In The Belly Of The Beast

Her body was lithe and deadly, tight in all the right places and long. She gave the definite appearance of a cat as she walked into the room, the grace of her steps, the power of her muscles. There was nothing that was not feminine about her, she oozed the sensual glory of a woman but she was also as deadly as she was beautiful. That's what made them want her.

The leather of her outfit hugged her form tightly and outlined her in a most amazing way. The neckline plunged to the waist revealing the swell of her breasts but not the nipple. Buckles and clasps, all bright chrome held it in a perfect tease as she walked. The legs and hips, like they were painted on showed every twitch she added to her step.

She was, by all accounts anyone had ever heard, quite nice. No one had anything bad to say about her but, people also had little to say about her. Men who lusted her knew little more then her name. Women who glanced at her with catty stares knew little more then they were no longer even in the same room as far as the men knew. But he knew her name and who she was. He knew a lot about her.

She paused and leaned over in an exaggerated stance to pull her thigh high boots taut, she glanced across the room at her. He was smiling at the display she was putting on. He knew it was for him but neither had to say it. He just watched her and smiled and waited.

The men came up to her one by one and in small clutches of insecurity. One liners and compliments meant little to her. They spoke to her look, to the outfit, to her cleavage but not one spoke to her. They thought they knew so much, they knew so little. In fact, all they knew was her name, Destiny.

So much in a name, they would say. We are destined, was another starting point. So many bad puns, so many failed attempts. So much wasted effort. She smiled and was pleasant and spoke to them but said very little. They seemed far more content talking about themselves anyway. She let them puff their chests and thump their dicks and try to sound potent. She smiled and nodded, in her mind, much like you do with small children.

All the time he stared and smiled and waited. She hated that he was so damn smug. So sure she would find her way to him but, she knew she would too. She looked over at him, brushing back her long brown hair and took a good look at him. He raised his glass to her and drank the contents down, a tiny amount dripping down his chin. He slowly slid his tongue out and licked away the red wine and smiled again. She shivered without meaning too, feeling very much that he had just tasted her.

The throng of men and several women had closed in around her and she lost sight of him. They chortled and clucked for her attention but she was over them now. She politely slipped between them, the crowd stayed in tact for a few moments as though they had not noticed their prey had eluded them.

She looked for him and saw him walking to the door, long black riders coat swirling about behind him, almost like wings as he walked. At first annoyed that he was leaving her, she then noticed, her purse was in his hands. He knew when it was time to go and was walking out, knowing she would follow.

She strode after him, smiling and feeling rather aroused. It was odd, the one who did not via for her attentions was the one who would so intrigue her. His hair draped down over the collar of his jacket and as he turned to look at her, he peered out through several renegade strands. His eyes, almost golden in color, almost brown, but something else entirely. His head slightly dipped as he looked, the shadows across his eyes deepened their effect and the gaze went through her like a lightning bolt.

It was in that instant that she realized what she was so enamored with in him. He was, in short terms, as dangerous as she was. That look was pure hunger and she was the main course. She felt her skin go flush as he looked at her, not smiling, but almost devouring her. Every nerve ending came alive just from a glance, she hurried after him.

He walked slowly until she caught up and then handed her the purse without a word. He looked at her and smiled, she opened her mouth to ask him questions but didn't. Her voice failed her, she just smiled back. He chuckled and reached out and touched her cheek gently with a leather clad hand and smiled. She suddenly felt warm all through and stopped wondering and followed.

He walked out to the parking lot to a bike. A big, new Indian Chieftain motorcycle, top of the line, cherry red. In contrast, the saddle bags were old and worn, the seat well broken in like a saddle. The bike looked old and new at the same time because of it. He threw a leg over and straddled it and waited. She took a deep breath and walked up.

"My name is. . ." she didn't get to finish.

"Destiny." He finished for her. "I know."

"And yours is?" She asked in a quiet small voice, "Please."

"Wouldn't it be a kick if it was Fate?" He asked and grinned.

"Really?" Somehow that idea made her heart leap.

"No." He shook his head. "My name isn't Fate." She felt somehow disappointed. "My name is Angel."

She grinned from ear to ear and stepped up to the bike. Swinging her leg over she snuggled up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist as he gunned the metallic beast to life. "Nice to meet you Angel." She whispered, half to him, half to herself.

The bike was like a living thing. As he gunned it, it roared and thrashed about and leapt to life and raced down the road. She held him tightly as the wind tore at her. His hair swirled in the breeze and seemed to hold her back, keep her safe as they raced along. The beast screamed under them and they shot through the night. It was only then that Destiny realized, she had no idea where they were going. She was just along for the ride.

They went past the business area of town and well past the residential area as well. The bike just roared and carried them almost like they were flying. The world flew by her and she wanted to scream, it felt so free, she felt like she was free.

The warm summer air whipping by at 60 miles per hour was a bit chilly and her nipples pressed against her leather outfit and made her feel touched as they drove along. She allowed her hands to play with his chest and hips a little, to feel him, to feel the power in his form. The more she touched, the more she became aware of her own arousal. Just touching him made her feel weak. She loved it.

He allowed her hands to roam over his body and then under his shirt. He smiled and shook his head. He could feel her behind him, pressing tighter against him. Her hug growing more and more pleading as they drove on. He enjoyed being stroked, being touched, being explored. Feeling her hands on him, feeling her want…her hunger. He knew he had made the right choice.

As they entered the industrial area of town he slowed and took several turns. Winding down the rough roads he urged the bike one way and another, smoothly sliding between the pot holes left from the heavy trucks that went through here on a daily basis. The air smelled of oil and grease and machines, Destiny looked around and the entire world seemed to be one huge never ending machine.

The smell, ordinarily offensive, had a weird effect tonight. It seemed cold and inhuman and yet, sexy. The sound of the beast under them was lower as their speed dropped and she could hear occasional bursts of sound, machines screaming in the night. It was like it was all alive and they were interlopers.

He turned the bike into a short drive that ended in a gate, a big steel gate over chain linked fence. The only sign was a huge Keep Out sign posted on both halves of the gate. She made a little whimper in question and he patted her hand and gunned the bike into the gate. She screamed as they hit it and the gate flung open with a metallic pop and sparks flew from the shattered chain.

The bike was big enough to plow through it, heavy enough to give them nothing more then a momentary twitch as it roared and powered forward. They were in a factory yard, huge pipes stacked all around. bales of wire and piles of steel beams lay on the ground all about them.

He pulled the bike up to the building, she was afraid for a moment he was going to smash through that door too. Instead he stopped and cut the engine. The silence was overwhelming. The beast died as easily as it had come alive and the distant sound of the machines in the night was like a jungle serenade.

"I feel like I'm in a different world." She said out loud without realizing it.

"You are." He replied and slid off the bike and offered her his hand.

"It's like. . ." She was gazing around her at all the steel and pipes and beyond at the other living factories and smoke stacks and lights. "It's like alive…all alive all around us."

She slipped off the bike and without realizing it clutched herself to him. "Welcome to the belly of the beast baby…"

She looked up at him, fear showing in her eyes. "It's OK baby. You're with me, you'll be fine." He leaned down and kissed her forehead gently and she felt better. It was then she actually realized how much taller he was then her, at least 6 inches. She felt so tiny next to him, so safe. She smiled up at him and went on her tippy toes and kissed his cheek.

He took the saddle bags and slung them over his other shoulder and with his arm around her, guided her to the door. Reaching back into the saddle bags, she expected him to bring out the key to the door, instead he had a pry bar in his hands. She was suddenly afraid. Was he some sort of thief or criminal? Oh shit…what had she done?

He laughed watching her expression and then kissed her forehead again. He slid his arm from around her and pulled a key ring out of his pocket and produced a simple silver skeleton key. Surely that would not open the door, no lock used those any more. He turned to the door and slid the key into the lock and there was a swooshing sound and a groan and the door swung in. He placed the pry bar on the floor blocking the door from closing again and blocking out the light it let in.

They entered hand in hand, the darkness inside daunting in it's entirety. It was like a complete lack of light…more…like light was drawn out of it…like it was anti light.

"Don't be afraid…I'm here." His voice, so deep and soothing as it washed over her. She took a deep breath and they walked in.

"Where is this and why are we here?" She asked in a hushed whisper, afraid to speak louder for fear her voice would awake the darkness.

"I told you baby…we're in the belly of the beast. The deepest darkest place around." She felt him squeeze her hand for reassurance. "It's OK, I got the key to the beast, we're safe, you're safe. I wouldn't let anything hurt you."

It should have been terrifying but it wasn't. She almost felt like she had climaxed at his words. She trembled, the fear more delicious then any kiss seemed to zoom through her body like lightning. She was grinning and trying to remember to breathe. She heard him chuckle and knew he knew exactly how she looked and felt. She tried to speak but couldn't and then his lips were on hers and they kissed. it was a deep passionate kiss, full of hunger and more. Need, deep aching need.

She took a deep breath as he led her on and tried to gain control of her body again. She could feel her nipples aching as they rubbed on the inside of her leather. She could feel her clit swollen and rubbing the leather of her crotch. It was like her whole body was trying to escape the confines of clothing and be naked for him.

The walked in the darkness and she became aware of a low deep thumping sound. Soon other higher pitched sounds joined it. Rhythmic and steady, it was like drums…or a heart beat.

It grew louder and louder as they walked on, other sounds added to it, machines, living machines. Singing, drumming. A chorus of sounds, a cacophony of thumping and screaming and metallic scraping and groaning. Hiss and clashes and bells floated over it. It was like a symphony.

They stopped and she realized she could sense a wall ahead of them. Her breath came back to her, the sounds seemed to reverberate off it. She heard him reaching out and then she saw his key in the dark. The shadows receded and pulled away from it and the wall almost seemed to melt. They were standing in a suddenly very bright hellish red glow with machines off in every direction as far as she could see. The symphony was crushing now, loud and powerful and invasive, it seemed to be trying to enter her.

"Welcome to the beast baby!" He yelled and she turned to him and saw him in the hell glow. His hair was billowing out behind him and the riders coat seemed to be fluttering like wings. The beast…all around them and he stood there defiant of it.

His words were in her head and he kept speaking to her. "Don't listen to it baby, you have to not listen. It's not real." Over and over he told her the same thing and each time his voice was more powerful in her head. His words drove the clanking shrill of the symphony out until it was just the rhythmic heart beat again.

She looked at him, tears running down her face. What was happening? Where was she? For fuck sake, she was just at a fetish party and now she was in some weird sci fi nightmare and she was with him and she was so lost and she was…

He touched her hair and brushed it back and leaned down and kissed her tears. She snuggled her face into his chest. The more she touched him, the more things were OK. Weird and terminally fucked up, but OK. She sobbed for a few minutes and held him close. It was only after she stopped sobbing she suddenly realized something. His heart beat…it was in perfect time with the steady thumping drum in the air.

She listened to his heart and didn't know if she should be afraid or not. She wanted to say something but couldn't. She just pressed against him and allowed him to hold her. She wanted to ask him about all this but she knew, in time he would tell her what she needed to know. For now, she held him.

After several long minutes he kissed her head and lead her to a stair well that led down. At first she was unsure but he smiled and she nodded. Together they walked down and down the metal stairs. The machines all around them until finally they were in a darker place, the pipes and gears and steel was all still and quiet here.

His voice broke the silence and seemed to hang in the air. "He asked the dark, what shall I be when the light arrives and learned that in the light, we are all wear masks and facades. The dark gave him truth. It gave him hunger, need, want, and animal instincts. He asked again then why the light? There was no answer for him though."

"Sweet Kitty Destiny…how does your garden grow?" He looked at her and she didn't know if she was to answer or not. "With gropes and leers and one liners and bullshit spread liberally all over you by everyone." She felt she should be offended but it was basically the truth.

"That's why you asked the dark to come for you. You wanted to know truth. To know what it is like when all the masks are thrown away and all the facades are toppled. You asked the dark to see."

"I didn't ask…" she tried to protest.

He placed a finger on her lips and smiled at her. "Yes, baby you did. With every tease and every taunt and every flirt. You begged the dark baby, you begged the dark to come for you."

He stepped up and looked down at her, their eyes locked, she could not look away. "Here I am. I came."

She trembled and shook and wanted to cry. Not because she was so afraid. On the contrary, she was more excited then she had ever been. She was trembling because she suddenly realized, she had asked for it. She had dreamed of it. She had begged for it.

"Take me." She said in a tiny little voice that seemed to be swallowed up in the air.

He smiled at Destiny and obliged her. His form, as large as he was, was faster than she imagined. He was looking down at her and then she was in his arms, swept off her feet in one fluid movement. He carried her like she was no more then a doll to the steel pipes and gears of one wall. There he set her down slowly so she was leaned face first into them. They smelled of oil and grease and machines and sweat.

She was amazed at the cascade of smells that assaulted her and realized also the smell of her own arousal. The steel felt cold under her hands and against her face, sensual and hard and slick to her touch. She grabbed it and cried out, like her voice just leapt from her. The steel understood and braced her up as she leaned on it and his hands began to slip rope about her wrists.

The rope was rough and harsh to her skin as he looped and twisted it in place. The knots holding her in place and then climbing up her arms to her shoulder until she was harnessed on both hands to the steel. Each knot tightened the one before until she was held fast and could not pull away. She moaned and rubbed her face against the cool steel as she was woven into it's web.

As he began to tie her legs in the same manner, the rope seemed to slither on it's own and wrap her like a serpent, climbing her and knotting itself into another harness that held her legs spread and tight against the wall. She was captured, in a web of steel and rope, she was the fly. The spider growled behind her and she began to weep.

Feeling his hair upon her neck and his breath at her ear she wept for him, in sheer joy. She wanted to tell him that she wanted so much to be taken for so long but found no one that understood why or how. She couldn't tell them, admit to these things. She couldn't explain what she didn't understand.

How could she tell someone she wanted reality? Nothing but just pure want and need. She wanted hunger and to be the feast. How could she explain that she wanted the darkness to take her and use her and make her kneel? She couldn't.

But he knew. He knew what she wanted…no…what she needed. He knew and didn't have to ask. He knew how to and when to and why to take her. He knew everything. So she gave him tears…and she knew he understood that too.

He let her weep and then kissed her neck gently as she stopped. Held fast and never released, he hugged her with rope and steel and cradled her as she came back. Kisses turned to nibbles. Nibbles became bites. As she stopped weeping, the hunger began to grow. Soon the sobs were replaced by moans as he began, as he bit her and growled and took hold of her hair and pulled her head back to lick away the sweet tears she began to moan a deep thankful moan. He understood…dear God he understood.

His fingers slid into her leather outfit. So little room and yet they slid in easily. She shivered at the touch of his leather clad fingers exploring her body, grabbing her breasts, squeezing them and playing with her. He made no apologies nor sly efforts to be allowed to touch her. He touched her because he wanted to…because she was his to do with as he pleased. There was no need for games. This was hunger.

The his growl lashed out of his throat. It grew and rose and slashed the air as she felt a blade slash away the right shoulder of her outfit. Claws or blade…it didn't matter. Growling and biting his blade slashed away the left shoulder. She screamed and shook and begged him for more.

The blade sliced through the back of her leather…peeling away her second skin like tissue paper. The sound of the cutting was so finite…so crisp in her ears. His growl screamed out of his throat and he ripped and cut away the front of her outfit, her breasts free at last. She felt the steel on her skin as the blade kissed her, felt her, explored her.

It dipped down between her legs and licked her pussy and then tore it's way free, shredding her leather pants. It slid down one leg, the blade dangerously caressing her flesh, licking her all the way to the ankle. She didn't care for the value of the outfit any more…it was useless. The rope pulled back and allowed the blade to strip her bare. To ravage her and leave her exposed.

His hands ripped away the leather over her ass in pure animalistic rage. He howled and growled and bit her so hard she screamed and came for him. The pain was so exquisite and potent. It penetrated her and she came like fire exploding from her. He was in her…She moaned and cried out to him…thank you…thank you….thank you.

The blade played over her skin, it danced on her, taunted her, flirted with her. She wished it could fuck her. the thought of the blade fucking her was so powerful in her mind…being that violated by steel. She wanted it all…"Please please please please." She was crying again as she begged for more.

His hands, like fire on her skin, struck fast and hard. her ass burned as he spanked her. She had not expected it but she needed it. She needed to suffer for him. She began to thank him for each spank. Each one purged her clean, it burnt her soul pure again. Pain is the ultimate redemption.

He was kissing her and biting her…one hand in her hair pulling it as he spanked her ass cheeks in turn. The leather of his gloves ripping and shredding in the ferocity of the effort. The gloves fell away and his bare flesh struck her again and again, her ass cheeks burning up. The sound was amazing…the feeling washed in waves into her soul. The fire and pain becoming one until she burned for him.

"Yes, sir please sir more sir…more sir…please let me suffer for you." She cried and sobbed as she begged him. He once again obliged her. Spanking with both hands, the combined impact feeling like it was driving her into the steel web. Again and again until she was part of the steel web and not just attached.

Then silence. Not in the air, within her. Silence of the soul. Purged and cleaned and weeping and silent. Like the world was gone and she was free. Silent…except for his touch. his touch was a song on her skin. It was the heart beat her ears heard. Rhythmic, pounding, steady, music to her soul.

She pushed her head out against him…longing for contact with him. She rubbed against him and when he touched her face she sobbed and kissed his fingers. He pressed close and said such sweet things. Yes,…she believed him…she was such a good girl. She pressed back into him and he kissed her tears away. Yes,…she was perfect right now…she believed that.

She was in his lap, she didn't remember being brought down off the wall…maybe she hadn't been. She curled up and he draped his coat over her. She pressed against him, everything was good now. everything was perfect.

Ian walked into the party. He was good looking by any standard. His clean shaven face so handsome he was almost pretty. The girls watched him, they fawned over him. He saw them gathering to surround him. And then he saw her. She smiled at him and raised her glass to him and drained it…a little of the red wine dripping down her chin…

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