Reformed Youth

Reformed Youth

In-mate 70214 – Steven Pincardo
Attempted rape
His name was Steve, Steve Pincardo, age 17. Steve was on his way to the most notorious Youth Offenders Centre in the country. Pachem Hole or Hall by its proper title. He was being sent there for one reason, he was a teen sex offender, one whose traits would not, could not be curbed by anything but Pachem Hole. Pachem Hole had a reputation for changing even the worst deviant teens that were sent there in the space of a few months in residence. How? Well no one outside new and the ex-residents weren’t telling. All Steve knew was that it was an open prison, no guards inside, only the wall.
The bus he was in pulled up outside of a small pre-fabricated hut outside of a huge 40ft concrete wall. The only feature in the wall was a large iron gate with two guards at either side. The guard dragged him off the bus pulling him by his handcuffs. He was dragged to the hut and shoved inside. Inside he was greeted by the grim faced man in his 50’s in police uniform.
“Ah the new lad eh?” he asked,
“Speak up” he shouted spittle flying.
“Yes sir” sneered Steve; the man punched Steve hard in the gut, he to fall to the ground and curled into a ball moaning.
“I am the Warden maggot and you will respect me or next time I punch lower, eh?”
“Y…yes” Whimpered Steve.
“Good boy, now you’re sleeping cell is 14420202” he yelled at Steve’s prone form.
“Guard shove him in.” The guard hauled Steve to his feet and led him towards the gate
“Huh Ur gonna regret rapin that girl now” he rumbled as he opened the door and with a firm shove Steve entered his new life.

As he picked himself up Steve took in the sight of amaze of concrete huts of various sizes with teens going about their business like this was normal to them. As he scanned the closest huts for a number he noticed a younger boy sprinting towards him.
“Hey” he panted “you must be Steve”
“Yuhu” replied Steve
“I’m Paul and I will be your guide. I’ll show you around the place then I’ll take you to your cot.”

When the two reached the courtyard roughly in the centre of the compound Steve caught sight of a girl who managed to appear as a queen even in the blue unisex overalls they all wore.
“Who is she?” asked Steve.
“She is the queen Elizabeth of this hell hole, Eli for short, put simply she rules this place and you don’t mess with her or any of her girls. She will likely pay you a visit soon so be on your guard.”
“Hmmmm? Sure.” Steve mumbled still staring after Queen Eli.

The two finally wound up at Steve's cell. It was a small concrete cubicle, one of many spread across the compound in blocks of 20.
“Right seeya and good luck” said Paul and he dashed off. As soon as he was gone Steve closed the door and slumped down onto the bed, the only piece of furniture there was in the room. He hit the light switch and turned off the naked hanging light on the ceiling and fell asleep in the darkness.

Now Steve had no intention of his antics so when he came across a girl crying in one of the shower rooms (these rooms bear a resemblance to the gas chambers of the Nazi’s excepting the fact they were actually showers) he seized his chance.

As he cupped his hand over the naked girl’s mouth he grabbed her arms and forced her down onto the floor with his knee. She writhed as he whispered into her ear
“Now now soon it will all feel good, whether you want it too or not”

Just as he reached for his belt to tie her up with a foot connected with his head and he went flying into a wall. He staggered up to get a look at his attacker.
Standing before him were three girls, two of them crouched in fighting stances defending the one in the middle who was adopting a far more regal pose.
Then he recognised the leader, it was Eli!!
“So” she sneered “you are scum, just like all of the boys who are sent here. You didn’t even pause to think to help the poor girl, and yes this was a test and you failed like all the scum before you.”
“I’m not scum you stuck up bitch” Steve yelled back.
“SHUT UP” she yelled, “Now you will be punished and humiliated scum”

As she said her two captains advanced on him. He lashed at out one and missed completely. The other moved behind him and brought him down with a kick to the back of the knee. As soon as he was on the ground the two girls pinned him down and handcuffed as well as ankle-cuffed him. Then they lifted him up and chained his hands to the piping above.
“Now scum you pay for your crimes and disrespect” spat the queen.

Eli unhooked a riding crop from her belt and began to trace it over his chest flicking him as she went. He barked out much to the queen’s dissatisfaction.
“Girls I want him naked and gagged please” she commanded politely.

One of the girls approached with a knife and he began to squirm against his bonds. Slowly she began to remove his clothing piece by piece making sure it was as humiliating as possible for him. Eventually nothing remained on him. The other girl advanced on him carrying a gag with a small penis to go in the mouth and a larger dildo on the outside. She forced it to his lips and pushed it in hard. Eventually she forced it in and she strapped it on tight around the back of his head. He struggled as the girls went about their work but the bonds were stronger than he.

Eli stepped forward letting her hips swing wildly and began tapping him with her crop again slowly increasing the force each hit. About 20 blows in he was beginning to moan with each hit and his cock stood to attention for the queen.
“My my, aren’t we a little slut” she observed as she noticed how hard he was.
She began to caress his cock with the tip of the crop lightly flicking it causing him to jump. Then she hit his balls hard 5 times causing him to scream into the cock in his mouth humiliating him even more.
Eli clicked her fingers and the girls let the sobbing Steve down and took him to the dead centre of the room which was used as a toilet. In the centre lay a device that looked like two spreader bars held apart by another bar. The girls wrestled the protesting but already exhausted Steve into it and locked him in forcing him into a doggy stance and denying him any movement.

A seat was placed in front of him and Eli sat down facing him. While the girls had done their work Eli had shed her overalls. All that she was wearing now was a tight black leather corset that cam e up just beneath her beautifully rounded tits. Her pussy was only inches from his face and he was aching for release.
“Now scum fuck me” Eli commanded and smacked his arse with the riding crop. He shuffled forwards and pushed the dildo on his gag into her wet pussy. He began to rock backwards and forwards pumping in and out of her while she moaned and continually smacked his arse.
“Faster scum” she screamed and he began to pump faster and faster till she was moaning and arching her back. At last she orgasmed hard, spraying her juices all over his face.

After a pause to catch her breath Eli stood up and picked up a black leather crotch less dildo harness with a large black ribbed dildo attached to it. She stepped into it and pulled it up snug to her waist.
“Now scum you will know what rape is like from the other side”
With that she rammed straight into him causing him to scream out against the gag. She pulled out and plunged back in again making him moan loudly in mixed pain and pleasure. After 5 times of plunging in and out she began to pump steadily deep and hard. His moans increased as the pain turned into pleasure and the blood flowing from his damaged hole was forgotten.
One of Eli’s captains slid below him and took his length into her mouth and began to suck him off. The other captain began to lick Eli’s hot wet pussy as it moved against Steve’s hips.

After a few minutes of being fucked and sucked Steve came explosively into a cup being held by the captain who had been sucking him off. As Steve was milked Eli came again as her captain licked her to another huge orgasm.

“There scum, now for your humiliation, the same that your victims feel.” She wrenched the double ended dildo from his gag and in its place set a funnel. The girls surrounded him and began to piss all over him making sure some went into the funnel. As he gulped it down one of the girls tipped the glass of his cum in as well.
The queen laughed and the two captains locked the spreader bars to the floor and rammed a huge butt plug into his ass.
They marched out cackling, but as they left they left a sign on the door that read,
“Toilet in use”
They were gone leaving him dripping with piss and pussy juice and waiting for the real humiliation to begin.

The door creaked open……

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