My Lover Is a Vampire

My Lover Is a Vampire

My Lover Is a Vampire

I always believed vampires were real but my beliefs were proven when I met the woman of my dreams. It all started when I went to a bar at around noon. I had a couple drinks before I noticed the most beautiful woman I have ever seen sitting at a table in the corner of the bar. She had black hair that ended at her shoulders. She looked to be about 5 foot 7ish. She was across the room but I saw she had beautiful blue eyes. Eyes I could get lost in. As the day went on I noticed she kept staring at me. I finally got enough courage to walk (or more like stumble) over to her table. After I bumped into a couple tables I finally got to her table. As soon as she saw me walk over she locked eyes with me. I felt like I was in a trance as I stared into her eyes. I sat down across from her and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t keep my eyes off hers. I hardly noticed she didn’t have a drink of any sort over here. She got up and took my hand. I followed her out of the dark bar into the bright sunlight. I followed her to her car and we both got in.

She drove us to her apartment and the next thing I know we are both naked on her bed and she is sucking my 8 inch cock like a pro. I grabbed her ass and pulled her so her dripping pussy was right above my mouth. She was as light as a feather. I started by licking her dripping slit and tasted her. She was so sweet and I knew I could never get enough of her. I then found her clit and slowly started to lick it. When I did this she moaned onto my cock. It was hard not to cum too soon. I slowly worked first one then two fingers into her wet tight pussy. I began to rapidly lick her clit while I thrusted two fingers in and out of her pussy. Then all of a sudden she exploded and her cum covered my face. I tried to drink as much as I could but I still ended up wet. When she came she moaned into my cock while she was deep throating me and I couldn’t hold back as I pumped stream after stream of cum into her throat. She drank all of it and quick as a cat she flipped around so we were face to face. I was shocked by her speed. When she locked eyes with me I asked her what her name was. She told me her name was Serenity and she told me she was going to give me a gift of everlasting love and lust.

I grabbed my cock and placed it at her wet slit. She slowly lowered onto my thick cock and when she had all of me in her she stopped for a short time before she slowly raised and fell on my cock. In only a short time she was bouncing on my cock with raw lust. I could tell I wouldn’t last long. She slowed only a little as she leaned down and kissed my face and worked her way to my throat. I could feel my orgasm cumming when her pussy gripped my cock. In all the lust I barely noticed her bite my neck. It sent me over the edge and I pumped my hot cum into her. Her pussy gripped my cock as she was racked by multiple orgasms. When our orgasms subsided Serenity fell to my side and cuddled up to me. I instantly fell asleep and when I awoke I was in my own bed alone. As I got up I was thinking if it was just a dream. I then noticed I was naked but I slept naked all the time. It was dark out now. I walked over to my bathroom and when I looked in the mirror I saw two tiny holes in my neck. As I looked at the small bite mark I started to wonder if Serenity was a vampire but then again I did see her in the daylight. I decided I would probably never see her again anyway. I took a piss and walked into my kitchen.

As I walked over to the fridge I saw a small piece of paper on it. I removed the magnet holding it on the fridge and opened it. The note read," Thanks for last night. I will explain everything later. Call me. 555-0123. I took her number and dialed it. The phone rang about three times before her answering machine picked up. I left a message to call me and left my number. She didn’t call me until about 10:30 pm. We talked and she explained that she wanted to meet me. She gave me her address and she hung up. I got into my car and I realized I never drove my car home. I dismissed the thought and I drove over to her house. When I pulled up I saw that other that the one light on upstairs the house was dark. I shut off my car and walked up to her front door and before I could ring the door bell Serenity opened the door and pulled me inside. As soon as the door shut it was so dark I couldn’t see. I didn’t know where Serenity was and I couldn’t hear anything. All of a sudden two hands pushed me and I fell to the floor.

I small but strong body sat on top of me and held me down. The only reason why I knew it was serenity was that I remembered the shape of her body. I still couldn’t see as I asked her if she was a vampire. In almost a whisper she said she wasn’t an impure vampire. She was a daywalker, the pure form of a vampire. All of a sudden she jumped up and turned on the lights. She told me to sit on her couch so I did. She sat down next to me and explained to me that daywalkers are vampires but a pure version. She told me that dracula was a daywalker and that the vampires we know today are an impure form of vampire caused by some kind of mutation. She also told me that I am also turning into a daywalker. She said that if I didnt want to be a daywalker I could walk away and would stay human. It took me all of ten seconds to decide. I pulled her into my strong arms and kissed her deeply on the lips. I mean how could I let go of a woman so perfect and beautiful.

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