Jen Takes Again

Jen Takes Again

Jen moved around Robert. He had been completely knocked out from the drug, a drug she had mixed with Viagra to facilitate her needs.

She was already nude, except for her panties, which she kept until the last moment. There was something about men that reacted to the scent she collected down there and she had done this enough during regular sex to know that it worked. She could feel them moist already, could actually feel her labia move against each other as the moistness seeped past them into the material. She involuntarily squeezed her legs together a bit and then continued with her business.

She had removed his shirt already, the action of slipping it over his head without him stirring was enough to let her know the first drug had worked well enough. She looked at him and watched his chest rise and fall slowly. The doctor she worked for said that some people had adverse reactions to the medication and their breathing could actually stop. So in her practical manner she gave Robert extremely small doses over time to make sure he wasn’t allergic or anything. He wasn’t. At most, the small doses made him sleepy to the point where she would have to drive him home so he wouldn’t wreck.

Jen looked down at his pants, they were next. She felt bad for him in a way, it must hurt, his penis straining hard at the material of his jeans. Good old Viagra, she thought. She had actually felt him hard against her as she helped get him to bed, he actually seemed embarrassed about it, as though not sure why it was acting so alive all its own. He had made a comment about it, apologizing for his reaction, something she told him was just fine and nothing to be worried about, she had seen such reactions in her line of work before and since they were dating it would be ok for him to react – as long as he didn’t act on that reaction without consent.

Her words had gotten through to him as she helped lay him on her bed. His last words before falling off were to assure her that he would never do such a thing. Jen simply caressed his bulge through his jeans and muttered to him that she knows, she trusts him. He fell off with a smile.

Jen moved now, her hands gliding down the center of his chest, through the curl of hair that led to the top of his jeans. The jeans were rough compared to his soft, warm skin. She brought her face low, below his belly button and set her nose against the hair there. She inhaled and held her breath a moment enjoying his scent. She could smell him, his sex. The scent brought an image of what his penis must look like. She slid her face lower, pressing against the top ridge of the jeans, and the scent was stronger. She felt saliva start to gather in her mouth.

Her right hand moved down as if on its own accord and she followed it with her gaze. His penis stood out in relief against the fabric of his blue jeans, as if carved there by some erotic artist adept at such things. The tension was such that she could actually see the outline of the head, how its ridge dropped back off slightly to the rest of the shaft. Involuntarily Jen let out a breath, not realizing she had been holding it in. The fingers of her right hand, led by the middle finger, traced the path from where his penis shaft started at the juncture of his legs all the way out to the head, where it rested along the length of his left leg. Even through his jeans she could feel the difference in heat against her palm. As if in response to the stiffness and heat, she parted her knees, her hips rotating forward slightly.

Jen took in a deep breath and had to force herself to take things slowly. This was only the third time she had done this with anyone and it seemed that it never lasted long enough. She knew that taking it slow, absorbing herself in the scents and textures would help bring her to a peak more intense than doing things in a rush, the way men liked.

Her fingers traced their way back up his shaft, up his zipper, to find the button at the waist of the pant. She turned her body so that one of her legs was between his, her positioning gently pressed his kneecap up against her panties, pressed them against her labia where they would absorb more of the moisture coming from inside her. Jen dropped her hips lower and lightly rode his knee, making sure she didn’t press too hard. Had he been awake he may have expressed discomfort at this, but as it was, he couldn’t complain. And deep down, she didn’t really care. This was for her, any way she chose.

Her fingers rested against his jean button as she began rotating her hips. She moved up a bit more so she could feel the edge of his kneecap and then used that to press into her clitoris, not hard, but controlled and backing off when there was too much pressure.

Jen breathed out and bent forward as she moved. By now the crotch of her panties was bunching up between her lips and she could feel its gathering tightness along the crease of her ass. As if in sympathy, her own mouth duplicated the moisture that was being released from her down there. She drooled onto Robert's stomach.

She moved in earnest now, pausing only to pull together enough thought to correct her fingers movements with the button. Undoing such a thing had never seemed so hard as it had now. As it was, she had to stop her hips for a time to fight the material before it finally gave way. With hurried movements she unzipped him, then moved her hips further down his leg as she pulled the material in small stages around and down his waist.

She had to get off him at this point and turn him over in stages to get the jeans and his underwear past his ass, a firm, shapely grouping that she took a second to bite before continuing. She noticed his clean scent there and was pleased. This was one of the things she found pleasant about him from the beginning, his good hygiene, there were other men, and women she knew, who didn't have the same standards.

She paused here and took a moment to look at his sleeping face. She enjoyed that face, clean, with just enough masculine shape to give her a warm feeling around her. She wanted to take it in her hands and kiss the peaks and valleys of it.

She shivered inward and turned him over a bit more. letting her left hand slide down the crack of his ass. She extended a finger and slid it around until she found the bunched tissue of his anus. Jen looked again at his face as she loosely rubbed the tight opening. She saw little movement until she applied more pressure, that's when she saw his eyebrows arch up every so slightly and a small exhale left his mouth.

Jen felt a rush of power flowing through her. This man was hers to do with as she pleased and that realization was nearly overwhelming. She felt a tightening in her vaginal walls.

Jen exerted self control and pulled her hand away. She would want to use him again. That was certain now. If she probed him, took advantage of him from behind now he would know later that something wasn't quite right and perhaps put together the fact that this coincided with his association with her. She wasn't ready for that.

She looked down, though, and grabbed a handful of glute and squeezed it hard. Not this time, but next time perhaps, his ass would be mine. She resumed the removal of his pants and underwear and it didn't take long for her to hear the "pop" sound of his penis slapping back against his skin. She rolled him onto his back, setting herself along his side, and her eye strayed to that firm extension. Her mouth watered.

Jen removed his pants and underwear the rest of the way through sheer will. As soon as it had come off his feet she threw them aside and practically leapt back to his cock. She slid her right fingers over and down it and she placed her face alongside it, letting her nose catch and enjoy his rich scent. She positioned his cock a little higher and ran her nostrils along the head a ways, inhaling his manliness, and then over the tip where a small drop of precum caught the edge of her nose. She turned her head up some then to where her lips came in contact with the leading edge of the head of his cock. Her nose pulled back with the movement and carried with it a strand of precum.

Jen felt an orgasm building then. Unconsciously she gripped him firmly, hard. The top half of his cock bulged and turned a dark red with her pressure. Her pressure was duplicated in the way she tightened her knees together and rolled her hips forward, backward. She resisted the temptation to draw a hand down to her pussy and slide her fingers in deep to the base knuckles. She stuck out her tongue slightly and traced that ridge of his cockhead. She would deny her own pussy now, let it work itself to orgasm from the mere thought of what she was going to do with that wonderful member.

She parted her lips further then, letting the shape of his cockhead dictate how far she would open her mouth. Her breathing came faster, tight in her chest as she swallowed the tip of his cock into her warm mouth. Drool formed at the junction there, a release of saliva that traveled down the length of his shaft to her fingers which were still gripping tightly. She felt the charge then, a warm biochemistry working its way through her womanhood down to the bunching of moist panty between her legs. She opened her mouth as the sensation became an electric fire making her toes pull in, her breathing produced a moan that was loud to her ears, but that only intensified what was happening. Jen actually dropped her free hand down off his body, it wanted to go to her, find her pussy and give it practiced touch. She stopped it. Forced herself as she had never before.

Jen came then. She threw her head back as a deep breathy groan left her. Her hips squeezed so hard she didn't know where she had the strength to maintain it. Her mind was entirely on the center of her pussy, and she came and came, shaking out along her spine to her brain, to her lips, to her fingers. Her anus squeezed in rhythm to the waves along with her pussy. She let it consume her, shake her with its fury until she was nothing, nothing but calm emptiness.

She lay still for a while letting the aftermath of the orgasm occasionally quake through her with small aftershocks. She was warm calm, open, felt her legs part. She opened her eyes slowly and found herself on her back next to beautiful Robert. Her hand was still on his rock hard cock, but she had relaxed her tight hold. She looked over at his cock and saw that more precum had emerged, it glistened slightly from the available light in the room. She sighed hard then, her body exhausted, but slowly regaining strength. There was more to come.

She smiled at her own thought. She released her hand from its grip and slid a finger lightly along the shaft to the head where she gathered as much of his precum as she could with her fingers. She then took that same hand and moved it over her panties where her other hand pulled them out. She put her precum cover fingers down onto her pussy, slid through heavy moisture already there and added him to her. She rubbed slightly around her lips and then put a finger in her. He was now part of her. A small aftershock went through her at that moment and she smiled. He was now hers…

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