The Taking

The warehouse was cold when she entered. Her fear amplified by the chill in the air made her shiver noticeably as she walked out of the hot sunshine into the cool dark. Her eyes took a few minutes to adjust to the dim room, the dust seeming to hang in the air indefinitely. It was bare except for a steel table in the center and a bare bulb light hanging over that.

The reality of what she was doing sank in at the moment she saw that table. Fear took over and she turned quickly to leave only to find her way blocked. He was lean and dangerous looking. Her first image was a wolf or great cat as he stepped out of the shadows silently between her and the door. His long hair hanging down and covering half his face, he was smiling at her as he slammed the door shut, ending any hope she had of leaving.

She heard footsteps behind her, hard soled boots clicking on the concrete. Then another set off to the right and another to the left. She was trembling with fear as she stepped back towards the center of the room. She couldn't speak, fear and excitement had stolen her voice.

"I know…I know I arranged this…but…I'm thinking…" she finally whispered out.

"Say the word then and it ends." The cat man purred at her as he stepped forward into the dim light. His long dark hair framed his rugged, unshaven face. "Say the word…" He moved so gracefully, so lithe and dangerous. He was wearing soft soled boots and ripped blue jeans. Obviously he wasn't wearing underwear as he stroked his hard cock through his pants leg.

She knew the word but she couldn't bring herself to say it. As terrified as she was, she was also more excited than she had ever been before. She glanced at the other men there. Two were short haired, tough looking but attractive. Like they might have just walked off a construction site. The third was bald with a goatee. Very big and muscular with an evil look about him as he stared at her. His pants were already undone and he was stroking his massive cock.

Cat man seemed to be the leader though. He stepped forward almost touching her and breathed deep. "You smell afraid…" He closed his eyes and savored it. "Mmmm that's good…fear heightens the excitement…you'll enjoy everything so much more."

He opened his eyes and she was transfixed by the piercing green orbs, as though he was staring into her and seeing those thoughts she couldn't even admit to herself. She tried to look away but couldn't…his eyes captured her. "I'm really going to enjoy this." He said and laughed a deep, incredibly sexy evil laugh.

"Be gentle… " She pleaded.


He moved so fast she didn't have time to make a sound. He grabbed her and lifted and carried her the short distance to the table and dropped her on the cold steel surface. She tried to twist away but he easily pushed her down and began to stretch her out on the freezing surface. She moaned and pleaded but she knew it was of no use. Hands grabbed her and held her in place… other hands began to rip her clothing off her piece by piece.

She cried out and they laughed at her screams. Their hands were so rough and hard on her, she was spread wide open without any cover…completely naked and exposed they began to talk about her like she wasn't there. How sweet her pussy looked…how nice her tits were…they pinched her nipples hard and pulled on them, taking great delight in her screams of pain.

A different hand pinned each limb and held her in place as they all grabbed and fondled her. She took a deep breath to scream but the bald man shoved his fat cock into her mouth and rammed it in until she had to suck to breath. She began to suck him as he face fucked her…there was nothing romantic about it, it wasn't oral sex…he was fucking her face to get off and he smiled as he did it.

Cat man was first to enter her pussy. He Pulled her to the edge off the table and rubbed his cock head into her slit until she was parted and then thrust into her in one hard slam. He fucked her hard and fast, grabbing her tits and squeezing them until she moaned in pain. The other two men pulled her legs apart so Cat man could fuck her deep and hard. He leaned into her and began to mercilessly slam fuck her with his long cock with all his might.

The bald man pinched her nose closed so she couldn't breath and she was forced to try and gulp around his cock for air. He seemed to find this very amusing and called the others attention to it. Each time she gulped he rammed his cock into her mouth further and grunted. She could taste the precum on his cock as he was getting closer to cumming.

"Bitch is a good little cock sucker. Mmmmm think she loves it too much…look at her suck it." The bald man said and they all laughed at her. She felt her face go bright red in embarrassment, she was just being used and she felt tears welling up in her eyes but she kept licking and sucking the cock in her mouth, panting as she was fucked hard and fast.

The bald man pulled out of her mouth and stroked his cock fast in front of her face. She tried to turn her head away but couldn't, the other men held it facing him. She closed her eyes and he slapped her face with his cock until she opened them again. He laughed and grunted and shot a load of cum into her face and wiped the head of his cock on her lips.

"I'm done…Who's next?"

One of the short haired men slid around and dropped his pants. His cock was not as big and she was so thankful for that. Her jaw hurt so bad. He slid it into her mouth, the other man's cum like lube to fuck her face. His cock was just the right size to suck and she began to really enjoy his fucking her face. Filling her mouth just full and then sliding out again.

As she sucked him Cat man pushed her legs to her tits and the other men held them there. He fucked he so hard she couldn't breath, his long cock knocking the air out of her. She felt his sweat dripping on her as he began to growl a low deep sound and then finally bit her leg hard. She screamed around the cock in her mouth and felt Cat man's cum filling her…and filling her…and filling her. He just kept cumming until his cum and hers was dripping out of her pussy and down the crack of her ass.

As the last of his cum spilled into her Cat man leaned his head back and let out a loud deep growling noise and thrust into her pussy once more. His cock, still hard slid out of her and she felt him rub it up and down her slit and then over her asshole…rubbing their cum all around until she was well lubed. He laughed and said something to the last man she couldn't hear and then stepped away.

As he took her leg with one hand and held her opened up, he grabbed her ass cheek with the other and spread her ass bare. The last man pressed his cock head against her asshole and pushed in. Of all the things, this hurt the worst and was the most humiliating. She began to sob as he fucked her ass fast and hard and they all seemed to enjoy her tears as they went down her face and pooled under her cheek.

The last two men became a blur of her ass being fucked and a cock face fucking her. The hands holding her grabbing and pinching and pulling her body. She was in a daze, her mind shutting down and she could only feel. As the two cocks fucked her in time with each other on either end, she craved their cum. Wanted more and more. The first man's cum was drying on her face, sticky and salty on her lips and mixing with her tears to make a sloppy mess she was wallowing in.

Cat man placed her hand on his cock, he was hard again as he held her. She found great satisfaction in that fact that she aroused him again although she didn't know why. The cocks fucking her, her mouth eagerly sucking, it was all a blur of cocks and cum. She tried to keep track of it all but couldn't. She seemed to be constantly cumming, like her body was liquefying and dripping out her slutty little pussy.

The man in her mouth came and then Cat man was fucking her face, his big cock sliding into her mouth and she gobbled him up eagerly. They were making rude jokes about her, about how easy she was. That didn't matter, she just wanted cock. As much as she could get.

Bald man began to fuck her pussy after the other man filled her ass with cum. She knew she was covered with cum head to toe. She was bathed in it and getting ready to get more. She slid on the steel table as they fucked her, a layer of sex making everything slippery under her. She couldn't even remember her name any more. All she knew was fucking, sucking, and cumming. That was the entirety of her world.

She felt a great wave rising in her, some great orgasmic pulse that shook her whole body. She had never cum like this before, a feeling of her entire soul releasing at once. She couldn't scream because someone's cock was in her mouth. There were fingers in her ass and a cock in her pussy too. She was so full. She started to cum and everything got very dark very quickly. She spun around in her head and then everything went black.

That bare bulb. That was the first thing she remembered as the blackness receded. A single bare bulb. The table was cold under her and wet and smelled like sex. She was sore and covered in cum and naked under the glaring light of that bare bulb. The door was opening…sunlight coming in.

She turned and looked and saw figures leaving. Four men leaving the doorway and leaving her here. Well used, fucked full. She sat up and her head spun. She looked around and saw a t shirt and shorts laying on the tables edge. She blinked and looked and saw shreds of her clothing all around. They were done with her, she was left on the steel table.

The only thing still with her, that bare bulb glaring down at her. She dressed and walked to the door. turning back she looked at the table covered in their cum… The shreds of her clothing all around…the distinct outline of her body in the pool of cum. She smiled and opened the door, the sunlight so bright, the day so hot. She went home.

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