Noble Prostitute

Noble Prostitute

Last month I met a Prostitute Naina in Islamabad. I asked him to tell me how she started this all. Let have her story in her own words;
My story begins when I was 14 years old. I was raised pretty much without any direction or guidance. So I was free to do whatever I pleased. However, sex was something that I took as very serious and always dreamed of giving my virginity to the man of my dreams when I was married. My mother seemed to applaude the idea. But my mother didn't believe what I did. Mother ws what most would call a whore. I spent many nights buried in my bedroom in the back of the house while my mother served clients in the living room. On occasion I was asked to come watch. Not to get off on it, no, because some men fantasied about having sex while the woman's children watched on. I obliged a few times, and had admitted later that I got excited thinking about the different things men would do to my mother. However, I had never tried to touch myself at any time. I wanted my first time to be the true first time I had experienced any sexual feelings.

So one saturday I was woken up by mother asking something that I didn't quite understand. But I agreed and a few hours passed and I heard a ring at the door. As I had done in the past, I acted as an usher to the gentlemen. I walked to the door, and slowly opened it, and saw a man of about 40 years asking if Hina was there. Hina was my mother, and I let the man in and watched him walk towards my mother on the couch. As I turned to close the door a foot caught the bottom and I looked back. That's when I saw Yasir. Yasir was THE cutest guy at school and the one I had written so many entries about in my diary. I was shocked that he was here, thinking he'd came for my mother, but in fact was just tagging along with his dad for the day and this was one of the stops. After clearing the money part of the deal, my mother escorted Yasir's father to the back and asked if we would be ok on the couch while they talked. We both shrugged, not really wanting to think about what they would "talk" about back there. So Yasir and I began to talk on the couch while they did their thing. Soon enough the moans ceased and Yasir got up and walked to the back room. I glanced down the hall and saw Yasir handing money over to my mother and stepping into my room. My stomach turned at the thought of the guy I was crushing on paying to have sex with my mother, in my room none-the-less.

To my suprise, my mother emerged a few minutes later and light a smoke and sat next to me. I looked over and snobbingly said "Gee that was fast mom." She looked at me and smirked and said "No no hun, I didn't have sex with Yasir there. He paid for something else." I looked at her wondering what she meant, when she finally told me the truth. "Yasir paid for you to give him a blowjob sweety. He's in your room waiting, make it fast." I looked in total shock as she didn't laugh or anything, she was serious. I wasn't some cheap whore like her, I had dignity, and besides, even if I wanted to do it I wouldn't know how. I had only seen mother do it a few times and never studied it. I refused when I saw Yasir's father come out. He looked at me very rude and told me that his son paid good money for it and I was obligated to do it. I stood up and yelled that I wasn't going to, when Yasir's dad grabbed a handful of my hair and began to drag me towards my bedroom where I found Yasir laying on the bed, pants undone, stroking his cock. However when he saw that I was fighting it he stood up and fixed himself and said it was ok and that he didn't want it anyways. But I was tossed aside and Yasir's dad smacked him back onto the bed and said he was getting it whether he liked it or not. Soon I found my mother joining us, walking to Yasir and grabbing his wrists back against the bed. I looked in horror as she placed a set of cuffs around his wrists, chaining him to the bed, then pulling his pants off, followed by his boxers. Yasir's face got red and he began to yell that he didn't want it this way.

I was snatched up again and pushed on to the bed, my face falling flush against Yasir's hard dick as I jumped back away from it. I yelled in protest just to feel a hand come across my cheek and tears well up in my eyes. My mother grabbed my neck and forced me down towards the dick sticking up in my face. It wasn't big at all, standing only about 5 1/2 inches. But it was more than I had ever dealt with. I told her that I needed to tell Yasir something and she agreed. I slid up and whispered into Yasir's ear, "Yasir, I have a plan. I'm gonna do it for just a few minutes, then you pretend to cum and I lick it clean like you actually did and all this wil be over." He nodded and I pushed my mother away and said that I would do it. I sat next to Yasir and looked at my first cock and softly began to stroke it some. I noticed this was what mother did, then I leaned down and wrapped my lips around the head of his dick and began to suck slowly. It tasted funny and I didn't enjoy it, but I knew what I had to do. As I began to bob on the head of his dick, I twirled my tongue on it some. I was afraid to do anything else, but Yasir's dad wasn't satisfied. He grabbed the back of my head and shoved me down forcing the 5 1/2 inches into my mouth and down my throat. I gagged some and began to move a little, doing what I was told was deepthroating for the first time. As I bobbed my little mouth on Yasir's dick, I looked up at him and tried to tell him it was time for our plan. He nodded as if he knew and began to make fake moaning sounds like he was actually enjoying this. I bobbed over his cock faster and faster and stroked him as he moaned loudly and I made fake little slurping noises as if I was swallowing a big load of cum. Then I licked all over his dick and said "There, he came, end of transaction!"

I waited on the bed for what seemed like 5 minutes without anyone talking, when I was slapped again. Yasir's dad said we were liars and that he never came cause he was still hard. I frowned and looked at Yasir, who nodded as I put his dick back in my mouth and began to suck it hard and fast hoping he'd actually cum so we couldn't finish this. However I saw Yasir's dad and my mother making yet another transaction and wondered what was going on. I was ordered to stop which I was happy to do. Yasir's dad came over and grabbed me off the bed and held my arms back as my mother walked over to me. She told me that Mr. Franks had paid for more than just a blowjob for his son, and leaned down. She hiked my skirt up and jerked my panties off my body. I stood there in shock that the man of my dreams had not only gotten head from me, but was now staring at my bald little pussy which no guy had ever seen before. I screamed and protested as Mr. Franks picked me up, my mother holding my legs and they sat me down over Yasir's dick. I felt the head touch my pussy, which had betrayed me and began to get wet. I began to beg, saying that I would suck Yasir and his dad if they didn't make me do this, but mother said it was already paid for. My arms were still being held while my mother guided Yasir's cock against my pussy and pressed the head against it some. I felt this strange burnind sensation as I felt my virginal pussy being opened up a little. They both let go of me as I began to move over the cock between my lips. I felt pain when I finally lowered myself enough for the mushroom head of Yasir's dick bob into my pussy. I lowered a little more when I felt it pressing against my virginity and decided I wasn't losing it this way. I began to bob up and down just on the head of Yasir's dick, knowing that being as tight as I was, focusing there might make him cum quicker and this would all be over. I moved enough for it to tap at my virginity without breaking it as I moaned some from the feel. I began to get more and more wet and noticed that Yasir didn't seem to be fighting it anymore, but was focusing on getting off so we could end this.

I figured this would be enough, but Yasir's dad got mad and yelled "I didn't pay for this, I paid for your virginity and dammit I'm gonna get it!!!" That's when I felt it, Yasir's dad grabbing my shoulders, pushing me down hard over Yasir's dick, who yelled because I was too tight to enter that fast. I screamed and cried hard as I felt the tear inside me and sat there with stars in my eyes wondering what had happened. When I came to I realized I was sitting with Yasir all the way inside me, his balls resting against my ass. I began to shift my hips, grinding my pussy against his cock and moaning a little as the pain began to subside. Soon enough I felt hands under my arms forcing me to bob up and down on his dick. I could feel the length of Yasir sliding up deep inside my tight pussy as moans fell from my lips. I was bobbing and dropping onto Yasir's dick when I suddenly noticed no one was guiding me. Rather my mother was behind me, getting more money from Mr. Franks and dropping to her knees. I glanced back to watch my mother remove his cock and start to deepthroat it immediately. As I rode Yasir's little dick, I noticed how much bigger his father was and was thanking god I only had to deal with what I did. However watching my mother servicing Yasir's dad only got me wetter and I began to move quicker with Yasir inside my hot wet pussy. As my little body bobbed up and down over Yasir I began to feel something warm and tingly inside me. At first I thought it was Yasir, but I soon realized it was me. I tried to fight it off, not knowing what was going on, but soon the tingling got more intense and I began to enjoy the feel. I moaned louder and louder and suddenly I felt this rush of heat flow through my body as my pussy began to spasm. I couldn't believe it but I was orgasming right then and there. I couldn't focus on anything but the immense feelings inside me. I felt pulses of pleasure flow throughout my body as I screamed loudly and everything went black. All I could see where blinding flashes of lights, like bright stars in my eyes as my body quivered and shook ontop of Yasir's hard cock. As my orgasm continues I collapsed down and laid my head beside Yasir's, still moving my hips, hoping he would cum so we could finish. I glanced back to notice yet another transaction being made. But the pleasure flowing through me made me pay it no mind. Suddenly mother emerged within sight and I saw her put a belt underneath Yasir's head. Before I could sit up, she had it buckled around behind my head, trapping me bent over Yasir, his cock still pumping inside me, unable to sit back.

As I bounced and shook my hips on Yasir I noticed something in his eyes. He looked worried. I began to get scared when I felt the other end of the bed move. Unable to look back I just sat there hoping maybe Yasir's dad had sat down or something. Yasir began to yell at his father but I knew what was going to happen. I soon felt it. I began to cry uncontrollably as I felt a hard dick being pressed against my asshole. My orgasm was still going and I was too weak to fight it off, all I could do was cry and beg him not to, but I couldn't stop him. I felt the head of that big dick pop into my ass and the pain was unimaginable. I cried harder than ever with each inch he pushed into my dry virgin asshole. I screamed at the top of my lungs as Yasir's dad gave one hard thrust pushing his big cock all the way up my ass. I cried and moaned as he pumped inside my ass, forcing my movements with Yasir inside my pussy. The feeling of a cock in both holes made me both embrassed and incredibly hot at the same time. I screamed and moaned, as did both guys, at the tight feel of my pussy and ass being opened up by the two dicks. Soon the pain was gone and all I could feel was the pleasure of having my holes filled for the first time. Both men moved harder and deeper inside me sending more pleasure through my body. Soon I found that same tingling feeling coming back, but coming alot quicker and alot harder. I screamed out as a massive orgasm began to take over me, causing me to shake uncontrollably as my ass and pussy twiched and tightened up over the 2 cocks. Then, as if planned, I felt warm sensations rush into my ass, then followed almost immediately inside my pussy, but this time it wasn't me. Fear crept into my mind that these 2 men had just unleashed their seed inside me, neither wore condoms, and now my once virginal pussy was full of hot man cum. Yasir whispered that he was sorry, but that it felt great, which made me happy that I could please him, even though he wasn't my man.

I felt relieved when I felt that huge dick being pulled out of my tight, sore little ass. I could feel the cum seeping out of my ass and running down over my pussy and Yasir's dick, which was soft but still buried inside me. I large hand came across my ass as Yasir's father spanked me once and told me how good of a girl I was. Then he walked away, followed by my mother. I laid there on top of Yasir, finally able to get enough strength to sit up and asked if I could get off him now. He nodded as I slowly moved my sore little pussy off his dick. As I looked at it, I could see his cum still on it, along with mine, and thought to myself, "Well, I've already done everything, might as well do this too, right?" I then leaned down, taking his dick into my mouth and sucking it lightly. I licked it all over, sucking our collective cum up and swallowing it down, before jerking on it some and watching a little more seep out, then licking it off too. I laid down, feeling so degraded and used, but happy and satisfied at the same time. I told Yasir everything that night. How I liked him and how I dreamed about being his girl. How I would sit at work and write notes to him that I never planned on giving him. He smiled and kissed my cheek and I got up. After my shower I noticed that mother had come and let him free, and he was gone.

I wanted to cry until I saw a note on my door saying that he would call me, and maybe we could do that again, but on our own terms.

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