Hard Lesson to learn you tease

Hard Lesson to learn you tease

Josey was 8 years old when her mom died. It’s been almost two year since then and she hardly ever sees her dad. He’s always working or away on business trips. Josey is a cute little girl who will someday be a knockout. And since she is almost 11 years old she stays by herself a lot.

About a year ago she started hanging out at the house next door where about 14 old people live. It’s a home just for older people who can take care of themselves. So Josey hangs out there playing games and talking with the old folks to keep herself busy most of the time. The old men, about 12 of them are always having her sit on there laps.

One day while walking upstairs through the house she saw Dan. Dan’s always been real nice to her and so she stopped at his door and started talking to him. She asked where bob was at and was told that he had to be moved to a nursing home. She wondered into his room talking about why bob had to be taken away. As Dan turned to talk to this little cutie, he noticed that she was starting to develop breasts.

As Dan walked over to Josey he smiled at her, bent down and gave her a hug. Because she told him “I hope they never have to take you away like that “. Dan picked her up with his hug and as he turned his foot pushed the door closed. He sat down on a chair and put her in his lap.

This time to Josey it was different, as Dan pulled and pushed her back and forth in his lap. She thought it was a bit strange, but then again others have done this before. That’s when Dan told her he used to be a doctor and asked her how her health was. She told him it was good and he said “Maybe I should take a look at you and make sure that you’re healthily”.

Dan reached around her, picked her up sitting her on the edge of his bed. Then he stepped to the other side of the bed and unhooked her dress. He then walked back in front of her and pulled on her dress. He tried to bring it down in the front, but she resisted. Dan then told her he must do that to check her health out fully and that it was fine for all doctors to examine the patience’s this way. So she allowed him to pull her dress down.

Dan looked with joy at her perky nipples sticking out and a little mound of flesh where her tits are starting to grow. He reached down and started pushing on them in all directions. After this Dan reached down under her dress and grabbed her little panties to take them off. After he had her panties off, he put his hand over her little pussy to hide it. He had her cough a few times, and then spread her tiny lips apart to look at it. His finger found her little clit and he started rubbing at it.

After a few minutes of rubbing her clit, his finger slid down abit to find her little hole. Just then he shoved his finger up hard into her tight little pussy hole as far and hard as he could get it in. Josey let out a scream and jumped up heading for the door. Dan grabbed her arm telling her that he needs to do that to complete his exam of her to make sure that she is good and healthy.

So Josey agreed to let him finish the exam and sat back on the bed. Dan told her it might be more comfortable if she just laid back on the bed. Dan then put his hand back to her pussy spreading her little lips apart showing the clit in plain view. He then inserted his finger, this time slow and easy. Slowly moving it in and out, a little at first then more and he worked his finger into this very tight little twat.

All the while Dan was thinking about how he could get his cock into this tight little thing. His short was sticking out in the front from his raging hard on. So he got down on one knee so Josey couldn’t see it. As he did this his face was very close to her little snatch and he asked her if it still hurt, because he needed to get his finger up inside her to do a pelvic exam. Josey told him it didn’t hurt no more, that it felt kind of good.

This really got Dan excited more and his finger started plunging deeper with each thrust. When he thought he heard a moan from her, he placed his face in between her legs and stuck his tongue out to lick her clit. His tongue found its mark and he was licking fast to the left, to the right and every way he could.

Josey felt strange with Dan doing this, but it did feel good to her, When all of the sudden she could feel something hot and wet running all around her button. It also made her very horny all of the sudden and it was feeling like she had never known. She could feel his finger going deeper every time it went in. She thought that she never had a doctor make her feel like this. Most of the time it would hurt like hell.

Dan felt like he was going to explode any minute and was trying to figure out how in the world can I get my cock inside of this little beauty. Then he heard her moan really loud. So he stopped, stood up and reached for the dresser draw. Opening it he pulled out a tube of oil. He then put a small amount onto his finger and moved it to her lips. He told her that it tastes like candy. So she licked it off his finger and said yes it does.

That’s when Dan turned and pulled out his cock, then put some of the oil onto his dick. Turning back to Josey, he told her that she can lick all of it she wants. He moved up and sat on the bed next to her face and moved his cock towards her mouth. Dan told her if she was good he’d give her a big surprise. Her tongue came out and started licking all over and around his cock.

After about 5 minutes, Dan put a lot on the head of his cock and told her it tastes better if you put this into your mouth. Josey opened her mouth just as Dan was shoving it in. She got a big taste of it and thought yes it does taste better. Dan let her suck it for a few minute, then grabbed her head and started face fucking this little girl. He began ramming his cock hard into her mouth and down her throat. He could feel her fighting to get loose and her moans of cries in-between the gagging sounds she made as his cock entered her throat.

Josey was thinking to herself as she put Dan’s thingy into her mouth that it is wrong and nasty. But the thing did taste good, even better then when licking it. Until Dan grabbed her head and started ramming his thingy deep and hard into her mouth. She could feel the thing enter the back of her throat where she would gag. She tried to pull herself away and get it out of there, but he was too strong and his grip kept her onto this thingy. Then when she thought she was going to be sick, it exploded in her mouth and throat. It was nasty and very salty. But she couldn’t get her mouth and face away from it.

Dan had a good hold on this little girl and wasn’t going to stop until he cums in this girl’s mouth. He felt it swell up more and then start pulsing. Dan could hear her gagging and trying to get away from this. As he was Cumming, he thought I haven’t had a blow job in over 30 years, so I am going to enjoy this and keep her mouth around it for awhile after I’m done. He could feel her swallowing every drop because she had nowhere else for it to go. Even after he stopped Cumming he held her face there with her mouth around it. He would pull and push every once in awhile just because it felt so good.

When Dan let go of Josey, she jumped up running for the door and pulling her dress back up. She had left in such a hurry that she forgot her Panties. She stopped going to the house next door after that. She began hanging around with other girls in her neighborhood, one was 15, two were 16 and the other two were 17. Over the next few years Josey really developed into a fine young woman. She had a body to die for and was a total knockout. That’s why the older girls let her hang with them.

Josey learned from the other girls how to tease a boy and flaunt her body in front of others to do the big tease thing. So she got really good at it and did it to everyone, everywhere she went. But When ever she would go by the house next door she would make sure she did extra teasing of all the old men there. She would drop a pen turn and pick it up with her ass towards them. Wearing only thongs under her short skirt she would let them see her whole ass and her pussy lips spread apart by the thong. Then push the pen between her legs, only to turn around and bend forward to show them her perfect tits with no bra on.

She did this for awhile until one day she walked by and seen Dan sitting there. Then it made her remember that day and she started smart talking him calling him names. Lifting the front of her skirt and blowing him kisses saying would you like to lick it for me. Then call him a pervert.

Only Dan understood why and he never told anyone. But the other older men started saying about how that girl needs to learn a lesson about manners. Then the conversion turns to how good that little girl was looking these days. Then back to she ought to be taught a lesson again. So those old men came up with a plan to get even with this little bitch.

A week later John was waiting by the front gate for her. He had a box on the ground just waiting for her to come around the corner. Meanwhile 9 of the other old men were back in the shed preparing for her payback. They cleared a spot and roll one of the old rollaway beds to the center of the room. Put tape and ropes next to the bed. Then they all found little hiding spots, so no one could see them from the door.

Josey rounded the corner only to see one of the old guys bending over. When she got close, she noticed he was trying to pick up a box. So she stopped and asked if he needed help. He said it would be great if she could carry it back to the shed for him. They walked slowly and she thought about how weak this old guy must be not to be able to pick this box up. They got to the shed and John opened the door for her telling her he needs to turn on the lights to show her where to put the box. John closed the door behind him and turned on the lights, that’s when Josey seen all the other old guys coming out from every direction. She tried to back up to leave, when someone grabbed her from behind.

They all started telling her how bad she was for teasing old men like them. As they surrounded her she began yelling at them calling them names and cursing them. They surrounded her closer and closer. When one reached out and started grabbing at her tits. Then one after another they grabbed at her ripping off pieces of clothing until she was completely naked. They took her over to the bed forcing her down on it sideways. She felt hands grabbing her legs lifting them up. Then she felt a body between them and with a force felt a cock go inside of her pussy. About then she felt something on her face and looked to see a cock hanging in her face. He told her to suck on it like a good little girl and she shook her head no. Someone then grabbed her face and pushed on her jaw, causing her to open her mouth. Then the cock went into her mouth and she was told to suck it off and do it good or else. She also could feel hands and mouths on her tits, squeezing, licking, sucking pulling.

Dan was the first to fuck her and man was that pussy ever tight. He had trouble getting it in but forced it into that hole he remembers so well. He fucked her for maybe 5 minutes before Cumming in her pussy. He then pulled it out and let someone else take a turn on this sweet little girl who has now become a little bitch.

They fucked her and made her give blow jobs for about an hour, when Dan wanted to go again. But this time he was going to punish her. They rolled her onto her side the length of the bed and one got in front of her while Dan got behind her, while yet another one shoved his cock into her now soar mouth. Dan spit on his finger and moved it to her ass. Then with one motion he rammed his finger up her ass. She let out a cry letting them know she wasn’t pleased.

Dan finger fucked her ass for only a few minutes, then pulled it out and slid his cock to her ass. Then with one swift push, his cock hit the hole and popped into it deep. She let out a much louder cry and tried to move forward. But being held back by the hips and by others, she could do nothing but take what these old fucking men are doing to her.

Several hours of being fucked in her pussy, ass and mouth had her hurting and wanting to be done. Every one of those old men fucks her pussy and ass. Plus got a blow job from her too. At one point they tried to put two cocks up her pussy at once, and then they tried it up her ass too. Her holes were too tight for that. When they had fucked themselves out. The left one by one until she was left there all alone.

Josey laid there for a long time trying to recover from this shit. She was worn out from the abuse and gang rape. She got up found her clothes and tried her best to put them back on. It was dark now and she thought no one would see her. She opened the door and started walking across the yard towards her house to go home.

All the old men were watching from the windows and seen her come out and walk to her house. Not knowing if she would call the cops, but then again they didn’t care. They taught this smart ass girl who is nothing but a tease a good lesson and they all agreed to that fact. She will never tease them again.

Josey thought how in the world all those old fucking men got the best of me. I’ll never trust an old man again. And every time one looks at me I’m going to feel like he wants to fuck me too.

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