The Cum Shot Party

The Cum Shot Party

This is an alternate ending for "Cum Shot Party written by Jaydice2003, back in 2004. I hope he doesn't mind me making Jason a little less of a wimp and seeing that Beth gets what's coming to her. I read the story and thought that Jason needed a stage to get his manhood back. The moderators at Literotica rejected the story many times no matter if I fixed it up. The bottom line was that they censor…that's right The ugly head of CENSORSHIP is alive and well there. I abide by their rules but what it comes down to is that it is a wimp husband, humility site. If you like that stuff, in other words if you are a wimp creep then please go to that site. If you deplore censorship then let the moderators there know of your feelings.

I just gave it to him.
"Drop them in! Drop them in!" The room started to chant.

Carl smiled and let go. Both my wife's rings plunged into the glass of cum. My stomach wrenched. Another guys cum! On her fucking engagement ring and wedding band!

The guys in the room yelled.

She raised the glass, said "Thanks Marcus!" and drank it. She let the cum slid out the glass slowly this time, and let the rings slide down the sides and caught them in her lips. She took them out and held them up for all the guys to see.
She stuck out her tongue and licked them off a little bit. The previous from the original story.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I had watched from the edge of the circle of drunk men, whose brains were being completely controlled by their balls. Beth had already drank Carl's cum down and was now licking the cum off her wedding rings. My co-worker, Tony, still had his hand jammed down in her pants feeling her cunt. She had one hand on his crotch and was squeezing it while she licked her wedding rings clean.

She started to put the still slippery rings on her fingers, laughing all the while. "Thanks Marcus, that was delicious cum." Beth smiled at Marcus while her wedding rings bounced on the floor. Some drunken slob stepped on her wedding ring. It bent under the pressure of his weight. He picked the ruined piece of jewelry up. Another man saw the wedding ring and looked to find the engagement ring. He saw it and slipped it into his pocket.

"Finders keepers" he yelled drunkenly. Beth screamed for him to give her the ring but he left the circle. "That rock's gotta be worth a couple of grand and a slut like you don't really need them." The man, James Wilson, pushed out of the circle right into my arms.

"Hey mother fucker…that's stealing." I said while collaring him.

" Who the hell are you asshole?" he slurred.

" I'm the asshole that paid for the ring mother fucker," I yelled and hit him a good uppercut, which dropped him on the floor. I stood over him and took out my cell phone. I had the police on speed dial because we had several home invasions in our neighborhood. I told the police that I wanted to report a theft at a wild party that there was a lot of cocaine snorting going on. That would get the police moving.

I planted my feet over the prone figure of the man who had tried to steal Beth's rings. The raucous circle was dead quite. On my hip I had what looked like a blackberry but in reality was a stun gun. It hooked to my belt and for all practical purposes it looked just like the popular electronic. It had a punch of almost a million volts.

Carl was the first one to taste it's sting as he became enraged that I had interrupted his party in such a fashion. He still didn't know that I had summoned the police. He came at me cursing and drunkenly swinging at me. I was cold sober by now and I side stepped and hit him under the rib cage with the stunner. He went blank and collapsed to the floor with his friend.

The rest of the party had seen the entire thing. One minute the women were all talking and laughing to each other when I hit the ring thief. They looked to see what had happened. They saw Carl burst from the lewd circle and come at me. Then they witnessed Carl drooping to the floor like a sack of shit, how fitting.

The crowd had parted and there was Beth. Tony had pulled her pants down to her knees and his cock was buried in her from behind. She was holding a half empty shot glass of cum. Cum was dripping from her chin and down the front of her blouse. She looked at me drunkenly while she tried to shove the bent wedding band on her finger. It wouldn't fit. "Don't try Beth… they don't fit you anymore. You better get used to not having them on."

Her drunken expression was one of slow comprehension. Her eye's filled with tears. Tony kept fucking her. He reminded me of a dog I once tried to get off my mom's prized poodle. I hit it over the head and I sprayed ammonia in it's eye's. It just looked at me with it's long tongue lolling out, and kept fucking Mom's poodle. It's funny, the images that come to mind at strange times. here I was standing over two prone bodies and Beth was standing, slightly bent, while my co-worker kept fucking her.

Tears ran down her face to mingle with the cum. Oh my God Jason…I'm so sorry." She pleaded for my forgiveness. At no time did she try to pull away from Tony's cock. While she was pleading several things happened. the first was that Tony started to coming in her cunt. The second was that Beth herself had a big orgasm. She was pleading for me to forgive her and at the same time moaning and grunting as her orgasm hit.

The third thing that happened was the blue uniforms started to push their way into the house. I found out later that sever cars had met at their favorite restaurant about a mile away. The thought of a cocaine bust brought them eagerly to Carl's house. There must have been twenty of them. They all liked to get on the police report of a drug bust. I noticed that several of them went to the back of the house and one returned, ushering three young girls with them. It turned out that they were only fifteen and were trying to get away.

Three cops came to me and I held out my stun gun in surrender. I mean they had drawn guns. I told them that I was the one that called them. About then a whoop from several cops signaled that they had found a large silver plated with a couple of ounces of coke still in it. The attitude of the police changed toward me immediately. I was the one responsible for making them look good. I looked to see Beth, now that her orgasm had passed, trying to get off Tony's cock. One policeman had a camcorder and pointed it in their direction. Beth and Tony's fuck was caught on tape for all eternity.

Tony seemed to come aware of what was happening. He withdrew his cock from Beth's cunt. She went to her knees. Sperm was dripping from her cunt like a tropical rainfall. I saw then that Tony had his pants down to his ankles. He tried to get away but fell on his face. His feet had become entangled in his pants. That was when I started to laugh. The guy that had tried to steal Beth's ring was searched and the ring produced. "Wow," one cop whistled, " If I gave my wife a ring like that…" His voice trailed off as he felt their slimy appearance. he then called for an evidence bag and dropped it in. He left immediately to find a bathroom to wash his hand's.

More cops arrived and along with them the news caravan. Cameras and lights appeared as the news people started to film. One real cute blond was in front of a camera saying something. Cops had lined people up and were swabbing for DNA samples. Crack pipes had also been found and cops hated crack. They wanted to know just who had been smoking them. Carl came to just in time for him to be handcuffed. A few cops seemed to know who he was. His parties were rather infamous with them.

Two female cop's had helped Beth pull her pants up, in a fashion, and she was being cuffed. I started to protest to the cops taking my statement. "That's my wife" I said. One cop said that he was sorry but that some of the party guest were juveniles and that Beth had sex in front of them and that was a felony.

I explained to the cops what I had seen. I thought that Carl and his friends would be guilty of something concerning her. I was wrong, Beth was on her own as far as this was concerned. Beth was taken to the police station and booked along with Carl and my thief. All of the party goer were also booked for illegal use of cocaine, among other drugs found. The three girls were taken to detention and questioned by youth authorities.

Beth was taken to a police station and her stomach pumped out. It seemed that she had been given a date rape drug. The funny thing was that the drug had only been given minutes before the arrival of the police. It had been mixed with the last shop of cum she had drank. Everything had been categorized as evidence, even the empty shot glassed with traces of sperm still in the bottom of th glasses. I went home and passed out. The phone rang several times. It was Beth sobbing for me to come bail her out. I had a splitting headache. I had not, thankfully, did any drugs but I had drank a bit too much.

The next afternoon, I went to the police station. I was told that Beth had been transferred, that morning, to the county lockup. No one had came to make her bail. I looked up one of the detectives, assigned to the case. It was most eye opening. The one that had given her the date rape drug according to DNA on the shot glass and fingerprints, was none other than my erstwhile co-worker, Anthony. I was mad all over again. It seemed that my boss had come down and made his bail.

Also as it turned out, the detective was a fellow honor student from the same college I had graduated from and was a member of the same honor society that I belonged to. This was better than frat brothers. It entailed a lot of prestige. I found out that a tape had been made of the entire proceedings by one of the drunks. The detective didn't want me to see it then, but he made me a copy so that I could watch it if I wanted to. From the tale that I had told him and from the accounts of others at the party, It seemed that Beth and I were targeted as soon as it was know that Beth had posed for playboy.

"Look I can't tell you what to do, but if it were my wife, I would get some payback." He went on to explain that what they had done was not a crime. Carl naturally was charged with drug possession. Supplying drugs to minors. Several other wives had been given date rape drugs and they were all found in Carl's bathroom. Carl is going away for a long time. One of the girls was that daughter of a city councilman, and he's out for Carl's blood. I would venture that he will be an old man when he gets out." The detective smiled then, " An old man with a very big asshole." For the first time since I had found that Beth had drank Carl's shot glass, I laughed too. I was told that the detective knew some rather weird men serving life with out parole, and they would do him favors for things like a choice of a cell with a view.

I was watching the tape later that day when Beth's father crashed into the house. He was angry and wanted to know just why the hell I had not bailed his daughter out. I let him rant on till he happened to look at the large screen. There was his daughter getting fucked and doing shot glasses of sperm. He watched shocked. "Let the slut stay in jail." That was all he said and left. I cried for a long time. I cried because my marriage had just ended and I also cried because I had lost a dream job. I hadn't lost it yet, but I would… I would.

Monday morning I went into work. Tony was there with a big smirk on his face. All during the morning I could see him whispering to others in the office. Break time came and everyone took their break in the office. Coffee was pored and cokes were brought out as well as donuts and pastries. I walked to the large TV monitor at the side of the office and inserted the tape. I then addressed the crowd of a dozen people. I told the ladies that if they did not want to see something of a sexual nature then for them to leave. No one left. Tony was looking a little uncomfortable. The smirk seemed to have faded. Every one seemed to know what it was all about. No one knew I had a tape. I stated it and let my co-workers watch. I explained how Tony had bugged me to come to his friend's party and bring my wife.

Tony had been planning the entire thing. "Your co-worker gave my wife a date rape drug. There is plenty of evidence to back it up, and I intend to see that he goes to prison for it." That was when I smirked. " Tony old buddy I have a friend on the force and he knows perverts in prison that will make sure you enjoy your stay. Even if you only get a year you will spend that year with a dozen of aids ridden cocks up your ass." Then I smiled real big. "So big man…your life is over."

An enraged Tony rushed at me and I smacked him against a wall. I made sure he stayed on his feet while I used my hands and feet to smash him into a pulp." I then let him fall to the floor. He had attacked me. I defended myself. Then looking at everyone in the office I said in a loud voice, "I quit." I walked out of the office after retrieving the tape. I went home and slept. I turned the phone off and started to get happily drunk. The door bell rang. I knew it was Beth. She had gotten someone to put up her bail. It kept ringing so I finally went to tell her to go to hell. "You can get the hell…". I stopped in mid sentence. The face belonged to Harmon Welch. Harmon was the big boss. The company CEO. Not my immediate boss.

At first I got angry that he would personally come to my home at a time like this. I was about to tell him off, when he put his hand's up in supplication. "I just wanted you to know that I will not accept you quitting on me." I was stunned. Next I know we were sitting at the kitchen table while he poured black coffee down me. He explained that Tony had been fired. The first reason was that he was a criminal and would go to prison. Harmon didn't want the company associated with stuff like that. "Then the main reason is what he did to you…I promote harmony," he chuckled at the play on his name, " I want a good team that works together and Tony's actions said that he was a scumbag."

What the end story was, is that he gave me a different position with a substantial raise. Harmon, oh yes we were on a first name basis now, wanted a person it the position that wasn't afraid and could be easily cowed. Harmon left and I felt like a new mad. Oh you want to know about Beth. Well she got off on the charges because her lawyer said that she was under the influence of a drug. I knew better. She came home from jail and acted hurt because I let her stay there till her court date three days later. I had already filed divorce papers and they were ready to be served.

I planned a good place to have her served, but first I wanted to pay her back for her lies about her past. I would have never married a slut like her. I suppose that she felt that she had won a prize by becoming the respectable wife of some one on the ladder up. She was a slut through and through. We had dinner and some drinks at a fashionable restaurant. Then with her slightly tipsy I took her to a real seedy bar. I had already paid a couple of guys there to do something for me. She was protesting my bringing a lady like her to such a dive when the two men came and hustled her off to the men's bathroom.

I followed as she was undressed and her clothes thrown on the filthy cum and piss stained floor. The bathroom had three toilet booths. Only the center one had what passed for a commode. It too was filthy. Naked, Beth was thrown across the toilet on her belly. I cringed to think that her skin was in contact with the filthy, scum coated fixture. On the walls to the booths on the other side were two large were two large glory holes. Beth's head was placed against one hole at mouth level and her head was tied in place by leather thongs attached to the hinges for a missing paper fixture. Her ass was pressed against the other wall. Looking through from the other booth I could see her anus and cunt wink at me. There were smaller holes on the side of the six inch one and the leather was secured to these holes. Beth was screaming and crying, asking me why I was treating her like this.

Then the men from the bar started to come in. They were the most derelict looking bunch of men that God ever forgot. There were two holes for them to use. Word had be passed around that the sexy high glass lady wanted to give blow jobs and fuck for ten dollars. Many men counted out their change, that they had bummed during the day from people, and threw it on the floor in a hat that had been placed there. For three hours she was fucked by one filthy cock after another. her cunt was drained into a large drink glasses and poured down her mouth. Then she had another dirty cock crammed in her mouth and she had learned to such of drown. She sucked and swallowed. When she was released four hours later she was covered in come. Men had also used her as a urinal and pissed all over her as she was being fucked and sucking cock.

She didn't take all the cocks that fucked her in her cunt either, she had her ass reamed out till it was a loose gaping hole like her cunt. She was sobbing and moaning. I told her to shut up. " Do you remember when someone yelled that Tony was your husband's co-worker and every one laughed." I took a deep breath and continued,
"Do you have any idea how that made me feel to have ass hole drunks that didn't even know me to laugh at me?" I screamed at her then. "I asked you a question slut. Do you know how that made me feel. It never would have happened if it weren't for my loving wife's slut ways. You have been a slut from the word go. You weren't satisfied with having a meal ticket you had to act like a slut, which you are. Well consider us even…oh except for one little thing."

A small man in a nice stylish suit had appeared. In his hand he held a paper. He handed it to Beth. She looked at the paper not comprehending it. " You have been served bitch…I am divorcing your ass. I took out my cock and as a last gesture to the no good slut, I let loose a stream of piss all over her naked body.

"May I be allowed to use her that way?" It was the process server.

I told him to have a ball. He began to piss all over her while laughing happily. I looked back to see her staring at me as if she still didn't know what she had done. " Oh your things have been moved from my house. I had them put in garbage bags." I laughed at the irony. "If you don't get them by in the morning they will all be gone." I turned and walked away.

The divorce went as expected. Beth didn't even show up for the hearing and I was given all I had asked for. She never picked up her things and true to my word, they were all gone in the morning. Only a few items were left in the street. I cleaned these up and threw them in the dumpster. I went through the house again removing all trace of Beth from the house. I had torn up our wedding pictures and threw them away.

It took me a few months but I finally got all the guy's that had laughed at me at the party. I had studied the tape till I knew by heart who had laughed. My new friend from the police department helped me track them all down. An invitation was sent to them all. The occasion was a sympathy party for Carl and Tony. Tony was serving a five year sentence for giving Beth a date rape drug. He was also charged with rape, as evidenced by the tape. His sentences ran concurrently but he was a known rapist. In prison rapist and child molesters are the most despised of all while the bank robber and the murderer had some status. True to the detective's work they had become butt buddies for all the hardened inmates to butt fuck and give blow Jobs too. One inmate had knocked all of their teeth out so they could give better blow jobs.

A few days before the party was to take place, I went to the prison to visit with my former co-worker. He looked like a shell of his former self. "Please help me he begged."

"Help you…help you mother fucker… you abused my friendship, made fun of me. When you get out you can have Beth,that is for the short time she will be with you. She will probably have a cunt like a cow and have AIDs, but old buddy you are welcome to her." I started to walk away but I turned " Oh by the way ass hole the day you get out is the day you die." I have someone waiting for you to kill you very slowly and tape it for me. You will know as you are being killed that I will be laughing my ass off and watching you plead for your life. I will laugh as you are choked to within an inch of your life and then will have a large tree stump shoved up you ass, not enough to kill you right off, I want you to bleed to death and know what a creep you are. I hope to kill Beth slowly with you. I will fuck your mother while I watch you being killed I will cut off your cock and balls and feed them to the slut . Before I cut off your cock or I can have you fuck her while you are both being killed. Oh you look so sad Tony." I grinned and told him that Carl will be killed after his ass hole got to big to offer any pleasure to the inmates.

What's the matter Tony…just finding out that no one really likes you…matter of fact they really hate you." I said to his ugly face, " Like I hate you Tony…I hate you so much that I am not going to be able to share this earth with you…or Beth either for I hate her just as much. You and Beth disrespected me by acting like you did. If Beth wanted to be a slut and used up whore like she was then she should have divorced me. I will admit that I was pussy whipped for a while there but I am well over it. That's basically why i am having you killed the day you get out of prison. I let that sink in," I am going to be there while you are tortured along with that slut Beth…I wish that I could hate Nicole too but she isn't married to me. I had a bunch of guy's calling her and talking to her husband till he got fed up with it. I also called him and asked him what he let a slut no good whore like Nicole around his son. I also went to see him and made him sit and watched the video of her fucking and sucking other guys. I told him that if he wanted his manhood back then he would divorce her." I told tony that i knew that he didn't give a shit about Beth but I had loved her once ans for him helping to kill my love I would watch while he died slowly," I watched him cry like a baby as I left.

I waited till the party was in full swing before I went in. I was pleased to see that all the guy's on the tape were there. Three guys had their wives with them. The others were single. I stayed on the side and watched as the drinks started flowing like water. I watched as the three wives got drunker and drunker. Then as their husbands were too blotto to stand up I had a man I had hired to bring out a large tray of shot glasses filled with cum. The sperm had been collected at a cost of one dollar for each time one of the bums from the bar shot his diseased seed into a glass. The cum was a couple of days old and stank. The wives were lined up in front of their husband's and the other men and given shot glasses full of whiskey mixed with the sperm.

After the first few shots they were drinking pure old homeless sperm. The wives were stripped naked by the horny animals there. It wasn't long before a cock was shoved in the cunt of one of the wives. Then it erupted in a wholesale orgy. People that I had hired had stripped the husband's of the women being fucked. It was just a matter of time when an impatient man started to shove his cock into the husband's mouth. It got better as lust and passion, along with some strong booze, started to loosen up inhibitions. The three husband's were starting to get butt fucked. One guy finished in one husband's butt and shoved his dirty, brown stained cock in the guy's mouth to get cleaned off. It became insane by now. The wives were being fucked in the cunt and ass at the same time.

I grabbed one of the husband's and made him look at his wife being treated like a scumbag whore. " Do you like it you mother fucker…do you like seeing your wife like this?" I squeezed his face hard and made him watch as one of the many homeless bums was sticking a dirty cock down his wife's face. "Do you like to see your wife treated like a dirty slut?" I started to smack his face over and over till he began to spit up teeth.

"Every one in the world is going to see your wife. Your families are getting copies of the tape I'm making of her now. Your mother is going to see you sucking a dirty cock and being butt fucked. Your boss will see it too so you better get used to not ever working." Then I smiled, "It's not so bad, you can be your wife's pimp, She can work the tenderloin area. You will even get a lot of offers for your ass too. " The man was a shambles by the time I finished with him.

That was how I had felt at the party while Beth gobbled down one shot glass of cum after another. This was how I felt as the ass holes in the circle laughed at me. This was how I felt when Tony was trying to put me down in front of the office. Incidentally I remembered which of my co-workers had laughed as Tony told them all about the party. I was now their boss and I made sure that everyone of them quit in a short time and that they would have a hard time getting a job at Micky D's.

That night after mailing a copy of the tape to every family, boss, minister and friend of the guy's there, I left feeling real good. One of the guys I had hired for the party went out with me. "Man I hope I never make you mad at me." He grinned.

"Well all you have to do is not laugh at me. I hate to be laughed at."

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