work his finger inside me, "God that feels good. I’d love your cock in me right now…”

As if on cue, the doorbell rang, and I dragged Carl’s hand out from between my legs, kissed him deeply, and went to open the door.
It was the usual motley crew, one friend of his, Jake, who was tall, dark, brooding, and didn’t say very much, but always stared at my tits whenever he saw me, and two guys that he worked with, Adam and Mike, with whom he also played rugby. I’d met them a few times, but didn’t know any of them that well. They mostly came round to let off steam, do some coke, and just generally get fucked up on a Friday night. I didn’t care, so long as Carl was happy.

It had always been that way. I’d had two very abusive relationships in the past, and had never really gotten over doing my man’s every bidding just to keep the peace, avoid a slap, or worse. Although Carl wasn’t physically abusive, he often took advantage of my weakness, and eagerness to please him. He knew full well that I would do anything to keep him, as he was the most decent guy I’d ever had, although that clearly wasn’t saying much!

The guys bought a couple of grams , and then they all settled down to the serious business of getting off their heads. I’d sit mostly on Carl’s lap, and get up to fetch them ice, top up their drinks, empty the ashtrays, etc. Carl was really on a mission to oblivion tonight, hoovering up huge lines of coke, and downing shot after shot of Vodka. The guys were chatting the usual rubbish, football, cars, work. As I bent over to do a line, Mike, who was sitting behind me suddenly said:

‘You know what we need? Pussy. Pussy and coke really go well together, innit, mate?’

“You know what, you’re spot on, bruv”, replied Jake.

I turned to Carl ,expecting him to tell them to watch their mouths around me, but instead, he looked at me through bloodshot, hazy eyes, and lazily said:

“And what the fuck is that, chopped liver? She’s got a pussy, ain’t she?”

I was shocked, and suddenly worried by his tone. I stared at him, wondering at first if this was his idea of a twisted joke, but he just stared back, unblinking.

“What’s the problem, love? You’ve got a nice, willing little cunt between your legs, haven’t you? You certainly scream for it when I’m sticking it in you! Go on, show the nice boys, darling!”

“Carl..I..Come on. Are you being serious? Baby, I..”

“Don’t baby me! Earn your keep. You’re getting all of this coke free, so spread your legs for my friends!”,

The room suddenly went quiet, only the sound of MTV in the background, as the men looked at each other, and then at Carl, obviously wondering if they were being tested, or if this was some kind of weird game. Finally, their eyes all settled on me. I slowly backed away from them, to the other side of the room, towards the door. Unlike them, I knew from Carl’s tone that he wasn’t joking. I hadn’t often seen him like this or this off his head, but tonight he clearly didn’t care about ‘us’ at all. Tonight he was a drunk ,callous, uncaring drug dealer, and he was looking at me as though I were scum.

I turned and tried to open the door, my only thought now being to get away, but the door was locked. I remembered him getting up a little while ago, and he must have locked it then, so clearly this wasn’t entirely spontaneous!

Carl hoovered up another line, and drained a shot glass, then without even looking at me, he growled in a voice that I knew I couldn’t ignore:

“Get your arse back over here,whore. I want to show my friends your tasty little cunt.”

The tension in the air was electric. No one said a word, all of the men almost waiting for the word to pounce. I was absolutely terrified, images of being gang raped by these big, intoxicated men flooding my brain. Carl turned to look at me.

“I said NOW, slut!”, he bellowed at me.

I had already started crying, but now I began to sob, as I walked back around the sofa, to stand, trembling in front of him.

“Baby, please..I love you..I’m sorry..I’m sorry…”

“I want you to stand where all of my good friends can see you, and I want you to lift up your skirt, take down your pants, pull your pussy lips apart, and rub your clit, until you get all wet, and then I want you to come over here, like a good little girl, and slide your nasty wet cunt down onto my cock. Do you understand me, whore?”

“Baby, I..I..please, let’s just go upstairs, you can fuck me all night, do whatever you want to me. Come on, let's go upstairs, i'll suck your cock dry, just please not here, baby…”

“ I SAID, stand over there, and rub your pussy, you cunt. Make me ask again, and I glass your fucking face, get it?”

I stood frozen in front of them all, their eyes locked on me, and sparkling with a savage lust. They were watching this little scene play out with a hunger that I’ve rarely seen, and I wondered for the second time if this whole thing had been planned. Suddenly, Carl’s hand shot out, and he grabbed my by the waistband of my skirt, and dragged me roughly over to him. Still sitting, he bunched up the rest of my skirt in his hand, exposing my knickers in front of the leering, horny men, and with his other hand, roughly pulled my gusset aside, and, without hesitating, rammed his finger up inside my dry pussy, hard. It was so sudden, and so painful, that i moaned out in pain, and my knees nearly buckled underneath me, but that just helped him push up into me.

The men’s eyes were on stalks, as they watched him begin to roughly force his finger inside me, slowly, but as hard as he could. With his thumb, he started to massage my clit, hard, in a way that was clearly not intended to feel good, but instead to hurt me more. Every time he slammed his finger up into me, i grunted like an animal, and with each twist of my clit, my legs shook, as the pain of this violation overwhelmed my body.

"Listen to her moaning, fucking little whore. Shall I make this slut cum in front of you, boys? She likes it when i play with her clit, don't you, baby? Are you going to cum for me?", Carl sneered up at me.

I was sobbing uncontrollably, the shame and humiliation washing over me, not only at being exposed like this, but now roughly finger fucked by the man I loved.
Disgusting though it was, I was praying for my pussy to moisten up, as this was sheer torture, his thick fingers digging into my dry, sore pussy, tearing at my insides. Suddenly, he stopped and slowly pulled his hand out, laughing as my pussy lips clung to his thick finger. He left my skirt bunched up, and my knickers crudely pulled to the side, my pussy already red and swollen from the brief, yet harsh violation.

“Go over to Jake. Let him lick your cunt, whore.”

I was rooted to the spot, the thought of letting this virtual stranger lick my pussy making me shake with shame. Carl shoved me over towards him, and I stumbled across the room, pulling down my skirt, trying to retain some sort of dignity. Jake was looking at me lustily, and I could clearly see his hard on pushing through his track suit bottoms. He was absentmindedly stroking it, as he licked his lips and opened his legs, pulling me between them. By now, I knew that there was no point fighting, unless I wanted to get slapped around, but still, I could not bring myself to actually pull up my skirt and offer him my pussy to suck on. Jake however, did not hesitate. He pulled me to him, and, reaching between my legs, pulled one up, and rested it over his shoulder. He bunched my skirt up again, and pressed his face against my pussy, breathing me deeply in.

“Ahhhh…Now that is one juicy smelling cunt!”, he laughed.

The men were all egging him on, clearly loving my total terror and degradation, knowing that before the night was through, they’d probably all be having a go on me. Jake pulled my knickers to the side, and with one finger began rubbing my clit. I shamefully had to hold onto his shoulders for balance, and in my position of standing on one leg, my pussy lips were gaping wide open for him. He moved his head close again, then took my whole pussy in his mouth, and sucked me hard. Tears were pouring down my face ,and I was shuddering with shame, as he stuck his tongue up inside me. He was pulling my labia between his teeth, sucking on my clit, rubbing his face in the wetness that had now begun to pour from my pussy, adding to my debasement, revelling in the taste and smell of me, moaning in pleasure. He brought his hand around between my legs from behind, and easily slid two fingers inside me, and began to roughly finger fuck me. The sudden intrusion again forced me to grab his shoulders to stop me from collapsing, as he rammed his fingers deep into my beautiful, sore, violated hole.

“Come on, boys, don’t be shy!”, Carl laughed at them, as he did another line of coke.

Mike, needing no further encouragement, stood up, came up behind me, and, yanking up my tshirt, began gently massaging my soft, tender breasts. It surprised me that he wasn't clawing at me like the other two, but it didn't last long, as he began pulling on my nipples really hard, rolling them between his rough fingers. I could feel his already rock hard dick through his jeans, sticking into my back, and he began rubbing it up against my arse, and moaning, as he groped my sensitive little tits. Jake was still between my legs, thrusting his fingers in and out of me. As I stood there, my whole body shaking from the force of his hand hammering into me, I suddenly lost control of my bladder, and realised with overwhelming shame that I was urinating a stream of warm piss down my leg. Mike shouted out in disgust.

“What the fuck? This filthy little whore ain’t even house trained! She’s just fucking pissed herself! Dirty girl!!”

He dragged my now soaking wet knickers off me, and forced me down onto him, lying me across his lap, as though he were about to spank me. Pushing my skirt up, he slapped my arse a few times, then pulled my cheeks apart, and spat on my arse hole. I could feel him begin to roughly work his fingers into me, stretching my tight, pink arse hole cruelly open.

Adam seized his chance to get in on the action, and sat down next to him with my upper body lying on him. He dragged my arms behing my back,and held them there. Then, he unzipped his jeans, pulled out his huge erection, and, grabbing my hair, pulled my head back, and tried to force his cock head into my mouth. I struggled to keep it shut, trying to pull my head away, causing him to smear the precum already oozing out of him all over my face, but he simply slid his hand under my waist, and punched me hard in the stomach. As I gasped for air, he forced his rock hard dick into my open mouth.

“Bite me, and you fucking die, whore. Now, suck my cock ,you fucking filthy little slut. And I want to hear you moan ,’cos you like it so fucking much. Moan ,whore!”, he screamed at me.

I was struggling for breath, but forced out a moan, not wanting to be punched again. Jake and Carl were watching from across the table, Jake frantically tugging on his hard, red cock ,and Carl lazily pulling on his, as he swigged from a beer, and watched his girlfriend being abused by his friends. Mike had lifted my arse up to his face, and was tonguing my arse hole, and pinching my clit roughly, making me flinch and jump every time he twisted it. Suddenly, I felt something hard pushing at my tight pink arse hole, and I could hear the other two yelling their approval at what was about to happen to me next.

Adam was forcing my head up and down hard onto his cock, burying my nose in his sweaty, heavy balls, and slamming his helmet into the back off my throat causing me to gag constantly. I could only see the other two getting more and more excited, at whatever it was that Mike was about to do to me. All at once, I felt a blinding pain in my arse, and something hard and cold being rammed deep inside me. I tried to scream out in pain, but was choked by the hard cock in my mouth.

“Yeah, fuck that slut, fuck her arse! She likes it up the arse, don’t you,?”, Carl laughed at me, the tears streaming down my face.

I had snot and saliva tears all over me, as Adam kept hawking up huge gobs of phlegm, and spitting all over my face, as he now viciously thrust up to meet my mouth, so close to coming was he, forcing my head down onto him, handfuls of my hair in his hands. I felt like I was in Hell, praying that I would pass out, or wake up and realise that this had all been a horrifying nightmare.

The other end of me was being mercilessly fucked, with what I guessed must be a bottle. Mike had my legs pulled wide apart, and was literally slamming the bottle into my soft, tight arse, which felt like it was about to split wide open. Every time he pulled it out,it felt like my insides were being dragged out with it. The internal damage that he was doing to me would mean I probably wouldn’t walk for weeks. Suddenly, Adam started tensing up, grunting loudly, and thrusting even harder, were that even possible.

"Ahhh! Yeah, take it, you fucking bitch, take it you fucking whore, you fucking love it! ", he screamed, as he held my head hard down on his dick, nearly choking me, and I felt his balls spasm and thick globs of salty cum stinging at the back of my throat, as he shot his load of foul tasting spunk into my mouth. I tried to pull my head away, but he held me firm.

“Wait until I get soft ,bitch, I’ll say when you stop!’

As I lay there, totally helpless, a stranger's softening cock in my mouth, his cum dripping from my chin, i wished i were dead. The pain in my arse was becoming unbearable, it really felt like the whole bottle was raping my nearly virgin arse hole, when suddenly he pulled it out. The pain didn’t subside, which made me realise how bad the damage was. I must have been bleeding, it really felt that he had ripped me open with the prolonged penetration. He threw me off his lap, onto the floor, and I tried to crawl away across the carpet, but Carl, again wanting to join in the abuse, stood up, and stepped down on me, hard, pinning me to the floor. He knelt down on my back, and held my face down on the floor, rubbing Adam's cum all over me, in my eyes, and in my hair, only stopping when i was covered in the viscous slime of another man's balls.

“Look at you, you dirty girl. What a mess! We need to get you cleaned up.I’m going to piss in your face, slut. That should do the job. Now, open your mouth!”

I could see him pointing his cock towards my face, and I waited for a stream of hot piss to soak me, but none came.

“Fuck, I’m too fucking hard! Adam, come here and piss on this dirty bitch!”

Adam willingly got up, and pulling his flaccid dick back out of his jeans, he let rip with a powerful, warm blast of urine, which filled my ear,and stang into my eyes. Carl rubbed my face down in the pool of it on the floor.

“You like that, whore? Drink it up!”

He got to his feet again, dragged me up with those huge, powerful hands, carried me across the room, and threw me up against the wall. Grabbing me around my neck, he lifted me up the wall, until we were face to face. My fingers were clawing at his hand, his fist wrapped around my neck strangling me, my eyes bulging out in sheer terror. He reached down, and ripped off my skirt, which was wet with piss and what I imagined must be blood. He used it to wipe the mixture of tears, cum,and spit off my face, and then roughly stuck his tongue in my mouth. Forcing me to kiss him, he spitefully bit down hard on my tongue and lips, making me moan in pain.

“Yeah? Moaning, slut? Fucking loving this, aren’t you? Well, now I’m going to give your cunt a good fucking, alright, baby?”

Pushing his knee between my legs, he forced my legs apart. I felt his cock head at the entrance to my cunt, and I tried to hold myself up, by clinging to his neck, in a vain attempt to stop his huge, throbbing red cock from tearing into me. He just laughed, staring into my eyes, cruelly, loving the confusion and fear that he saw there and taking me by the shoulder, he forced me down hard onto his straining cock. It literally took my breath away, as it filled me completely, going deep into my guts. I couldn’t get away from him, impaled on his veiny, rock solid dick. I screamed out, but he just laughed again, clamped his hand over my mouth, and began to slam up into me harder than I’ve ever been fucked in my life. He was biting viciously down onto my breasts, pulling my nipples out with his teeth, lost in his coke addled frenzy, fucking me as though I were just a hole in the wall.

"You like that, slut, fucking whore, fucking slut", he repeated over and over again, as he viciously raped me, lost in his animal lust.

Suddenly, he pulled me away from the wall, still straddling his cock, and swung me around, towards the other men.

“Jake, get over here. Fuck her arse!”

Jake jumped up, and, coming up behind me, pulled my arse cheeks apart.

“Whoa, you’ve really fucking cut her up, mate.”, he said to Mike.

“It’s only a bit of blood, you fucking pussy! Besides, it’ll just go in easier, innit?”, laughed Carl.

Jake positioned his dick at my arse hole, then with one hard thrust, that made me feel as if I were about to pass out from the pain, he slammed his dick deep inside my intestines. Through the excrutiating agony, I could feel their cocks inside me, filling me up so completely that I could barely breathe. Jake reached around and started pulling my sore, swollen breasts again, and the two men mauled me as they fucked both of my bleeding holes, licking my face, my neck, biting me anywhere that they could, revelling in their vicious rape of my brutalised body. I guess that the cocaine meant that they could last longer than usual, but at some point, I passed out from the pain….

I woke up, and I was lying on the floor, my whole body in agony. I felt cold cum dripping from both of my holes, and my tits were so sore that they were throbbing in pain. I guessed that they had probably all emptied their bladders on me too, as I was lying in a wet, stinking puddle. The room was quiet, and as I opened my eyes and looked around, I realised that the men had all gone. I struggled to my feet, covering my damaged, sore, swollen pussy, and my twisted, red tits with my hands. They must all have cum over me, many times by the looks of it, and I was glad that I’d missed at least some of the assault. I went out into the hall, and Carl came out of the kitchen.

“You really should put some clothes on, love. The boys asked me to say goodbye. They said they had a great night, and to thank you. Why don't you go and have a nice, hot shower, and then come to bed? It's been a long night….” ‘

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