The Traffic Stop

The Traffic Stop

The Traffic Stop

As Susan walked toward her car, she knew she was slightly drunk. The office party had gone on a bit too long, and everyone had been congratulating her on her forthcoming promotion to Partner in the law firm, and she had just let the drinks get by her. A couple of the male partners had even made suggestive comments to her toward another kind of “celebration”, but as always, she had fended them off, diplomatically, and left them with their tongues hanging out.

Susan knew she was attractive; hell, she was a knockout! At age 36, she was 5’9” and weighed just 130 pounds. She had high, firm breasts and long shapely legs and had a tight ass that swayed just so, when she walked down the hall in her spike heels. Tonight, she was wearing a pleated black and white striped skirt, a ruffled white shirt with a string tie and a black blazer, none of which really hid her figure; instead, they only hinted at more. Her long black hair and pouty lips also heightened the subtle sexuality; but Susan had always kept her sensuality under control. It was a secret weapon, but she never gave in to temptation.

While her husband did his best in their bedroom to make her happy, he was “lacking” in the art of lovemaking. Fortunately, Susan had another outlet. She had discovered a mail order place that she could purchase various toys and devices, and since her husband traveled a great deal of the time, she could indulge her fantasies in the privacy of her home to her hearts content. And she DID have fantasies; some even bizarre, but all were her closely kept secret. She rarely had time, anymore, but when she did, she would play with herself for hours, often getting right to the point of orgasm, then backing off and starting all over again. When she did climax, it was often a thunderous one, and released wave after wave of spasms until she could hardly breathe.

She was thinking about such a session as she backed her Mercedes out of its parking spot, and started down the street. She knew she shouldn’t be driving, but it was only a few miles to her home, and most of that was on back roads that had little traffic. She was watching the road carefully, and making certain her speed was just below the limit, though she had to correct her line, from time to time, as she was drifting across the center line.

Suddenly, a bright light shown in her back window, and she looked in the rear view mirror to see flashing red and blue lights behind her. She almost panicked, and her car swerved, slightly, before she corrected it and pulled onto the dirt shoulder of the road. She was in a near panic; she couldn’t be arrested for DUI; her promotion was pending, and an arrest would ruin it.

Then there was a knocking at her window, and as she lowered it, a large cop stood there, wearing a helmet and dark glasses, even though it was night.

“M’am, may I see your driver’s license and registration, please?” he said.

“Yyy..yes officer. I have it right here” Susan stammered, as she frantically looked for the documents. Finally, she found her driver’s license, and went to hand it to him through the window, when he said “M’am, would you step out of the car, please?”

“W…why, officer? Is something wrong?” she was almost in a panic.

“Just step out of the car, M’am” he said, firmly.

Susan opened the door, and swung her legs out, her skirt riding above her knees. She swayed as she tried to stand, and the officer grasped her arm to keep her from falling. “Have you been drinking, tonight, M’am?” he asked her.

“I had a drink at the office party, but I’m not drunk” she said.

He leaned close and sniffed her breath, then shinned his flashlight into her eyes, and then back and forth across them. “M’am, I think you’ve had more than one drink, and I’m going to have to take you downtown for a breathalyzer test” he told her.

“Oh, no..please…you can’t. I’ll do anything…only I can’t be arrested…not tonight…oh, please” Susan cried, almost in full panic.

“Sorry, M’am, but I have to do something. I can’t let you just drive around like this” he responded, firmly. Then he took her arm, and started to lead her toward the squad car. Susan pulled away, slightly, and said “Please officer, isn’t there something you can do…please…I just can’t be arrested…” she was crying, now.

He took her arm more firmly, and turned her around and pushed her forward, toward the trunk of her car. “Put your hands on the trunk and spread your legs, NOW!” he ordered her, and made her assume the classic arrest pose. Her weight was on her hands, and her feet were spread just wider than her shoulders. He positioned himself to one side, one of his feet just inside her closest foot, so he could kick it out from under her, if she resisted. With one hand on the back of her neck, he began to “frisk” her with the other hand. Susan was sobbing, now, and pleading…begging…to be let go. She didn’t even notice his hand, when it unbuttoned her jacket, and slid over her breast. She wore a thin lace bra, and her nipples often showed right through, had she taken her jacket off.

His hand continued exploring her chest and upper body, all while she was crying and begging to be let go. At some point, Susan started to come out of her panic, and became aware that he had been fondling her for a bit, and she was getting turned on. One minute, she was sure she was going to jail, and the next, her body was responding to sexual stimuli, and she was completely surprised.

She heard herself say “What are you doing?”, but the hand just continued to explore. She almost started to complain, when she realized that if she did so, she would certainly go to jail. She felt the hand go down to her leg, just below her knee, then start up the inside of her leg. Susan was aware that she became aroused, easily, and when she did, she got extremely wet. This was one of those times, and she could feel a droplet on her inner thigh. She didn’t want this…no, that wasn’t quite true…it WAS similar to one of her masturbation fantasies, but this was frightening. She had no control at all over this situation.

The hand was on the inner part of her thigh, and then she felt his fingers bump against the panty hose that covered her pussy and that caused her to jump, and cry out.

“Don’t move, M’am” he ordered her, and continued to run his hand under her skirt, finally finding the band of her pantyhose. He ran his fingers around this band, from one side to the other, then grabbed the front and pulled them down. He continued tugging and working around her waist until he had them down around her knees.

Susan was breathing hard, now, part in fear and part in sexual arousal. She didn’t want this, in one part of her brain, but the other part was shouting “YES!!!” She wore no panties beneath the panty hose, and she felt his hand move between her legs from behind, and move toward her slit. Almost unconsciously, she tried to spread her legs and pushed her ass back toward the probing fingers. The hand on the back of her neck pressed her forward, and she felt herself being bent over at a ninety degree angle.

She heard a zipper, and felt her ass cheeks being spread apart, and then she felt a spongy head of a cock slipping into her from behind. Because she was wearing high heels, her ass was “cocked” at just such an angle that her pussy was exposed from the rear for perfect entry. As the cock worked its way into her opening, she became aware that it was much larger than her husband’s cock. In fact, she had NEVER felt a cock quite this large. Thank God she was wet, because it was forcing her wider and wider, and the restriction of the panty hose was keeping her from opening herself any wider.

“Wait” she cried, “let me lower these” and she reached down and began pushing at the panty hose, finally getting them below her knees, She still couldn’t get them off…he wasn’t quitting, but started pumping, getting deeper into her pussy with each thrust. His hands were powerful, and they lifted her hips up until her feet left the ground, and she was leaning on her hands, and riding on his cock, as he thrust into her. He had the largest cock she had ever felt. In fact, it was even larger than the eight inch dildo she had at home…and it felt wonderful. Before she even realized it, she started to climax, and her cunt squeezed his cock in a rhythmical series of contractions. She thought he would cum right away, as well…her husband usually didn’t last this long, but as soon as her spasms started to slow, he picked up the pace, and began to pump her even faster and harder. His cock was slamming into her cervix, and she was sure she would be sore, tomorrow. And she wasn’t certain he was all the way in, yet.

Suddenly, she felt a finger on her ass hole, and then felt the tip being inserted, and the sensation set off another orgasm in her. The spasms were so strong that her stomach hurt from the contractions, but still he pumped in and out of her. She lost track of time…only the relentless pounding into her pussy, when she felt her nipple being squeezed and pinched…hard. Once again, the change of sensation was enough to set off another set of spasms as she climaxed once again. Susan was almost exhausted.

Finally, she heard her captor begin to grunt, and his pumping grew harder, and then she felt…and heard…him start to cum. She could feel the hot liquid hit her insides, and felt at least five or six spurts, before he began to relax. Slowly, he lowered her to the ground, and withdrew from her pussy. She was dripping, both from his ejaculation and from her own secretions. She could only lean against the trunk of her car and gasp. She heard his zipper being closed. He had never even dropped his pants or removed his gunbelt.

“M’am, I think that by the time you put yourself back together, you will probably be sober enough to drive the rest of the way home. What do you think?” he asked her.

Susan was still in a daze. That was the most fantastic fuck she had ever experienced, but she also knew she had been raped. She should report it…or him, but she didn’t even know who he was. And…she was still a bit intoxicated. She couldn’t do anything about this, right now.

“Yes, officer…I’ll be fine in a little bit. Just let me get straightened up and I’ll…” but then she heard his car door slam, and his car made a u-turn and drove off down the road. She didn’t even see the name of the agency or the type of car it was.

Susan finally got herself together and drove home without further incident. She drew herself a hot soak bath, and lay down to dream…and to fantasize.

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