Wife Taken

Wife Taken

My beautiful wife was at the bar after work and she was drinking a lot. before she even knew it she was pretty drunk.

She was talking to this guy at the bar he really was her type. Good looking smooth talker and obviously a very big strong man.

He was very interested in her. He had been watching her for a while from accross the bar and he was waiting until she was good and drunk before he made his move and then he got up and went over and sat beside her and began to talk to her.

He looked at her tits and cleavage as she was talking, he thought how nice it would be to grab those titties and to suck on them.

He noticed her wedding ring and thought, well shes married but if I can get her drunk enough it wont matter to her anymore. So he bought her another drink.

She continue to drink up and he put his hand on her leg and began to rub her leg gently she did notice and smiled. She said, you know I actually am a married woman.

He said interesting where is your husband?

He is probably at home I will see him later she said.

Good I like later that means you can spend more time with me doesn't it.

She said I guess so maybe just a little while longer.

He said I have an idea how about we go somewhere to have a change of pace this place is kind of borring.

Okay she said and went to get up but couldn't keep her balance very well.

He grabbed her by the arm and helpped her out the walked out of the bar and he said, my car is right over here and he walked her over to his jag and then opened the door and she fell right in.

He quickly got in the driver side and started the car he then started to drive away.

Where are you taking me, can you take me home my husband wants to have sex tonight.

Does he now, well I don't think he will be fucking you tonight.

Why not I want to be fucked real good.

Well I plan tp dp that to you tonight.

As he said those words she felt a bit guilty and said I am sorry I cant do that with you I have a husbaand you know.

Yes I know but for tonight you are mine and your husband will not have anything to say about it.

Oh she said, as she passes out.

He reached down with his right hand and slide his hand up through her skirt until his fingers felt her pussy through her panties, she was wet and he really liked that.

He pulled into his garage and closed the door behind him.

He got her out of his car and she woke up just a little as he was walking her into his home.

He took her into his bedroom and she became a little more alert and said, where am I this is not my house and you are not my husband.

Pretend that I am and get down on your knees and suck my cock, he put both of his hands on her shoulders and pushed her down to the ground on her knees and she was directly infront of his cock which was already hard and waited to be sucked.

She opened her mouth to yawn and he shoved his cock into her mounth and grabed the back of her head and that caused her to gag with his cock down her throat.

She wanted to yell stop but she couldn't talk.

Her juicy lips where wrapped around his cock and he liked it shoving it in and out of her nouth she could not help but to suck it. She was still so druck and forgot she was sucking another man's cock and she stared to suck hard, taking it in and out still gagging her with each thrust into her month.

After a while he he decide it was time to fuck her and grabbed her by her long brown hair and pulled her up and throw her on his bed.

Now she was able to say, no please stop your not my husband and I want to go home.

He reached down and ripped her shirt open exposing her black bra which he quickly ripped off her as well and now he grabbed her tittys and then he reached down pulled her skirt off and she had on some nice white cotton panties which he then pulled off of her as well.

She didn't struggle as she had passed out again.

He sucked her nipples and shoved his finger into her pussy knowing that she was now his and he would be fucking her soon.

Next he spread her legs wide open and began to eat her pussy licking and sucking it.

She moaned as if it was her husband and then she slightly woke up and told him to stop.

He said okay I will stop and he did just that, she said thank you.

She felt something between leggs and then she felt a big hard cock inside of her pussy.

She said no wait stop what at you doing as she felt him starting to slide in her pussy deeper.

You nust stop please dont she began to tell him I really dont want to cheat on my husband.

Too late for that he said you already have so make to best of it as he thrust his cock even deeper inside of her wet pussy.

Her leggs began to wrap around him and he grabbed her ass and put his face in between her tits.

She whispered in his ear, your cock does feel so good in my pussy.

I know and it will feel even better when it cums inside of you.

You are wearing a condom right?

No of course not, my cum will be exploding insdie of you soon adn he continued to fuck her good.

She whispered again no you must stop now.

That made him begin to cum and his big cock strarted to shoot his cum inside of her shooting load after load deep in her pussy.

He finsihed up and called her a cab.

Your not going to take me home she said?

No i am going to bed and you just need to go, as he pushed her out the door.

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