"You would be pretty if those teeth weren't so fucking huge."

it was true. She had an okay face, big brown eyes with too much mascara. light brown skin, long mexican hair with those ugly fake streaks in them, pear shaped body with a little acne.. she was attractive enough to fuck, and ugly enough to not feel guilty when i finished her off.

"Did you ever think about getting braces to fix that shit?"

she didnt answer. i looked down at her, you could tell she was becoming aware how bad tonight would turn out. I looked around for something blunt enough to do some damage. a bitch should answer when spoken to. I settled on a pair of hedge clippers. we were in my basement, alone, and i had nothing better to do tonight but to get rid of my 7 inch boner.

"smile for me baby" I didnt give her a choice, with my index and pinky finger i spread her lips apart, and before she had a chance to bite me i blew the clippers down onto her teeth full force. the blow took out most of her teeth and broke the rest, she squirmed and screamed but i continued my work until all the teeth were out of her mouth. cant leave any sharp bits.

"you know" i threw the clippers aside "one time when i was about… 17 i'd say, i got so horny that i broke into an old ladies house and fucked her, i must have done it so well that she didnt complain or call the cops." she didnt make a sound, a fountain of blood was choking her throat, but i continued on with my work " disgusting i know, she wasnt that bad looking, anyways she pulled out her denchers and gave me this amazing blow job, ever since iv just been crazy about a girl full of gums. if they push down tite enough it sort of feels like your having anal sex.'

i pulled her up by her hair, she tried to scream but only blood came out. i smiled "have you ever had anal sex babe?" i liked off some of her blood off her cheek, i knew by now she was long from talking to me. "how bout i check?" she was already naked and i pushed her down, spread apart her ass cheeks, and inspected her ass. the hole itself looked tite enough, i wondered if she were a virgin. god how amazing would that be.

the thought of a virgin ass was making me hard, and i decided to just pretend she had never had anal. i spat onto her tite hole, lifted my cock up, and pushed it closley next to her opening. she squirmed and cried- as expected. i didnt care, i pulled up her waist roughly and felt up her boobs. by the size of them i would have guessed she was at least 17…but her face looked to be about 15. she had her nipples pierced, which i pulled out as i felt them. she screamed in horror as half of her nipple and some fless came out into my hand. amazing.

i looked down and positioned myself right at her rectum. i loved the site of seeing a cock go into a small hole, who dosn't? insertion porn gets me off the most. i wanted to go in slow, but i knew her reaction to a quick entry would be hotter, so quick it was. she screamed so loud i had to hit her in the head. it felt amazing though, just as tite as a virgin should be. only a few minutes into pumping her i got bored and pulled out. an orgasim wasnt the only thing on my mind tonight. i was dead-bored, nobody knew i was down here, nobody knew she was here, i had an entire night of nothing to do in a basement with so many pointy objects. plus- usually once i shoot a load i wont be good for another two hours or so.

the act of voilence on her teeth was a dead give-away that i didnt plan on letting her live tonight. it was very hard for me to just rape a chick and let her run off…usually i would pick out girls like this one [sluts on the corners selling themselves] so that no one would notice they were gone. usually i would put their dead bodies in some sort of compost until they are so decomposed no one could tell who she was. then i drive the bodies out of state, dump them in a landfill or a lake and get a new used car. whatever. time to play.

first came her eyes. i stood ontop of her arms so she couldnt move, though she was too drunk to do much now- and inserted my thumbs, like small dicks into an ass hole, right into her eye sockets and pushed. she gargled a scream of horror as she saw the last thing she ever would in this world- my thumbs and my smiling face. i pushed long enough to hear two pops and feel a gooze of jelly. i smiled, i could have just blind-folded her but this is so much more fun. now she wont have any visual warning of what i do to her.

i left her there on the floor to look around for a new tool. she was crying, a sad ugly site. believe it or not i still found her pretty hot despite the mouth of gums and eye sockets, plus an ass slowly leeking blood and whatever she ate last night.

(authors note: I didnt write this to get anyone horny, so if you expected some hot blonde to get raped and then ends up enjoying it halfway through and becoming an anal slut then just stop reading now dangit)

a rake. a hoe. a spade. "ooh" i said, when i came across a box of old dentist tools my wife got from a yardsale. i found the one that was a piece of metal that turned into a point at the end and walked back over to my girl. she was trying to walk, i took a swing with the dentist tool to her leg and punchered a hole big enough to fit my pinky into. she screamed [duh]. i tried it again on the other side. she still continued to try to move away. well… she dosnt need legs anymore anyways. i grabed a machete from a table and began to sever them off at her knee cap. her screams were music to my ears, and i felt myself get hard again. i moved to the second leg and continued. i loved her screams, i wanted to hear more. i thought for a minute and remembered what i did to a hooker two months ago. i took the machete and began to drill a medium flesh slit into her large mexican ass. i put the large knife aside, lifted my throbbing cock and pushed it into the wound.

the feeling was amazing. it was like a wet pussy and ass combined. i pushed my dick into her slit of fat and muscles, in and out. oh god did it feel amazing. i pulled out before i could come and continued my work. her legs were off now and i picked one up, beat her with it for a minute [just to fuck with her] threw it aside, laughing, and began to work on her arms. i cut them off at the elbow, just above the ulna and the radius.

"now your just a large paper weight" i said to her. she screamed as i stroked the remains of her body with her own departed hand, cussing at me in spanish. i had no idea what she was saying..but it made sense now why she never answered my questions- she had had no idea what i was talking about. i wasnt sure if that was a turn on or not, the fact that she was even more confused than i thought her to be. whatever, i didnt give myself much time to think about it. she was now losing blood and would be dead soon. i wanted to get one more fuck in before she was dead.

i found a medium sized log on the floor nearby. it was as thick as my arm and pointed at the top. it was old, splintered/dusty. i once again threw her onto her stomach, pushed up her body and inserted it into her pussy. i didnt do anything slowly now, my cock could hardly hold on. i pushed the log into her as hard as i could, and waited for it to go past her cervix and into her womb. it took a while and alot of pressure but i finally got it. i pushed even longer and it was well into her stomach. i left it there, pushed her ass up and fucked her anally.

now unless you have done the exact same thing in your basement, you wouldnt be able to know how amazing this feeling was. the amount of blood created us our own private hot tub on the floor. her ass was still so very tite, and i looked down at my 'paperweight' to see if she was still alive. i hit her in the head 'are you still alive girl?' she didnt move. i spanked her. she didnt move. fuck, she died before i could come. i pulled out, pulled up her long brown and bleached hair and slapped her. she gave a small, extremely sexy cry. with releif, i pulled around, sat by her face and pushed her head down onto my dick.

the friction of her gums was heaven. i pushed her down far enough to feel the back of her throat. then back up, and then back down. i could feel her life slipping away, i grabbed as much flesh as i could and went as fast as possible. the orgasim that came was amazing..and i flooded her mouth with my seed.

i laid there for a good 5 minutes in a pool of warm blood before getting up. the mess was pretty bad and with so much blood everywhere it would be impossible to clean the evidence. i looked down at the stub of what used to be a human girl. i got a beer from the mini fridge and sat down, waiting for my next hard on to arrive.

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