The Pit

She walked down the back alleyway, trying to be small and unnoticed. She wasn't sure why she was doing this or even if there was something other than walking down a trashy alley that she was doing. This place was legend. A friend of a friend knew a guy…that sorta direction, but she had to try and find it.

She had sketchy details at best about where it was and what it took to get in. She figured she would bluff her way in like she used to getting in bars before she was of legal age. She had the looks, the style, most doormen would not deny her. Then again…she had a feeling nothing about this place would be ordinary.

The lights over several doorways cast a dim glow to the alley, making it full of shadows and danger. She almost turned back but knew she couldn't. Tonight…tomorrow…next month…she would come eventually. There was no denying the draw she felt.

She came to an intersection with another alley and peered to the left. It was dark and foreboding. She looked to the right and it lead back towards the street. She had to go in deeper. She took another long slow breath and started walking down the left alley. The sound of a rat scurrying away and squealing almost sent her running but she controlled herself and forced her feet to take one step at a time. She would get there by sheer force of will if nothing else.

She heard a splash of sound, raunchy music with a deep dark beat. Then it was gone. She knew it was from a door opening ahead in the dark and then closing. Her heart was going a mile a minute, she almost ran again but couldn't. She trembled as she approached a dim neon sign that almost seemed swallowed by the surrounding dark. It read, very simply, The Pit.

She walked up to the door and grabbed the handle and turned, it was locked. That was almost enough excuse for her to turn back, her fear was at such a panic level but she stayed and raised her hand and knocked. That sound seemed so loud in the quiet of the deep of night. Like thunder that rolled and rebounded off the brick walls of the alley back to her. She waited and was about to knock when someone behind her cleared his throat.

She spun around and had to bite her lip to keep from screaming. He was just there, out of nowhere, just there. Neither tall nor short, neither fat nor thin, he was almost nondescript. Like you'd never notice him. Except for his eyes. Deep burning blue eyes that seemed to shine all the more for the blandness of the rest of him.

"Looking for something miss?" He said in a gravely voice.

"I wanted to go in." She replied with a shaky voice.

"Mmmm no miss…you don't wanna go in there. That's not the sorta place for ladies like you." He said and smiled, flashing white teeth.

"It's exactly the place for me." She said, starting to calm down and get indignant with the man.

"You think?" He asked and smiled again, enjoying toying with her.

"Yes, I think so." She responded.

"Then miss, this isn't the place for you. This is a place for people who know, not think." He stepped back like she would just leave now.

"All right, I'll play your game. OK, I know this is the place for me." She flipped her hair back, casually but purposefully making sure he got a good sight of her body. Big full breasts, The swing of her hips, long sweet legs, and all stuffed into a barely the-right-size black dress and matching heels. "I know….OK….now…can I go in?"

He smiled wider and stepped back forward to her and without breaking eye contact undid his fly and pulled his cock out. It was a good sized cock and was quickly rock hard. She tried not to be shocked, tried not to show it at least. She tried to maintain her calm cool composure.

"And that is for?" She asked.

"Admission miss." His smile seemed to take on a much more malevolent aspect. "Nothing is free here miss, everything costs."

She was stunned. For the first time that night she really was thinking this was a total mistake. This was insanity. Then, as if on cue, she heard a distant pounding of the beat from the music inside. It seemed to call her, she knew she had to go.

As though he saw her thoughts in her eyes he whispered to her, "Good girl." His hands on her shoulders he guided her to sit on the steps to the door. His cock in her face, she looked up at him and he grinned and nodded.

Closing her eyes, she opened her mouth and felt his cock slide in. It was big, but not too big for her to handle. She began to suck it as he slid it in and out and grabbed her hair gently. She was surprised when she began to want to suck it good. The idea of the anonymous cock sucking in a back alley grew on her. She looked up at him and watched him watching her.

She set her purse down and took hold of his cock shaft and began to pump it as she sucked. She felt her pussy getting dripping wet as she sucked him deep down and then licked at his balls. He moaned and smiled at her and closed his eyes.

Grabbing his balls with her free hand she pumped him hard and fast with her other. Her lips rubbing the entire length as she sucked him with nice wet sloppy sounds. She heard the music clearer, the beat timing with her cock sucking perfectly.

God she wanted his cum so bad now. Wanted it on her face, in her mouth, all over her. She moaned as she pumped him, letting his balls go, she slid her hand up her own dress and began to play with her clit through her panties. The beat of the music pounded through her, seemed to electrify her from the soul out. She sucked him faster and faster, hand trying to milk him, squeezing and sliding and begging with a touch for his load.

He grabbed her hair and jammed his cock into her mouth. She thought he was about to cum but he wasn't ready quite yet. Grabbing her hair with both hands he started fucking her face, his cock sliding in and out faster and faster.

"Suck it you lil slut if you want to go in. Pay me…pay me…" She moaned and came. The idea of being this slutty, this degraded, this out of control, her pussy exploded and she groaned around his cock.

Laughing he pulled his cock out and began stroking it in her face, her saliva making it slippery. She looked up at him and he smiled and let loose. His cum splattered on her cheek, she opened her mouth and got a shot across her lips, she licked it up greedily. Cum splashed on her neck and tits and then he shoved it back into her mouth and she sucked the last of it from him, milking him dry.

He stepped back and put his cock away and zipped up again. She just sat there looking at him, feeling the cum dripping all over her. He smiled and blew her a kiss and turned to walk away.

"Hey…the door…aren't you letting me in?" She asked, ready to chase him down and kill him as he walked away.

He laughed. "Baby…you already unlocked it. It was you that wouldn't let you open it." He turned back to her. "And now you know. So this is a place for a lady like you miss. Enjoy your night."

With that he walked back into the darkness, leaving her there. Her first response was to think she needed to clean up but, then she decided against it. Standing, dripping with his cum and hers, she stepped back up to the door and opened it easily. The music swept out and the cum slut walked inside.

It wasn't much brighter inside then out. A haze and smell of old sex seemed to hang over the foyer. She stepped further in her eyes adjusted and she could see all the wonderful things around her. In a booth to her right a man was being sucked by two girls, they took turns taking his cock into their mouths. The booth next to him was a man and a transsexual kissing and playing with each other. A girl was over a table getting hammer fucked by a large construction type guy still wearing his hard hat.

Everywhere she looked was sex of every type and description imaginable. Some made her excited, others repulsed her but in the end, it didn't matter, that was their business. Her business here was quite different.

She stepped up the bar and had to go around a balding fat man beating a young nubile woman's ass with a brush as she dangled over his knee. He was sweating, grinning, and screaming obscenities at her as he did. She gave him a wide berth and came to the bar away from him, trying to ignore his screaming. the bartender stepped over to her and smiled.

He was a handsome piece of man meat, maybe six-three, long blonde hair, surfer tan, pearly smile, and a hard body that was completely nude. His thick long cock bobbed in front of him as he walked over to her.

"What can I get you? What is your wildest pleasure?" He said and smiled again.

She was momentarily tempted but then remembered darker pleasures. "The Pit," she replied.

He looked her up and down and nodded. "Like to watch?"


He looked a little surprised.

"I want to be in it."

He took a deep breath. "Are you sure miss?"

"Oh Jesus Christ…do I have to blow you too to prove it?"

He laughed and shook his head and looked her up and down again. "No miss. Just take the stairs right behind you and enjoy your night miss." He turned and walked back to the fat man and handed him a new brush, the other was broken and the girls ass was so red it looked like an apple.

She turned and saw that there was indeed a stairway behind her now, right where the front door had been before. She smiled and nodded. It was true what they said, it was all true. She stepped to the stairs and started down, casting one more glance at the fat man and the girl, the girl was crying, laughing, and loving it all, winking at her between spanks and screams. She laughed, she wondered who was the visitor here, him or her. She turned back to the stairs and started down into the dark.

Each step seemed a little harder as she descended. Her heels made a staccato click on each, the stone stairs seeming to reject even the touch of her shoes. She felt as though if she should touch them, they would throw her back as unworthy. Each step brought that thought out clearer and clearer. They didn't want her here, she didn't belong here, she was just making a big mistake.

Step by step a panic grew in her. She needed to run, to get away. Each step was such a tragic mistake, she needed to go. Gritting her teeth she took another and another, tears spilled down her cheeks, fear made her heart beat wildly. Another and another and she felt like the walls closed in on her. She was not going to make it.

She paused and took a deep breath and tried to stop her trembling, tried to steady herself. She took another step and paused again. She listened. At first she was listening to see if anyone else was ahead of her but then, the music washed back over her. She was surprised, like it had receded away like the tide and only now came back. The beat, it moved her feet. The music comforted her. She took a deep breath and another step. It was OK, she was going to make it.

She came to a landing, about 12 foot long and then the steps continued beyond it. Sitting there was a topless girl. her shirt still hung in shreds from her shoulders but her perky breasts were totally exposed. Bits and pieces of the silk shirt were strewn about her and she was weeping.

Looking up at her as she walked past the girl asked, "Is it still night?"

She nodded.

"I want to go on. It's just so hard." She understood and smiled at the girl.

"I paid the price." The girl told her.

"Me too," she replied.

"Really? The two guys out front got to fuck you too?" She paused and looked at her, understanding something for the first time. She shook her head.

"No, was just one guy and I sucked his cock."

"Oh. I got fucked up the ass." The girl said. She nodded and started to walk again.

"But I paid the price." The girl sobbed behind her. She left her there though. Yes, the girl had paid the price to get in but not to go down. She didn't have time to stay and explain it to her, she'd either learn or not, there was nothing she could do for the girl…except maybe one thing…

"Listen to the music…Listen to your music." She said and started down again.

"Thank you…" the girl called out from behind her as she vanished, swallowed up by the dark.

The light grew very dim and the stairs became treacherous to walk. She had to feel forward each step of the way. She kicked off her shoes, easier to feel in her bare feet. The cold stone that she had been so afraid would reject her felt so comforting now to her toes.

Realizing how good the bare feet felt she laughed and paused. She reached around and undid her dress' zipper. She slipped it down and off and tosses it aside. She wouldn't be needing that any more. Pulling her panties down she tossed them behind her and started forward again, completely nude as she walked.

She felt her pussy was still very wet, nice and slippery as she swung her legs. She slid a hand down and slipped a finger into herself as she took another step. She was soaked. She paused and slid two fingers in…it felt so fucking good. It was an amazing feeling, she wanted to cum so bad. Finger fucking herself had never ever been this good before.

Her other hand found her nipple and began to pull at it as she finger fucked herself. her cum was already dripping down her legs, she knew this would be a monumental orgasm that was building. She leaned against the cold stone wall and crouched slightly, her fingers fucking straight in hard and fast, the wet sound of her fucking and her ragged breathing echoing and filing the air.

Filling the air?

She realized the music had stopped. She slid her fingers out of her pussy. This wasn't what she wanted. She stood up, her legs slightly wobbly. As bad as she wanted to cum right now, this was what she wanted…wasn't what she needed. She walked on down the stairs, dripping wet, trembling, but resolved now, she needed.

Her bare feet searched each step until either the lighting had gotten better or her eyes had more fully adjusted. The end result was the same, she could see again. She fought the urge to hurry ahead, to run down the stairs before she lost control of herself again and started masturbating. That want was still tempting her and teasing her so badly. She would not give in though, want was nothing compared to need.

As she reached the bottom of the stairs she entered into a large round room. In this room was three separate…piles, for lack of a better word…of people. Writhing masses of pure flesh. She looked at them and was amazed. It was just a mass of flesh, fucking and sucking, kissing and touching. They were actually wallowing in a small puddle of sweat and cum, fucking for all the were worth and yet, not seeming to find release in their orgasms. They stayed hungry and wanting and fucking.

Out of curiosity she stepped closer to one and looked. Men and women, sucking and fucking indescriminantly. Cocks in mouths, in pussies, in asses. Cum soaked them all, mixing with their sweat as they grunted and rutted like wild beasts. It was sexy, it was tempting. They were just ravenous for each other.

Despite the great urge to jump in and fuck and be fucked wildly through the night, she stepped back. She watched and found herself sliding her hand along her belly. Stopping that impulse, she stepped back another step. This wasn't for her either but it was so damn hard to step away from.

Turning away from the pile of bodies, she tried to shut the wet sucking, fucking, cumming, sex noises that they made. She listened to her own music and stepped away and continued on. Each pile she passed called to her. Many mouths tempting her to join them. It was so hard to resist…To resist being wanted. She forced them from her mind and walked through the room to the small hallway on the other side.

A man stepped out of the hallway, a gorgeous man. He was well over six foot, black hair, green eyes, hung like a horse, nude and hard as a rock. He smiled and stepped up to greet her. His face was very kind and yet very strong. His eyes seemed to almost glow in the low light as he looked her up and down and nodded his approval.

"Welcome miss. Glad to see you made it OK." He grinned.

"Wasn't easy." She said.

"Nothing good ever is…is it? Easy that is."

"I suppose not." She peered into the hallway and there it was. A huge oak door that she knew led to The Pit. "That's it, isn't it?"


"Is it locked?"


"Do I need to blow you to unlock it?" She asked in such a casual "How's the weather" sort of way she shocked herself.

"Not unless you want to." He answered.

She looked him up and down, his cock, hard as a rock and slightly bent and hanging from it's own weight. His body was rippled muscle. He was, in all, perfect in every way, the type of man she always wanted. He took hold of his cock and stroked it for her to watch. She smiled and looked him in the eyes.

"Mmmmm that sounds fun. Then we can just keep fucking till others joined in and make our own pile here huh?" She asked him.

He laughed and let go of his cock. "The door is not locked for you miss. You are ready to go in. Enjoy your night miss." He stepped back and winked at her.

Yes, she was ready.

The door swung in with surprising ease considering it's size. She was expecting the door to weigh a ton and be almost impossible to move but, it wasn't. I swung in with a light touch and she peered in. The chamber inside was large, maybe 50 foot in diameter. The walls were smooth as was the floor. The ceiling was lost in the shadows above the ground.

She stepped in and the door swung shut behind her. Now it's immense size was heard in the thunderous boom it made slamming shut. The noise made her jump and look only too find there was not a door there. The walls were seamless, she had walked into a circle without end.

The room was empty except for a large stone table that looked like it had been stolen from some ancient alter. The heavy slab on top seemed to almost glisten with moisture. She didn't want to think of what kind of moisture. She stepped forward and looked up. She could see in the shadows figures peering through windows. Faceless, anonymous people watching.

She could make out no real details of the watchers. They were shadows and beyond her sight. That was the way they wanted it. They just wanted to watch. She could see movement and as she stared made out the fact that some were fucking…some were getting blow jobs…some were jacking off. The actions seemed far easier to see then the people doing them. She smiled, this place was very interesting.

She walked up to the alter and paused halfway there, the floor was odd. Polished stone is usually cold but, this floor felt warm to her bare feet. Almost alive in ways. Like it reacted to her passing. She felt almost excitement from it, almost swore she felt a quiver as she neared the table.

She walked up to the stone alter and saw it too was empty save for one thing. There was a blindfold laying on it for her. A long strip of jet black material laid out for her to use. She took it in her hands and felt it, so silky and yet not the cold of unused silk, more like the heat that silk bleeds from a body. She brushed her hair back and put it on, tying it tight around her eyes.

Blind and nude, she felt the table in front of her and climbed onto it. It too was not cold as she expected. And, despite being stone, it seemed to have a a welcoming softness to it. Her mind was in all likelihood working over time in her over excited state. Nerves can often enhance percep…

The first hands grabbed her and pulled her onto her back. She screamed in shock but as her mouth opened a cock was shoved into it. She tried to pull back but the table gave her no egress and she was forced to start sucking it. It was big and thick and the man made no attempt to be gentle. He shoved his cock into her mouth and grabbed her hair and started to face fuck her.

Three fingers rubbed against her pussy and then slid in. They were so big she wanted to scream but could only moan as they violated her. Without ceremony nor introduction, she was being used by at least two men. She felt her cum begin to spill out at the though, now she knew why the alter glistened.

Mouths were next. All over her, kissing, biting, tasting her. She thrashed about in pleasure/pain of the attentions, her nipples sucked and bit hard, she was still unable to cry out because of the cock in her mouth. Hands all over her, feeling her, scratching, pinching, rubbing. A tongue slid into her ass and she couldn't hold back, she came hard, her juices dripping out and down the crack of her ass.

She was so into her own orgasm she didn't even notice the cock twitching in her mouth until the cum began to spill into her mouth. Great gobs of hot salty cum filled her mouth and dripped down her cheeks. She sucked and swallowed all she could and then the cock pulled out and shot the last of it on her face.

She didn't have time to respond before another cock was pressed against her lips and her hands were guided to two more cocks to stroke them. The fingers pulled out of her pussy and a cock replaced that as well. Someone straddled her and pushed her tits together and began to titty fuck her as well. So many cocks using her, she was losing her reality anchor, everything was blurring together.

She was fucked savagely. The cock was huge and hurt so good as it hammer fucked her fast and hard. The cock in her mouth was just the right size too deep throat and he deep fucked her face until he shot a load down her throat in a short time. There was no foreplay, there was just getting off on her. The cocks in her hand fired off together, showering her with cum, making her slippery and gooey.

The man titty fucking her soaked her face with a big load and then jumped off her. She thought it was over and she was very disappointed but, then hands grabbed her again and she was lifted. The cock in her cunt slipped out and she was dumped unceremoniously onto the floor face down.

Before she could get up, hands lifted her to her hands and knees and a cock slid in from under her. The same huge cock was fucking her again, fucking up into her pussy so she dripped on him. Then a cock pressed against her asshole and pushed in. She cried out in pain as the big head opened her and was rewarded with another cock in her mouth.

Things were spinning. She couldn't really tell up from down any more. Cocks were fucking every hole, jacking off and rubbing their cum all over her. She felt a pussy rubbed on the back of her neck and then the wetness of an orgasm spilling onto her. Hands and mouths teased and grabbed and bit and pinched and slapped her body all over.

The sensory over load made her head swim. She was cumming non stop it seemed. She felt so fluid…like she was slowly becoming nothing but liquid. Still more cocks came and fucked and made her suck. She was so full of cum they squished it out of her as they entered. She was moaning and unable to breathe and that didn't even bother her any more.

She was fluid. She felt herself burn up and she was nothing but her own sex. She felt herself dripping out of some alien pussy that used to be hers. She was running down the legs, running down some nameless, faceless cocks. She dripped out onto the floor. She was sex and nothing else.

They fucked the body long after she left it. She felt their cum splattering and mixing with her as she slowly was absorbed by the floor. The nameless faceless gang of sex used the body up until it too liquefied and flowed with her. There was nothing left of her but a wet spot on the floor…she was consumed by the room…by The Pit. She wanted to sing…wanted to scream…instead…she got what she needed…she simply became part of The Pit. She was the darkness now that she sought.

The crowd murmured approval. The door returned. Someone else would come soon enough. The daylight peeked over the horizon outside. It fell on a blank wall that had been the front door the night before. The Pit was gone once again. Darkness lost to the harsh light of day. It would be back somewhere tonight. People would seek it. Some would find it and some would never leave.

A nondescript man walked over and took the purse left laying so callously on the front steps and that now lay on the bare ground, the steps having vanished as well. He tossed it into the dumpster, she wouldn't be back for it. She didn't need that any more.

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