Sonic the Rapist

Sonic the Rapist

Sonic and Knuckles made sure that their guns were well hidden before entering Tails' house. Upon entering they were greeted by Mama Tails.

"Oh hello sweeties! Thank you so much for taking care of my little baby while you fought off that mean old nasty Dr. Eggman!"

I can't wait to see my cum mix with your tears you worthless cunt Sonic thought to himself but only said, "No problem lady."

They sat down for dinner and Tails soon came downstairs playing with a toy train, spinning and laughing all the way. He noticed Sonic and Knuckles and ran over to hug them both around the neck. During the hug Knuckles and Sonic both wanted to maim him severely for being such a little faggot, but they knew they would at least get some free food out of these cocksuckers first.

Sure enough, Mama Tails soon brought out a large turkey dinner to serve to all of them. Although Sonic and Knuckles just ate their chicken by themselves, stupid little Tails had to have his mom cut it into thin little pieces for him. This disgusted Sonic and Knuckles and they both shared a look that clearly said, "I can't wait to wring his neck!"

Dinner was good but as soon as it was done Knuckles and Sonic whipped out their guns and pointed them at Mamma Tails and Tails who both widened their eyes and screamed.

"So-o-nic what are you doing????" Tails asked in a shaky voice.

"FUCK YOU, YOU LITTLE COCK!!!" Said Sonic who then slammed Tails' head against the table extremely hard ten times. Mamma Tails then sprung up to defend her baby but was only shot in the leg by knuckles and she quickly crumpled to the ground crying. As soon as she was down, Knuckles made quick work of ripping her frilly dress off and biting her tits.

Tails looked up from the table and saw his mommy being harassed. He screamed out, "MOMMY! KNUCKLES PLEEEEEEEEEEAAAASE DON'T HURT MY MOMMY!!!!" He said as he sobbed.

Knuckles then stood up and bashed Tails in the face multiple times, making sure to dig his sharp knuckles in nice and deep. Tails sobbed harder and fell to the floor in a bloody heap. Sonic got down on the floor next to him and held his legs up. He quickly got a boner when he saw Tails' tiny little penis and scrotum. He inserted the boner into Tails' anus which was received with an "AAAAAAAAAUUUUGH!" from Tails.

Meanwhile, Knuckles spread open Mamma Tails' pussy and dug his fist straight in, just about destroying the inside of her pussy. She cried out, "Please don't!!! Please don't rape me or my baby!! Pleeeeaaaase!!!!" Knuckles quickly nodded and got up off of her with a sick smile. He walked over to Tails and told Sonic to back off for a minute. There was a watery look of hope in Tails' eyes as he thought he was being rescued, but only recieved a punch in the face and was forced to turn over. Knuckles took a knife off of the dinner table and used it to cut off his tails as Tails sobbed and moaned, "NOOOO!! Don't hurt my little Tails!!!" He tried to use his tails to fly away but it was no use they were gone… AND UP HIS ASS! Knuckles had inserted them in to torment Tails. He then withdrew the tails and shoved them in Mamma Tails' pussy. She groaned in protest but Knuckles just stabbed her in the chest with the knife. She wasn't dead yet, but she was only halfway conscious as tears and blood trickled down the front of her, bathing her tits in blood. Knuckles wasn't done with her though, he put nipple clamps on her tits and thrust a stun gun into her stomach as she screamed and cried, he had a nice big orgasm all over her bleeding, twitching, almost lifeless body.

Tails watched in horror and could only cry out, "Why are you hurting mommy and me!?" He received no answer, but had his toy train shoved up his ass. He cried "Not my choo-choo! MOOOOMMY!!!!" He received only a groan from his mother and just continued to sob "OOOOOH!! NOOOOO!!! PLEAAASE!!" Sonic then tied him into a doggy position with a rope he had brought and motioned for knuckles to come over there. Knuckles ass raped him and Sonic forced him to suck some cock! As Tails moaned and sobbed he bit Sonic's cock trying to get free. Sonic was so enraged that he grabbed Tails by the hair on his head and bit his ear clean off, and forced him to eat it.

The little shit looks so pathetic, crying and bleeding from where his tails once were… It's time to put him out of his misery. Sonic thought to himself and said, "Knuckles, it's time to finish them off…" Knuckles nodded obediently and walked over to the other rape victim and slit her open, spilling her insides all over the floor. Sonic picked up Tails who resorted to his foxly nature and whimpered and pawed at Sonic as he carried him over to his dead mother and deposited him in her cold insides, her exposed heart had stopped beating.

"Sonic…. You and Knuckles killed my mommy! I loved you Sonic, why did you kill my mommy!?" Tails sobbed and cried as he tried to escape from inside his mother but was promptly bludgeoned by Knuckles. Tails was now a complete bloody mess and looked bad even amongst his mother's innards.

"Because she was a worthless cunt. And I Hate you Tails!" Said Sonic as he spat on the sweet natured fox that he had sodomized and brutalized. He then made a gesture to Knuckles who slit Tails open and slowly pulled out his innards so Tails could see them in his last moments of life. Tails slipped died as his heart was literally ripped out and displayed in front of his face.

Sonic and Knuckles just smiled and looked at what they had done. They said in unison, "I can't wait for Papa Tails to get home from work!"

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