My Dad 2

My Dad 2

I am finally taking time to write about our New Year’s Eve party. I must keep it short though, since I have a lot of homework and my dad will be home pretty soon. Not sure if this should be under "Incest" or "Adventures", since I'm really not having sex with my dad or anything. Oh well, here goes….

Dad had several of his friends over to watch football games and drink beer. As usual, he let me have my friend Julie over for company. They spent the evening in our game room and Julie and I would go down to take refills on chips and dip to them, and noticed they were all getting pretty high and having a great time. We watched some TV until we got real sleepy, but set the alarm clock for 3:30 am to check on them downstairs.

When the alarm went off we tip toed down (giggling) to the game room, and sure enough two guys were sleeping, or passed out, and snoring away on the carpet floor. As usual, we tried to wake them up, but couldn’t – they were out cold. Julie unzipped the fat man’s fly and pulled out his penis. It really wasn’t any bigger than her little brother’s penis. It did get a bit bigger as she played with it, but it was more like a finger.

So we went to the other guy and pulled his penis out too. It was much bigger, like we were expecting, but it didn’t have a head on it like my dad’s and the other ones we had seen. Julie said it hadn’t been circumcised, and she had seen one like it in her biology class. This was very interesting to us, so we decided to get it hard and see what it would look like. We took turns playing with it and squeezing it and flopping it around. As some of you suggested, Julie put his whole penis in her mouth while it was still soft, and licked it and sucked it. Naturally, I had to try that too, but before I could get it all in my mouth it started getting hard and much bigger. And, out popped a head on his penis after all. That made us both laugh, and get the giggles. We got it really hard and big by stroking it up and down, and both of us took turns putting it in our mouths and licking it and sucking it. Finally, while Julie was sucking it, it spurted the white stuff in her mouth. She tried not to
swallow any and spit it in the sink, so she wouldn’t get pregnant.

About that time, we heard a tapping on our sliding glass doors and saw Julie’s older sister. We let her in and she told us she had told her parents she was going to spend the night with us. She was high from drinking beer at the party she had been to, and laughed and said wow, when she saw the two guys with their penises hanging out. We told her what had happened and she was amazed. She had had sex before, a lot with her boy friend, but said his dick wasn’t as big as this guy’s. Julie said, “You should see her dad’s dick. It’s huge.” She said she would like to, so off we went up to my dad’s room.

Dad was sleeping in his boxers on top of his sheets in his bed. Julie and I made sure we couldn’t wake him up first, and then we gently pulled his penis out for her sister to see. She was amazed, but we said wait till we get it big and hard – you aint seen nothing yet. Julie and I immediately started playing with it and slowly it got bigger and bigger, and very hard. Finally, we held it straight up, for her to see. She said, “Wow! I didn’t know a dick could get that big.” Julie started licking and sucking it, like we had the guy’s penis downstairs, while her sister and I watched. Her sister asked us if we would like to see what intercourse looked like and we both shouted yes! Please.

So her sister told us to keep his dick hard, but not to make it spurt, while she changed clothes. She came back wearing a boy’s t-shirt, with nothing else on at all. She lifted the shirt and showed us her pussy. Wow! It was covered with lots of curly brown hair. She said she was going to have to masturbate to get her pussy wet before she could have sex. She rubbed all around her pussy lips and that seemed to make her feel excited. Then she showed us where her clit was, and she then rubbed it to get herself wet. After a while she said she was ready, and her pussy was glistening with moisture.

She climbed up on the bed, where Julie still had hold of my dad’s penis. She told Julie to hold it straight up while she straddled it on her knees. Julie and I got real close, while her sister slowly lowered herself until her pussy was barely touching my dad’s penis head. She took her hands and opened her pussy lips and tried to lower it down on his penis, but it wouldn’t go in. So she spit on her hands and wiped the spit all over dad’s penis head and got it very slick, and also she rubbed some spit on her pussy. She again slowly lowered
her pussy down on the head of his penis. And the head slowly disappeared into her pussy, and it really spread open her pussy lips all the way around his penis. My eyes couldn’t believe what they were seeing. A moment before no way did it look like his huge penis could possibly fit in her pussy, but there it was. She had to stop and catch her breath, but said she wanted to get it all the way in. We watched in amazement as she slowly let herself down, inch by inch, until dad’s penis had completely disappeared inside her pussy. She gasped and got a surprised look on her face with her mouth wide open and her eyes bulging. Julie and I looked the same. None of us could move or speak for several minutes. She sat there, very still, for about 15 minutes, until we all got used to it and then we all smiled and giggled.

Finally, she asked Julie and I to help her get off of my dad’s dick. We each grabbed an arm and she very slowly eased her pussy up and off of his enormous penis. Then we all scrambled back to my room. Julie and I were very excited and asked her sister what it felt like. She said it was nothing like when her boy friend was inside her. It felt like her entire body was filled with something enormous and very hard. It felt both good and bad at the same time. She said she stopped because she was scared that she might hurt herself by moving, or wake my dad.

She then told us she had a need to masturbate to relax and said we could watch. She rubbed her clit and rolled her hips for a few minutes, and let out several moans and arched her back and bit her lip and suddenly stopped, with a huge smile on her face. Julie and I both tried doing it to ourselves, and it felt good but we didn’t “finish” I guess. Her sister said we just needed to practice. We have, and I do sometimes have an orgasm now. Julie says she does too.

We went back to dad’s room to check and he still had that enormous erection. He was still asleep on his back, but his penis was waving around all on its own. Julie said she couldn’t resist, so she went to dad’s bed and her sister and I watched as she stroked his penis till it spurted the most white stuff we had ever seen. I got a washcloth and cleaned him. Julie’s sister kissed his penis before we left, and told his dick she would see it again sometime, and winked at Julie and me.

Julie’s sister says now when she masturbates she thinks of dad’s dick usually, instead of her boy friend’s. She’s even saying she might want to try it again with dad sometime. St Patrick’s Day is coming soon and my dad is going to a party, and Julie is staying over with me. Who knows what might happen. I’ve got to run – see ya.

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