Gray Rock Academy pt 6

Gray Rock Academy pt 6

“Lieutenants’ report to dinner now!” Jax was furious. He looked over at Scott who looked down instantly. He went and sat on the bed next to Scott, he gritted his teeth tightly and spoke threw them “Scott… when I tell you to do something I expect it to be done…you can now consider it an order… not a favor like before.” He stood and left the dorm as Scott sat up and started to get dressed.

Max was out on his daily walk. He needed to work out the kinks of his knee; he was walking by the gym and would take notice to loud music playing. Inside of the gym there was a basket ball court, weight room, and a small room with mirrors used for indoor exercise. Max made his way to stand in the doorway of the little room, inside was Captain Morse. Captain Morse had on white mesh short and his body was covered in sweat. His hair was dark dripping wet, his shouldered were tense and you could see the muscles flexing under the skin of his back. He was lifting his right leg and kneeing a large pad stationed under wooden plank. He wore black wraps around his hands up to wrists, as well as around his feet up to his ankles. He was actually grunting with every delivered knee. Tyler would yell as the last knee actually caused the board to crack semi. He took two steps back and turned and grabbed a towel. He was wiping his hair and face of the sweat.

Tyler would look up and see he had a visitor. Max was shocked “umm …umm captain Morse I was um just um…” Tyler stopped him “your fine cadet…did you need something?” max shook his head and entered the room. Tyler tossed the towel around his neck and walked up toward max. Max watched as he walked toward him. He was watching that sweaty, smooth, and tan body of Captain Morse walk toward him. Every muscle flexed in his toned body, his abs mainly. Max never really noticed his chest and abs, but he certainly did now. “So why are you training so much?” Tyler would turn up at him sternly. And max would correct himself “I mean why are you training so much, sir, if you don’t mind me asking, sir.”
“Well if you must know, cadet, I always work out like this” he was a horrible liar. He turned and max followed him as he walked to the large mirror on one wall. There was a heavy bag hanging from the ceiling and Tyler began to throw punches as max watched. Tyler turned the music back up and went back to punching and kicking the bag violently. “Stupid bag” Tyler would say, the chains were to lose and the bag moved too much, max offered to hold it. They were a few mins into it when the bag was too far to the left and when Tyler kicked with his right foot it would drive deep into max’s side, dropping him instantly to the floor holding his chest. Tyler told him to move his hands and lifted max’s shirt up. He saw the red mark and the bruise beginning to form. Tyler slides his hands over the ribs of max. “I don’t think anything is broken” one hand slide down to max’s hip. “This kind of sucks…” Tyler would look at him “excuse me?” Max spoke again “I keep getting hurt” and he mumbled something and Tyler thought he heard him right. Tyler sat up next to max “Cadet, repeat what you just said.” Max looked at him “I said it sucks I keep getting hurt…but at least I get to spend time with you.” Max continued to speak “I like it when…” Tyler raised his hand for the cadet to stop and then stood up. He grasped and picked up max to his feet.

Tyler thought for a moment before speaking “Cadet, max, listen you’re my cadet, this kind of thing…I know it goes on here. I also know I’m not like the other officers.” He turned and looked down at max that was still starring at the floor and started to talk. “I know you’re not… and that kind of thing doesn’t happen to me here…but I really like you captain Morse…I think even more then like” Tyler shushed him and then Captain Morse tilted up max’s chin to look up at him.

Max’s eyes held a lazy seductive type look as he gazed up at Tyler, as Tyler gazed down at him. Tyler’s nude chest and max’s chests were pressed together but max was only eye level with Tyler’s neck. Tyler continued to hold max’s chin to face upward as Tyler very slowly leaned down into max’s face, only inches from each other’s face. Tyler went the rest of the way into him, their lips ever so gently touching. A second light kiss was delivered and then a third in which their lips stayed pressed together. Captain Morse’s hands moved one onto max's lower back and the other behind max’s head, he slide his tongue slowly into max’s mouth and began caressing his tongue with his own. Tyler pulled his tongue back out and closed his lips and teeth gently on Max's lower lip nibbling and pulling back on it slightly before returning into the passionate kiss. Both hands sliding down Max’s back and onto his ass and then farther onto the back of his thighs, pulling upward, lifting max who wrapped his legs around Tyler waist as Tyler moved to put max’s back against the wall.

Dinner was over and Jax was walking with Casey and Chris. They finished talking and Chris left the little group and made his way to the boating area. Cadet Santiago was waiting for Chris. He was in a white bathing suit. “A thirteen year old who doesn’t know how to swim” Chris would shake his head as he stripped off his shirt and took off his boots and such. The lake was filled with floating platforms and a dock which made a large half circle, which in turn made a small swimming crib area. Chris and cadet Santiago were practicing for close to an hour when Chris told him it was enough time for one day. “Alright let’s see a few dives and then ya can go for the night, big dance tonight right?” Santiago would climb out of the water facing away from Chris as that wet bathing suit clung to his body, it was slightly see threw and Chris couldn’t help but get excited. He heard Casey’s stories and now wanted a piece.

Tyler let max down and stopped the kiss. He pulled away but still held max in his arms. They would look at each other for a minute or two before Tyler let him go turned around and grabbed his shirt. He walked away and was shaking his head no looking at the ground, he ran a hand threw his damp hair in a bit of disbelief. He was storming out and slammed his fist into the doorway. Max sighed and licked his lips still tasting Tyler and the most astounding, unsurpassed, and superior that he has ever received.

Santiago was in the water and so was Chris when Santiago was suddenly pinned chest to chest with Chris who put his hands onto the dock keeping Santiago’s back to the dock. “Me and Casey spoke about you, how special it was” Chris would say grinding his groin into the cadet’s. “The only difference is Casey cares…I just want to fuck…now pull down your shorts” and Chris gave him an angry look. Santiago did as he was told and below the shoulder deep water he slid down his shorts, an instantly felt Chris’s hands all over his groin and lower body. Chris would press his mouth onto Santiago’s neck and begin to suck roughly as his hand stroked that growing cock and his free hand fondled on the cadets ass. His middle and ring finger spread Santiago’s cheeks as his middle finger grinded up and down and in circles around the cadet’s tiny boy hole. After a minute or two Chris would forcefully begin kissing the cadet before insert his middle finger into his ass, finger fucking him under the water. Chris’s own cock was throbbing like mad as he used his free hand to pull down his own shorts.

He spun the cadet around in the water; Santiago put his hands on the side of the dock as well as his chest pressed into it. Chris would hold the base of his cock in one hand and the other resting on the cadet’s flat tummy. He began the violent entrance. He shoved himself upward, pressing off the muddy bottom of the lake. He finally worked enough of himself up into the cadet before putting his hands on Santiago’s hips. He held Santiago still as he gave a hard thrust up into him, the water splashed from the submerged actions, a few moments passed and Chris delivered another hard upward plunge. Two or three more drives and Chris felt himself buried deep in that sweet boy ass.

He held Santiago by his inner, upper thighs as he pulled himself slightly out and then slowly worked it back in. He continued this for a few moments before picking up the pace. Soon water was splashing and spraying every as Chris’s hips jack hammered in and out of that stiff ass. The cadet was taking heavy but short breaths. Chris bit his lower lip as he worked. His body flexed with muscle as he continued to pummel the boy. Sweat was pouring down both of their faces, but the water cooled their bodies.
Tyler put on his iPod and began jogging, and it was long before Jax would stop him. Max stood by but out of view as they spoke. “Your fight is tonight. The general said be ready by 9.” Jax would say. Tyler looked at him “and its spike?” he would look down. Jax put his hand on Tyler’s shoulder. “It’s not a big deal, things change ty.” Tyler looked up at him with stern eyes “I’m not worried Jax…you’ll be there, my towel guy right?” Jax would smirk “I wouldn’t have it any other way”. Jax turned and left as Tyler jogged a few steps before stopping and taking off his ear phones. “you really should easy drop cadet…” he went back to running as max made his way back to campus and was looking for Jax.

Chris was still fucking like a mad man when his hands slide up Santiago’s tight body and under his arms grasping his shoulders for leverage, he pushed with his legs and pulled with his arms, burying himself deep in the cadet as he released load after load into Santiago. He sighed heavy as his arms released their grip and slide down, caressing his chest and abs before moving to the boy’s dick, he was semi hard as Chris now stroked him like a mad man. Chris’s dick was starting to soften and slide from Santiago’s ass, but at the same time the cadet began spraying come into the water and his ass tighten on Chris dick, which was now being milked for every drop and they both moaned out in pleasure. Scott who was in the woods watching on his way to the captain’s quarters would think to himself “god I love this place…god I love Gray Rock Academy”.

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