the Director of Buenos-aries pt2

the Director of Buenos-aries pt2

Across the rooftop of the city slums the air shimmered with heat. It was early in the afternoon and each block of tightly packs homes hummed with music, animal barks and the noise of adolescent scooters and games.

In the middle of one such street deep in the Buenos-Aries “villas” a non-descript block of homes was the setting for a homemade porn movie. The men inside whom once associated with the thugs and perverts of the old junta regime now eked out a living supplying “old contacts” with hard to get films designed for extreme sexual gratification.

Lara had come here to see a hidden waterfall deep in the jungle. Now it was the busty backpacker who provided the delight to inquisitive explorers. Made to come, fucked with the intensity of a rock concert and half suffocated with a spunk filled bag she now staggered to her feet; all the while her body recorded by tripod-mounted cameras.

The two brothers and the big ex-CIA man were calling the shots.

The older brother masked like all the rest pointed to the floral pattern wall.

“Get up and bend over against it; its time for the next scene.”

Lara looked at the bizarre figure in front of her. He was a squat pot belied man his string vest stretched over his girth; a wide black hood on his head; his body naked below the waist his cock upright hand stroking his balls which dangled in a long hairy sack. She didn’t know his history; his name didn’t matter either; he had many names over the years to escape prosecution and betrayal. In the old days he had done many things in the name of the Junta that were beyond normal comprehension. And now poor and twisted no matter how much she begged he would work his evil trade for cash. These days he was known to most only as the “director.”

Lara staggered to her feet arms still tied behind her back. The big bald American suddenly clicked open her manacles; allowing her arms to straighten Lara rubbing her wrists.

“Don’t even think of going for the door,” he said menacingly into her ear.

She smelt his rancid cigar breath, his bulk aging but still lethal. What had turned him this way she wondered? Too many covert ops when age or sex of the targets didn’t matter? Until finally he flipped, stopped reporting in and went rouge?

The Yank knew what she was thinking, but it was none of her fucking business. He nodded to his hooded associate.

The director grabbed her hair pushing her head down her arms reaching out to press with flat palms on the wall. Her legs were tight together as if she was about to dive from a high board ass out invitingly her hard tits defying gravity clung under her like they were bulbous car headlights.

The American pushed a bit made of leather into her mouth her teeth gripping it.

“Bite on this bitch.” He told her. “Trust me it’ll be easier that way.”

Lara gave an agonised grunt of understanding and bit hard as the director gripped her hips rubbing his hungry cock up and down her the crack of her ass.

“You need buggering now,” he said matter of fact way. “UNDERSTAND!”

Lara just whined her eyes tight shut her body tensed.

Moments later his used his hand to press the head of his hot cock at her anus and then thrust in. She lifted onto tiptoe as he speared her virgin ass.


Lara gave out a teeth clench shriek the cock busting up her anus filling her tight shaft like an arm snapped into a long rubber gauntlet before an operation. Her mind went wild as she bit hard on the leather.

“Oh Goddddddd!”

The director felt his cock curved up inside her in one forced thrust his ball swinging up slapping her wet pussy.

“Suck it in bitch!” He thought in delight.

He pulled out almost to the tip of his rod Lara feeling like it was shitting a tree trunk, then he thrust in again her ass bucking her feet rising again struggling to stay on the floor.

She clawed the wall her hair whipping her face one of anguish.





Then faster.

Then faster.

Until it was one continuous fucking rhythm his pelvis slapping her sweaty butt his ball swinging his cock glistening with sweat as it began to pound her for dear life.

Lara suddenly lost her bit the spittle in her month flying and she gave out a belly groans of indignity filling the room with rhythmic gasps. “Ugg, ugg, ugg, ugg!”

She could see the other two masked men watching closely admiring her vocal anal fucking; and over in the corner the camera recorded slavishly.

She raised her head trying to straighten and the fat film maker pushed her shoulders down his other hand curling under her waist to lift her groin his hand making her stand erect like a posing model.

The director was grunting and gasping his rod a battering ram on her rear Lara’s cheek and lips now pressed against the wall her chin tapping the wallpaper as her arms weakened and she struggled to push back.

“Oh god! I’m going to puke!” she moaned felling like the friction up her rear chute.

Her thoughts were confused and disorientated. She could hear her own grunts that leapt from her mouth almost without control. Her vision was misting over the anal assault burning and burning.

“No, no uggh,” she groaned as he gripped her wait humping away.” No stop you filthy bastard I can’t …”

The director pulled out’ his cock springing upright as he ejected from her, and she groaned in relief His brother had the hand held camera and he focused on her gaping ass the American getting her shoulders and tits in a bear hug pinning her in this bent double position angling her face towards the cameras as if she was about to touch her toes.

Lara gave a scream of protest her mind unsure what was going on next.”

The brother was far younger than his director sibling. But raised by the mad man for most of his life he worshipped him. Fed a diet of porn and violence he’d never had a chance. Now he was as callous and as dead souled as his brother. This blonde bitch was all he hated about the world that had dealt him a cruel hand and his cock stiffened to breaking as he saw what was in store next.

The director pulled a big power tool from the bag. It was a pistol grip saw with the blade removed replaced by a ribbed plastic cock. He pressed the trigger and the cock jerked back and forth at speed; he turned a dial and the thrusting speed became amazing. It turned into a continuous vision of extended rubber, the thrusts 10 every second.

Lara screamed trying to shake her clamped head. He couldn’t?

“Oh God no please not up my ass. Noooo!”

The Director put the awful device on the bed the dildo cock stopping its insane hammering. He then pulled a ping-pong paddle from this never-ending bag of tricks.

“Make her present her ass higher,” he told the Yank and he in turn pushed her shoulder and head down further; rear rising.

“No please I’m not resisting!” She shouted.

The director took a few practice swipes then began to hit the thing onto Lara’s beautiful round butt.

The swipes resonated around the room followed by Lara’s screams. He took steady ass wobbling strikes his breathing laboured the Yank struggling even with his strength to hold the bucking woman.

“Beg for it!” The director commanded. “Beg for your big ass pumping!”

Lara screamed her eyes wild the swipes nearly making her feint.

Her glistening butt was reddening her skin stinging like on fire. But still he continued to spank.

“No no noooooo!” She screamed her tits swinging with each paddle strike her knees bending inwards the strength sapped from them.

The director was annoyed. “I said beg for it. You want that monster roaring up your ass don’t you!”

She continued to scream but refused to answer him her face showing signs of detachment.

Now she was about to feint.

The Yank noticed and told his eager friend to hold on.

Her vision started to distort but as the spanking stopped she regained a little clarity her body aching her muscles in this bent over position screaming for relief. But she only had less than a minute to come around before he began to swipe again and she let out a belly howl.

“Stop! Stop ohhhhhhhhhh!” She had to make him stop.

“Say it!” He demanded

“Yes, yes I want it up my ass,” she gasped. “Just stop spanking me!”

The men released their grip and Lara rather surprised stood up her elegant curvaceous figure brilliantly defined against these wide bellied men. Her body was aching big tits rising and falling as she panted with relief.

In her head the same word repeated over and over like a stuck record. ”Oh god, oh god, oh god!”

The Director had the pistol cock again firing the trigger the head juddering in short powerful bursts.

“Time to ride this bitch, get on all fours.”

The Yank pushed her back to the bed and as she knelt on then put her face down into an ass high doggie position the younger brother pushed the leather bit back in her mouth then slapped her face.

“Watch it go in you fucking witch!”

Lara looked over her shoulder her face one of horror at the impending assault. The director was wiping a thick layer of Vaseline onto the length of the shaft. She’d need it. Her eyes widened and she clawed the bed as he then angled the tip against her ass.

He twisted and tilted the spear tip of his rubber cock pressing slowly with a satisfied grunt. The cock opened up her ass sliding in; Lara giving quiet teeth clenched groans.

She felt the long rubber rod bury into her bowels until the full 7 inches were inside. She was so full now her ass aching the rubber feeling rigid.

The director pressed the trigger and the rubber instantly began to bugger into her at incredible speed. The blonde stunner jerked forward but the man pushed the pistol cock with her pounding her ass at 10 thrusts a second. Her rim shimmered her ass vibrating with the intensity of the powerful motor, Lara gritting her teeth on the leather bit her eyes on storks her voice a high pitched long grunt


The pistol never slowed the thrusting making her rectum vibrate along its length. It was like a frenzied stabbing motion but so fast it merged into one sensation of unbelievable power.

Her face collapsed on the bed hands clawing the bed covers her ass climbing high trying to escape the pounding. Her pussy shuddered with the sensation her gaping slimy shaft pouting like a fish, her lips seeming to gobble the air in panic. The cock itself was a glistening spitting beasts the lubricant keeping the friction on her insides just below the edge of what was bearable.

Her shit hole gripped and gasped on the spinning length the whirr of motor straining against strong young ass muscles; but as the lubricant spread and her ass began to tire and loosen it increased in pitch the rod pounding faster and faster like a steam train getting up to speed.

Lara gave a vibrating forlorn moan in one long deep tone.

The director pressed the trigger fully the dial on max hammer and held the tool with both hands the handle shuddering at the intensity. Lara’s butt hole was a ring of foaming gel the cameras catching her pink anus quivering trying to swallow the awful ram, her glistening round cheeks reflecting the window light back onto the lens.

“No, no stop aghhhhhhhhhhhhh!” She shook on the bed her head flailing in terror her eyes like saucers, lips in a wide sexy yawn showing her brilliant teeth as she flooded with horrid thoughts.

“Oh God its going to tear me apart! Snap off deep inside me! Make me shit all over the bed!”

The man was twisting the device the cock hammering into her butt; widening her shitter in a circular motion.

“Oh hell that’s too much.” She gasped, sexy lashes flaring as her eyes pleaded. “No please uggggggggggg!”

The Yank was pouring on oil and that added to the froth and glistening ass crack.

“Don’t worry you won’t split,” he laughed opening her cheeks just to check. ”Your ass is loosening babe.” Lara gritted her teeth it definitely didn’t feel like it to her.

She tried to pull up pushing at the bald American. His chest had an eagle tattoo the wings spread like a presidential seal. He was just on the verge of fat his once wrestler style body feeling the ravages of time. With one big wax smooth arm he slammed her shoulder hard down her face hitting the pillow arms crumpling against his might.

“Behave,” he growled her ass riding high the thundering assault making her cheek s wobble like Jello.

The director withdrew the long wet rubber cock; the thing suddenly halting its motion and then he handed it to his brother. The American kept Lara down on the sheets. She tried to lower her rear but he gave her two then three hard smacks on her behind Lara screaming and jerking her butt back upwards.

“Keep it high bitch,” he bellowed gripping hold of her check shifting her butt to angle it better towards the tripod cameras.

The director admired his friend style as he prepared himself for mounting. They’d once been on opposing sides but as he knew too well – Dance with the devil too long and you loose your soul. The ex-CIA man had just become too addicted to what he’d seen to ever go back.

He greased his hard curved cock until it stood proud like a dripping brine covered hotdog. He remembered the day the Yank had finally crossed over. The embassy secretary he’d lured to their clutches. The screaming; the fucking; the gloating; her disbelieving eyes as the Yank helped defile her and then her disappearance.

Lara tried to wriggle as she felt the fat Latin man climb onto her ass his legs squatting either side of her hips his hand pointing his cock to her burning anus. She raised her shoulders but gave an exhausted grunt as he pushed her head back down pressing his cock between her stretched ass cheeks easing with some effort into her.

She gave another belly groan his rod sliding up inside her hot rubber shaft.

His gripped her mane pulling her hair making her chin rise like a galloping horse while the Yank held her shoulders to the bed.

The director began to jerk his hips spearing her ass in long deliberate strokes; Lara howling with a high pitch tone each time his cock hit its limit.

The hairy big-bellied man was rocking on her ass, riding her butt like a space hopper bouncing down onto her his hands on blonde reins the bed swaying and flexing as the springs gave way.

“Now miss,” he hissed in amusement,” something requested by my masters.

Lara could feel his younger brothers hands on her pussy moving up to where the evil mans cock opened her anus. She could feel the tip of the hammer cock tracing her skin towards the directors flapping balls until it nestled between his big eggs the tip pressed beneath his cock trying to enter her ass too.

The Yank saw Lara’s eyes show understanding and he goaded her.

“Two cocks up your ass at once honey.”

She shook her head groaning with the Latin’s rhythmic buggering. “Nooooo.”

“Oh yes you bitch its going to happen right now!”

The tip pressed hard against a non-existent entrance as the man’s cock slowly withdrew. At the final moment as his bulbous head popped from her rear the hammer cocks tip tried to enter. The director replied pushing his cock head back in as well both tips opening the same sweaty hole at the same time.

Lara was in disbelief the pressure on her ass unbearable. These fuckers were crazy. She didn’t want to believe, not both not that wide. But the tone of the evil Yanks voice told her he’d seen it done many times before.

The American pinned her hard with her knees curled under her and the director riding on top like in a saddle. This way she couldn’t move her ass away from the action. The cock and dildo pressed as one opening her tight little ass hole inch by inch the younger brother mouth dripping saliva as he pressed for full entry with the power tool.

“Take it you little slut!” He snapped his eyes wild though his hood. “After this you won’t be able to sit down for a long time.”

Lara’s eyes crossed her nostrils flaring and she took deep gulps of hot humid air. The two rods where at the limit of what she could take. She tore at the bedclothes, as her sphincter seemed like it would split. Then she felt an awful pop as her muscles sucked the two heads inside her tunnel feeling the slow movement of both cocks as they pushed up inside

She felt like her inside were been squeezed like toothpaste up her throat. The lubricated rods seemed as one. An insane size cock, an elephant cock, a demon cock. Her thoughts were surreal it felt like the men were all climbing inside her.

She realised she stopped grunting and resisting; instead frozen accepting her new indignity like a filthy whore. Allowing them access rather than resist and prolong the inevitable.

“Fuukkkkkkkk!” She groaned the sensation needing vocal release.

The Yank let go of her shoulders and she struggled to push her body up straighter allowing the double entry to move deeper unhindered.

“Good girl!” The director said in approval. Lara’s stomach churned at his praise.

“That right good girl, good fucking whore Lara,” she thought to herself in scolding sarcasm at her situation.” You stupid bitch, oh you fucking stupid bitch!”

The director feeling his pelvis press on her cheeks gave a nod to his brother who pressed the pistol trigger and the hammer cock began to steadily thrust back and forth rubbing both the mans cock and Lara’s hot straining insides.

Lara didn’t hide her sensation. She began to grunt in high pitch mews like a cat. Then hog grunts as the hammer cock increased again. Then palm slapping moans as her cock stuffed ass rubbed hotter and hotter.

The director also began to moan as the power cock increased the rubber length rutting her ass rubbing his cock with the same mechanical momentum.

From the viewfinder the camera recorded the big-bellied man masked and sweating as his rocked on her upturned ass. His brother was kneeling up behind on the floor both hands holding his power tool monster as it shuddered and plugged up the doggie Lara.

The big titted Brit was writhing and screaming as the machine went faster and faster her head shaking in refusal not wanting to believe the sensation was real. Her ripe tits hung down swaying back and forth as she grunted and rocked with frenzy the Yank groping feeling the weight his body a glistening mess of perspiration.

“Oh yes we haven’t forgotten these babies,” he thought to himself, “their time will come.”

He moved over to the camera and took it in his hand getting down to view the double entry in sickening detail. Her sweaty pink rim was gobbling the two rods her pussy still glistening with juice the noise of the motor whining with effort masking animal grunts of both delight and horror.

The director was in a harsh pounding world of delight. His cock was buried deep in this hot babe her wails of sensation as hot as the attention his cock was getting.
The hammer cock was back on full thrust now the glistening rod rubbing the director to climax while tearing at Lara’s anal rim.

“Get ready bitch,” he snarled gyrating his pelvis fighting the hammering robot cock for anal dominance. “Get ready for a face splatter shot here me!”

She just continued to rock and buck in a world of her own. He elaborated.

“Over you face you little bitch, get ready open that hot mouth and accept my shot.”

Still she didn’t respond the two cocks like warring armies between her legs.

“ARE YOU READY!” He bellowed his release now inevitable and the Yank slapped her face to get a response. “Answer bitch!”

Lara nodded gritting her teeth.

The extraction was hard; the director groaning as his cock and the jackhammer device withdrew at the same time. There was a pop her anal void dark and wide the hole gasping for air. Free of the two invaders she pulled herself up her tits thrusting out until she was kneeling upright.

Pushing her head up she gasped for fresher air near the ceiling.

She saw the camera close by out of the corner of her eye. Its lens so close there could be no mistake who she was. She imagined her students in some horrid future unsure until this moment if it could possibly be their teacher they were watching on this underground filth; but now – “Oh shit it is! Its fucking Miss!”

Her head jerked even further back the director standing on the bed his hand pulling her golden mane his other hand wanking his roughly treated cock over her snorting nose and mouth.

“OPEN YOUR MOUTH!” He snarled, “here it ohhhhhhhhh!”

She had only seconds to wait before his hole spewed forth a long stream of jelly white come. It was a bubbling brook of semen spitting and pissing over her gasping mouth. Her pearl teeth became duller as thick chunks filled over her lips, spattering her chin. More blanketed her nostrils her cheeks showing rivulets of filth, and finally more still into her eye sockets; long lashes collecting the stuff like a spiders webbing.

“Ugggh Cough! Splutter!”

The come filled her open obedient mouth the stink up her nose the sting in her eyes. But worst than all three was the red wink of the red lens so near by telling her that all was recorded in close up clarity.

The man slapped down with his erupting truncheon, battering her face as it deflated adding more bruises to his blackening cock. Until come strewn and flush from slapping Lara’s face was allowed to pull from the camera shot.

The director took his camera back exhausted by his exertions. Lara head dropped come dripping to the mattress. She was still on all fours unwilling or unsure if to move.

“Oh God please let me go now,” she coughed wiping the spunk from her face her long nails collecting big clumps of seed from the sides of her hawkish nose. But the three men appeared to have suddenly lost interest in her.

She was aware that the American was in the bathroom messing with something, the other two moving apparatus to the same tiled room. She thought to leap for the door but realised it was probably locked.

She didn’t care and pulled her body up trying to get off the bed before they noticed.

She lunged for the door and screamed in panic as the man gibbering excitedly rushed after her. She only just turned the handle feeling the door edge open before big arms slammed her against the wall pulling her wrists behind her; taking command again.

“Not so fast,” the younger brother said his words venomous in her ear. “My turn now.”

The younger man had something to prove. He was just as crazy as his director brother. He would show them all. It was junior who would make this woman a crazed whore.

As the Yank pulled her armed tighter behind her his hands holding her bound the brother groped her beautiful full melons. He twisted both tits like huge dials Lara moaning at the new abuse.

“Soon you will be begging for our cocks again. But only when we are convinced will you get the relief of a hard fucking.”

He squeezed her cheeks together kissing her lovely lips, and then spat into her shocked mouth.

“Are you ready?” He called to his director brother; the man nodding as he adjusted his camera gear in the bathroom.

“Good,” he hissed then looking at the panting Lara added; “ It’s time to get you roped and soaking.”

She screamed realising things had just gone up a notch, shaking her head legs locked rigid as her feet slid along the floor until she was in the bright filthy white washroom.

Above was the grime skylight the sound of the street wafting in, but no way to alert anyone’s attention. The sink and john were cracked the bath also looking worse for wear; a porcelain dirty white tub with water pipes above it.

Hanging from these roof pipes was a rope and manacles so when attached a person would hang buy tiptoe in the bath.

Lara felt her self picked up like a bride the Yank lifting her into the bath. The brother was fastening her wrists to the manacles and she wriggled and screamed as she realise they intended to suspend her sexy body on raised toes inside the bath.

“Stop struggling slut,” the Bro said his black mask sodden with perspiration his eyes bloodshot through the eyes holes. Lara realised he was high on some drug; his bravado still needing outside influence unlike the other older men.

The director refocused his camera from the tripods new position until he had a full frame of the blonde Lara. Struggling to stay on her toes as the manacles were pulled higher her arms pointed vertically big tits rampant thrusting out at 45-degree angles towards the wall corners.

In this long stretched state her glistening hourglass figure was accentuated. Thin waist below a great heaving chest, nipples pink and swollen her curvaceous hips clenching thighs together; sexy claves dripping sweat, cute pick painted toes slipping on the grim porcelain base. “Fuck!” the director thought to himself; ”I’m beginning to get hard again already.”

“No please, nooooooooo!” Wailed the babe, but no one was listening. She wasn’t complaint now the obedience of the inevitable ass fuck long gone. She could see what was in store for her; what evils could be played out in here. In front of the camera

She’d been screaming since entering the room and only now had paused to gasp air in hyperventilation. On the bathroom floor was a big black box. It had dials and switches and looked like a crazy 30’s radio. Lara realised it was some type of battery or transformer; two long thick yellow curly wires coming from it ending in what look like spring clips. Hooked pieces of metal that snapped open then tight back together gripping anything between them like two hooked fingers.

There were tubes and rubber bladders hanging from hospital type stands. A pile of tools and hard brushes along with jars of unknown fluids stacked in a corner.

She didn’t know what was in store; she dare not imagine her heart racing already. All she knew for sure was that her next few hours would be run and rerun by the countless drooling masturbating audience that would eventually discover this film.

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