I will do anything to belong iii

I will do anything to belong iii

Part 111

I woke the next morning to find Ned standing near the bed staring down at me.
“You fucking lazy slut – get out of my fucking bed and take care of this “ He was pointing at his raging hard on. I jumped up and sat on the edge of the bed taking his cock in my mouth. Before I could start to suck he grabbed the back of my head and forced his cock into my throat then proceeded to fuck my face so hard I thought he would break my neck. The pain and force turned me on so much I orgasmed as Ned came holding my head to his groin so tightly I couldn’t breath as my mouth filled with his sperm. I felt myself losing consciousness and wondered if he was killing me but realized he wouldn’t waste a murder – he would want to film it so as I blacked out I knew I would be ok. I came too to find I was on the movie set. The burning pain in my ass told me I was being fucked by something really big. I started to get turned on by the pain and felt my orgasm take over my body. As I came I felt something being ripped from my ass and realized I had just been double fisted by two huge men. The camera was still rolling as two more men moved in and filled my cunt with their huge hands and forearms. I forced my cunt onto their arms fucking them as hard as I could – the pain was incredible. I looked behind the camera – a big smile of pleasure on my face and saw Ned laughing.
“We will never be able to use you for a snuff film – you have no fear – you love it too much my evil one. Good thing I want you alive.” I continued smiling while my ass was again filled – my body filled with four huge fists punching my insides with such force I was sure I would have internal injuries. The pain forced me to such an edge I thought the next orgasm would be the end of me. I recovered as the men ripped their arms from my body – what a way to spend a morning.

Ned took me in his arms and kissed me. “My wicked evil filthy pain slut – time to finish Heather – you ready?”
“Just try and hold me back – I even know how I am going to do it – you will love it.”

We walked to Heather’s set laughing and I didn’t even have any second thoughts as I saw Heather greedily sucking “Daddy” for the camera. She was enjoying today – she had adjusted her mind to allow herself to endure the rape and humiliation and was determined to be the best porn star ever – she would enjoy whatever they did to her – she would show them.

I was in my little girl costume – pigtails and white socks and a pretty blue dress.
“Daddy I want some too – love me too I am special too”
“Go away little sister – I am his favourite – he doesn’t need you – he only needs me.”
Heather was playing her part well.
“You wait I will get you “ and I left the set while “daddy continued to abuse his favourite.

Ned directed two more hours of abuse on Heather’s body and she smiled through the lot. She begged for the horse and sucked it voluntarily. She welcomed the double penetrations and even seemed to enjoy being anally fucked with a large bottle.
Finally she was left on the set alone. Covered in cum and blood she laid still breathing heavily. She was directed to start masturbating and I came onto the set to find her close to orgasm. I was looking at my best friend knowing her fate and suddenly I wanted to hold her. I laid down beside her and started caressing her breasts. I started licking her nipples and then worked my way down her body. I then started licking her cunt, I tasted the cum and blood and drank it greedily – I wanted more. I was forcing my mouth into her sucking so hard I knew it was hurting her. She tried to push me away but I wanted more. I wanted to hurt her and then I remembered my plan. I stopped and suggested we go for a walk to the playground and play as sisters should. She got dressed and we moved to the playground set. I was pushing her on the swing and we laughed and giggled. Suddenly my gang turned up and surrounded us.
“Go away I said”
“No way little girl – we want some action” (ok the script sucked but who listens to the words in pornos.)

The biggest of my gang grabbed me and started to tear at my clothes. I screamed and right on cue Heather came in with “No take me she is just a kid – don’t hurt her”
They dropped me and soon the five men had Heather naked and had hung her by the arms from the swing tying her legs to her chest so her cunt and ass were exposed. They proceeded to work in pairs filling her cunt and ass with their filthy cocks. She was crying despite her resolve to enjoy today as the assault continued. When they had all filled her with their cum – they cut her down and carried her to the platform of the playgym. As soon as she was on her back I straddled her head forcing my cunt onto her mouth. “Suck me you bitch” – she looked at me horrified “Daddy’s girl doesn’t like pussy?” I mocked . I positioned myself over her mouth and making sure the camera was in position urinated in her mouth. Heather was horrified as I smiled cruely at my helpless friend. “Why Kelly – why – you are my friend”
“Am I?” I said. I laughed as I turned and squeezed my backside causing cum and shit to land in Heather’s mouth.

God I was turned on – I couldn’t believe how turned on I was getting humiliating my friend so much. I laughed as she vomited and then forced the vomit back in her mouth holding her mouth closed until she had to swallow. My face was near hers. “You will die today sister and Daddy will have to love me instead of you.” Heather looked terrified as she should and then I walked away instructing my gang to have fun for a while but save her for me.

In the next hour Heather was cruelly gangbanged. She was bleeding from her mouth, cunt and ass and covered in bruises. She was till crying and was not quite defeated – good that would make the end good. I instructed one of my gang to fuck her cunt as I mounted her face and masturbated on her bleeding lips. She was trembling with pain and anger – good – this would work well.

I was still in pigtails and the little girl dress. I watched and as my man announced he was coming I let him thrust once then with one quick move took the scalpel from my skirt and slashed his throat from ear to ear. He looked at my smiling face shocked as his orgasm continued in time with the blood pulsing from his throat covering both me and Heather until he collapsed on Heather , his blood covering her body.

Heather was screaming as I removed my little girl clothes and took a handful of blood and started to massage myself with it. Heather was screaming and kicking at the dead man between her legs tying to get free. I had to work quickly as the other gang members were a little frightened of me as well. I wanted to fuck so badly I was so turned on but I had work to do. The director was yelling how happy he was – this was the best shit ever he cried – but I hadn’t finished yet.

I mounted Heather’s chest and took hold of the top I had just removed. Despite her protests I wrapped it around her neck and started to pull it tight. Her eyes bulged and she yelled at me to stop. She said she loved me and I would regret this. She was so scared and this turned me on so much I moved her back so one of the men could fuck me from behind. As he pounded me I pulled tighter – my orgasm was building as I watched her eyes bulge and the blood vessels burst. The fear was amazing – I fucked harder – pulled harder – fuck – pull – the light was dulling – my orgasm close – the cock started filling me with cum as Heather’s life left her eyes and my orgasm was so intense I collapsed.

I woke to find myself next to Heather’s body. Ned was fucking her for all he was worth but she would never know that joy. I was still covered in blood and started to masturbate while Ned enjoyed my work. The camera was still rolling and would be for some time as Heather’s body was used to film a sicko for necrophilia weirdos. Ned had customers at the door who paid for the pleasure and were also interested in maybe having a bite or two.

I watched as a I realized how depraved I was as once again I was being turned on by Heather’s pain. In the hours that followed her body was abused by countless men and then sold to a customer who wanted to dine on her flesh – we would be filming of course. Ned and I fucked to that film quite often – I loved watching her cut into small pieces and being swallowed. I even ate a piece – that really turned me on.

The dead man was also abused – a customer wanting to suck the rest of his blood out of his body and then he too was dinner for a rich weirdo.

Ned was so excited. This movie was their best ever and he had so many requests for me to go on a filmed murder spree he knew he had done the right thing keeping me alive.

I would be fourteen tomorrow – I wondered if my parents missed me – they would get theirs. I was a murderer and I was loved and accepted by all I made rich. Many would die at my hands and many would pay to see me in action. It would be years before I was mature enough to realize Heather was the lucky one not me.

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