Gabrielle's Seduction

He was hunting her. Of that there was no doubt. It was only natural that he do so. He was, after all, a hunter of flesh. It was in his nature to seek the flesh and all the wonders it held. Mortals could never understand with their "conventions of society"…the niceties they passed to each other during the day so at night they can feel free to indulge in their own private hunts. Not Gabriel. He was as nature intended him, a hunter. At all times, he was dangerous.

He watched her body sway to the music and enjoyed every move. In his world of life and death, every second was important. He could smell her essence from across the room, so vital her life was. She was so alive and living and she looked so delicious. Her body was lithe and supple. When she moved, her body flowed without effort. It was not just skill at dancing, it was more. She was in touch with her being and knew her body so well, it moved at her desire and not her thoughts. She was natural in her sensuality. Gabriel wanted her.

He absentmindedly sucked upon his growing fangs. They elongated and swelled slightly as he became more aroused watching her. The hunger was rising in him. He could not fight it even had he wanted to. It was passion, pure and simple. He wanted her and without knowing it, she wanted him. She was dancing just for him.

Sheila danced harder than normal, feeling something in the air that excited her, something enticing her to push to the edge of her ability and endurance. She could feel the eyes of men upon her as she danced. Her body swaying in sexual ways, a light bead of sweat upon her flushed skin giving her a vibrant look. Her dress clung to her body so tightly, she had a hard time remembering where she stopped and it began. It was almost like she danced naked in the middle of the crowded room.

She had seen him as he entered. His whole being commanded her attention. He had not done the typical browse of the crowd to try and locate the women. He had stared at her from the time he had arrived. He wanted her, of that she was sure. The hunger in his gaze was almost palatable, like she could reach out and fondle it as he watched her. His eyes, piercing even at this distance, almost felt like hands running over her body.

The combination of the thought of dancing nude in the crowd and his eyes feeling her was more intoxicating then any liquor. She could feel herself growing wetter by the second, by the thought. She knew her scent of arousal would be apparent to others, but most wouldn't notice or at least not be able to identify it without being told, like they were dead to nature's allure. They instead used the fake scents of perfumes and colognes to simulate what nature did on its own. She liked to smell like sex.

She was watching. He knew it. He was not a man that was easily missed in a crowd. He was not that tall, just over 6 feet. He was not that big, though his body rippled with muscles when aroused, his clothing hid all but the slightest of details. His clothing was expensive but understated and muted, a collage of dark colors that seemed to make him look like a piece of the night that had detached and walked around. He was in a way. He was part of the night and it flowed through his veins more assuredly than blood. It was not any of those things though. It was his presence. His entire being screamed to be noticed.

His eyes were so piercing, in anger they were so like knives and none could look at them. In passion they were like a lovers grasp that none wished to break no matter how much they struggled. They were in all respects powerful and commanding. They reached out and he tasted the salt of her sweat with a look.

His face was handsome but not pretty. He was not a model, that was for sure. He had a look that was sexy and yet hard. He definitely looked strong. Not muscle strong but the strength of a man who is what he says he is and never questions it. A strength of character some would say, of spirit, etc. No one could ever totally figure out why he was so appealing, just that he was what they wanted or what they feared. He was danger and he was paradise. He was as dark as the shadows could be and yet also as tempting as a summer evening. He was a paradox to those who looked at him, something that seemed beyond words and explanation. He was who he was and no more. That in and of itself was different these days.

Sheila was beautiful. As much as she tried not to admit it, she knew she was. Her body was lithe and yet full. Her breasts were pert and yet heavy to a lover's grasp. Her nipples were a deep pink and full. They pressed against the fabric of her dress and tried to break through as they stiffened and grew hard. Her throat was flushed from effort and Gabriel noted the supple curves and dips. She was delicious looking as her breathing made her throat rise and fall unevenly and the effort made her blood rush.

Her skin was like silk to the touch of a gentle hand, creamy and deep in tones if not color. It seemed to shine with the vibrancy of life, a deep inner glow that made her look almost like she was covered in a fine layer of exotic oils at all times. Her long brown hair swirled about her exotic face, a face that defied classification into an ethnic group. Like she was all and yet none. Her skin was a deep tone and yet not black. Her eyes were dark and somewhat almond shaped and yet not oriental. Her hair was deep brown and yet sparkled with highlights of blonde. She was every aspect of sexuality and none.

She turned and swayed her hips so he could see her ass. She dipped so the spreading of her legs pulled the material so tight you could see her thong panties, and then rose up again. He was smiling. A dark hungry smile that made her wetter still. She knew her panties would drip her juices if she squeezed them right now. Without a word or action, she felt this man seducing her, or was it she was seducing herself? She reveled in his gaze and allowed her eyes to close and imagined him touching her as she danced. His strong hands probing under her dress and feeling her wetness. Maybe he would draw his hands back up and taste her there too, lick her from his fingers like candy…

She licked her full lips and spun around to look at him again and he was gone. She glanced around the room and could not find him. Losing all appearances of disinterest, she looked for him frantically in the gyrating crowd. She was surprised by her own brazen want for this man. This man from across the room whom she had never spoken. She wanted him. She wanted to feel him and have him feel her. She spun around again to look for him…she had to find him…had to…

He was there behind her. She spun and found herself in his arms. Like a shadow, he had crept up and stood there waiting for her to find him. She jumped back, shocked to find him standing so close but recovered quickly. She laughed and turned to walk away, feigning disinterest but he laid his hand upon her arm and she froze.

It was like electricity coursed through her at the touch, her entire body suddenly started to tingle. She turned back to him and met his eyes, those dark eyes. She felt small and vulnerable all of a sudden. Like she was no more then a toy or plaything to him. Then he smiled and she felt a rush of excitement like a school girl pulsed through her. Her breath came short and ragged and she began to tremble.

He watched her staring at him. He knew she was unable/unwilling to turn away. She had, after all, called for him. As sure as using a phone, she had called to him, begged him to show her what was waiting in the dark beyond the light. She wanted excitement. No, she needed it. She craved and hungered for something so exquisite it would redefine her life.

He had heard her boredom with people. Heard her boredom with her lovers. He had heard all of this in his first glance. It was a gift he possessed. Not all could do it but Gabriel was a master at it. He could see those needing him…hungering for his touch. She was the gazelle that played to close to the lion…she knew the risk but she needed the chance to feel that alive.

Gabriel put his finger to her lips to silence the questions that were about to spill forth. He would answer what she asked, but not here. Not in this place of false hunters and easy prey. He smiled at her look of concern and she forced a smiled in return. She was scared of him and yet he knew were he to turn and leave, she would follow as sure as the sun would rise in a few hours time. She and he were together for now…like partners in a dance, they had begun something which must be finished. It was this feeling that scared her so. She was not in control anymore and she knew it. Worse for her though, she also knew that she liked it, needed it, and wanted it.

He leaned close and whispered in her ear, "Come with me." It was not a command nor a request, it was more of a statement of fact that she would come with him. She was trembling. It was neither entirely excitement or fear that made her tremble, it was both at the same time. It was anticipation and hopes for something that would take her beyond what she was used to and at the same time the fear that going beyond, she would never make it back to who she was. She was afraid of losing herself and at the same time, excited at the thought of it as well.

"Let me dance for you," she said as he leaned close. "Just for a moment. Let me dance just for you." She felt a need to dance for him, just him. When she danced she felt her soul bare and open, her sexuality oozed forth and spun around her like a cloak. She had never wanted to dance for just a man, never wanted to show that much of herself to someone. Now she needed to. She wanted to show him what made her who she was…needed to show him.

Her eyes sparkled and Gabriel smiled at her, he knew who she was and didn't need a dance to see it but he also wanted to see what she would show him. He wanted her to dance for just him and show him what she was thinking. To show him how far into her blood he already was, how much she was intoxicated. It was not vanity from him that gave him this want, it was fascination of her, the desire to see how far into her mind she had let him in here on this dance floor. How far into her she wanted him to be. She needed to someone to dance for, even though she had never wanted to before, now she needed to. She wanted to declare who she was now so that she would know how far she had gone when the moon had set and this night was done.

As the music shifted and faded into the next song, he nodded and she began to dance. It was a slow sensuous dance. She slowly moved her body to the throbbing beat and danced so close to him and yet never touched. She seemed like liquid flowing and undulating before him. Her body twisted and flowed from one point to the next and seemed to never be still for a moment. Her movements were exactly in time with the music and she was one with the primal beat, she and the music joined and danced for him. Her dance was sensual and sexual, it was alluring and commanding, it was a seduction and an invitation to seduce. Her soul moved before him and he was aroused by the sight.

He could smell her arousal growing as well. It was almost a taste to the air between them, warm and sweet it hung there before him. She enjoyed dancing for him, she enjoyed showing herself off for him and being watched. He enjoyed the effort almost as much as the show. She leaned in and allowed her breasts to brush against him as she swayed back and forth and Gabriel absently licked at his fully erect canines. Elongated and sharp, they ached to be fulfilled

His hunger was reaching a most delicious state, his animal drives crying out to be satisfied. He smiled without showing his erect canines and let his hunger grow more. He wanted her but not enough yet. He wanted to be starving when he finally gave in. He gazed openly at her breasts and hips. He smiled and licked his lips to show his pleasure and she shuddered at his approval. The need and hunger of both was nearly at a frenzy.

She turned and bent forward so that her ass pressed against him. The curvaceous swells of each cheek stroking across him as she swayed back and forth to the music. She felt him stiffening under the fabric of his slacks and pushed back harder so that she could make out every detail of it. She was excited by the decadence of sizing him up here on the dance floor. She was measuring him with her ass and he was measuring up very well.

Gabriel could feel the heat from her burning through the fabric, feel the passion within her burning through her soul. Her excitement made him hungrier still as she ground against him. Her dress was slightly damp from her flowing juices as she pressed into him and he wanted so much to taste her right then. Her skin was flush with excitement, her heart beating wildly, and her sweet breath coming in shorter and shorter gasps. She wanted him enough now. He wanted her enough now. They needed each other enough now.

Sheila stood looking out at the night. The massive window's heavy brocade drapes were pulled back and the night spilled into the room. The whole place seemed to taste of another time, like a small pocket of a gothic novel suspended here in the middle of a modern city. The air even smelled of another time, not polluted but scented. It smelled like someone had just fucked in here, that was it she decided, it smells like sex. Not the old sex smell that gave one the opinion of an unclean, seedy hotel but, new sex, sex that was happening right now just out of sight. Her mind wandered and she imagined she could almost hear it…

"Wine?" he said, offering her a glass. Honestly it was more of a goblet, ornate and silver. It was heavy and filled with deep red liquid. She smiled and took it and sipped the liquid. It was wine but almost like fire to her throat. It burned its way into her and she was surprised. There was brandy in it to sweeten it and it was warm on her lips. It was good but intoxicating. She decided to sip it slower, her head was already spinning.

She didn't know why she was here. Actually she did but she didn't want to admit it. He had not asked her to leave with him, simply taken her hand and led her here. She had followed and not questioned him and that was what made her head swim. She was not like that or, at least, never had been before.

"Do you like it?" he asked, his deep voice resonating within her. She turned and smiled at him and nodded. Gabriel smiled at her, she was so sweet, so ready to be taken. Even if she could not admit it to herself, she was ready, she wanted it. That is why he was here, because she needed him tonight. Maybe also, because he needed her too. There was something about her, something he couldn't define that called to him and made him ache for her.

"Do you live alone?" she asked, trying to make small talk.

"Yes," he answered.

Damn, she thought, I was hoping for more than one word, anything, just break the silence.

"Not married?" she said and smiled at him then nudged him with her shoulder.

"No," he said, smiling back. She was so precious and nervous. "No wife. No dogs. No cats."

"Then you're alone?" she asked trying to keep the banter going. There was a long silence and his face turned slightly darker, a pain creeping across it.

"Yes, for a very long time now," he answered softly.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to…" Shit! She thought, now I've gone and stuck my foot in it.

"No, don't be." His eyes sparkled again and his mood lifted as fast as it had dropped. "Being alone is not something to pity one for. Only being lonely, that is worthy of pity," he said as he sipped his wine.

"What's the difference?" she asked, intrigued.

Gabriel smiled at her, "Being alone is one thing, being lonely means you are not even with yourself. Alone gives you time to think and decide what you want. Lonely means you are devoid of anything, even the self. That is sad. Alone is not sad, it simply is," he answered and drained his glass.

Sheila thought about it and understood what he was saying. But she couldn't help shake the feeling that he knew this from experience. "Well, good. I'm glad you're not lonely." She smiled.

She turned and looked back at the night through the window. "So, in all this introspective alone time, have you decided what you want?" Gabriel chuckled and sighed. Sheila turned and raised an eyebrow in question. "I see you have. So what do you want?" she asked.

Gabriel took the goblet from her hands gently and placed it on a small table by the window and then raised her face to his with one finger. He gently caressed her jaw line and ran his finger across her lips. He smiled at her and Sheila felt her body begin to heat up to the point she thought she would burst into flame. Gabriel was staring so deep into her eyes she felt he must be seeing her entire soul, so piercing was his gaze. She didn't mind, actually for the first time, she hoped he could, she hoped someone could see all of her.

"Tell me…" she asked again in a small voice, her throat was tightening in excitement and even those words were hard to speak. "What do you want?"

"You." was all he said. It was all he needed to say. She was his. Sheila melted into his arms and they kissed and tasted the wine on each others lips. Maybe it was just a trick of her mind but the wine seemed to burn her throat more as she tasted it on his lips. It seemed to burn into her very soul as they kissed.

The bedroom was as ornate and gothic as the living room. The huge four post bed dominated the room and the heavy drapes that hung on either end seemed to be tapestries from some movie about some medieval European castle. They were pulled back with heavy silken sashes so that you could see the bed, an opulent goose down mattress piled high with quilts and silk sheets.

Gabriel carried her like a doll and laid her on the edge of the bed. Their kiss had not broken since, their lips touching even as he began to slide her clothing off of her. He pushed the clingy dress over her shoulders and down her body freeing her breasts. Her nipples ached as they hit the air and she shuddered in his grasp. His hands reached down and began to caress first one and then the other until she was moaning and nearly cumming from the touch.

Her hands clawed at his jacket, pushing it off his broad shoulders and letting it drop to the floor. She didn't bother undoing the buttons on his shirt, she grabbed and pulled until they gave way with tiny popping sounds. His muscular chest felt hot to her touch as she pushed the shirt off his shoulders as well and he tossed it away to the corner.

His fingers worked her nipples, pinching them and then stroking them. She moaned as he pulled them hard enough to draw her forward and then released them, allowing her to sit back again. The pain of it adding to her arousal and her hunger for him.

Her finger nails clawed over his bare skin and left angry red marks down his chest. He winced at the pain of the clawing but did not pull away. She marked his chest as hers and claimed his body as her prize. He understood this need, he would mark her soon too.

Their tongues probed each others mouths. Sheila was not surprised when she felt over the fangs and let her tongue run up and down them. She caressed them with the very tip of her tongue and Gabriel moaned in pleasure. The taste of her mouth, her breath was driving him mad, she tasted so sweet. She touched the end of one fang and the sharpness pricked the tip of her tongue. A single droplet of blood dripped into his mouth before he licked her tongue and it was whole again. He savored the taste of her and drank that single drop like it was the finest of wines.

The taste of blood though drove him over the edge. He let out a deep growl from within him, some primal noise of want that sent shivers down her spine. His gentle hands became more forceful as he pulled hard on her dress and slid it off her hips. Finally breaking the kiss, he pulled back and pushed her down on the bed.

They were both breathless from the embrace as he grabbed her dress and pulled it free of her body and toss it away. Laying there in only her soaked panties, Sheila felt vulnerable, helpless. Gabriel smiled and grabbed the lacy material of her thong and pulled hard until there was a wet ripping sound. The elastic gave way first around the waist and then at the crotch as the thong tore away. The sound driving deep into Sheila and adding to her already frenzied state.

He made the growling sound again and she answered with her own sound of want and need. Grabbing at his pants she began to pull and tug as he undid the button and zipper. Finally open she pulled them down along with his boxer shorts until he popped free and hung in front of her face. Greedily she grabbed at him and took him in her mouth. Her tongue working up and down it's length as she tasted him and drank the taste like wine.

Gabriel watched her sucking for a minute. Her delicate mouth swallowing his 8 inches with ease down to the base. The wonderful sucking sounds as she slurped and licked her way back up until just the head was in her mouth and then the gasp as she prepared to take it all again. He pulled her hair to the side to get a better view and enjoyed the show, enjoyed the feel, enjoyed her.

Pushing her back, he ended the blow job and grabbed her legs. She lay back and allowed him to raise her legs up to his shoulders and then slide his face down between them. Gabriel stopped and smelled her deeply and was lost in her scent for a moment. So intoxicating. He fought the urge to drink now and began to lick her outer lips. She moaned in pleasure and Gabriel allowed his tongue to slide between her slick lips and dip into her. Sheila grabbed his hair and began to grind against his face hard. Her juices were literally dripping from her and Gabriel slurped them down and smacked his lips for more.

Sheila cried out as a small climax took her and her body shook for a moment. She looked down at Gabriel and he was staring at her as he licked her, watching her cum, watching the blood churn through her arteries as her heart beat fast and hard. He wanted her so much, he couldn't hold back any longer.

Standing up he pulled her to one side and lay down on the bed beside her. They kissed and she licked her cum from his lips as their tongues slid into each others mouths again. The tip of her tongue found his fang and pricked itself again, another droplet of blood filled his senses. Gabriel sucked on her tongue and got another droplet for his efforts as his tongue licked over the wound and it healed.

Laying back he pulled her up and onto him. She straddled him and then slid down onto him until he was buried in her. She began to slowly ride him but the passion was too much, she began to ride him hard and fast almost immediately. There was no time for coyness now, she wanted to cum on him. She rode him hard and he reached up and grasped her bouncing breasts and began to suck on them.

Sheila cried out as she felt his teeth pierce into her soft flesh, the twin stabs of pain blurring with the feel of him sliding into her as she was grinding down onto him. Gabriel did not drink from her, he pulled back so that her blood spilled forth and onto her breast. Rubbing it over her with his hands, she was soon slick with a red coating of her own life on her

Gabriel leaned up and licked the wound and it closed immediately. Then he began to rub his hands over her blood slippery breasts and lap at them greedily. Sheila watched him sucking on her nipples and lapping her blood from them, his lips stained red from her. She was panting as she rode him, close but not quite there yet.

Gabriel grabbed around under her ass and stuck two fingers into her as she rode him. She screamed from the feeling of being stretched so tight as he scooped her juices onto his hand and then pulled it back and rubbed it onto her breasts as well. He mixed her cum and blood on the breast until it was a slippery mess and then stuck his fingers into her mouth. Sheila sucked the mixture off his fingers and drank her sex and life down. It was so good, she wanted more.

Gabriel licked her breasts clean and drank the last of her cum and blood down. Sheila was screaming out as he finished and he thrust back into her hard and fast. As she began to shake, he grabbed her and held her still and pushed up into her hard and fast. Sheila cried out his name and then collapsed into his arms. Gabriel kissed her and ran his hands over her back to calm her slightly.

When she looked up at him, Sheila knew he was not nearly finished. He smiled at her and rolled over so that he was on top now. Taking her legs over his shoulders, he began to slide into her hard and fast. Sheila grabbed her breasts to keep them from bouncing too hard as he slammed into her again and again.

A fine layer of sweat was covering his face and she reached up and wiped it off and then licked it from her lips. So salty, so musky. Gabriel laughed as she did and redoubled his fucking. He slammed into her harder and faster until Sheila was barely able to breath. His body dripped sweat on her and the hot liquid splashed all over her breasts. She rubbed it across them as he watched and then pulled on her nipples to give him a show. Gabrielle's breath was ragged and his thrusts were getting uneven. She knew it would not be long until he came.

Reaching up, Sheila ran her nails across his chest as the muscles strained and flexed in effort. Taking one nail, she pressed the side of it against his bare flesh and slowly slide it across the muscle. Gabriel cried out in pain/pleasure as the sharp nail sliced into his flesh just enough for his boiling blood to begin to drip from the scratch. He threw his head back and cried a bestial cry as Sheila moaned and raised her face to his chest.

Sheila lapped at his flowing blood and then lay back down, the crimson fluid streaking her sweat covered face. She cried out and allowed her own fangs to lengthen fully and her hunger to take her. Gabrielle's blood dripped on her along with the sweat, splashes falling as he thrust into her again and again. Sheila rubbed the hot fluids over herself and covered her breasts with a red stain again and then licked her fingers clean. She didn't bother licking the wound, she wanted it to bleed and shower her with his life as he got closer and closer to cumming.

Gabriel screamed out and then fell on her, his teeth biting into her neck. As he penetrated her skin and began to noisily drink from her, he erupted into her, his cum filling her and spilling out as he continued to thrust into her furiously. Sheila cried out as she started to cum again too and then buried her teeth into Gabrielle's neck. The pain/pleasure of the bites driving both of them to an orgasm so intense they could only grasp each other and drink, sucking in life as their bodies shook and trembled.

Finally done, they collapsed into each others arms and kissed and licked the blood from their lips. The embrace was tender, in sharp contrast to the brutality of the climax. They touched gently and kissed lightly. Their hands ran over each other's bodies in the most gentle, caring ways as they licked each other clean.

Minutes later, when they had both caught their breath, Gabriel stood beside the bed and poured a goblet of wine for himself. He took a deep draught from the glass and held it out to Sheila. She looked up at him over one of the pillows on the bed through half closed eyes and smiled.

"Wine?" he asked.

"No thanks," she purred, "I'm sorta full right now." She grinned and Gabriel laughed with her. He placed the goblet down on the night table and crossed to the window and drew the drapes tightly shut, the first streaks of dawn staining the sky red as the sun made threat to appear.

Gabriel returned to the bed and looked down at Sheila, her eyes already closed in slumber and he smiled to himself. Sliding under the covers next to her, he pulled her close and closed his own eyes, content in the knowledge that today, at least, he was not alone. He let out a faint sigh and drifted to sleep, his dark visage at peace.

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