The Price of Gas

The Price of Gas

The moon was behind dark low clouds; the sky looked like milk over a bruise when we abducted her.

It was a paid job. Grab the girl and take her to the house. Have some fun first.

I always liked a con better than chloroform for kidnaping. “Can you tell me how to get to the nearest post office?” Passenger side window rolled down, pretty jogger outside. Sliding door booms open, second man grabs her and hauls her inside. Like that.

This time the girl was on the Church Street line heading home to her San Francisco apartment from her job downtown in the financial district. We were on the same trolley. Her name was Dani Taylor and she was every man’s dream fuck. Her short skirt said to the men looking at her on the trolley, “Put your hand up here.” Her blouse said, “Tits here!” Small, blonde hair, tight body, and a really pretty with a face that would light up toward beautiful when she smiled. She didn’t smile that night.

The three of us were part of the crowd that left the car and spread out on the street. We were right behind her. Hal split off a block before her house and I hurried past her so she wouldn’t be alarmed by a follower. I glanced at her tits as I walked by. Very nice. I could feel them already.

As she was unlocking her door Hal and I rushed up her stairs and pushed her inside the apartment. She rented the ground floor of an old San Francisco Victorian. I slapped her face hard and then punched her in the stomach.

As she sat on her ass in the hallway gasping for breath Hal checked the place for other occupants and I leaned down and pulled her blouse open with both hands. A more important attack than the fist to her gut. A blow to the mind.

“Listen to me very carefully, Dani. We are professionals. If you scream or make any noise, we will hurt you. Bad.” She stared at me, eyes wide. Then slowly nodded.

“Good. Now stand up,” I said, offering her my hand. “Now take off your clothes.”

“Please.” Her voice was a whisper.

That’s when I showed it to her. Show a woman a knife and it frightens her. Show her a wire cutter and it really panics her.

“Hold out your hands.”

She began to shake. Hard.

“Okay, I think we understand each other. You know what will happen if you don’t do exactly what we tell you to do, right? Now, take off your clothes.”

She started with the ripped open blouse, untucking it from her skirt and shucking it off her shoulders.

“Keep going.”

A button and a zipper later the skirt was at her feet.

“Bra. I shouldn’t have to tell you how to undress.” I clicked the wire cutters.

“Hello, my name is Kill You." Hal had silently walked up behind the trembling girl and whispered in her ear. She started a high pitched but soft moaning, mouth open. Hal hooked a finger under the bra strap and snapped it lightly. “Remember my name.”

She took off her bra with that delightful two-arms-behind-the-back motion women use, standing before a man who will soon fuck her. Her tits were beautiful, sloping down her chest to her nipples then curving under to a round swell. Standing up firm, pointing at me. God, young women are fine!

She was naked and that ended the coercion we could apply with that tactic.

“Go get a tampon,” Hal said softly, taking her arm in a firm grip and leading her toward the open bathroom door. He pushed her roughly inside the small room. She reached down with a shaking hand and slid a drawer open.

“There.” Her voice was very small.

“Take one out,” he told her. She did. “Unwrap it.” She did. “Now bend over and put both your hands flat on the toilet lid.”

I had to admire her. She had avoided the cliche for so long, but now she spilled it out. “No.” Slapping her face Hal slammed her up against a towel rack, pressing her body in a slight arch against the bathroom wall, his forearm across her throat. “You dropped your tampon. Pick it up.” Hal’s voice was always low and sounded very dangerous in situations like these. Very effective. She bent her knees, trying to stoop down, but the forearm across her throat stopped her.

“Pick it up, I said!”

“I can’t.” Starting to cry.

“Don’t ever tell me that again,” he said, slapping her face with his free hand, finally releasing the pressure on her throat and letting her drop down to pick up the tampon. She handed it to him and turning put her hands flat on the toilet seat. We had won.

Her ass was beautiful, smooth and pink and round. Her legs were the product of regular gym days. Her back still bore the fading mark of her bra strap. We left her like that for several minutes before I took off my belt. I put my hand on her back, low down, positioning her.

She screamed when I gave her ass the first slash.

“Be quiet,” Hal said, dangerously close behind her bowed head.

Another slash. A muffled cry, mouth closed. Another slash. Silence. We had won again.

The small bathroom was full of lotions. Picking one at random I laid a small ribbon on my index finger. Placing one hand on her ass, now beautifully striped with three red marks, I touched my finger to her asshole. She jerked away, throwing her hips slightly forward. “Hold still,” I said. I rubbed the lotion around the puckered edge of her anus and then slid the tip of my finger inside. She gasped but, good girl!, didn’t say the “N” word.

Hal handed me the tampon.

Squirting a little more lotion on the dry cotton I put the tip to her asshole.

“Mmmmph!” she moaned, afraid to open those pretty lips.

Slowly I shoved the tampon up her ass. Her groan at the intrusion lasted until the end of the tampon slid past her sphincter and nestled inside her rectum, string hanging out.

“Stand up,” I commanded. “Ever been fucked with a tampon in your ass?”

“Nnn, nuh, no.” Her eyes were wet, and wide with fear.

“Let me tell you want’s going to happen to you tonight, Dani. We’re getting you ready, is all. When that’s done we’re going to take you to the person who is paying us. But before that we’re both going to fuck you. Say ‘Yes’.”

She bowed her head, was silent for almost a moment too long, then said, very quietly, “Yes.”

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, you’re going to fuck me.”

“Fine,” I said, grabbing her nipples between thumbs and index fingers, squeezing, then rolling them. “Say you like that.” Silence for too long. I bent my fingers slightly putting my nails against the soft tit tips and increasing the pressure while pulling her nipples out and away from her tits.

“Ahh haaaah!”

“Say it!”

“Ahhh…I like that!” The pain in her voice said it was a lie, but lies are okay.

Hal took one arm, I took the other as we led her into the bedroom. She walked listlessly, without resistance.

“Let me tell you something. A hint. Don’t make it too easy. That’s no fun. Bend over the bed, feet on the floor.” She could see the belt in my hand again and began to roll over to protect her ass. I let her roll until she was face up, part way on the bed, her legs crossed beneath her from the roll. Shortening the belt’s hanging length I brought it across both breasts. Not hard, it didn’t have to be. For most women the first time an assault like this is made on their tits, they go crazy. She did. She wiggled wildly, put her hands up to stop the belt, and sobbed loudly.

“Please don’t do this to me! Please stop!” Hal leaned over and grabbed both of her arms, keeping her hands out of the belt’s way. His softly dangerous voice was in her ear: "Pain and ecstacy are but sisters in bed." Another leather slap to the tits.

With a swift, hard underhand swing I brought the belt up between her legs. That was her best scream.

“This can go on and on,” I told her.


“You know what ‘no’ means?”


“Say it.”

Silence. I raised the belt. She said it. “Please, please, fuck me now.”

“Fine. Spread ‘em.”

Red tits in the air, ass hanging off the bed, she spread her legs.

“Can you feel the tampon in your ass?” The pressure of the bed’s edge was pushing it up and into her sensitive rectal lining.

“Yes.” Quietly.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?”

“No.” Wrong answer.

“Hal, go back in the bathroom. I think I saw a tube of muscle cream in there. The kind that stings and burns like hell.”

“NO!” She started to get up when Hal let go of her arms. Another punch to the stomach put her back down. I flipped her over ass up and took the tube of cream Hal handed me. While he grabbed her arms and stretched her across the bed I squirted out a dab of the fiery stuff and rubbed it onto the muscle ring of her ass, poking a little bit inside until I felt the rough edge of the tampon blocking the way.

Her cries were so loud we had to gag her.

Turning her on her back I positioned her so the bed’s edge was under her ass. Putting both hands on her pelvis I pushed down so she could feel the tampon inside her. A gasp and a groan. She was ready. Almost.

Smiling, Hal handed me the curling iron he had also brought from the bathroom. It was plugged in and warm. A round tube-like heating element was opposed by a curved hinged piece of metal used to clamp the hair around the iron’s hot center. With my thumb I pressed the device open while my other hand reached for her breast.

She screamed against the gag before I did anything. As I brought the iron closer to her left breast she began to breath rapidly and struggle side to side. Hal held her to the bed as I squeezed her breast, forcing the long nipple up and out.

When I clamped her nipple in the hot curling iron she went berserk. Then she passed out. But not for long. Not nearly long enough, I’m sure she thought.

We took off the gag because we wanted to hear her as we fucked her. I let Hal go first. The abduction had been planned around her menstrual cycle. We didn’t want to deliver a pregnant girl to our client.

“Listen, baby doll, I want you to move under me,” he said, bending down over her. “Remember, you have one tit left for us to burn.”

His pants were off, his erect prick pointing up, halfway between him and her. Bending his knees he lowered himself slowly between her splayed legs, pulling her vaginal lips apart with his fingers. Ever so slowly he slid his cock into her vagina. She did a sharp intake of breath as he moved into her.

When he was all the way in he gave a sharp shove that produced a gasp.


Slowly she began to fuck her rapist as he fucked her back.

“Make noises! Make me believe you like it!”

“Uh, ah,” she grunted in time to his thrusting and her forced bucking. It went on for a long time. At one point Hal grabbed her burned nipple and twisted it lightly, making her cry out.

“I can feel the tampon in her ass,” Hal told me. “Feels good. Go faster, Dani,” he told her, “I’m going to come!” She was crying now, not crying out in pleasure as Hal had wanted. He reached under her and grabbed the tampon string. As he came, shooting deep inside her, he pulled the tampon out with one swift jerk.

They screamed together, one in ecstacy, one in hot pain.

We threw her in her shower and told her to wash herself, especially her slit and asshole. Her rectum was still tender and she treated it gently. That angered Hal who pulled off his shirt and stepped naked into the stream of hot water. Grabbing the bar of soap her pressed it between her ass cheeks, digging the corner of the bar into her rectum. She tried to step forward away from the hurtful pressure but Hal looped an arm around her, grabbing the burned nipple in a hard pinch.

“Back up! Back into the soap!” She did as her tears mixed with the shower water running down her face. “Bend over!”

We Made her dry herself off with a small towel, slowly, so we could watch. Now it was my turn. Pinching her burned tit tip I led her to the sofa and made her sit down on the edge. “Knees apart, please,” I said softly. She started to cry again. I needed her attention. I showed her two small alligator clips. Then I pushed one into the nipple of her uninjured breast, pushing the nipple down into her breast, sharp clamp teeth still closed.

“This will hurt like hell,” I told her, opening the small clamp.” Just concentrate on how much more the next one will hurt if I have to put it on your burned nipple. Think about how much you really want to fuck me now.” I had her attention.

She screamed, but not for long after I stopped wiggling the clamp’s teeth into her nipple. I stepped between her spread legs, bent down and took hold of her ankles, bending her legs up toward her chest, pushing her knees wide apart. “Keep your heels on the edge of the sofa,” I said, kissing her neck. She trembled as I ran my hands up the insides of her thighs to her lower lips.

“Dear Dani, this will soon be over.” Slowly I slid my cock up her tortured tube. “You remember the drill,” I said, stopping half way in. “You move or I hurt you.” I shoved all the way in and slapped her hard across her pretty face. She started moving under me. Slamming against her crotch felt so good! I slapped her tits side to side, flicking the alligator biting one nipple, making her give a small closed-mouth cry. With every deep thrust I flicked my fingernail against her burned nipple, making her buck. Nice.

Reaching over I picked up the tube of fire cream and squeezed a drop on one finger and then a drop of lotion, rubbing them together to soften the bite. I rubbed the finger in a slow circle around her clit, closer and closer to the button as the heat began to sink in. When I laid the last dollup on her clit top she wriggled and then thrashed and then screamed. It was lovely.

Pushing up inside her, I came, squirting about a gram of semen deep into her vagina. Men only come in gallons in porn movies and their own imaginations.

When I finished I pulled out and pulled her to her feet. We found her douche kit in the bathroom. “Clean yourself out,” I said, handing the kit to her. Her hands were shaking badly and it took her several tries to open it and get the strange women tools ready. We watched as she inserted the tube and flushed herself out, our semen mixed with water running down her legs. Hal threw her a towel and she wiped herself.

I told her to dress. Hal had found a new top and fresh panties, which he handed to her, along with her short skirt. “But first,” he said, holding up a short length of chain. We fitted the chain around her naked waist and clipped it tight. Another piece of chain was clipped to the back of her waist chain and pulled between her legs. Hal tugged it very tight, parting her ass cheeks and her slit lips, running it up her front, dragging it back and forth a couple of times, rubbing her lower lips hard.

“Now the underwear,” he said, handing her the panties.

We gave her a pill to swallow, a sedative. I gave her a finger of brandy I had found in her kitchen. “Drink, relax.” Then I made the call. A woman with a voice that could grind gravel answered on the first ring. She had recognized the girl’s phone number on her caller ID. “Number three.” She hung up. The third address on our list was a house in a rich San Francisco neighborhood. We headed there, I drove.

In the car she was sleepy, falling from side to side, making Hal push her back up until he tired of the game and grabbed her burned nipple through her blouse. Hard. She sat up straight.

The house was up a winding driveway shielded from the road by shrubs. I stopped the car by the door and Hal dragged her out. “Hold up your skirt,” he said.


“Do it!” She did it. He pulled her panties down and took off the waist chain, pulling the crotch links roughly across her slit and up over her clit. he smelled the damp chains and tossed them onto the car seat, smiling. “Fix yourself.” She pulled up her thin panties and let her skirt drop into place.

The door was opened by a man with walnut colored skin and eyes that slashed like a sharp knife. He was wearing a dark silk shirt and black slacks.

“Here’s your package,” I said, putting my hand in the small of her lovely back and pushing her inside. “And here’s your package,’ he said, handing me a fat envelope. The door closed.

“Bye bye sweet fuck,” Hal said. “Next stop Dubai.”

“Then, in three months, they’ll be done with her and she’ll be lying on her back on a burlap sack in Calcutta.” I added.

In the shadowy back parking lot of an all night diner, still sitting behind the wheel, engine idling, I took out the envelope. The radio was on and Mick Jagger was singing, “I used to be your little red rooster, now I’m just one of your cocks.” We started working for our present clients when gasoline hit $10 a gallon. Figured it was only fair. Handing Hal half of the bills in the envelope, ten grand, I said, “Here’s a thousand gallons.”

“Cool,” was all he said.

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