I will do anything to belong ii

I will do anything to belong ii

Part 11

The van pulled up at a warehouse and Heather and I were taken inside. Inside were a variety of half rooms which I realized where movie sets. There were lots of bedrooms – many of them designed for children, kitchens, an office and one set looked like a playground. Heather was looking relieved. She obviously had no idea what sort of movies were made here.
“Hey Kelly we are finally going to be porn stars – isn’t this exciting?” She seemed to have gotten over the torture her cunt and ass had just endured and did not even seem angry at me for fisting her or for enjoying her pain. Maybe she was right and they only wanted to make a porno – I didn’t think so though.

A man approached Heather.
So this is our new star – it is simple sugar – you will be dressed as a little girl, well you are only young anyway, and then you will be seduced by your “daddy” who will then give his little girl to all his mates to play with. Just lots of pussy, cocksucking a bit of anal – just keep it innocent if you can and look amazed a lot. I want you to say things like “ Oh Daddy you make my pee pee feel so good” and “ Daddy can I have some more of your juice – it tastes soooooo good” do you think you can do that Heather?
“Sure” said Heather beaming. Sounds like my normal Saturday night.

“Good girl – just go with it – enjoy it – we are making a movie but some may be streamed live to high paying clients so get it right first go – ok?”

“Ok – wow this is sooooo exciting – what will Kelly be doing?”
“Well she is your jealous sister so with some help from her friends she wants to hurt you but don’t worry it will all be fake – just act it out – she wants to see you dead”

I heard the word “dead” and my stomach turned while my cunt twitched with an instant orgasm. They were making a snuff film. Pete the gardener had told me about them and we had watched some one night while Heather was away. I was really turned on. The thought of watching someone die made my cunt twitch and I fucked pete so hard that night while we watched the girl on the screen take her final breath. Thought they were fake but all this and my new friends made me think they might be real.

I wondered for a moment if I would get to kill Heather and then I felt instant shame as I creamed my pants at the thought of watching Heather die. She was my best friend – I was a sick sick puppy.

“Kelly come and meet some people” The ugly guy – Ned – called me over to meet some really ugly men. They were really mean looking and really big. We all went into another room and Ned closed the door.

“Kelly these are the men who will be playing your gang and together you will try to hurt Heather so “Daddy” will love you not her. You will be watching “Daddy” and his friends with Heather and you will be so turned on you will have your own gang bang with these guys – you want to feel physical pain to equal the emotional pain you feel at being left out so you beg them to be rough – you get what I mean?”

“Sure – I get off on pain – I want them to be rough – but not violent – we save that for Heather – right?”

“Wow you really get this don’t you – yes you will all gangbang Heather and yes it will get violent – really violent – the most violent -are you going to handle that?”

“ I will show you how well I can handle it” I brought his hand down to my dripping cunt and forced it inside. He quickly got the message and while everyone watched he laid down and I mounted his cock fucking him like there was no tomorrow. “I put my little hands around his throat and squeezed, “ I want to fuck while the life leaves her body – I want to see her fear and watch her realize her fate. I want to see blood and use it to masturbate myself while she leaves this world. And then I want to do it again and again and again – oh god I am coming argggggggggggggggggggggggggg”
I collapsed onto Ned – his breath coming in gasps as he too came filling my young cunt with his evil seed. We looked at each other and smiled. We belonged together.

I felt the sprays of cum hit me as I realized “the gang” had masturbated over us while we fucked. Ned did not look happy but I smiled at him. “Tell me which one you need the least and I will take care of him during the shoot ” Ned smiled and knew I would make sure this would be a double snuff film.

Earlier tonight I had been consumed with the competitive urge – I had to fuck more men than Heather or I would miss out on my cuddle for the night, now I was consumed with the urge to hurt and kill to keep my new man Ned happy. As long as I was the best at being what he wanted he would give me what I needed – acceptance. I would belong. Heather was no longer needed. She would be a porn star and then…..I wondered if Pete would be watching.

I went back to where Heather had started filming. She as dressed as a little girl in pink with pigtails and she looked amazed as her “Daddy” picked her up impaling her on his cock which must have been 12 inches. He rammed her so hard she was having trouble staying “amazed” and she started to look a bit worried. She looked at me and I smiled at her while I directed a guy to lay down while I mounted his cock and once again started getting off at my friend’s discomfort. Ned had told me this part of the filming would take hours. They wanted to get as much from Heather as they could before the “finale.” Heather was trying to play her part as “Daddy” finished and invited her to show all his friends how much she loved them. It really did look like a small child was getting gangbanged by lots of very big older men. The perverts like Pete would love it – he loved rape films even as much as snuff and Heather was quickly realizing she was being raped. She had mounted a cock and was playing the little girl when she was bent forward so another cock could enter her ass while her mouth was filled with another. Normally she would love this but all these men were at least twelve inches long and as thick as a large forearm and they were all pinching her and digging their fingers into her flesh.

She looked to me for help but all she saw was her best friend having a party of her own while she enjoyed the show.

To Heather’s credit she adjusted to the men and once again was having a good time. Her cunt was wet and her moans were real. She was going to cum. Then “Daddy” had a surprise for his little girl. I almost died laughing when I saw the stallion and the look of horror on Heather’s face as her orgasm was cut short by the realization she was going to be made to fuck a horse.

I was so turned on by Heather begging “Daddy” to stop but it was no use and she was held with legs apart while the horse cock was forced into her cunt. People were masturbating everywhere and I got the cue to start my own gangbang for the camera.

“Hurt me” I cried as I begged my gang to fuck me hard and rough. They forced their huge cocks into me with such force I experienced orgasm after orgasm. A cock forced its way into my mouth and my head was rammed onto the cock forcing it to enter my throat – I loved it – my face was fucked so roughly I thought my nose would be broken. I felt the cum in my mouth and then I was free to watch more of the horse raping Heather. They had its cock in her ass and she was crying with pain and humiliation.

Then they made her take the horse cock in her mouth. She had to taste her own shit and then to really finish her off the horse came and they held her mouth closed so she would have to swallow or drown.

Her sobbing body was laid down and the men and “Daddy” continued gangbanging her forcing her into every position they could while the camera rolled on. My own gangbang was continuing as I watched Heather. My ass being fucked by cock after cock – the pain was turning me on so much I had multiple orgasms which the camera caught as well as the look of evil on my face as I conspired to finish my “sister” Heather.

Heather was being revived and the gangbang had stopped while”Daddy” told his little girl how much he loved her and how she was his favourite daughter. Heather smiled and asked “daddy” for a drink of his juice. She lowered her head to give him a blow job and the studio was silent but for the sounds of the child sucking the old man’s enormous cock. She proudly swallowed every drop of his juice and then tried to move her head as she realized “Daddy” was pissing in her mouth.
“Daddy loves his little girl – he wants her to have special drinks from all his friends” and before she knew what to do – Heather’s face was held still while man after man urinated in her mouth. They really were making sure that got their money’s worth from Heather.

They kept encouraging her telling her she was a big star and everyone would love her on the screen while they kept making her endure more and more. She was trying to enjoy it and sometimes did. I enjoyed her humiliation as much as her pain and Ned and I had so many orgasms watching I wandered if I had enough energy to finish the film.

The day ended with “Daddy” helping the family dog fuck Heather’s sore ass. Her pain when the knot of the great dane expanded caused me yet another orgasm and I was over the top as I watched doggy cum and copious amounts of blood leak from her poor injured ass.

Heather was so good on camera they decided to let her sleep and use her again tomorrow before finishing the film with the violent gangbang. They suited me as I was exhausted. I slept in Ned’s arms – happy for the first time ever. We made love through the night discussing how I would finish Heather and the other man and in what order. I wanted to bathe in their blood and Ned wanted to fuck Heather’s corpse then fuck my blood covered body so we had to ensure we got it right.

I went to sleep dreaming of the orgasms I would have and the way Ned would make love to me. I began to plan for the next movie – we had more girls lined up Ned said so I could pick the next star. I was happy. I was finally happy.

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