Salvation Ch. 6 New Routines

Salvation Ch. 6 New Routines

Ever since the foundation of St Saviour’s 60 years ago, the children have always been subjected to harsh daily routines. These routines consist of sexual abuse and physical tortures in the form of health and hygiene therapies and corporal punishments.

Alice’s parents had always insisted that these harsh drills and routines were necessary for the children’s character building, but as Alice helped matron to administer them she developed a real passion for inflicting them.

Since inheriting St Saviour’s, Alice Marchant has introduced many new and even more sadistic routines, that now attract many wealthy patrons who pay to watch and participate in there enforcement.

It has only been a week since their arrival, but the children are beginning to adapt to these new daily routines and are eager to please their new masters and mistresses.

Rebecca Bolton, the matron at St Saviour’s woke early, a habit of hers for as long as anyone can remember.

She washed and dressed herself; thankful for the loose fitting clothes that Miss Appleyard the seamstress had made for all the staff.

It made her life so much easier; to be able to either reach under her dress to masturbate or to quickly fling back the material and expose her aching cunt to be pleasured by one or more of the little tarts.

After tying her hair back, so it wouldn’t obscure her vision she quickly swept through the silent corridors and made her way to the main dormitory, where her three young assistants were just rising from their beds.

“Did they sleep well?” she asked pleasantly.

“Like babies,” Janice answered.

Janice Glover was the most vocal of the three, her background amongst the poor of London setting her aside from the other two younger girls. They had grown up as maids in country houses, abused and tortured by the gentry. For them, to talk out of turn would have meant a very severe whipping.

“Come on then, Let’s wake the little Tarts,” she grinned.

Rebecca took the first bed on the right, while her assistants had moved further along the opposite row of beds, randomly picking a boy or girl to begin their morning routines.

Smiling down at the waking boy, another boy dozily waking beside him, Rebecca removed the blanket they shared, leaving them both naked.

Taking hold of his handsome little cock she began to wake that also. The boy groaned and rose to meet her touches, his cock quickly standing to attention, nicely hard and beautifully smooth.

“Lift your legs for Aunty,” Rebecca cooed, her fingers delving beneath his balls to stroke him around his anus where he was the most sensitive.

He gasped and obeyed; his eyes now wide open as he looked about him, seeing others were being similarly touched. Besides him, the other boy watched and licked his lips, his own cock also stirring in anticipation.

With his legs raised, Rebecca moved her fingers down between his bottom and started to rub his anus, fondling the tight opening for a good few moments before slipping her fingers all the way in.

“Misss!” he hissed, his cock jerking uncontrollably in her hand. She smiled and urged him on, pushing her fingers deeper, massaging his prostate until finally he cried out, spurting his seed, powerfully in a long arc over his smooth chest.

“Good boy. Wait until you’re called.” She told him, rising to move to another bed where a little girl had been watching them, her hands busily masturbating herself under her blanket.

“No, no. I don’t want to!” she heard coming from further down the row of beds.

Rebecca stopped to look in that direction and saw Mable Feltch abruptly stand, and drag a naked little girl from the comfort of her warm bed.

“No! No!” the girl kept screaming, as Mable positioned the child over the end of her bed and started to spank her little bottom hard.

“What did you say to me?” Mable demanded, stopping only briefly to hear her answer. “No, no, no,” wept the little girl.

Positioning her own leg across the girl’s to help stop them from flaying, she then proceeded to spank her again, her hand making sharp sounds as it landed heavily across the child’s bottom.

“Well?” Mable demanded.

“I don’t want to,” the girl wept, breathless from trying to evade the spanking.

Mable then moved to the crying girl’s other side so she could rest her stinging hand and use the other one to continue the punishment. She raised her hand high above her head for each firm slap, whilst controlling the child’s struggling with her own body.

By the time Mable had stopped spanking the girl’s bottom the whole dormitory was awake and watching, even those who were being masturbated, panted loudly as they loins reacted to the spectacle.

“Well?” Mable asked again sternly.

“No more miss, please,” the weeping girl replied.

“Will you be good and do as you’re told?” Mable asked. Crying into the blanket the child nodded.

“Lift your bottom up for me then,” Mable instructed her, stepping back to release the child’s legs.

Crying even harder now, the little girl shuffled her feet and raised her bottom; her tight little cleft parting, to reveal a moist cunt and tender little anus between. “Legs further apart young lady,” Mable warned.

Still sobbing, the child obeyed and parted her legs even wider. From between them, the soft curve of her little pink cunt flesh appeared, young and smooth, tender and soft.

A light sprinkling of hairs covered her delicious little cunt, which reminded Mable to mention this to matron.

It is a rule at St Saviour’s that pubic hairs around either the genitals or the anus must be plucked out one by one and then sealed with hot wax.

Mable smiled as she reached out to stroke it, running her fingers over the soft flesh and parting it knowingly. As her fingers worked back and forth the girl’s crying ebbed.

“Like it now, don’t you?” Mable asked softly. She could feel it on the tip of her fingers, the warm slippery wetness in her little cunt that was the first hint of young excitement.

The child whimpered and panted, as Mable roughly pinched her already sore bottom whilst also fingering her anus and rubbing her now extended clitoris, bringing her off before she was even aware of it.

“Ok,” the matron called, clapping her hands to get the children’s attention.

“You all know what will happen if you don’t obey; you will have your bottoms severely spanked!” she told them, her eyes turning to those children who looked the more defiant. “So no more playing games. Those of you that haven’t been masturbated yet, moved your pillows to the middle of your bed and lie on them face up with your legs as widely spread as you can,” she ordered them.

“Now!” she shouted, unhooking the whip that she always carried attached to her waist and bringing it down with loud crack across the end of the bed.

Her assistants also reached for their whips, then walked amongst their beds as, dazed but compliant, the children rose and did as they were told, some having to watch others before they understood what they had to do.

Rebecca and her young assistants were now faced with a scene seldom witnessed by anyone; twenty children ranging from eight to fourteen years old lying on their beds naked waiting to be masturbated, the pillows lifting their genitals up into the air and exposing them between their widely spread thighs.

Only four were not on their beds, those who had already been masturbated and were now waiting for their morning ablutions and cleansing.

Rebecca couldn’t help smiling, as she walked up and down the rows of beds and every now and again stopped to admire a particularly handsome cock and balls or an attractive little girl’s pouting cunt.

The children blushed and licked their lips, as they watched their neighbours having their genitals masturbated and waited patiently for their turn. Rebecca’s assistants sat down beside eager loins now raised by the pillows and applied their fingers, stroking and manipulating their tender genitals.

The boy’s reactions would often bring giggles from the assistants, as they had their handsome little cocks masturbated. The girl’s jerked and gasped as they had their tender labia drawn apart and fingers inserted. Cute little bottoms were invaded by prying hands and fingers entered deep into tight anuses, until their owners shook and gasped with much needed realise. Satisfied, Rebecca took the first four who had been waiting in anticipation, into the tiled bathroom and attached them to the metal crossbar that stood in the centre of the room for their morning cleansing.

One day soon, she thought, there would be groups of adults in attendance to watch as she parted these cute little bottoms and deftly inserted the specially shaped clysters.

No doubt some patrons would make requests, asking for a slower insertion or a faster one, asking for one of the larger nozzles or the opportunity to insert one or more themselves, their eyes mesmerised by the ability of the children’s anuses to open so wide and accommodate so much.

For now though, Rebecca could please herself, reaching through a boy’s widely parted legs to bring a recently spent cock back to life, or roughly massage a sore little cunt before inserted the clyster’s deep into their little bottoms.

Dr Samuel Croft, an old friend of Rebecca’s ran a sanatorium in Gilspur Street for children with so called nervous disorders, where he had invented many of the special instruments, apparatus and equipment that she and her fellow staff now used with so much passion.

A private clinic, it offered worried parents special therapies for the so-called nervous disorders that their children were suffering from. An advertisement in a medical journal, offered to cure the children of their disorders within weeks of them being admitted.

Unlike St Saviour’s where the children are encouraged to develop their sexual curiosity and masturbate on a regular basis, the children sent to Dr Croft’s sanatorium were having their sexual curiosity punished.

Preying on the fears and the outraged moral principles of respectable parents and governesses, he offered a cure for these little peepers and masturbators through rigorous daily treatments and severe whippings.

Children, who masturbated and those who were in the habit of peeping at their siblings as they were being punished were the targets for this charlatan.

His so-called cure only serving to ensure that his passion for inflicting this sadistic sexual and medically abuse was fully satisfied.

On many occasions Rebecca Bolton visited the sanatorium, so that Dr Croft could demonstrate a procedure or new piece of apparatus and equipment before bringing it back to St Saviour’s.

Notably there had been demonstrations in the use of; glycerine suppositories, hot castor oil and turpentine enemas that were given using an eight-inch hard vulcanised rubber nozzle held in by a mushroom bung, then followed by a severe whipping on the child’s bottom and thighs.

The boy’s treatments included, regular forced masturbation, squeezing of their testicles, prostrate massage, urethra cleansing, nettling of their cock’s and daily thrashings. The girl’s received regular forced clitoral massage, douching of both their vaginas and urethras with menthol and daily thrashings.

A particularly unpleasant treatment in store for children who didn’t cooperate was the use of fresh hot ox bile, loaded into a brass syringe and then emptied into their colon in one single action and held in with a rectal plug for five minutes.

Severe whippings to the child’s genitals, thighs and bottoms would be the result of excessive fidgeting and screaming and another five minutes would be added to the treatment. His frightened patients measured the passage of their time by in the sanatorium by the regular daily attentions to their genitals and bottoms. The routines at St Saviour’s had a lot to thank Dr Croft for as Miss Bolton and her assistants became more experienced at giving hot oil clysters by inserting the nozzle of the brass syringe deep into the child’s anus and then expelling the contents in one continuous action until all the oil had passed deep into their colon’s.

Mushroom bungs were then inserted into their anuses to prevent the premature expelling of the hot oil which had to be held in for five minutes, causing many a child’s sore little bottom to be whipped as they lost control and danced about with the oil burning their tender colon’s.

Other children arrived, still dazed from their early morning masturbation and not at all sure what to expect as they witnessed the commotion. Rebecca took charge of them, securing them to the bar and tested others to determine their readiness for evacuation. A girl moaned, a look of pain on her face, which made Rebecca laugh.

“You’ll get used to this soon enough my girl. Three times a day once we get going,” she chuckled.

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness,” she recited.

The girl trotted off holding her bottom, her face showing the strain before a look of profound satisfaction came over her as she released the mushroom bung and expelled the hot oil into the open drain. Doctor Jeremy Stevens entered his new surgery from the privacy of his office and stared about him with pleasure.

A vast array of evil looking instruments lay displayed in glass cabinets waiting to be used, various pieces of equipment were scattered around the room and in the very centre stood an examination table.

The examination table was another of Dr Croft’s inventions.

Controlled by levers under the table and fitted with restraints, it was a real masterpiece of engineering. The children who were strapped to this table could be displayed in any position and at any angle.

Their genitals made all the more available by the way that the table splits at the waist, allowing examinations to be carried out between widely parted legs and from a position of only inches away.

Everything he’d ever dreamed of doing, he could now do here in full knowledge that he would be helped rather than hindered. Boy or girl, whatever their age, he would spread them wide and thoroughly abuse them medically.

Perhaps he would even get a chance to try out his new fangled electric apparatus on them, noting their reactions in the journal that was kept for each child at St Saviour’s.

Standing in the centre of the surgery, he looked around him at the empty seats that had been placed in a horseshoe overlooking the examination table, raised up by two tiers, much like the teaching hospitals where audiences of learned medics looked down on the operations. Within days these seats would be filled by governors and patrons alike all eager to watch as he medically abused the children, aided by mirrors that re-directing the light from the windows that were high up in the room to focus down onto the main examination table ensuring a bright and detailed view of the patient.

Nurse Bishop stood by the open door, excitedly waiting for the children to be realised from their morning cleansings. Then suddenly she heard the sound of children being marched down the backstairs, they’re nervous chattering getting much louder as they got nearer the surgery.

“Come along children, don’t dawdle,” Mable shouted, the sound of bottoms being spanked echoing throughout the building.

“They’re here Doctor,” Anne signalled.

Anne had great difficulty containing her excitement as she led the children who had been kept naked to sit on the hard wooden benches that had been arranged in the waiting room.

These benches had separate seats carved out into the long benches so that each child would sit apart from those next to them. However, the seat had a central seam that separated their bottoms, ensuring that they sat with their full weight directly on their sore genitals, causing them to fidget and cry out.

“Sit still now, or I will give you something to cry about,” Mable shouted as she strode up and down the waiting room, a cruel smile on her face as she watched their anxious struggles with amusement.

“Show in the first one please nurse,” Dr Stevens said.

He could already imagine an audience in attendance focused on his hands and instruments as he examined their intimate flesh. Anne curtsied and hurried to obey, grabbing the first child that came to hand in what was becoming a very noisy waiting room.

“This is Robert doctor, he is twelve years old” Anne said, as she brought the naked child in and closed the door behind her.

“Robert is from Deptford Workhouse, doctor,” Anne said as she helped the little boy to climb onto the raised podium.

“Hello Robert,” the doctor smiled, reaching for the lad and quickly examining his eyes, ears, noise and mouth.

Anne then consulted Robert’s journal for the entries made by Miss Appleyard the seamstress that recorded his measurements and his responses to being intimately handled for the first time.

“He seems healthy enough,” Jeremy said, as he looked the boy over.

“Patricia Appleyard noted in Robert’s journal, that his penis although a little small for his age does erect nicely and his testicles are a good size. Robert’s bottom is very nicely proportioned and has a excellent resistance to pain, but his anus reacts very sensitively to entry.” Anne smiled as she read this out to Doctor Stevens who continued with Robert’s examination.

Gripping the boy’s firm skin around one nipple, he harshly pinched, pulled and twisted it between his finger and thumb.

Robert gasped and jerked.

Jeremy nodded. “Yes, he does have a good pain threshold,” he said as he released the nipple only to do the same to the other and then watch them both flood with colour.

Turning his attention now to Robert’s cock the doctor started to manipulate it roughly between his fingers.

“His penis is overly small,” Jeremy noted, as he considered what course of action to take.

Thanks to Miss Bolton’s friendship with Dr Samuel Croft, St Saviour’s now had special instruments and equipment that could be used to correct many different genital disorders, the vacuum enhancer or the weight suspension tool to name just two.

“Make a note for his penis to be drawn during his sleep,”

Matron and her young assistants had used these special tools many times before with much success and would attach a leather sheaf around his cock suspending weights to the end of it, pulling and stretching his cock every night until it showed signs of lengthening.

Doctor Stevens then turned Robert around to exam his bottom, spanking him hard to discern how the milky flesh would change colour, then used a pair dividers to pry his bottom apart so he could exam his anus.

“Ah!” Jeremy said, nodding his head as he roughly fingered Robert’s anus taking little notice of his struggles.

“A size three plug please nurse,” he called urgently.

Nurse Bishop rushed to obtain one and then watched the doctor as he inserted the plug deep into the boy’s anus. The sight made her groan with longing and made Jeremy grin knowingly.

No doubt Patricia Appleyard had also made her one of those special harnesses, the ones onto which ladies could fix the new rubberised penises.

“A long history of buggery I suspect,” he suggested to the nurse.

“Such a sweet little boy and what a tight little anus to bugger,” Anne thought as she watched him remove the plug from the boy’s distended anus, making a note in his journal to highlight this condition to others.

Doctor Stevens turned the boy around again and smiled as he saw that his cock was now fully erect and stuck straight out from his little loins, its length and thickness similar to the doctor’s middle finger. “Do you think that Alice will keep him?” Anne asked afterwards, while Jeremy washed his hands before the next child was ushered in.

“Hard to say,” Jeremy admitted. “Alice would prefer we choose well endowed boys. Yet he may have some other redeeming attributes. Let’s wait and see how he reacts to all the harsh punishments,” he suggested.

Anne nodded. Miss Marchant needed all types of children. Not only those who were well developed for their age, but opposites too, the stoic and the frightened, the timid and the ones who really scream and struggle.

It is the responsibility of Dr Steven’s and Nurse Bishop to examine and then to select the right type of child for each entertainment, based on their knowledge of both the child’s abilities and the patron’s passions.

Nurse Bishop chose a pretty little girl for the doctor’s next examination.

He smiled at the child as he waited for her to step up timidly onto the podium, her large round eyes scanning the rows of empty seats in front of her.

“This is Sally doctor, she is eleven years old,” Anne said.

So, Sally,” he said as he checked her hair, eyes, ears, mouth and nose. “Do you like it here?” he asked.

“It’s alright I suppose,” she told him, as she looked around her. “What are all those seats for?” Sally asked the doctor, her voice trembling.

“They are so the rich patrons who donate money so you can live here can watch as we ensure you’re all kept fit and healthy,” he said as he looked at her pretty little body, feeling his cock begin to grow in his breeches.

The child had lovely skin, almost translucent and especially alluring as she was just entering puberty. As the doctor moved closer to her, Sally opened her legs for him, striking a pose that was not unfamiliar to her.

“You like being touched, do you?” he chuckled, stepping up to her to tap her chest, and then listened as she inhaled.

“It’s alright I suppose,” she shrugged.

Jeremy fondled the child’s delicate little breasts and watched as her nipples started to harden, enjoying the feel of the soft smooth skin for a few long moments, before his caresses turned to powerful twisting and squeezing.

The little girl cried out in pain, her eyes widening in shock as he continued to twist her nipples until she doubled over, her hands flying to cover herself and protect her bruised little breasts.

“Very strong response,” he noted.

Anne wrote this observation down in Sally’s journal and then watched as Jeremy encouraged the girl to stand straight again by giving her bottom a few sharp smacks, his hands going straight between her widely parted thighs to exam her hairless little cunt.

“Mm, damp,” he said. The little girl gasped, her face brightening as she rose onto her toes. “No hymen, but tight though,” He admitted. He withdrew his hand and inspected his fingers, the middle one gleaming with wetness. He then told her to turn around and bend over.

Whimpering quietly and looking nervously at the two adults, Sally rubbed her bruised little breasts before obeying the command. Dr Stevens waited patiently but was not satisfied with her response, so a sound spanking was administered without waiting, instantly turning her beautiful pearl white skin to a pretty dark red glow.

Sally started to scream and struggled to evade the pain, much to the delight of Jeremy and Anne who were enjoying the spectacle.

“She has sensitive skin that reacts well to pain,” Jeremy remarked.

Jeremy fondled her sore little bottom for a few long moments before picking up the dividers to examine her anus, watching it tense and then shudder as he let his fingers brush against her already moist little vagina.

“Anyone touch you here?” he asked.

As he waited for her reply, he tested the tightness of her anus by slipping his finger deep inside, the sudden pain causing the child to step forward and nearly off the podium.

“A fingering,” she admitted.

“Liked it too, didn’t you?” he asked her, the fingers of one hand continuing to exam her anus whilst he slowly masturbated her engorged clitoris with the other.

“Sometimes. If it was done nice.” She admitted.

“Show us,” he told her. Anne rose and walked across the room, her face flushed as she knelt behind the child inches away from her sweet little bottom to watch as Sally moistened her finger in her mouth, then reach between her legs to place her index finger up against her puckered little anus.

With a grunt she pushed her finger all the way into her anus and started to slip it in and out with a slow rhythm, completely unaware of how erotic the site was to her appreciative audience.

“You’ve had a cock up here too, haven’t you?” Jeremy asked her as he continued to masturbate her, slipping two then three fingers up her little cunt, pulling her finger out of her anus so he could replace it with a slender anal probe.

“Only tofts that would feed me, or let me spend the night with them in their nice warm bed,” she admitted, her breath quickening even more as the anal probe slid back and forth testing her sensitive anal sphincter.

“Look how it opens!” Anne marvelled.

“Very pliant,” Jeremy agreed. He drew the probe from her bottom and pressed the ball of his thumb up against her erect clitoris, listening to her swooning as he rubbed rhythmically, her wetness dripping onto his thumb.

Doctor Stevens then stepped away, leaving the girl in a high state of arousal to consult with Nurse Bishop. Please make a note of these findings in her journal.

“Certainly doctor,” Anne answered.

“Do you want Sally to put on the list for tonight’s entertainments?” Anne smiled as she wrote down the details.

Alice had asked them earlier to find a few special children to entertain the patrons that evening. They both knew exactly what Alice had in mind and Sally would be perfect as one of these little entertainers.

“Masturbate for us!” he demanded.

Sally obeyed without complaint, her face showing her enormous relief.

With a groan the child reached between her legs and slipped a finger into her wet cunt and another into her anus, masturbating slowly in a purposeful rhythm, until her breath quickened and then escalated into a sharp cry as she finally succeeded in reaching her climax.

“Happy now?” Jeremy smiled as he asked the now blushing little girl.

“Yes doctor!” Sally admitted.

“Good run along now, we have many more children to examine before lunch,” he told her with a new excitement in his voice. Anne helped the child down from the raised podium and then escorted her into another room next to the surgery where the matron was waiting for them.

Unlike the waiting room where the children were gathered for their examinations, this was room was sound proofed and private which gave matron the opportunity to thoroughly interrogate the children after their examinations.

Nurse bishop knew not to keep matron waiting before taking the children to her to interrogate. Rebecca Bolton was a cruel woman and always complained bitterly to Miss Marchant if she didn’t have the time to properly enjoy herself with the children.

“Sally has been chosen to entertain the patrons tonight,” Anne told matron, as the girl’s eyes sparkling with pride. “It is her first opportunity to earn a badge,” Anne said as she smiled knowingly towards Rebecca.

“I will leave you to prepare Sally for tonight,” Anne said closing the thick oak door behind her.

Knowing that she wouldn’t be able hear the screams as Rebecca interrogated the girl, as she prepared her mind with special drugs and her delicate skin with the confusing feelings of being both pinched then massaged, Anne made her way back to the waiting room.

Matron knew just how to persuade a child to cooperate in her little games and how to bring the best out of their flagging loins, livening up their delicate skin in preparation for the entertainments and just how to make them service her arching cunt willingly.

“Another little girl I think,” Anne thought to herself, rubbing her cold hands together in excitement, as she heard the commotion the children were making from having to sit on the hard benches in the waiting room.

Tonight’s entertainments would be the first to take place in the newly built dungeons and it was going to be a grand affair.

These little tarts are going to entertain the lusting audience by being sexually and physically tortured and there will be no mercy shown, as Alice Marchant is determined to put on a good show and impress her wealthy audience.

All the governors, patrons and staff would be there to watch, as the specially chosen boys and girls entertain them and try their best to earn the much sort after badges. The apparatus and equipment is now in place along with all the seating.

All that is needed now is for the audience to arrive and the little tarts to be severed up in they’re staring roles.

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