The Toy, The Theatre

The Toy, The Theatre

The first short story,

The Toy
She walked up to him crop held tight in her sweating palm, the latex squeaking as it rubbed between her thighs. He was unable to move sealed as he was in the latex sleep sack which hung from a hook in the sealing. He moaned as he heard her approach but the sound was stunted by the ring gag that was stuffed with cloth preventing him from drooling down the sleep sack.
She unzipped the pouch containing his cock and slipped a cock ring down his hard shaft to make sure that he did not disappoint her with a lack of stamina. After a pause to admire her handiwork she began to tap his ball sack with the crop increasing the force with each blow. On the 20th he began to scream so she stopped and pulled out two weights attacked to chains and clamps which she clipped on to his red and aching balls causing him to moan more through the gag. After another 20 hits she stopped letting him sway which in turn made the weights swing around painfully.
She moved around behind him and undid the flap that concealed his virgin ass. She shoved two fingers into his mouth, after removing the cloth, to get them nice and wet and when wetted to her satisfaction she plunged them without warning into his tight anus, causing him to gurgle with surprise. She increased the pressure slowly opening him up for the next phase of her pleasure. When he was wide enough she shoved a large butt plug firmly up his ass and turned the vibrating setting to max causing him to moan loudly at the tingling sensation within him.
She unhooked the sack and lowered him onto the floor and sat on his needy cock and began to rock backwards and forwards on his hard member. When she had got him to the edge of cumming she stopped and made him cum into a waiting cup. When he was empty she poured his seed into his mouth and made him swallow. As he was doing so she squatted over his face and made him drink her golden juice making sure he did not spill any and if he did it was greeted with a smack to his cock from the crop.
When she was done she hooked him back up to the ceiling and shoved a dildo into the ring gag leaving it wedged in until she deemed it necessary to remove it. With that she left to the hum of the vibrator and the moans of her toy.

The second short story

The Theatre
The room was as black as night. Shivering he slowly stroked his cock while sitting on a seat less chair. His eyes hindered him for all he could make out was the faint shadow of a figure against the wall. Flinching, he could sense her getting closer as his cock grew larger to the smell of fresh ming. Droplets of his sweat dripped down his back as he felt her breathing down his neck. Then he noticed she had drooled on his cock as it was covered in a warm coating of saliva just as she was leaning forward to kiss him, strobe lighting started to appear (he realised that this was the theatre where he worked) Grinning she began to torture him by slowly attaching clothes pins to his ball sacs causing him to moan in pain as each one went on. When about 20 had been added she slowly plucked them off one by one. with each removal he yelped in pain and jerked around in his bonds. When they were all off she tied his hands to the back of the chair and his ankels to the legs, then she positioned herself over him.
She then slammed herself down onto his penis and forced her nipples to rub against his lips as she bounced up and down on his cock. Finally catching one through the cloth gag he bit her erect nipple hard. She let off a ferocious roar and rapidly pulled herself off his cock and leaked her juices straight in to his eager mouth while moaning to herself in pure ecstasy. She then removed the rope holding him to the chair and locked him down arms and legs to the floor. She wrapped her feat around his dripping cock and gave him a vigorous foot job. He could not take it much longer; his cock was getting to breaking point. She then commanded him to bend down and suck his own cock. He screamed no but she forced his head down until his lips slipped over his helmet, he moaned in pain and pleasure. She bobbed his head up and down his shaft. He could feel the cum rising as she kept his head down while he jetted his own cum into his mouth. His mouth was full of hot salty seed but she commanded him to hold it there and not to swallow,he obeyed his mistress and held it. “Give the cum to ME” she exclaimed. As they swapped sperm their lips met tightly and she gobbled up all of the cum and then bit his lip. As she pulled away she shoved a ball gag into place and fastened it on, next came the hood, which blacked out his sight and his hearing and finally the cock ring which tightly gripped his cock and balls.
After being chained back up to the wall of the cellar, she whispered in his ear, “well done honey, soon you will be all mine, we have only just begun to train you, you little slut, no, my little slut” and with that she slowly walked away, closed the door and locked it.

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