The Black Bull, The Hotwife and Cuckold Pt. II

The Black Bull, The Hotwife and Cuckold Pt. II

It had been a tough few months. We had both lost most of our 401k, we were now two months behind in our mortgage and my BMW had been repossessed last week. To top it off I got laid off when my company downsized. Money was tight and we were a bit worried about losing it all. James was almost a constant house guest too. He didn’t work and occasionally he would have some money from some source … I didn’t want to know and didn’t want to ask. All I know is he rarely paid for much and it wasn’t enough to help anyway. I am the wimpy little dicked hubby; the cuckold. I clean up and I pay for everything.

Sarah and I hadn’t had sex since James became our ‘Master’. I take my pleasure from the degradation. I get to watch them quietly. I get to clean them when commanded. I must talk and dress up like a sissy whenever James was over. It’s my role now and I’m cool with it. James has a great cock and I feel privileged to be able to service his massive cock and eat his cum from Sarah’s pussy. I especially love it when they use my man-pussy. The ultimate is when Sarah uses her strapon and James tries to choke me with his rod. I wouldn’t change this for anything in the world.

As I said, times were starting to get tough. Our lifestyle was now at risk due to our financial troubles. My unemployment checks weren’t going to cover everything. One day when I came home unsuccessfully from a job interview Sarah and James laid out a plan that they had come up with that would help. “James is going to sell me,” said Sarah gleefully. “I’ve got a buddy from prison that I also do business with all the time that is looking for a lady like Sarah and he’s willing to pay top dollar to have her live with him for a month. It’s no big deal Todd, I trust the guy and I’ve already made all the arrangements,” said James. With that James handed me a wad of cash. At that I politely asked James to leave the room because I wanted to talk to Sarah. “Is this really what you want to do? He’s selling you for 7 thousand dollars.” I said. “Well, actually it was for 10 but James took some too since he’s the boss. James said that TJ (her new owner) is kind of a southside kingpin. He has lots of money and is very generous honey!” So, he’s a drug dealer or a pimp or both and you think that it is safe?” I asked. “It’s gonna be fine dear. A little adventure and the cash is really going to get us out of the hole.” I couldn’t help it. Her mind was made up. This really wasn’t my choice, so I reluctantly agreed.

Staring at the wad of cash and watching as James led my 28 year old wife of 6 years out the door to be some guy’s play thing for a month was probably the ultimate degradation. I felt worthless that because I lost my fucking job our fun was now over. Part of the agreement with TJ was that neither James nor I would be allowed any contact with her in the next month. That was what going to be the toughest for me. Sarah was my best friend and I would miss her. Besides that, I really was going to miss hearing the details of what she was doing.

I took the 7 thousand to the bank and paid our mortgage up to date and I bought a used piece of shit car for my new job delivering pizzas. Now I at least had something to do and making a bit more money was nice. What sucked was that I had an MBA and used to be a production manager for one of the largest snowmobile and jet-ski manufacturers in the world to now be out delivering pizzas. That was more shameful than being called a sissy while a black man fucked my wife or sucking cum out of her gaping asshole. Wish the fucking government would give me a damned bailout.

Losing Sarah didn’t seem to be a big deal to James. One night he came over to the house at 3 AM. He had been out at a club with his Dominican friend Chris. They were pretty drunk and had struck out with the ladies. I knew what was coming, this was a booty call and I was the booty, and I was cool with it. It actually cheered me up. They were horny and my ass and mouth were there for the taking. As Chris was pounding away at my ass with his nice Dominican cock James made an announcement. “Oh man I got a picture texted to me from TJ yesterday, you gotta see this.” He then pushed the phone in front of me with a picture of Sarah sandwiched by two black guys double penetrating her and another at the front with his cock down her throat. “Looks like TJ and his crew be gettin their money’s worth.” James then showed the picture to Chris who then blew his wad up my ass.

No shit! It had only been a week and Sarah was getting gang fucked. I was actually a bit depressed because I couldn’t be a part of it. Still though, I took a little satisfaction that my wife was the center of attention.

The next night I was working and had a delivery to the seedy south side of town. Not the kind of place I felt really comfortable with but all the same I really didn’t have any choice. As I drove down Bleeker Street down a block that is notorious for streetwalkers in the corner of my eye I saw a lady that looked a bit like Sarah. I didn’t get a really good look and just kept going. I delivered the order and circled back to that block about 10 minutes later but couldn’t find that girl. After work I went back and parked up the street from where I had seen her. There was an assortment of street whores out there walking around in scanty clothes. As a car would pull up the girls would stroll over and one of them would get in and the car would pull away. I watched for the better part of an hour and then I saw her. It was Sarah. She looked hot as hell. She was smoking a cigarette (that’s a new habit) and talking to a couple of black girls. She was wearing a tube top that exposed her belly button that appeared to now have a piercing and she had a tight black mini dress that barely covered the bottom of her ass cheeks. To top it all off she had on some clear high healed shoes that must have been 8 inches high. She acted the part to a T and my cock grew in my pants as I watched her from afar. Then a minivan pulled up and one of the black girls ran up to the passenger side and Sarah remained back. The driver and the black girl chatted a bit and then my wife pranced over to the minivan and both girls got inside.

As the mini van pulled away I decided I had to follow. My head was spinning. Was this really happening? Was this safe? My wife was now a common hooker. She was out on Bleeker St. turning tricks. I thought she was just going to be some black guy’s play thing, but this wasn’t what I thought she was going to be doing. As I followed the minivan I called James on my cell pone. “I thought she was just going to be servicing TJ. How come she’s turning tricks down on Bleeker?” I yelled. “Whoa, calm down and tell me what’s going on,” said James. I proceeded to tell him what I’d found out and he said he’d make a call to TJ and find out what was going on. He hung up and I kept on following for a couple more blocks until the minivan pulled into a dark parking lot of a closed down trucking company.

I pulled past where they stopped and decided I had to have a closer look. I waited a few minutes and then walked closer. There was just enough light shining from a street light that I could see inside. The driver was now in the backseat of the minivan. I was looking in from one of the side windows from about 5 feet away. He looked like he was in his 50’s. He was bald and had a bit of a belly. I couldn’t see either of the girls and I carefully walked right next to where I could finally see them. I was kind of worried about getting caught but I just had to see this. They were each on a side of him and both of them had their heads in his lap and they were taking turns sucking his cock and licking his nuts. This went on for a few minutes and then my wife lay forward just past the center row. The black girl crawled underneath my wife and positioned her head under my wife’s pussy. Sarah’s head was buried into the black girl’s crotch and was really going at it. I couldn’t see the black girl until the guy pulled out of my wife’s pussy. The black girl crawled out from under my wife and I couldn’t quite hear what the man asked but the black girl answered him and the guy grabbed his wallet and fished out some more money. My wife remained on her hands and knees and the black girl got down close to the man’s cock and then spat on it. She then grabbed his cock and guided it up next to my wife’s ass and he pushed it in. The guy then proceeded to fuck her for about another 10 minutes.

My cock was rock hard and I had subconsciously unzipped my fly and was jacking my dick. The minivan was really rocking and my wife was moaning and screaming pretty loudly. I thought that was pretty odd since I’d seen her take James’s huge cock in her ass many times but it must have been something she was doing in order to get the john to come faster. She was acting like it was her first assfuck. Nice try. Sarah finally let a cry and yelled “I’m coming!” With that the guy grabbed her hips and pumped into her butt with one really hard shove. I came too. I sprayed my cum on the side of the minivan. They stayed locked up for about a minute and then he withdrew. Finally the black girl saw me and I heard her say that there was a bum watching them. I didn’t want Sarah to see me so I ran off and got back into my car and drove off.

When I got back to the car I checked my phone and there was a message from James. He had talked to TJ. James explained that TJ had paid for her and that there were no conditions to the arrangement. She was his to do as he pleased. TJ said that my wife needed to work off the 10 thousand he’d given us and TJ had turned her out on the street pedaling her ass. “It’s no big deal. There’s only a couple more weeks left and then she’ll be back with you,” James explained. I hung up the phone and drove home.

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