Wendy's Gang Rape (part 2)

Wendy's Gang Rape (part 2)

Wendy’s Gang Rape (part 2)

Wendy staggered in the direction of her house, which was still a good mile away, looking down at the ground as if in a trance. The special place between her legs felt like it was on fire from the abuse it had just endured. Semen ran from it down her legs producing traces through the dust on her skin making her legs look stripped. She held her tattered dress together as best she could, still clutching her precious spelling award, which was now broken in two.

Suddenly a huge shadow loomed in front of her. She looked up to see Mr. Patterson who owned the orange orchard standing there with his hands on his hips. Wendy was relieved and happy to see someone she knew from her father’s church and began to speak but someone grabbed her arms from behind and a very large hand covered her mouth and nose. It pressed down so hard that she couldn’t breathe and she started to panic. At six foot four inches Mr. Patterson was towering figure. He looked down at her with a large evil grin saying, “We were watching you fuck your wet back friends, and saw how much you were enjoying it Wendy. So my boys and I didn’t think that you would mind giving us a little poke at that holeyer than thou little pussy of yours. I’d always heard about you preacher’s daughters and now I know it’s true. Hoist her up boys.” And with that she felt two pair of strong arms grab her arms, reach under her knees and raise her off the ground.

Mr. Paterson grabbed the front of Wendy’s dress and ripped the last shreds of it off. Her tits bounced as they caught in her dress sprang free as it was ripped from her. They were scratched with visible hand prints her previous rapists had squeeze them and deep bite marks around the nipples. “You little whore. So you like it rough.” Mr. Paterson said looking down at Wendy’s chest. He took the pieces of the spelling award that she was clutching, looked at it and said, “Spelling award, I didn’t know they gave out awards for spelling Mexican.” And tossed it aside. Next he took a large piece of her dress wadded it up in a tight ball and when the hand was removed from her mouth shoved the clothe in. Wendy struggled to free herself but she was already exhausted from the Mexicans gang rape. She was lifted into the air by her knees, which were pulled up and out forcing her into a spread-sitting position just above cock height. Mr. Patterson unbuttoned the two shoulder straps of his overalls and stepped forward. Wendy looked down at his erect 10” cock. Her eyes opened wide at the sight and she tried desperately to speak. Mr. Paterson rammed the tattered piece of dress deeper into her mouth and then guided his huge cock up towards her abused swollen pussy lips. She could hear laughter all around her. She let out a deep long grunt as Mr. Patterson rammed his cock up into her sore pussy. He thrust up so hard that the full 10” of his thick swollen cock impaled the helpless 12-year-old girl. Mr. Paterson groaned as his balls slapped her bare wet ass. Air escaping from her stretched pussy as the huge cock plunged into depths making a bubbling fart sound as the thick white Mexicans seed rushed out and made a long dangling string as it dripped to the dusty ground below.

Wendy let out three or four muffled short screams. Mr. Paterson looked over her head and said, “Yeah Mitch do her ass.” She knew Mitch; she liked him, he was 19 and the oldest of the boys, standing about an inch taller than Mr. Patterson. She struggled as much as she could being held by the other two boys. Wendy didn’t understand what Mr. Patterson meant, “do what with her bottom?” She thought. She had never heard of anal sex and didn’t understand how these men that she had known all of her life could be doing what they were doing to her.

She felt a hard thing slide between the cheeks on her bottom. It felt strangely slimy because of all the wet stuff in her rear crack from the Mexicans. It slid up and down her crack a few times, then as the two boys lifted her up the hard thing stuck straight up at the entrance to her poop hole but she still didn’t realize what it could be. The two boys let her drop back down and the rod started sliding into her pooper. Wendy’s face turned bright red and a long deep grunt came from deep in her throat. Mr. Patterson looked down at Wendy, her body was pressed tightly between the two men facing Mr. Paterson with her head tilted back, red faced and grunting like she was pushing something big out. He laughed at the sight and said, “I don’t think the little bitch has ever had a cock up the ass before. You’ve been letting the Mexicans just fuck you up the pussy? You little hore, you disserve everything that you’re going to get.” The weight of her body pressing down made Mitch’s cock slowly impale the helpless young girl. It kept slowly sliding deeper into her virgin ass until it stopped inside her belly with only 3” in and another 6 to go. Mitch said, “Hey Pop, it won’t go any deeper.” “Well then hold the little bitch by the hips and Ram it in the rest of the way.” Mr. Patterson barked. Mitch grabbed her hips; his large hands nearly went all the way around her waist. He pushed his huge cock upwards with all his strength and for a moment nothing seemed to happen, but when he pushed a second time suddenly there was the sound of a muffled, “pop” inside Wendy’s belly, like a knuckle popped deep inside her. She suddenly gasped for air and then there was nothing for a moment, just a look of total surprise, then the deepest, longest female grunt that the men had ever heard as Mitch’s rod slid deep into her depts, invading her poop hole completely.

They started fucking her rhythmically, bouncing the helpless young girl between them. Mitch grabbed her by the legs and told his two brothers, “Pop and I can take it from here” They let her legs go as the two men fucked away pounding away at both her now bleeding holes. Wendy just stared straight up toward the sky and grunted in rhythm with her two rapists. She could feel the men’s two huge dicks so deep inside, it felt like they were in her tummy. She still didn’t understand why they were doing this to her. She was always taught that you only had sex with someone that you were married to. She thought, “Why was Mr. Patterson and Mitch doing this? Were all the men in the church going to do things like this to her now” then suddenly both men started to moan and their rhythm changed, they both rammed upward at the same time. They pushed together so tightly that she could no longer breath, then Mr. Paterson grunted and next Mitch did the same. Wendy felt the thump of Mr. Paterson’s cock in her pussy first and a second later Mitch’s cock thumped up inside her pooper and then the warmth as both men pumped their seed deep inside her, thump thump… thump thump… thump thump. She could feel Mr. Paterson’s warm seed filling her whom again just like the Mexicans had done, but now she could feel her rear filling too. Wendy grunted and moaned in rhythm as her pooper filled with a man’s sperm for the first time in her life.

Both men were grunting and squirting harder than they ever had before. The thought how the sweet young blond haired, blue-eyed girl that they had been watching in church singing in the choir and dreaming about for so many years was now helplessly being pressed tightly between them with their cocks buried deep inside her, pumping their cream. Mitch now holding her from behind by her bent knees could feel the softness of her skin as he pressed his body against hers. Each thump of his cock and huge squirt of semen was like heaven. In front Mr. Paterson marveled at Wendy’s tits, how large they were and how good they felt smashed against his lower chest. Both men looked down between them at Wendy’s red face, her mouth stuffed with cloth, staring straight up as her eyes bulged and a stream of tears ran back towards her ears. How she seemed to be grunting in rhythm with both men’s squirts of semen, a thought that only made them, squirt harder.

After what seemed like an eternity to Wendy the squirting slowed and finally stopped. “WOW! What a fucking good cunt” Mr. Paterson said breathing heavily. “Her ass is tighter than shit too!” Echoed Mitch. Wendy didn’t have time to catch her breath as Mr. Paterson and Mitch each took a knee and an arm in their grasp and the other two boys took the front and rear positions. “I want her pussy.” Said 16-year-old James as he unzipped his genes, took his 9” erection in hand and positioned it at the entrance cunt. Wendy couldn’t believe that James could do this to her. He had always been a friend and they had sung in the choir together. “He couldn’t really do this to her” She thought, “and Matt his younger brother was in her class at school. The played together every day at recess. He was a little older than her but he’d always been so nice.

She felt another hard rod sliding up and down her butt crack. This time she knew what it was, Matt’s cock. James looked deep into Wendy’s eyes and said, “I’ve always dreamed about fucking your sweet cunt Wendy and now I’m going to pump your pussy full.” The two men holding her legs lowered her down and she could feel the pressure of Matt’s cock as her anus resisted. James cock started sliding up into his little piece of heaven, Wendy’s cunt, then suddenly Matt’s cock forced it’s way into her ass and both cocks began their long slow painful journey into the depths of the young girls belly. Wendy could feel the two cocks dragging on the walls of her pussy and especially in her ass. Her face began to get red again as she grunted from all the pressure of Matt’s anal invasion.

She heard Mr. Paterson say, “So Matt, how does she feel?” “OOOHHHhh Mmman she feellllss ggggooodd” Replied Matt in a shaky voice. Her rear invader finally hit bottom as she felt the two boys balls smash together against her crotch. She felt herself being bounced between the them as they fucked her. The sound of grunting and moaning filled the air as both boys fucked a girl for the first time, and they took Wendy extra hard because of who she was, the preacher’s daughter. They, like their brother and father had grown up watching Wendy in church and in school. Dreaming of doing to her just what they were now doing, fucking her.

Being so young and inexperienced the boys couldn’t last. After only a few minutes they both exploded into her, pumping wad after wad of their extra thick hot young boy cum deep into Wendy’s belly. They pulled their cocks out followed by what seemed to be gallons of thick white and pink baby seed dropping to the ground in long slimy strings. They let Wendy’s legs go and she stood wobbling barely able to stand. Sperm mixed with blood still running down the inside of her legs in streams. Mr. Paterson motioned to the boys and two of them grabbed Wendy by the arms and knees again pulling her into a reclined sitting position. Mr. Paterson broke a branch about 2” in diameter and 4 feet long from a nearby orange tree. She watched as he took out his pocketknife and began to whittle at one end making a sharp point like a spear. When he finished he walked up between Wendy’s legs and pointed it at her swollen red bleeding pussy lips. He Looked up at Wendy’s face and said, “This is going to really hurt, but it will give you some small idea of what could happen.” Wendy shook her head and tried to beg him not to do what ever he going to, his tone of voice scared her. Wendy could only watch helplessly as Mr. Paterson slowly moved the point closer to her special place. As the rough whittled tip of her torturers spear moved through her already sore pussy lips and began its journey up her vagina pain shot through her body like nothing she had ever felt before. It was as if it were covered with sand paper. Suddenly the tip reached her cervix. Wendy screamed so loud and hard that the cloth fell out of her mouth, but he didn’t stop there. He felt the resistance and knew exactly what it was. He looked up at Wendy’s face and twisted the shaft as he pushed the tip through her cervix. Wendy screamed as she felt something tearing inside. It felt like her insides were on fire. Then the pressure stopped as he released the invading rod. The boys stood her straight up again still holding her arms.

Mr. Paterson said, “Look between you legs Wendy.” She looked down and gasped and what she saw, the wooden rod was hanging from her pussy with blood running down it. Mr. Patterson reached down and grabbed the branch shoving it further up inside Wendy then again twisting it. Wendy screamed and Matt covered her mouth muffling it. Mr. Paterson put a hand on each side of Wendy’s face grabbing her by the ears saying, “Wendy if you tell anyone what happened here today we’ll finish ramming this stick up your cunt right into you belly. Now you wouldn’t want that would you?” Crying, moaning and whimpering, Wendy shook her head. “Ok then I’ll take you to the Hospital and the boys can report this terrible crime to the Sheriff. You know how those wetbacks rapped you and rammed that stick up your pussy. Right? Said Mr. Paterson. Wendy nodded her head, crying uncontrollably with a conquered look in her eyes.

“Oh yes, and as soon as you get better, you know, from this terrible Mexican rape, the boys and I will want to see you every night after school. Just to make sure that you aren’t fucking any more Mexicans.” Mr. Paterson said with a loud laugh…

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