Stepson's revenge

Stepson's revenge

John was tormented, to say the least. His father and mother had divorced from a very young age and when his new stepmother, a woman called Lorraine, tried to tell John that she was now part of his family, John began to hate her for it. John hated Lorraine for many reasons including the latter, he hated her because he felt that this woman was attempting to replace his mother, he hated her because she was strict on him and allowed him little freedom whenever he went to visit his father, he hated her because she always seemed to be nagging at him for something. If there was a medal for nagging, she would win it easily. Once she even nagged at one of John’s friends for not wishing her a happy birthday even though this particular friend had never met Lorraine before in his life. As the years went by John’s hatred continued to grow and manifest itself deep into his soul. As he continued to take mental notes of things she did that either disgusted him or that he thought was just wrong. He took note of the way she used sex to keep control of his father, the way she looked at him with a slight disdain, as if she hated him back, the way she wore skimpy outfits as if to tease him through his teenage years and therefore, puberty. His hatred grew, and so did he. Until he was 18 years old he put up with her and her nagging and her whining and her selfish attitude, he put up with it all. Admittedly he didn’t respect his father anymore either, his mother had told him of things his father had said and done that made John want to march right up to his father’s house and punch him in the face until he stopped thinking conscious thought. John often appeared unemotional, but that was only because he was hiding the dark feelings and dark fantasies that nestled within him. He knew that if anyone were to ever know of his darkest thoughts and his darkest feelings that they might separate themselves from him. He had always seen himself as unique in the sense that he could tell how a person felt by looking at them, or he could tell of they had any hidden intentions of they asked him something. He wondered if it would be moral for him to compare such an ability with the elementary used by Sherlock Holmes. He naturally dared not compare himself to such a great detective, fictional or otherwise, but the basic ability was still there.

For years John nursed his feelings, allowing them to stay, focusing solely on his target, when he was old enough, when he was strong enough, he would strike, and when he did. Lorraine would pay, and if his father tried to get in the way, well, he was collateral, he didn’t matter.

John looked around him, the old warehouse he had just bought would be perfect for his plans, it was a logging warehouse, situated away from the city, up on a hill near some sheer cliffs, facing a forest. It was perfect. Although the business that had created and earned money off the warehouse had long since gone bankrupt, all of its machinery and tools remained. John took his time as he looked around for the millionth time, cranes with spiked tipped claws created for puncturing thick logs, a massive grinder inside what appeared to be a thick metal cylinder used for turning whole trees into nothing but sawdust, great furnaces and wood crafting tools. Here he would exact revenge on this pathetic excuse for a human, here he would teach her a lesson about family, and how nobody could ever replace his mother, and anyone who dared try would face his wrath one way or another. The warehouse had set him back quite a bit, but it would be worth it, and he knew it. The upper level of the warehouse held many connecting walkways over the large vats, each one holding a tool of destruction, from the grinders to a device used for crushing particles of wood into MDF. John noted that the grinding process could be set from very fast to very slow and grinned at the prospects of it. But those tools would offer only quick deaths, he wanted something slow, agonizingly slowly but where death itself was imminent. He sat on the walkways and brainstormed, trying to think of something he could use in the warehouse that would bring both great fear and pain to the last moments of his victim. He held no interest for the furnace as a primary tool for death, but he had other plans for it, the grinder would come in useful for getting rid of the evidence, the crusher would make for an entertaining show if he could get enough people, but there was something missing. He wanted something better, he tried to think of a way to exert his wrath just the way he wanted. But dismissed the thought. First he needed time to prepare, he had to gather tools and equipment. That would take a little time, and once he got his prey into the warehouse he’d have all the time in the world.

John was relieved to find a storage cupboard in an office on the upper level, from inside he could see the whole warehouse and could use a control panel to operate everything remotely rather than have to cross the multitude of walkways and use the much smaller individual control panels for each section. He also found several chainsaws, hard hats, steel-toed boots and ropes of varying size and length. He guessed they were used for hauling logs along the ground, Either way he had a use for all these items. He found large, mean looking axes and large steel buckets that looked like they could hold a lot of weight without breaking. So much had been left inside the warehouse, he felt like a kid in a candy store. Well, a kid armed with an axe in a candy store.

John glanced at his watch and cursed his fantasies, he as late. He was supposed to visit his father and stepmother that day. It was a Friday so when he got there his father would be off from work and his stepmother would be at home no matter what. He walked briskly out f the warehouse and towards his car, taking some rope, some duct tape and putting them in the trunk. He’d need them, he knew it.

It was an hour’s drive back to the city and to his father’s house. There he was greeted with a warm hug from his father as he knew he would be. Despite the sort of things his father had done at least he still pretended to love John, john was convinced that pretending was all it could possibly be, his stepmother, on the other hand, didn’t look up from her magazine and gave the same effortless ‘hi’ greeting John had been expecting. Just looking at her filled him with rage. She was pushing her late forties now, she’d had a facelift, she’d had her breasts enlarged, and a liposuction, he hated how she couldn’t even deal with her own faults, she’d even dyed her hair bleach blonde like some high school whore that sucks cock for cigarettes behind the bikeshed. At least his father could accept his faults, he was getting old too and wrinkles were beginning to show on his face, he was obese and had lost his good looks which had now sunk into a kind of combination between ugliness and fat. He wore thick glasses and had no sense of humour at all. But John respected him simply because out of the two, his father accepted his flaws, Lorraine couldn’t. She was too vain, too proud. His father was shoulder height to John with thin black hair and a bald patch near the top of his head, john was average build, about six foot three, 150 pounds or so and had a scruff of brown hair, hazel eyes and muscular legs from walking just about everywhere in his entire life. If he went to meet someone, he walked, if he went shopping, he walked, if he needed to go almost anywhere, he walked. He enjoyed walking, it gave him time to think and he liked to think, so, naturally, he took a lot of walks. He walked in the hills and that was how he came to discover the warehouse. He bought a car to offer himself greater freedom of movement. But he still took long walks.
‘Hi dad, listen sorry but I’m tired, I’m gonna take a quick nap, is that all right?’ John asked, his father nodded readily and John took his bag of "clothes" and walked up the stairs, trying to hide the fact that he was in a hurry to get away from the foul stench of Lorraine’s overpriced perfume.

Once John was in the privacy of his room he closed the door and the curtains, then opened his bag and took a flashlight out, clicked it on to test it, then clicked it off again to save the batteries. He then took the rope and duct tape he had packed and put them on his bed. Then took a small wooden case about five inches square and opened it, inside, sitting in padding were three syringes and in the lid of the box, held in place with strips of velcro, were three small bottles with a caution symbol on the size. The liquid inside was clear and resembled water. But it was very different from that, a concoction John himself had made, and tested on himself, and the effects were profound and perfect. He smiled as he closed the case and set that aside. He removed the final few objects. A bowie knife, three long red aromatic candles meant to heighten the sensuality of the moment and a box of extra long matches. Perfect, he thought. It was time to put his plan into action.

That night, John’s father went out drinking as he always did, he offered to take John along but John refused politely. This was the moment he had been waiting for. As the sun set John heard Lorraine go to bed in a room adjacent to his own. His father’s and stepmother’s room. He waited a few moments, allowing Lorraine to get changed into her nightclothes before getting up, putting his robe on and knocking on her door
‘Come in’ he heard Lorraine coo, and he opened the door, she sat there in the double bed with her nightclothes on, a long white T-shirt that reached thigh length and a black bra visible underneath to support her shapely but fake breasts, he guessed she’d have black panties on as well.
‘Lorraine, sorry but my lover left me recently and I don’t really want to be alone, is it all right if I sleep next to you tonight?’ he asked, putting on his shy tone, a tone he had perfected, in truth there was no lover, but it was the perfect bait nonetheless
‘What about your father? What will he think?’ Lorraine asked
‘He never gets home until midday, he won’t know, please Lorraine, just for tonight?’ John looked at her pleadingly, Lorraine slowly nodded and shifted over and John smiled inwardly, he slipped into the bed with her and lay down
‘Thank you’ he said, and closed his eyes. Lorraine clicked the light out and John opened his eyes again. Staring at the ceiling, he had to outlast her. Lorraine lay on her back while she slept, he knew this from many years of peeking through the keyhole of her room and so simply waited, to keep himself awake he lowered one hand slowly and caressed his testicles, feeling his scrotum loosen considerably as arousal kicked in. He wanted to masturbate over her sexy body but knew that he couldn’t. No, he’d have to contain himself or everything would be ruined. He continued to rub himself until the feeling simply seemed to numb and he slowly raised his hands again and clicked a small button on the side of his digital watch, the light stated it was past 1.AM, Lorraine would be asleep by now, he was certain of it and with that he sat up slowly so he didn’t wake Lorraine and crept into his own bedroom, he took the ropes, the duct tape and the knife before creeping back into her room. He set his equipment down on her bedside table and with practices subtleness, took one of her hands and raised her arm, stretching it so that it was near the bedpost, she lay it down carefully before repeating the process with the other arm. Her arms were how outstretched and he was quick but gentle in cutting adequate lengths of rope with the knife and bonding her hands to the bedposts. The first step was complete, now for the risky part, he reached up and took the quilt before lifting it off her, he made sure not to just pull it off or it’d wake her, instead he lifted it off bit by bit, taking it into his arms as her body was slowly revealed to him, her breasts, flat stomach, thighs with black panties just visible through her T-shirt as he had predicted, long legs and feet with painted red nails. He lay the quilt down and ignored his hard-on as he admired her beautiful body while cutting more lengths of rope and carefully bonding her ankles to the bedposts. Lorraine stirred and her eyes opened just as John tightened the fourth bond and as she went to scream John was quick to cut some duct tape from the roll and slap it over her mouth, her scream became a muffled murmur as she looked at him in the darkness.
‘I’m not going to lie to you Lorraine’ John started, he watched Lorraine’s eyes widen in the darkness, she hadn’t known it was him ‘You turn me on, I mean really, you have a very sexy body’ he said, undoing two of the buttons on his boxer shorts and allowing his eight inch erection to break free. He pulled the blinds up from the window and allowed the moonlight to pour in and Lorraine looked at her erection pointed straight at her
‘I’ve wanted to do this for a long time Lorraine, I’m going to remove the duct tape over your mouth and put my cock in your mouth, if you promise not to scream, I won’t go any further than that, scream, and I’ll put more duct tape over your mouth and rape you ‘til you bleed…so…do you promise?’ Lorraine nodded with notable hesitation and John smiled, not caring for her feelings he climbed up onto the bed and sat on her stomach, with one leg either side, he grabbed her breasts a little, the tip of his penis rubbing the mounds through her T-shirt, he pulled the T-shirt up and used the knife to cut the small length of fabric between her breasts, freeing them, he rubbed them a little as his erection throbbed, then leant forward and ripped the duct tape from Lorraine’s mouth, she grunted in pain but, as she promised, she didn’t scream. John then pushed his penis between her soft breasts and, taking a handful of her hair, forced her to suck on the tip. She squeezed her eyes shut as John thrusted a little and felt the wonderful wet but warm sensation of her lips enclosed around his head. And he wanted more. He ignored her breasts and shifted forward, propped Lorraine’s head up with the pillow he once lay on and pushed forward slowly, allowing Lorraine to realize exactly what he was doing, she ran out of mouth space rather quickly but John had a few inches of cock left and with a rough thrust, she felt it go down her throat and she gargled, Jon began thrusting his hips, unable to believe the incredible feeling that caressed his penis. He’d been in a vow of celibacy since he reached puberty and had neither masturbated nor slept with anyone. This was his first blowjob and he almost regretted missing out. Almost. John felt his cum begin to rise quicker than he had expected and so with a few quick thrusts he taunted ‘I’m going to cum, and you’re going to swallow’ he said, Lorraine made some attempt at resistance but it was nothing more than a few muffled cries as John leaned his head back and smiled, feeling his cum shoot from his cock down Lorraine’s throat he held her nostrils shut
‘Swallow or suffocate’ he said, looking at her as his jets of semen washed down her, Lorraine could have chosen suffocate if John’s semen wasn’t already forcing its way down her throat anyway. John was inexperienced in sex and didn’t realize that because the tip of his penis was already in her throat, Lorraine couldn’t help but swallow John extracted his penis slowly, watching Lorraine gag for air and she gasped as his tip finally left her mouth, then coughed
‘Well done’ he said. Before simply walking back into his room and fetching the wooden case. Lorraine looked at it with a mixture of curiosity and confusion. She watched John take out one of the syringes and with practiced precision, fill it with the liquid from inside one of the tiny bottles. John put the bottle back in the case, he could refill it and use it at a later date, but held the syringe up in front of Lorraine
‘What’s…what’s that?’ she asked
‘This? This is going to be on the wishlist of every rapist out there, its a combination between a tranquilizer and an aphrodisiac. Puts you out for twelve hours and when you wake up your pussy will be throbbing so badly you’ll fuck a chainsaw if nothing else. John watched with hidden glee as Lorraine’s face crinkled into that of horror. She went to scream but John quickly slapped a hand on her panties
‘Ah ah ah…remember what I said?’ he asked, Lorraine closed her mouth and watched as John put the needle into her leg. Her vision suddenly became blurry and her eyelids, heavy. It was fast working, that was for sure
‘Sweet dreams whore’ John said, then, she blacked out.

Lorraine awoke to find herself bound, a rubber gag was in her mouth and she was stripped naked except for her black panties. She looked at John who stood over a rail, looking down at his father in the crusher
‘Bye bye dad’ John said, John watched as his still drunk father simply crouched down and screamed as the pressure from the walls became too much, his ribs began to snap and splinter, his organs were crushed, his veins compressed and blood suddenly began to fill the ever decreasing space of the crusher as its two perfectly flat walls touched with an almost silent "boom" sound. John smiled, his father had gotten in the way, he’d always gotten in the way but it was no trouble to subdue a drunken man, getting him into the crusher had been easier than he had first suspected, he’d simply taken his father to the warehouse saying that he was going to have a party there, taken him up onto the walkways and grabbed his ankles, then tipped him over, the fall had broken both his father’s legs and from there the control panel for the crusher had been right in front of him. It was almost too easy. John turned and looked at Lorraine
‘Oh, you’re awake, right on schedule’ he said before crouching down in front of her
‘Your pussy is buzzing isn’t it?’ he asked, he reached out and touched her sopping wet panties. Lorraine felt an unbearable itch and it needed to be scratched, she’d give anything for an orgasm, john has been right, if there was a chainsaw around, she’d fuck it, anything to achieve orgasm. She watched John smile as he stood up. He was dressed now. Dressed in jeans and a black T-shirt, heavy boots that looked like they had steel toe caps and a black leather trenchcoat.
‘So tell me, what are your fetishes?’ John asked, Lorraine hesitated
‘Why should I tell you?’ she asked
‘Simple, if you do, I can probably fulfill them, you’d like that wouldn’t you?’ he asked, he already knew her answer
‘Y-yes I would’
‘Then tell me’
‘I…I like DP’s and giving blowjobs…that’s about it’
‘Oh really? In that case you wouldn’t mind sucking my cock again?’
‘well I…’ she trailed off, John just smiled
‘Where am I?’ she asked
‘You’re in a warehouse, the only way back towards the city is through fifty miles of woodland, there are probably bears and mabe even a stray mountain wolf or two since we’re on such high ground and I’m willing to bet that they’ve never tasted meat like yours before. On top of that even if you did escape, you have no clothes, no way of keeping warm and the nights up here and extremely cold. This warehouse has is own heating system so if I were you I’d stay right here’ he advised, crouching down and using his bowie knife to cut the bonds on her ankles, he knew that even If she did escape it was four days or so walk back to civilization and even if she did somehow make it she was naked and with her vanity she knew that she wouldn’t go running to the police wearing nothing but panties.
‘So I’m safe here then, right?’
‘For now, as long as you do exactly what I say I may not be so tempted to kill you as I did my father’
‘You…killed him?’ John finished cutting her bonds and pointed down towards the crusher. Lorraine looked down as John opened the mechanical jaws of the device and she gasped at the gory remains of her late husband. The entire metallic floor was covered in blood, few of his organs were recognizable and his bones lay completely crushed around his corpse, his head was literally in pieces and what was left of his disfigured and destroyed mouth was frozen in a silent scream. John took advantage of Lorraine’s shock and bent down, grabbing her ankles as he ad done his father he flipped her up, over the bars and she screamed as she began to plummet head first towards the crusher, but stopped suddenly, John hadn’t let go of her ankles and she gasped with fright
‘Remember, at any moment I could decide to simply end you, if you disobey the smallest command, if you show the slightest bit of disdain, your fate will me much closer than you think, do you understand?’ he asked, she nodded slowly
‘Y-yes’ she said, John took advantage of her vulnerability and, letting go with one hand, ignored Lorraine’s shriek of fear, he still held her firmly with his left hand as he reached down towards her black panties and pulled them down towards her thighs and separated the cheeks of her ass, inspecting her asshole
‘You said you liked DP’s but it looks to me like you’ve never been fucked in the ass before, what’s with that?’ he asked
‘I…I’ she began
‘You said that just to please me didn’t you? You knew that blowjobs and DP’s were both things that involved you being able to finger yourself or use a toy, so you could achieve your own orgasm, wasn’t it?’ John asked, Lorraine nodded
‘Very well then, since you’re so keen on pleasing me and since you’re so honest, I think its time for a test run’ John pulled her panties up, over one ankle and reaffirmed his grip on her loose leg, then let go with the other hand and pulled her panties off altogether and dropped them onto the steel catwalk, he pulled her up and allowed her to collapse on the steel walkway as she regained her breath
‘watch this’ he said, picking up her panties. Lorraine cautiously moved to the edge of the catwalk, gripping one of the bars that held up the handrail for dear life as John activated the grinder and dropped her sopping panties in, the grinder tore them to shreds with such force that her pussy juice was thrown up in splinters of liquid and she sat amazed at how her underwear had disappeared before her eyes
‘Do not fuck me around, or that will be your head’ John threatened before, out of nowhere, snapping a steel collar around her neck, attached to a chain, he tugged firmly on the chain and ordered
‘Get up’ Lorraine complied and got to her feet, she then allowed John to circle behind her and he grabbed her wrists forcefully, tying them together in the small of her back. Lorraine offered no resistance and even managed to crack a weak smile as John lead her off of the catwalks and into the office area. He threw her onto the floor in front of him and he sat down in the tall-backed leather swivel chair, unbuttoning his jeans he wriggled to get them around his ankles
‘Suck’ he demanded, Lorraine looked at him, then at his semi-erect penis, then back at him, a stern expression covered his face, he knew that he had given her exactly what she had asked for, her intentions were to masturbate while sucking him off, just to relieve herself, but the itch in her pussy would remain, she couldn’t even rub her asshole because of the way her hands were bound
‘Don’t make me repeat myself’ he demanded, Lorraine sighed, then got up onto her knees and got close to him, taking his penis into her mouth she closed her eyes and worked her mouth slowly all the way down the shaft, feeling it get harder and harder as her manipulation continued, she took it out of her mouth and licked it from the bottom right up to the tip, even snaking her tongue into the his boxer shorts to lick each of his testicles before looking at his fully erect penis for a second, then began sucking again, much harder this time, John grabbed her by the hair again and helped her along, constantly thrusting his hips up as his penis threatened to enter her throat once more, just as Lorraine was beginning to get used to the ferocity in which John moved her head he pushed her all the way down, his cock entered her throat once more as semen jettisoned from his head and Lorraine gagged in response, she struggled a little as John just leant back on the chair and enjoyed it, and when his orgasm had finally finished he threw Lorraine off him and she landed hard on the steel floor, coughing and choking, unable to get the taste from her mouth. She looked at John as he stood over her, his penis was still erect, she watched as he sat down again, removed his boots, then his jeans and boxer shorts, then he took off his trenchcoat and removed his T-shirt to reveal his slightly muscular body entirely. Then he did something that surprised her, instead of removing his socks which were his last items of clothing, he put his boots back on and did up the laces, then put his trenchcoat on. Now his body was unrestricted and Lorraine realized with great horror that now his jeans did not stop his erect penis from showing, nor did any of his clothing stop him in the least way from doing whatever he wanted. He reached down with rough hands and flipped her onto her back, pulling the lips of her pussy apart he took his time in viewing it, Lorraine gasped in delight as she saw his penis push closer to her pussy and thrust inwards, she bucked and screamed as, with one single hard thrust her pussy, desperate for relief, squeezed his cock and her juices began to squirt out, John grunted in satisfaction, her pussy juice massaged his balls and made him want to come again. He began to move his hips, slowly at first, teasing her, and teasing himself, allowing himself to get used to the stimulation right after orgasm. He had to admit that he loved it, her pussy was warm and absolutely dripping wet, it hugged his penis and squeezed at certain points almost like a massage and soon he felt his seed begin to rise again. His scrotum tightened as he released inside her
‘No, not inside me!’ Lorraine called, John didn’t care, he pressed his hips up against the apex of her thighs and his cum shot out into her vagina, he gritted his teeth as the warm pleasure overcame him temporarily and he looked at Lorraine to see her looking at him with tearful eyes
‘No…I don’t want a child’ she said
‘Neither do I’ John said, Lorraine looked at him
‘You do of course realize now that, because you are going to get pregnant and because I don’t want a child, especially not from a whore like you…I’m going to have to kill you’ Lorraine’s face lit up in fear
‘No! no you can’t please don’t kill me! I’ll do whatever you want, please!’ she begged, tears began rolling down her cheeks and she sobbed onto the metal floor of the office. John pulled on her chain roughly and Lorraine was forced into a standing position. John lead her past the crusher, past the grinder, and instead threw her into a small room where she fell to her knees and looked back
‘I’m going to have a think about how to kill you, until then, you can stay here’ and John slammed the door shut, the thick steel door made a tremendous noise and since the tiny room had no windows it was plunged entirely into darkness, Lorraine heard the heavy lock on the door clank and she knew that there was no escape and so huddled up into a corner and simply wept.

John ignored Lorraine’s captivity for the moment, maybe he’d just leave her to starve to death, even so, he needed some entertainment. So he did up the buttons on his trenchcoat to hide his body, since it reached down to his heels nobody was any the wiser that he was naked underneath and he walked outside, got into his car and began driving back to the city.

John succeeded in rounding up four women, one was black, another, Indian, a third, Asian and the fourth was white. He got the black one first, seeing a lovely young thing named Lisa walking down the street with a lot cut red top that supported her large breasts nicely and hotpants made from denim. He’d kept her in a small room similar to the one he stuffed Lorraine in, the Indian girl was next, He realized that he might as well get the whole racial circle and so, after finding another busty young Indian girl he took her back to the warehouse and promptly shred all her clothes off and tied her to the side of the grinder, next he found the white woman, a French tourist who asked him where the hotel was, he said he’d drive her there as it was quite far, and in her gullible young nature, she didn’t argue, and after John had forced her down and cut her clothes off he threw her into the now open crusher, but didn’t crush her, not yet. The Asian was last, he had a thing for Asian women and so after a lot of searching he found a big-boobed Asian and brought her back, then knocked her out and tied her to one of the catwalks.

So his fun was about to begin.

John stripped the black girl and the Indian girl naked and brought them both onto the catwalks above the grinder, then pulled out a coin
‘Nigger, call it’ he demanded, flipping the coin high into the air
‘heads’ she called, the coin landed on heads
‘All right, what do you want to be, top or bottom?’ John asked
‘Bottom’ she replied. John nodded
‘All right then, hold still’ he ordered and took her hands, wrapping some rope around them, he then took the other end of the rope and wrapped it around the Indian girl’s ankles. Along with some heavy looking chain he’d found
‘You, bend over, hold onto the bar there’ John ordered, the Indian girl nodded, too afraid to resist and so bent over and held onto the bar
‘You’ John said, then smiled, with a hefty push the black girl went over the side of the railing along with the heavy chain, she seamed before coming to a sudden halt above the grinder. The Indian girl strained as her body was stretched across the catwalk
‘Its your responsibility to save her life you know’ john taunted as she squeezed her eyes shut, trying to hold on
‘If you can’t hold on, you’ll go in with her’ he added calmly
‘Hold on your damn bitch!’ the black girl cried out, looking at the grinder below her. John watched, notably with some glee, as the Indian girl’s fingers began to uncurl from the bar, unable to reinforce herself with her feet because of the sheer weight of the chain, The Indian girl strained before letting go with a shriek but luckily grabbed onto the other set of bars , the Black girl shrieked but came to a sudden stop again, just above the grinder’s metal jaws, sweating profusely and feeling its metal teeth scrape against her bare toe. John looked at the Indian girl straining to hold on still. John stood by the bars, caressing her fingers as they slowly began to slide around as sweat lubricated them. The black girl as, therefore slowly lowered into the grinder and with shrieks of pain and fear blood began to splatter across the v-shaped top. Meaning that if anything missed the grinder by a little then it would still slide into its metal jaws. The Indian girl couldn’t help but leg go once more but suddenly clung to the catwalk itself, the black girl was lowered up to her midsection, her legs and pussy were long gone and she screamed with all her lungs as she felt her organs slipping out of her body only to be sliced and diced by the metal blades, tears dripped from her eyes as the Indian girl clung on for dear life. John lay down in front of her and looked at her desperate face, tears rolling from the edges of her eyes as she looked back up at him. Her left hand suddenly slid off of the edge of the catwalk and she screamed for dear life as she flailed and tried to reaffirm her grip but it was too late, her sweaty fingers slid ever closer towards the edge but John caught something in the Indian girl’s eye and she suddenly swung forwards as she lost her grip, onto the side of the V-shaped feeder of the grinder, the Black girl was given enough leverage to fall into the grinder completely and her life ended forever. The Indian girl tried to climb the smooth side of the grinder but the chain saw itself in the grinder’s teeth and the Indian girl was ripped towards it legs-first, gore and guys splattered everywhere and the girl was alive just long enough to feel the pain of her pussy being ripped apart by the grinder’s cruel teeth. John looked at the grinder, then went down to the lower level and got into the crusher with the French girl, she already had her hands tied behind her back and her ankles were bond together. He pulled two vibrators from his pockets and inserted them into her, one into her pussy, the other, her ass, but kept the small remotes that came with them off. And put those little things into his pockets, then he got a longer length of rope and tied it round her neck in the form of a noose, ignoring her French protests. He then threw the rope up onto the catwalk and headed up there himself, having to jump and hoist himself up onto the side, then jump off. Once he reached the rope he pulled on it, the noose tightened around the French girl’s neck but was relieved when it loosened again, only to realize that she’d been taken up onto the edge of the crusher, having to stand on the balls of her feet to stop from falling, the noose was tight around her neck, it was hard to breathe but not tight enough to suffocate her. John then tied the ropes in place and sat on the edge of the catwalks, looking down at the girl, pulled the two small remotes from his pockets, and turned them on.

The French girl cried out with pleasure and even from where he was John could see the juice begin to run down her legs, towards her feet, John smiled as the girl cried out in orgasm, her juice pouring from her cunt , towards her ankles, under feet and she slipped off the edge, trying to regain her footing but the juice that had splashed onto the edge was too slippery and as the blood vessels in her eyes began to burst and her mouth lay agape, attempting to scream as a second orgasm overcame her, she suddenly went limp, not being able to contain her pleasure, she’d breathed out, exhausting all the oxygen she had when she screamed, and so her suffocation was much faster than it should’ve been. John turned to the busty Asian woman who was already weeping with fear
‘You see what happens to those who disobey me?’ he asked, the Asian girl nodded
‘Will you obey me?’ he asked, she nodded again and so he undid her bonds and lay on his back, his legs spread
‘then suck me off, now’ he demanded, she nodded again and lay down, her head between his legs, she wrapped her tongue around one of his testicles, then the other, licking each one gently , then moving onto the shaft, running it up and down with the tip of her tongue before taking the head in her mouth, she sucked slowly, gently, it was an amazing feeling for John, she took his whole penis willingly, deepthroating on purpose and as John looked about to orgasm she held the tip of his penis in her mouth while jacking him off and as his sheet shot into her mouth she began swallowing every drop. She looked at him, a few drops dripped from her mouth and as he looked at her he realized it was such a horny sight that it was getting him hard again almost instantly
‘Sensei, let me live, and I serve you for-ever’ she said, John contemplated the thought
‘You live, for now, but we have other matters to attend to’
‘Yes sensei’ she got up and waited patiently as John got up and she followed as he walked towards Lorraine’s cell, he undid the lock and opened the door to find Lorraine attempting to rub her anus with a slight chance of success
‘What’s your name?’ he asked the Asian girl
‘Right Suni, there’s a kitbag in the office upstairs, get it and bring it to me outside…but don’t try and screw me over’ John said, showing her his bowie knife, she nodded, bowed, and quickly jogged up the steel stairs to retrieve the bag, John grabbed Lorraine by the chain around her neck and lead her outside, before pushing her onto her back, he undid her hands from behind her back and instead tied them together so they were pressed into her chest and with the help of some extra rope that was in the back which Suni delivered, he tied her wrists to her torso. John then took a stick of dynamite and several long pieces of leftover wood
‘Suni, eat her out, make sure her clitoris is exposed fully’ John demanded and Suni nodded, parting Lorraine’s legs she allowed her tongue to probe Lorraine’s cunt, Lorraine shrieked in pleasure and her clitoris became exposed very quickly
‘sensei, its out’
‘good, then we must act quickly, keep massaging her vagina while I work’ John said, Suni nodded and, with a single finger, kept Lorraine stimulated enough to keep her clit fully exposed. John lay one long piece of wood up between Lorraine’s ass cheeks and put the candle on the opposite end, tying a thread around the wick he then tied the opposite end of the thread around Lorraine’s clit and pulled it tight
‘Ow! That hurts’ Lorraine complained
‘now if I were you I’d stay aroused’ John said, pulling the wick from the dynamite he tipped it upside down to allow the gunpowder to fall onto his hands, gunpowder which he then sprinkled over her
‘You know that drug I gave you?’ John asked Lorraine, she nodded
‘its still in your bloodstream, and its flammable’ Lorraine lay confused until she saw John light the candle
‘So if I were you, I wouldn’t let that clit of yours go back into its hood…or it’ll tip the candle over’ John positioned the candle so it was leaning but still upright and Lorraine cried out in terror, her fear overrode her arousal and almost instantly her clit disappeared back into its hood, the candle tipped, the wood set alight and burned towards her as she writhed to try and get away, but not quickly enough, it ignited the pieces of gunpowder sprinkled over her body, causing flash after flash and she screamed with each one until eventually her entire body was set aflame as the drug finally took light and Lorraine screeched again in pain as she was burnt from the inside out, she cried out and Suni pressed her head into John’s chest, unable to watch, John just stared at her with quiet satisfaction until Lorraine fell limp and her screams stopped
‘Sensei…are we going to do that a lot?’
‘Yes Suni’
‘Please don’t kill me’
‘I’ll kill you if you disobey me, until that time, you will be my slave, sexually and normally, understand?’
‘yes sensei’
‘Good, now get on your knees and bend over’ Suni did as she was told and John crouched down behind her, inspecting her pussy and ass
‘You like sensei?’
‘Oh yes’ John said ‘watching her die turned you on didn’t it?’ John commented, seeing the moisture present on the lips of her pussy and seeing her clitoris fully exposed
‘Y-yes sensei’
‘good, then you’re my kind of women’ John flipped her over and without warning inserted his penis into her, Suni cried out in pain and John suddenly hesitated, her pussy felt great, nice and warm and so much tighter than Lorraine’s
‘You took my virginity sensei’ Suni cried out, he extracted his penis to see the blood on the tip and he smiled with satisfaction, an Asian virgin, it had long since been his ultimate non-death related fantasy
‘Now love me sensei’ John complied, thrusting long and hard into Suni’s deliciously warm and tight cunt, she bucked and squealed as an orgasm took her
‘Sensei, cum inside me, I cannot have children so you no worry’ she said, john smiled, and thrusted ever harder, Suni screamed with new delight as John’s seed raised quicker and more powerfully than before, exploding into her, filling her vulva and womb in just a few quick and the rest dripped out of her vagina towards her asscrack, John quivered a little before looking at Suni
‘Sensei…that was so good’
‘I know’ John replied
‘Can I kill one of the people you bring back?’
‘Certainly, you can help me kill as many as you want if you like’
‘Thank you sensei’ Suni fell asleep and for the first time of the day John did something caring, he picked her up, carried her indoors and lay her down in the office on the swivel-chair, covering her with his trenchcoat, he then put on his boxer shorts, jeans, and T-shirt and went out into his car. It was time to collect more worthless whores, scum of the earth, those who flaunted their beauty and hated those without it. John hated them all, and he was going to kill them, and with Suni by his side, hell, he had a good blowjob to look forward to when he got back.

The end…for now.

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