My name is Sammie Fromm, a 16 year old high school sophomore. I live in Miami with my 20 year old step brother Devin. I came from Russia 6 years ago but Im fluent in English. I get straight As and my goal is Harvard University. Most people say I have a better than good chance of getting in.I am one of the smartest girls in the school, but also Im considered the hottest. I have a nice curvy body. Larger than average breasts, nice firm ass. People say I look exactly like Emma Watson, or the actor who played Hermoine Granger in the Harry Potter series. Im tan but not too tan. I have long curly dirty blonde hair. I have smooth Russian skin, freckleless. Many girls hate me for all the guys that love me. Despite all this, Im a virgin. Im so inexperienced with romance. Ive only made out once, and dated 3 guys. But all this is about to change.

Its summer and I was exhausted by the Florida sun. I fell in a deep sleep at 7. A very deep sleep….

I wake up and find myself in someones basement. It definately wasnt my basement. Surprisingly, Im all tied up and gagged. I struggle to get out of the bondage and try to scream. In my desperate shake, I accidently knock over a box full of some stuff that I cant identify. Footsteps come towards me. One man turns on the light, almost blinding me with the brightness. I soon see 3 people in front of me. A 25 year old looking white man, an 18 year old looking girl, and… Devin! Oh how glad I was to see him. "Devin! Please get me out of here. This is a really bad joke." I command, still tied up of course. Devin just smirks. He then grins and says " I'll be back in 2weeks or so. You better please your new master." He smirks again and leaves. I scream at him that it wasnt funny, but at the same time I sort of knew he wasnt joking. Terrified, I ask the girl to please get me down. She barks "My name is Danielle. You'll address me as Mistress. That is our Master. You'll address him as Sir. Do whatever we tell you to, and we'll set you free when your brother comes. And you better do what we tell you to pleasingly. Or else…" I am outraged. "Or else what?! huh?! I will call the police on you and you'll be really sorry!" The man chuckles. "I think I'll get fond of you, slave. But if you want to call the police, go ahead, we won't stop you." I stare at him in disbelief. He speaks once more. "Ah, suspicious? Of course a smart girl like you knows nothing is that easy. Haha. Look at this…" He takes out a video tape and puts it in a TV. On the screen is me sleeping on my desk at home, with me… cheating! How did he get that?!? Someone in the video was filming me asleep but on my desk was the cheat sheet for the PSAT. HOLY SHIT. Devin must have seen me with it and filmed it. That bastard. Then the screen went black and changed to me on the computer but masturbating. How embaressing! The third part was me in my room but on my bed with my ex boyfriend. He was asleep, and I could see me sliding my hand in his pocket and taking money out of his wallet. The man turned the video off. "Through that video, I could see you committed a money stealing crime, cheating on a nationwide test, and how much of a dirty whore you are, slave." Tears swelled in my eyes. "Please don't mister. I'll do anything you want, just dont turn that in." I could feel rage inside me, but I knew it wasnt the time to annoy him. Sir laughed and told Danielle something that I couldnt hear. Sir went upstairs as Danielle came to me. "Alright little girl. If you try anything to get away, break the video or steal it, we will turn in the video because we have tons of it, not only in this house either. Do what we say and later we'll let you go. Please the master." I nod slowly. "Now take your clothes off when I take these bonds off you." With fear, I reluctantly take my clothes off. Danielle yells "Panties and bra off too, slut!" I am terrified but does as she tells me to. Now Im going to see what you feel like. Danielle touches my cheeks with her hands and slowly brings it down my neck. Down to my breast she slowly fondle them and plays with them. Danielle suddenly sucks on one of my nipples as I groan. My eyes are wide with terror. No one had ever sucked on my tits, or even touched me. Danielle makes her hands down to my pussy. I am shocked to find myself getting wetter. Danielle rubs the outline of my clit. I am full of pubic hair and she snorts at it. "We'll have to do something about that, wont we." She then stick a finger up my pussy. I gasp. Slowly, in and out… Danielle finger fucks me. Oh how extraordinary it was for someone else to enter my pussy. Faster and faster, Danielle thrust her finger up me. I was panting and groaning, getting extremely wet. Danielle suddenly thrusts two fingers up my clit and faster and faster and faster and…..MOAN……Ahhhhhh….. I came all over her two fingers. I am exhausted while Danielle laughs.

About an hour later, I was feeling better(but still naked because Danielle threw away my clothes) and I had nothing to do. I was waiting for something to happen. Danielle told me to never do anything unless I was ordered to. Once again, footsteps came towards me. Danielle was holding a bag. She took out a razor and started to shave my clit. Once again terrified, but I had no choice but to stay still. She threw a latex material that only slightly resembled clothes. She barked at me. "You will wear this at all times, except when the master orders you to be naked, understand?" I nodded. "Now put it on, slave." I tried to put it on, except it was horribly tight. It squeezed my body tight and pushed against my pussy. It was so painful. But I dared not said anything. "Its time for dinner, slave. You'll be eating on the floor like any other dog would. This is a collar and a leash that the master will have it at all times. You better not displease him on the first meal." She gave me a dangerous look and put a collar with a leash on me. I went crawled upstairs on my all fours.

The food smelled extremely good, and I was rather relieved that it was not some garbage. On the floor next to the master was a dog bowl. The core of pride and resistance inside me almost bursted, except I remembered the consequences. I'd just have to deal with it. Danielle, or now Mistress to me, served hot pasta with lobster tail in it to Sir, our master. Danielle sat at the table also but ate some canned soup. In my dog bowl, there was what I guess was leftovers from the day before. One of the rules that Danielle told me, was that around Sir, I was to act like a dog and never use my hands. So I had to like and just use my face to eat. That's what I did. I was incredibly embaressed when Sir smirked at my dishonorable state, but I knew it was the best I would get. As I was in the middle of eating, master suddenly jerked my leash to the left, causing me to gag and slide across the floor. Once again, tears swelled in my eyes. He spoke. "You little dog. Go clean your mouth and crawl over to my room. Hahah" He left, and Danielle gave me a toothbrush and toothpaste. She told me there was an unused bathroom downstairs in the basement. I brushed my teeth in the rotten bathroom and once again went to my master's room on all fours. As I entered, he ordered me to stand up and take my clothes off. I did as he told me to. "Suck my dick." I started sucking and sucked for the first time. I kept sucking and sucking for atleast 15 minutes. My mouth ached like hell and so did my back. Suddenly, master summoned Danielle to bring the 'belt.' By this point I had stopped sucking. As Danielle brought the 'belt' which was a soaking wet, piece of cloth that looked lethat, my eyes went wide in terror. The master spoke "You did not please me when you were sucking my cock. Therefore there will be a punishment. Danielle, go ahead." Mistress ordered me to get in a catstretch position. I could only imagine what she would do with me in that position. But it was my only choice. She whipped me hard on my virgin vagina, each time causing me to scream. She whipped with all her force, and she was not a small lady. My pussy must have been extremely red and I wanted to die at that point. When my master gave Mistress a nod, she stopped. The master once again spoke to me. "Haha it feels like Im seeing Emma Watson in person. Slave, you are by far the best slave Ive had. Even better than Danielle." Danielle gave me killer glare. "Anyway, Danielle, if that slave displeases me or you one more time, I think you know where to take her." Master winked at Danielle, and Danielle gave me a mishevious grin.


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