jared's party's

jared's party's

lacey heard about the gang rapes happening around the city she lived in, her friends say they won't come here, we lived in an area most don't travel due to the neighborhood watch which many residents were very active and ready to report the slightest inkling of trouble.
living with just her dad for the past five years she was given more freedom and being 17 she used it often to go to privet parties her friends threw to drink and remember how good mary-jane can be.
she graduates this coming year, got a year ahead in skipping 6th.
she was on her way to pick up her friend lizzy when a car roared by blasting music and honking at her when they saw her in the drivers seat.
she drove on hoping they would be caught causing such noise.

jared the driver saw her honked his horn and told they guys that he found the fun tonight, they all cheered and parked not far from her drive way, snook into the house found her dad shot him with a dart gun that knocked him out then placed him in his daughters bedroom tied up hidden from view taped mouth but could see the bed his daughter slept every night she was home.
he slept while the five of them set up the house for the nights events, laid out the sheet with the built in restraints, locked and secured every part they needed to be left alone tonight, and took the liberty to make themselves a snack bar to keep up their energy for a night this family will always remember.

lacey drove towards lizzys apartment her mom was sick so she was having her spend
the night over her house so she can unwind from the stress over her dad leaving three days before which caused her mom to give up.
they went over to shanes house they smoked from a water bong and got the movies they were going to spend the night watching while talking.
jimmy came along ususally on coke, but he was nice. he asked if he can come alongthey can do some pills and chill.
they agreed so picking up a pizza, they headed to lacey's house. it was dark the living room t.v. was on, beer bottles here and there, and food set out by they guys.

her dad was usually passed out by now always left the t.v. on and tried to help out with being a host to her friends when they came over.
they set up the movie and pizza, while they lit up a blunt, jared and his four buddies were spread out the house, they didn't plan on extra company but the more the more memorable.
jared said to kenny, get behind them and take they guy with them and tie him up til we need him and put him in a chair with a good view of the kitchen table. the party is going to start.
one of the five went out to the front door and knocked, jimmy answered to see a big tall man asking if he can get help with his car tire that SMACK!!!! right in the face which sent him in a daze for a few seconds.
the rest of them got to the girls made sure the noise was down to keep everything on track.
with knives and guns, ropes and tapethey had the girls sit at the table while they tied up jimmy.

having him seated on the side center of the table and the girls scared their high deminished, they introduced themselves.
jared told them of kenny, nathan, bud, and rylie. their guests for the night and the ones who will make this night one you can't forget.
extra company is fine he said to the frightened girls and dizzy jimmy.
its gonna be more to remember.
he approached lizzy, asking her her name she whispered it out tears slowly falling down her cheeks as she tried to stay calm.
well lizzy we shall start this party with u.
nathan and kenny grabbed and placed her on the table sitting on the edge she tried to meakly struggle knowing what good it would do, they talked while undressing her slowly.
do you have a boyfriend?
she shook no and whimpered, her bra unclasped in the front and felt her weight from her breasts being released and the air made her nipples stiffen.
leaving her shirt on jsut opened breasts heaving from her scared breath, he laid her down across the table where jimmy had front row seat to what was happening.
lacey couldn't think or talk, she was so afraid of what was going on she kinda checked out until bud and rylie started in on her taking her clothes off she just went stiff and tears were to scared to come to her.

jared was looming over lizzy while nathan held her in place and kenny went behind jimmy to talk in his ear to make sure he got all he had in front of him.
he fought against his restraints, mumbling protests, in which kenny reassured him he won't miss his chance to make memories tonight.
after looking into the timid girl under him eyes he asked where was her boyfriend? she shook her head indicating she was single, he stated its good no one touched this pretty body in a while and we get the chance to remind you how it feels to get fucked.

she let out a wail and looked at jimmy who watched unwillingly while jared inserted his finger covered in gel that enhanced female reaction to sexual stimulis. and some warming lube while he drank a beer and handed his buddy nathan a pill and asked jimmy if he knew what it was, he jsut stared, it was a four hour erection pill, nate swallowed it and started undressing looking at the girl on the table.

lizzy was crying hard now, jimmy was skooting around the floor in his chair trying all he can to break free to stop this from happening.
jared took her hands while nate climbed over her smalling her and groping her breasts, and tied them lossely to the ends of the table, enough to fight but no enough to prevent or get in the way or cause harm.
lacey was brought to the kitchen counter, where bud and rylie toyed with her breasts and fingered her so she cried and moaned wishing it wasn't true what has happening.
ared and kenny took jimmy after nate started in on making his way into lizzie having watched her fight his wide hard 8 inch member until he was able to force it all in then lay on her watching her reaction to his beginning of a long fuck he planned to give her.
outraged and sickened jimmy was made to take a drug that made him highly aroused and have a erection that ached and set to watch the show with his pants dwon exposing his 6 inch long thick cock that needed attention.

helpless and disgusted that lacey saw him like that while jared had the first go to fuck her, he held her tightly to him and before he thrusted himnself into her pussy he rubbed the same oils and lube into her as lizzy and told her to pay attention to how he felt taking her.
with that he forced himself into her pussy so hard she gagged on her scream.
she looked over to lizzy being rocked on the table across from her while she was raped vigorously by nate. who looked so wroked up and talking in her ear how good it felt fucking her and how she must feel the same since from her best efforts to not react she was moaning defiantly and crying between moans.

jared pulled laceys body by her hips to him as he withdrew and came back in slower waiting for a reaction from her he was 6 inches but four inches thick, it was n't long before he met her depth that her throat gave out a deep moan that made her sick.
the thrusts violating her pussy gave her more moans and lizzy came twice in the past half hour.
jared grabbed her off the counter and fucked her relentlessly standing up jerking her body up and down his cock. he gabbed her hair making him look in his eyes and said this is where i come in your pussy and give you the chance to conceive my child.
she screamed then he held her with all his might to be as deep as possible in her and kissed he as he came letting the cum spread its self in her womb.

worked out a bit he let her down and gave her to bud and rylie who brought her to jimmys chair and threw her to her knees, he groaned knowing they would make her suck him til he came.
she saw his erection knowing too, he stared at her his eyes saying i'm so sorry, a tear making its way past his eyes as she was pushed up to his thighs and grunted as they pulled his cock to her mouth and the hot wetness of her tougue then being engolfed in her mouth sent his cock harder having been needing to be attended to the pills he was fed made the need painful.
the cum from jared slid down her thighs as she was being held to jimmys cock sucking as best she could through tears and gagging and kenny took his cock out who also took the four hour long erection pill with his vast length and with got behind lacey and held her still as he thrusted quickly in and out of her pussy while she continued to be force to suck her friends unwilling cock.

the slapping noise now coming from lizzys pussy being fucked by a very hard and energetic rapist who was not giving up on her and didn't give her a chance to rest from being stuffed and rocked on the table and laceys ass being slapped as kenny raped her making her body push forward and making jimmys cock go even deeper down her throat. bud grabbed the camera and shot the scenes he took much joy being able to help create.
jared was eating and resting, regaining strength they still had 9 more hours here so he went and shared a joint with rylie who asked how it was and jared replied he will see once you get your chance, in my opinion better than the last 5 parties we threw last month.
they laughed and drank munched and watched the three being abused, while bud held laceys head on jimmys cock while kenny fucked from behind making sure she sucked it all he gave the go ahead to pull out the video recorder and got all what was going on then zoomed in on jimmy finally giving in to cumming and lacey being held to his nuts while he came hard down her throat.
still hard she was let go but still being pushed forward by kenny who wroked her hard then came making her grunt loudly as he rammed as hard as he could into her as he did. tired have been stuffed at both ends she was covered in beads of sweat. more cum streaming down her legs.

humiliated and tired aching from the fucks she endured. her jaw hurt to move back to normal form from jimmys wide cock. cum salty in her mouth sick from being made to swallow it. bud caught her face and asked so was his cock all you thought it would be as you sucked it so well?
jimmy shamed that he could not help cumming looked defeated in the video camera, which prompted bud to tell jared our helper is ready for his next task. kenny and jared grabbed jimmy untying him from the chair his hard cock bobbing in the air as they pulled him to laceys bedroom.rylie had taken lacey to the living room leaving nate and lizzy to continue the heated fuck they were in.
lizzy was near another orgasm while he coaxed out the moans from riding her with out giving up. she was so sensitive it was an ongoing sounds of pleasure she was getting as her rapist had been going for an hour showing no signs of tire was shouting how much he was enjoying himself, then changing postion so she was on his lap the ropes making her face him while he tried to kiss her as he conintued fucking her.

they were covered in dripping sweat, the windows were forming a slight fog.
lacey was sat on the couch while he stood in front of her and handed her a drink to wash out her friends cum from her mouth, she looked at it hesitantly then took it and drank it slowly.
rylie seemed shy and nice if not with the group making them endure their sadisic acts of humliation.
wondering why he was being nice to her and not making her do anything, he said to her i'm sorry they made you do that. your friend still has another two hours with nate before he lets her go, he kinda like those guys who can go all night, thinking of how she can hear what was going on in the next room wondering what they were doing with jimmy now.
she was getting chilled the sweat drying brushed with the cold air of the living room they kept cooler than the rest of the house, he saw her shiver slightly and took his jacket from the edge of the couch he placed after the joint with jared. he sat next to her and she asked what are you going to do to me?
he looked at her and said nothing if thats what you want.
suspicious of him she pulled the coat tighter to her cold body still sore between her legs, cum soaking into the couch where she sat.
are you the gang rapists we heard about?
he said yeah, throwing some parties some better than others, but none that anyone will forget.
can't you stop this?
no i can't, the party started so much more to do before the nights over.
more heavy breathing, grunts and moans came from the kitchen and the table screeching on the floor.
feeling so sorry for lizzy all that has been going on in her life now being raped senseless in her home where she was going to unwind now hating them even more she tried to run being caught by arm and hip she was slammed down on her stomach restrained tightly.
shouldn't have done that sweetie, now we have to show you what we do to people who try ruin the party.
he whistled lowly and heard the bedroom open down the hall that came in the direction of her room walked out jared.
saw her pinned by rylie he told him we have a party crasher, here.
jared asked what do you think you will find by trying to end a party we threw just for you and your friends?
she was dragged in her room by the two men to see jimmy naked being tied to the edge of her bed facing the door and looking angry and red fighting to break free knowing what they were going to do.
i told you i won't do anything you don't want to be done to you but i like the guys of the party sneered rylie.
they are more my type.
shock stole over her not wanting to imagine what was going to happen.
jimmy unsuccesfully fighting to protect himself.
kenny satisfied with his job of tying jimmy up for his buddy rylie said there you go all ready for the fuck of his life by the guy who can't get enough ass and he's got a pretty one. slapped it hard and watched jimmy wince and start to cry hearing what he stated.
rylie smiled started undressing took the pill that gave him a long hard on he lubed himself up so jimmy could see his length width and made a gesture that made jimmy start begging through his gag.
what rylie asked not wanting to be made love to by a giving lover there jimmy?
he shook his head vigorously, he was so scared and angry he would kill him once he can.
we can work something out, maybe we can have you show us how much you care for your friend here, taking lacey by the hair.
you can decide what happens to her next, bud had not taken a turn on her yet maybe once you see what hes packing around in his pants you might want to have another option for her. one less painful you saw how much she went through already.
bud open his fly and pulled out his limp cock that hung 8 inches by itsself.
it was thick and guessing when it got hard how big it would be and thought of lacey and how it would hurt her.

he shook his head again and rylie took this opportunity to say he won't touch her if we get a shot of you giving her your whole manhood make her cum for your and cum in her and give her a chance to bear your son too.
disgusted but had to think of what would be worse for her he gave a nod in shame her would fuck her too.
he never thought of her in a sexual way they were good friends and respected her enough not to try anything.
he was still hard and strong his member betraying his predicament
they place lacey on the bed spread her in place she cried loudly begging not to do it not her friend.
he was given orders before they untied him threatening to cut his nuts off if he didn't do what he was told and that rylie will put a plug in his ass if he didn't give a good effort to fuck his friend.
seeing no way around it and hating himself for agreeing to do it to avoid being ass raped or watching her be raped by a monster that might kill her if he took her.
the video recorder catching every movement he made on her he cried trying to place himself against her vagina.
feeling the wetness of the previous rapes he looked at her aplolgetic and her eyes understood and filled up with fresh tears looking up as he slid into her easily by the slippery goo and he hated how relieved he felt by having his cock in something so hot, et and surprisingly tight.
he knew she rearly had sex twice before this night she said she wanted something specail when she did it again.
knowing she wasn't protected from getting pregnant he felt hateful he was made to do this.
she gave moans and grunts being very reactive to his thrusts, knowing that he was being graded on it he tired to be gentle enough for her sake, but that fell short when he was slapped on the as told to go faster deeper and harder.
knowing the ass plug was held in case he needed more motovation to do the task, he gave her a sad look as he held her tight to give him more ability to get a better fuck.
hating himself he raped her hard and tried to drown out her noises she shouted in his ear as she came hard and cried that was when he picked up speed and went tin deeper hoping to cum quickly after her.
felling strained to cum he finally came making her convulse under him and she came again feeling his cum fill her once again he withdrew still hard as ever dripping with their combined fluids that filled her abused cunt.
it took him 35 mintues and wished he died before he ever touched her like that.
drained and sweaty humiliated, they took him to the kitchen and made him eat and drink still holding the butt plug if he didn't comply.

nate was still fucking lizzy who looked like she was fighting to catch her breath and going hoarse from yelling and grunting with nate and nate looked like he was in a competition to see how long he can go still breathing hard and fast as he stroked in and out of her glistening hole having made her cum 9 times working on the 10th.
they helped nate turn lizzy over on her knees and hands as he took her from behind she was almost too weak to hold herself up.
sounds of fucking filled the room again.
they went through jimmys pockets and found his coke and offered him a long thick line.
jimmy saw it and felt betrayed but said yes and snorted it feeling the familiar high he loved so much.
seeing lizzy still being raped thinking how she can still be awake.
nate slowed his pace so she would not lose consceinceness. she was still shouting as her cunt being rubbed nearly raw. her grunts were a constant ahhhhhhh ahhhhhahhhhhhahahhahhah!!!!!!!!!!

he sniffed, lacey was left with jared again and he took her head and made her take his manhood in her mouth amking it hardand told her to suck it til swallowed his cum like she did to her buddy that just fucked her good.
too tired to fight she complied felling his whole length smaller than jimmys which made it easier to take in her throat.
he helped by forcing himself down as far as she can take him and staying there enjoying the gagging muscles around his dick.
then pulling away and going asfar as he can again he said don't think this is the last cock you suck.
we have your daddy here he'll wake up soon from his nap and then we'll se how much he loves his little girl.
she reacted fiercely to this and skinned him wioth her teeth which pissed him off and he slapped her after withdrawing from her mouth and then turned her over and jammed her pussy again trying to make it hard as possible til she screamed in pain. then stuck a thumb in her ass for extra punishment watched her squirm to the pain of being anally violated with the searing pain of being fucked into the bed with a hard hitting cock.
her screams were heard by the rest of the house and they all said she did something bad and bud went to see what he was doing to her to make her scream so much.
slapping sounds emmitted from their bodies, leaving red marks on contact.
some red juice was leaking out on the bed he was tearing her cunt.

bud pulled him off her reminding him she needed to be useful later and he slapped her ass hard tree times she was crying loudly holding her ass and he left the room.
nate started cumming again and finally let lizzy fall onto the table where she caught her breath and shrunk away in her mind which then rylie threw some cold water on her and gave her a drink and made her eat what she could without throwing it back up.
her cunt was red and wide dripping with new and old streams of cum sweat and lube.
she tried to fall asleep and jared said let her for 30 minutes.
after three and a half hours of nate she deserves it.

they stared at nate his cock glistening with pussy juice and his own cum hard and bobbing heavily he was a body of sweat looking tough he grabbed a drink sucked it dwon grabbed a sandwich and more food wentto the living room and watched the movie no one had payed attention to.
smoked a cigarette while ate, then after he pulled himself up to rylie and gave him a look which rylie reacted to by getting on his knees and took his withering cock in his mouth like a favorite lollipop.
jimmy was repulsed by the sight of the two kenny and jared looked indifferent to this scene, figured it was normal for them.

nate came in his mouth and walked away saying thanks babe, rylie sucked his fingers as he wipe his mouth of cum that escaped him looking pleased.
they dragged lizzy to the shower where jared and rylie cleaned her off and had her smoke a blunt with them telling her she did good and she was good pussy for nate.
jimmy left in the kitchen tied up lacey still being watched by bud who just watched her lay there naked and wimpering in pain.
her dad was waking up from the tranq and saw a guy next to his daughter who was naked and hurt.
he was ouraged he was binded and gagged but he made enough noise to be aware of and bud told her don't move or jared will be back.
bud told jared her father was awake, a smile crossed his face as he took a swig of beer.

passed the blunt to bud who took a long puff and held it let it out then took another, after kenny and rylie followed bud back into the bedroom leaving nate and jared with jimmy and lizzy who were both buzzing now. jared grabbed lizzy close to him as the movie ended and asked her what else she got.
another movie was put in and nate went to the kitchen for more beer looking at jimmys cock.
he was still tied and naked tripping in his chair looking worn and angry.
he gave nate a look of loathing which nate took as an opportunity to move to him and forced him to give him a wet long kiss and touched his slowly dying cock walking out after licking his nipples and squeezing his nut sacksmiling as he drank his beer. he was boiling mad he puked a little and tried to find a way free.
dad? lacey asked to the cloest that was making noise of activity.
not daring to move from the bed, she saw him lying there in shock of what could have happened for her to be how she was.

she cried softly knowing things were just going to et wrose from here, in came the three men they grabbed the aged man from the closet and started taking his pants off shoving a pill down his throat threatening to stab his daughter if he didn't take it.
seeing how lacey lay in pain and fear and doom for she knew their plans for the two family members.
he was told that she had been fucked and sucked and now daddy gets to play now he was awake.
he was not very tall of fat had a average size cock and a perky ass rylie couldn't wait to fuck.
only 39 still good looking he was appaulled of the thought they were going to make him fuck his own flesh and blood.
soon his cock was hard and they waited til it was painful to explain the nights activities.
he had not had sex for over five years their marriage was bad and they didn't fuck for months before his wife split and never had sex since.

they twisted lacey to the edge of the bed how they had jimmy and forced her dad behind her, lubed up her red ass and bleeding cunt and took her dad dick covered it with the same lube and told he will fuck his baby in her baby ass until we say stop and if you don't our friend rylie will have his fun with your ass and i will watch you choke on buds big dick.
he can see the huge limp dick that hung from the guy he assumed was bud.
they helped him get lacey in a good position.
there he was with his little girls ass in front of his painful hardened cock that pulsed with desire that hurt from not been used for years.
he asked for forgiveness as he placed himself to her ass and the first touch made him spin and go crazy with lust he forced her hole to give way to him and her heat and convulsing spinchtermade him in to a beast ramming himself deep and hard in his daughters ass, her screams were drowned out by the feeling of sex he longed for but couldn't bring himself to go for.

his hips girated taking his time withdrawing and thrusting back in then pushing harder next time his orgasm was immense he didn't care who's ass it was he was feeling something so good he couldn't get enough and fucked his daughter like a rag doll like he would die if he slowed down or stopped fucking as hard getting as much cock in as he could.
lacey was in so much pain and knew her father was not there anymore, he tore her up and the lube was leaking out the friction burning she almost passed out he came so hard and deep in her the pain of the hot cum made her pass out.
her father was still hard and going strong for a second run and they watched through the video camera of all they had before them.
a limp body of his daughter as he continued to pound away greedily, he gripped he ass as he forced himself deeper and deeper then eagerly turn her body over on the bed so she lay before him climbed on her sucking her tits and helping himself enter her cunt and started again pounding himself into her shouting his pleasure in heavy breaths.

he mauled he neck and breasts while in amusement the three filming this feat watched interested.
after 90 minutes he slowed down gotten winded having came 5 times the trio thinking the pill was not as necissary as they thought it would be.
then in walked jared and lizzy who was horrified to see her best friend lying under a furiously fucking man she knew was her father.
jared spoke first saying wow isn't he the little by scout of the year?
he had then turned her over the bed and raped her doggystyle then after the crowd watched lizzy in pure disbelief of a rough pussy pounding of a passed out lacey tha lasted 30 minutes after lizzy showed up with jared, he came again with a roar. withdrew from his daughter body that gave him a renewed appetite for sex.
after coming down from a rampage of pure lust then looked onto the limp form of his 17 year old daughter with her ass bloody and torn pussy red and dripping red and white from the blood and loads of cum he shot in her depths.

remembering what started this and what he did and how he felt and why all came back to him and he held his head in his hands looking at his still hard cock covered in her fluids and how she was not moving shook her asking are you okay and started babbering over tears and remorse self hate and fear she might not wake up or trust him again.
camera still running everyone in the shot and knowing what was going on around him he jsut shrunk back against the wall cock standing straight up and they had told him he did better than they ever expected and asked by the way it looked to them it has been a while since he been with a woman.
scooping up lizzy they placed her o nthe standing penis of her friends father who tried to struggle against this young child he knew growing up with his daughter was being fed his dick which felt amazing and seemingly tighter than his daughters young cunt.
she moaned deeply after taking his full length. they were told to fuck the sensation of another pussy revived the animal that took him over when he entered his duaghters ass.

held her tightly as he shoved himself into lizzys cunt keeping the strokes tight short and deep jerking her body making her breast bounce and taking them and biting them as he continued fucking this cunt sitting on his hard dick.
her squirms and screams and fighting to get way made him even more vigorious in his thrusts, his hunger renewed he laid her down pinned her to the floor and held her legs to his shoulders to get better access to be deeper holding her tightly to not throw him off balance holding her ass in his hands as he fucked her hole in the air.
he came twice then gave up tired out and thristy.
after this they threw in a new tape for recording, taking the girls to be showered, leaving the dad with rylie knowing soon he would make his move.
jimmy was hearing this as nate took pic of his cock different ways. as it layed limp over his nuts.

bud walked in the room with rylie and the father to join the fun closing the door after the girls were settled in the living room.
lacey was still passed out on the floor lizzy sat staring blankly into space on the couch.
the movie ended and they played music that they brought and placed a cushioned foot rest in the middle of the room bringing jimmy to it he fought to be laid across it and tied tightly.
his ass was lubed and toyed with then nate kissed him then shoved a long wide butt plug all the way in til it sat still on its own without being held.
kenny took his head by the hair forced him to open his mouth as he slid his cock into it and made sure he didn't think of hurting it or fighting too much at the risk of his teeth sliding on his dick.
he face fucked him them was replaced by nate as jared took lizzy made her kneel in front of him while he sat on the couch in front of her and take his whole penis in her mouth.
she sucked gentlely taking her time which he didn't mind he loved bitches sucking him off.
he laid back on the couch enjoying her mouth pleasuring his dick, watching nate take out the butt plug after lossening up jimmys ass with it, jimmy grunting and huffing.
knowing he was going to be doubled up on he relaxed and let her take him to the point of cumming then she swallowed his cum then he held her next to him in his arms trying not to watch her friend being raped by the two large males hearing how much pain he was in everytime nates large dick reentered.
knwoing she could not help him seeing lacey still not moving on the carpet not far from jimmy being fucked both ends.

in the bedroom where the father and two men were the dad ws held to the edge of the bed where rylir finally got his chance to have some fun too.
he took his finger and shoved it deep in the fathers ass which made him squeal and arch his back. he moved it around feeling the tightness he would have to break through once he had enough of playing with his ass with his fingers watching intently the reactions he got with every movement. grunting and graoning huffing hard to the fingering of his ass.
then he grabbed a small amount of lube he like it alittle dryer than fully lube it up the experience was more satisfying when the man he was raping for the first time fought against the first few thrusts.
the more pain the more he will remember.

he adjusted his victims ass to his liking tightened the ropes so when he did the initial push inside he won't buck and go in when he was not ready.
the dad bit the pillow as he felt his rectum being forced with a tree trunk and the searing white hot pain engolfed him his scream into the bed as the monter feeling cock burned futher into his ass speading hime wide and then deeper til he felt the pelvis of the man in his ass hit him and his nuts slapping into the mans own nut sack.
he stayed still til the breathing of the dad eased up then he made a short withdrawal then a quick reentry and repeated this harshly as the dad winced and took the pain hoping it would not last too long he could barely take this much.

then after 15 mintues of short hard thrusts in and out he picked up the pace and took longer faster strides. grunting tell hime what a nice hot ass he had the rapist went as fst and hard as he could and whne he started cumming slapping the side of his ass and stabbed deeply filling his victim with his hot spurting cum.
fighting to stay awake fearing what would happen if he passed out, felt his nuts being squeezed and his dick finding something hot and wet.
bud had taken his cock into his mouth and worked it hard again then sucking it so against his will he orgasmed to the mans tougue and mouth and came generously into his mouth that sucked him clean. his ass on fire he fell in to the bed side then turned around to be shot with the camera which when he was being raped failed to hear it shoot the act he endured.

they rested up only a few more hours left of the party.
the video recorder was shooting what was going on in the living room.
jimmy still being used like a bitch by the two men. still grunting being slapped hard and once kenny came he shoved it hard down jimmys throat and told him suck it clean bitch. once he left his mouth wiping his cock with jimmy face, bud came out of the room looking on the scene he just left nate still going on his ass hard.
jimmy red face grunting in pain crying uselessly.

the sweaty two were left alone with lacey lying on the floor not far away.
jared, kenny, bud carrying lizzy to the dads room brought the recorder with them.
lizzy was held as bud was lying on the bed in which then they hoisted her to him had her squat spread out and bud moved under her lubed her up as rylie came in from the next room to help bring bud up by sucking as mcuh as he could of bud penis until it was hard then reluctantly left the room to join nate with jimmy. they switched places and rylie was more agressive than nate while he force fucked his unwilling and now bleeding ass.

once he was fully erect which buds dick stood 12 inches long and 31/2 inches thick he helped the two holding lizzy in place work himself into her tight cunt stil sore from nates long hard fuck hours ago.
it took five minutes to get the head in and alot of screaming of pain as he shoved 6 inches swiftly in her then the guys on her sides laid her on her back with bud still in her
he took her legs in a tight hold and froced the remaining 6 inches to hear a scream that could break glass. once she quieted down he did the same as rylie did to laceys father short quick thrusts. it was tough she ws still tight through all the fucks she had earlier that night.

his first pussy of the night he took his time working her loose trying to get a better fuck from this bitch.
they left her with him to try wake up lacey, some water down her throat and shouting she tried to be aware of what was around her.
in deep pain and shock she finally was conscience again, remembering what happened last she remembered, crying uncontrollably once again, they fed her and gave her a hiot of the new blunt they rolled and passed around after a few drags she seemed to be in a better place, numb to anything.
rylie and kenny still working jimmy finally came after the second switching of positions and walked over to join in the passing of the blunt leaving jimmy in a wimpering heap.
blood on their dicks that were deflating jared stole away to the bedroom where the dad was who was still slumped over next to the bed blood from his ass around him.
the faint thumping and screams from the room down the hall was telling him bud was enjoying himself.

he tapped the dad who woke up with a start to see the man still naked like the rest and rasped please no more.
he looked at the man and his dick then over to his ass, saying don't worry when we finish with another round with your daughter that we filmed you raping like a rag doll fucking maniac and her best friend as you can hear is sharing company of the guy who should have been fucking you with his meat but that poor girl will never be the same again, i threw this great party for your daughter when i saw her pulling out and to our sweet surprise she brought with her two friends that sweet cunt and this one coke head who looks worse than you right now since he had more cocks in him than you tonight.
but i just want to tell you for your sake and your daugthers and her little friends sake what happened here goes no where but in your memory.
we know what we need to find you again and give you another go if you do and next time you will be the main ass we fuck.
we will be leaving as soon as we take turns on your girl and when bud there has finished with that other girl if you interupt us bud will give you a sample of man meat all twelve inches.

he took the toy left in the room and rammed it good in the mans ass to make his point.
the four regrouped around lacey and took turns making her swallow their cocks in ther cunt crying and screaming fighting then her mouth was plugged with rylies dick still covered in shit blood and cum.
being ridden to exhaution she jsut layed there rocked with raping man meat til they left her laying there dripping in semen and blood shit and sweat.
they left once they ate and drank til bud came out covered in blood and cum sweaty and looking satisfied.
no noise came from the room he left but he said got the best shots of that bitch taking my cock, man what a fuck.
looking over at lacey smiled and said to the group over used your party favor i see.
he dad really gave it to her too poor girl then stuck a finger in her mess of a pussy feelling how loose she was now.
shame he laughed would have been nice to see the girls fuck each other.
taking the ropes fro mthe bloody naked jimmy letting him fall to the floor ass still flowing blood and cum.
bud once again kissed him and squeezed his nuts jimmy wince and tried to groan.
they gathered their stuff took a shower and took more pictures of their grand party then leaving their victims exposed laying in drying ooze from their genitals.
they walked out tof the house slapping each other on the shoulders saying so when is the next party climbing in ther truck driving away.

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