Mistress of the house pt 1

Mistress of the house pt 1

As we sit on the couch of my home kissing i slowly move my hand down your back and thank god you are wearing a skirt tonight. I reach down to your butt and i slowly caress it with my fingertips
you moan in expectation and kiss me all the harder. I feel your nipples getting hard through your shirt and I so enjoy that sound. I have dreamed of this moment with you for the last 6 months and tonight im finally going to live the fantasy I’ve been thinking of all this time. I start to move my hand down your skirt and you reach down and unzip your skirt for me. I feel under your skirt and to my surprise the cute innocent little girl I thought you were was wearing a thong. Silk caresses my skin as i reach around the slim elastic waistband and allow my hand to travel around your waist teasing you as you start to unbutton my shirt. I reach down and just rip it open. With glee you immediately grab my pecks and start scratching me seductively with your nails. I need you and want you so badly. I reach under your shirt and rip it off of you in one quick movement taking your nipple to mouth i start to massage it with my free hand as you moan in pleasure. You start kissing your way down from my neck and down the short curly hair i have at my waist. “God you feel so good against me” I whisper as I move my other hand to lift you up to slip your skirt off and your left exposed it what i thought was just a thong but to my surprise it is actually a teddy and it curves your body in all the right places. High on the hips and thin stretched material as you push me away and stand up.

I moan expectantly you push me down and tell me to wait like a nice little boy. I feel so depraved and like a teenager again working on my first crush. I wait as you disappear into the other room and I hear the faint sound of music start up. It’s something slow and has a solid rhythm. I cant place it right now but its perfect for the mood you set me up for the entire night. After 5 minutes I cant wait anymore. I get up and go into the other room and much to my surprise there you are with a cat of nine tails and a riding crop.

“What the fuck?” And as you turn around I notice the teddy is replaced with crotches leather chaps and leather bra now. How did you have time to slip that on? You drop the cat o’ nine Tails and approach with the riding crop held In hand saying "you’ve been a bad boy for the past six months.” “you don’t think im stupid do you?”

”No” i answer looking at the crotches chaps and bra. God I’m drooling all over myself imagining what your gonna do with those. You approach and swat me once, twice, three times on my penis.

Explosions of pain wrack my body and i collapse I groan and moan in pain writhing on the floor as you straddle me. “You have been a very bad boy haven’t you?“ “Answer me” you whisper venomously in my ear. I can only nod in the affirmative. The pain has blinded me to all else but what’s this? With the pain what is this feeling? God look at the size of me now!! You look and smile that mischievous smile of yours that I’ve seen for the last six months. Ye gods if that’s what it takes im not sure i wanna do this anymore.

“Not you choice” you whisper in my ear. You turn me so im laying flat on my back. As i moan “OW!!” as you hit me on the chest. “No noise” you say “No noise.” “I don’t want my parents to know” Oh god i never met your parents and they live hear with you!?!

But i don’t wanna get hit again that hurts and feels so good. You kick me in the side of the gut and stand on my stomach and i look down and feel pain from heels. When, how did u put those on oh they hurt but this feeling of pleasure won’t go away. What am I to enjoy this punishment. You just grin and say “I’ve broken many boys who thought they were men. I’ve taught them what they should do around the mistress of this house”

“i want you to say it”

“say what”

“OW” you’d think i would learn quickly this way

“Say yes mistress"

“Yes mistress.” I cant hear you (Snap)

OW fuck that was the whip that time. “YES Mistress”

“NOT SO LOUD!” as you move those spike heels off and lower your crop teasingly down my chest and smack the inside of my thigh hurts so bad now then you say “I have a dog chain hanging from my door, do you see it”

“Yes mistress” is my only reply. “It belonged to my last dog i think i told you well it looks like i have a new one now but first take of those ridiculous pants NOW!”

As i undo my belt you lower yourself for what i think is a kiss as you come closer i pucker and suddenly SNAP goes your teeth bare millimeters from my lips. So close. So close
I desperately want that sweet innocent girl back but this exotic creature crouched down over me is still a surprise to me and the way she pleasures me I must have more of.

“Go get the collar” i shuffle over and grab it. Its not a collar at all! Its only an inch and a half in diameter and leather with studs on the outside. As my understanding dawns on me SMSCK!
“You’re taking too long.”

“Yes mistress” i mumble. I shuffle back over to you and bow my head and hold the collar out to you. You take it and whip both my legs. I fall to the ground with a thump and lay back in agony. You spread my legs and I hear a buckle come apart and I feel leather on the shaft in between my legs.

“Oh my” you say in surprise “It doesn’t look like this one will do for someone as endowed as you. Well we’ll just leave this one off for tonight. I feel your lips touch my shaft and it twitches in expectation as you slowly slide your toung down the bottom of my shaft and tease my balls. I move my hands and I feel teeth. I stop. My hands are hanging midair and I hear you say in between clenched teeth “If you want to keep these and maybe have more little boys like you id suggest that while im pleasuring myself with you you never move and simply enjoy the range of feelings I allow you to have.”

“Yes mistress, May I lower my hands back down?”

“No, that would be movement that I haven’t agreed to now wouldn’t it?”

“Yes Mistress”

You slowly go back to milking my engorged cock up and down with your tong and slowly scratch the surface of my balls with your fingernails. The feeling is so erotic I feel on the edge of coming already. You clench my balls in your hand and pry them away from my body. The pain is so intense I start to tear up and start to softly beg you to stop causing my body so much pain. You slowly remove your toung from my Cock and plunge your mouth all the way down my already sore cock and I explode despite the pain you’ve caused me. I blow LOAD after LOAD into your mouth that even The Mistress cant swallow it all. As my ego swells in pleasure you slowly move up my body and go to kiss me I taste my cum for the first time and you do the unthinkable. You didn’t swallow you just held my load in your mouth; and you spit my cum into my mouth I choak at the taste and swallow my own cum. i feel so used and abused my temper starts to rise as you slightly tap me on the hip with the riding crop telling me to remember whos in control here.

I had enough of your torment as I get up and pin you to the bed. “What are you doing?” you shriek and I whisper in your ear “don’t forget, mommy and daddy are home, you don’t want to much noise do you mistress?” I sit on the bed and pin you on my lap and proceed to spank you ever so lightly with the same riding crop you’ve been hitting me with for the past 2 hours. Gently at first, then harder and harder. Soon your ass is a bright red and your whimpering in pain as I start shoving the handle end of the riding crop in your ass trying to inflict as much pain as I can in such a short time before I have my way with you. I feel myself getting aroused to the point of bursting. With all this pain being given out I had felt you squirming on my cock and had become aroused.

With the riding crop sticking out of your ass I start to smack that ass of yours with the palm of my hand, starting on the extreme side of one cheek and going all the way across that ass of yours. I go to check on those leather chaps and find a HUGE puddle under you and on my leg, God if giving abuse got you turned on, getting abuse has got you positively swamped with pleasure. I remove the riding crop with a quick plop and roll you onto the bed ass up. You whimper for mercy and I just laugh maliciously. I shove three fingers into that dripping pussy of yours and you purr like a cat in heat. I start to fuck your dripping pussy with my fingers as my balls and cock still feel beaten and scratched up..

“Mistress, are you enjoying the abuse I give to you?” “Mistress, its not polite to leave your slave waiting for an answer.” As I slam two of the three fingers I was fucking your pussy with into the tight asshole. You squeal in excitement and start spurting your own cum all over your bed.

“Yes my sex slave, I do so enjoy letting you think you have control of the mistress, just so I can snach it away again”

I feel something large and heavy slam against my head as the world goes dark

I wake up to find myself in a dark cavernous room with a fireplace and myself chained to a wall with needles sticking out of my body. Must be hundreds as I scream for help I only hear laughter from a dark corner and I hear “Welcome to the true mistress of the house and her chamber."

Contimued next time

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