Misty 2

Misty 2

Misty 2

Snake was pissed and kept slamming his cock deeper in my asshole, “Snake, I mean it man, this bitch was telling the truth. He father is some big wig with some crime syndicate. Spencer called, he says this guy controls most of the drugs coming into Texas.” Snake was too close to coming to stop, he kept fucking me until I felt him shudder then unleash his load in my ass. He jerked his cock from my ass, “Are you telling me we snatched this bitch for he husband and her father is connected and we didn’t know it. Who the fuck let this happen. Get that rat faced bastard in here, I am going to fuck him up,” he screamed.

In the mean time I was laying on that filthy bed, my ass leaking cum and blood between my legs. The pain was so bad I couldn’t even move. Snake called someone else into the room and I was given some kind of pain killer, “Get a hold of Doc Evans and tell him to get his ass in here quick, I want this bitch fixed up good as new and I want it now.” I was still in serious pain but the pain was backing off a bit. Two men came in pushing one of the men who had grabbed me, Snake looked at the man, “You stupid mother fucker, you were supposed to make sure this little bitch was just who her husband said she was, now I find out we could have gotten ten times what we were paid by returning her to daddy.” Snake kicked the man hard between the legs and he went down; the two men pulled him to his feet. “Take him to the shed and make sure he is secure, I will take care of him later,” then he turned to me. “Look, we didn’t know who you are, we will make this right somehow.” I looked at the man who had just destroyed my body, “The only thing that will make it right is that I watch as my father strips your skin from your body and feeds it to your own dogs. Right now, I don’t care if you kill me, at least I know my father will see to it you die very slowly.” Fear registered clearly on his face, this man knew his life was worth nothing, he left the room.

A little while later a funny looking old guy came in escorted by two of Snake’s men, “What the hell happened here, this girl looks terrible. I am Doctor Evans, tell me what happened, let me help you.” I didn’t know whether to trust him or not but I was hurting so bad and so afraid I would die that I was willing to do just about anything. I told him all that happened and how bad I hurt; he directed me to the bed and apologized that he needed to examine me. I laid on the bed and allowed the little man to examine my damaged parts. When he was through he went to his bag, got a needle and came to me, “First we need to see if we can stop the pain. I am going to give you a shot of Demerol to help that. Then I will give you an antibiotic to help stave off any infection. After that I will sit with you and tell you what I found.” He gave me the shots then sat in the chair next to the bed. “You are pretty torn up inside, but there is no permanent damage except for your clitoris, I am afraid it has been torn and will probably heal but will always be quite sensitive. I understand that Snake is talking to your father and will be making arrangements to get you to a hospital, I will stay with you until then.” As the drugs took effect I drifted off, sleeping heavily under the drugs control.

When I awoke I was laying on clean white sheets, my father sitting next to me. “Baby, we will find these people and when we do I will personally pull the trigger,” I think this was the first time I ever saw my father cry. I looked up at him, “I want to watch Snake die, in fact I want to be the one to kill him.” We argued about this for some time but he finally relented, knowing I had the right to see this bastard dead. My husband and his boyfriend had tried to leave the country, but couldn’t get enough money together and my father had them locked away, “When you find Snake I want Randy and Billy there as well.” The whole time I was in that bed I thought about how to kill this animal; I soon had the idea fixed firmly in my head, this man would die slowly, painfully and very slowly just as he had planned to do with me. I had been out of the hospital for about a week when they found the group of bikers hiding in Mexico, the law couldn’t get them back but my daddy did.

The place they had taken me was found and the whole group was taken there. When we arrived I flashed back to the pain I had been through and felt a rage building in me I had never known before. We walked to the warehouse and stepped inside. All of them were there that I could remember, even the women, and they all looked scared. Doc Evans was tied along with the rest of them, I walked over to the old man and untied him, “Dad, Doc Evans may well have saved my life, he had nothing to do with anything they did to me.” I looked at the old man, “Wait in the house, I really want to talk to you when this is over,” I kissed him on the cheek and one of my father’s men took him out of the building.

Then I walked over to Randy, “So, my loving husband and his little faggot set this up. I am going to enjoy watching you two die along with your friends here,” I turned to some of my father’s men, “cut their clothes off and tie them to those two posts facing each other.” I walked to a spot where they had piled all the weapons and selected a knife and walked back to Billy, “I want Randy to see this. Since you won’t be needing these I will relieve you of them,” I said as I grabbed his nuts and squeezed them as hard as I could. I set the edge of the knife under his sack and sawed through it with the knife, he was screaming as the dull knife worked through the sack and the tubes connecting his balls to his body. The blood was not as great as I had imagined. I walked to Randy, “So, you decided to get rid of me, to have these animals destroy me,” I said as I drove the knife through his balls and into the post behind him. He screamed in pain and fear, “Billy made me do it, he said he would leave me if I didn’t go along and help pay for it. He was the one who came up with the plan, it was all his idea.” He was crying like a baby, begging me to let him go, “Oh, I am going to let you go, but not until I finish removing your nuts. Then I will have you taken into the desert and hobbled. Do you know what it means for a man to be hobbled. The tendon behind your ankle is cut, it makes walking almost impossible and very painful. I understand the nearest town is about forty miles, that would be a long walk for a healthy person. By the time you two die the skin on your body will blister and begin pealing off, you will be burnt, blistered and bloody. Something out there will make a meal of you, I just hope you are alive when they start ripping the flesh from your body.” I completed the surgery on his balls and my father’s men took them out.

I walked over to the woman who had pierced my nipples and clit and caused me so much pain, “There is a hoist over there, hang this bitch from it and strip the clothes from this cow” I screamed. I found the pliers she had used on me and another knife that appeared only slightly sharper than the first. I grabbed one nipple with the pliers firmly then twisted it; her tits took on a weird shape as I continued to twist more pain into her; then I took the knife and removed the nipple. I was much more satisfied this time, blood poured from the wound. I did the same to the other nipple then found a can of gasoline and poured it over her breasts and nipples. Next I found her huge clit, grasped it with the pliers and sawed it off, more blood, more screaming. I then took the twelve-inch blade and drove it into the woman’s asshole all the way to the hilt and left it there.

Next I turned to Snake, “You mother fucker. Remember what I said I was going to watch my father do to you? I changed my mind…I am going to do it, with great pleasure, but I have other things I want first.” As instructed, Snake replaced the cow on the end of the hoist only his feet were also attached to anchors in the floor with his legs spread and his clothes removed. I went to the pile of weapons and laughed when I found fireworks among them, I found a small fire cracker and walked to Snake, “I think this will do just fine,” then grabbed his cock and, with much effort forced into his piss hole. His eyes grew as large as saucers and he began begging, whining like my faggot husband. I took a lighter from my father and lit the fuse. The explosion was not as loud as the scream that followed. The head and part of his cock lay split open, blood pouring onto the floor.

“You seem to have a great desire to see pain inflicted on someone’s asshole, how about your own, does that sound like fun?” I have always liked looking at well built men, and Snake was in as good a shape as any I have ever see, but that was already starting to change as the emaciated man hung there minus his cock. Two of my father’s men brought in the equipment I had requested, they had a hard time finding it since shock therapy is not practiced that much any more, at least not at the high levels I was looking for, but find it they did. I put on the heavy rubber gloves and picked up the large clamp and fastened it to one of his balls, I was surprised he didn’t scream any more than he did, but I guess the pain was pretty minor. Before I went any farther I looked at Jason, one of daddy’s best, “I don’t want him to bleed to death, at least not yet. Can you do something about the blood?” Jason looked around the room and found an old gas torch and, after a few tries, got it lit. Carterizing a would is a pretty effective way to stop blood flow, but when the wound is that large the pain is probably more than most men can stand, Snake was no exception, he passed out.

While we waited for Snake to return to life I looked around the room. The bitch who had damaged me lay on the dirty floor; the blood flowing from her asshole had slowed. I walked over and kicked the handle of the knife causing to go deeper and twist around, she screamed but hardly moved, “Get this bitch out of here,” I yelled. I looked at the men who had captured me, “You two are going to get off fairly easy, I will make sure you don’t have to suffer more than a few days.” I went to the man who handled all of daddy’s dirty work, “I want the rest of these shit bags to die slowly and painfully, I don’t care what you do with them, but I want them dead but I want them to have a few days to think about it before they die.”

Snake was awake now. “I hope you appreciate that Jason saved your life, if he hadn’t finished burning off your cock you might have bled to death,” I laughed almost to the point of hysterics. The other connection to the shock device looked like a two foot long broom handle made from metal. As instructed Jason had wrapped razor wire around half of it, I held it in front of Snake, “This is the last sexual event in your useless life. While the wire rips at your guts I am going to send enough electricity through your ass to your ball to fry those parts. Don’t worry, I won’t allow you to die this way. Remember what I said about your own dogs? After I am through having fun with you I am going to cage you with your dogs; they will have plenty of water, but no food, that is until they figure out their master might just make a good meal. I don’t know whether four Pit Bulls can be fed by your body for long, but I am certain you will feed them for a day or two. I just hope they don’t kill you too fast, I want the sun to cook you a few days first.” I pressed the tip of the connection into his asshole then shoved as hard as I could, it snagged on something and I shoved again, sinking half the pole into his ass. For the next two hours I enjoyed watching him thrash in pain as I increased and decreased the dc current flowing into his body.

When I got bored with this Jason and two other men took him into the cage that held the four dogs. The cage was partially shaded and the four animals lay in that corner out of the sun. Each time Snake would try to get out of the sun the dogs would snap at him; one of the dogs took a sizeable chunk out of his leg. I had seen enough and my revenge no longer raged so we left.

Before leaving Daddy gave Doc Evans enough money to make sure he lives comfortably and we headed for home. I am still healing and daddy has given up on trying to interest me in getting married. The newspapers told about finding the bodies of two men in the desert, it appears they lived for about three days before an animal got to them. The compound where snake had held me was found by police when they were investigating a drug ring; the dogs were still alive, as was Snake, but he had been torn apart by the dogs and died before they could get him to the hospital. The only thing he is reported saying was, “That crazy bitch, that fucking crazy bitch” over and over. It has been about three weeks and none of the others have been found, perhaps they never will be.

As for me? I am doing fine; I have pretty much healed physically, but I still flash back to those few days and have a hard time sleeping, but I will be fine. I still have no desire for men, but I do have a lovely girlfriend and she just loves to get her tongue on my clit; it is so sensitive that touching it sends shock through my body. The great thing about being with a girl is that she will never try to fuck my ass.

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