wolves in the forrest part 2

wolves in the forrest part 2

Once fed I felt better, and nuzzled Kaela in thanks. We moved off again when cramps hit me. I laid down in the snow, whimpering at the pains of the cramps. Not now! No, it can't be now, I hadn't found Black yet, or the pack. I couldn't birth the pups here in the snow! God what was I going to do!
I twisted and howled as the cramps hit me, the contractions, god what was I going to do! Kaela whined, and I couldn't do anything to comfort her, I was unsure what to do. To be honest, I didn't even know how to care for the newborns beyond letting them suckle. I had passed out the last time!

I struggled to a crawl, had to keep going, had to find shelter! I pushed myself, eyes barely open, gasping for breath from the pain. I finally collapsed not long after, it was too much, too much. Kaela had stayed at my heels the entire time, and would come to let me lean against her, catching my breath. But now I was again laying in the snow, convulsing in pain. Damn childbirth sucks!

I must have passed out then, because the next thing I knew I was being licked in the face, and cracked open my eyes, and what awaited me was not Kaela. It was Black! My eyes shot open and he grinned his wolfish grin, tongue lolling out as he licked my face again. I licked back, crying because I was so happy. I couldn't believe he was here! How!

I'd never know really, but my mind supplying a fantasy of him searching for me, coming here out of some instinct, hearing my howling, and find me. But despite my happy reunion with my mate, who I've ached for for months now, but I had pups coming. Now. Right now! And I became all to aware of the communication gap between me and him at this moment. But I tried, gesturing with my head to my bulging belly, again and again. He then went and sniffed at my crotch, which under normal circumstances would have been quite pleasing, but now was frustrating. But he must have smelled something, and I realized then, that I was cold and wet between my legs. My water had broken while I had passed out. He was smelling it, yes! Maybe he'll understand!

And it seemed like he did. He licked my face and gave a short bark before taking off again. I noticed that Kaela had disappeared, and was worried but when she showed up with another rabbit I let out my held breath, she was growing so well! She tucked against my chest and belly, her thick fur helping warm me a little as I ripped into the rabbit hungrily. Hopefully Black was going back for the pack, or some of the pack. Maybe Cloud, or the alpha female, any of the females. I was cold, and fighting against sleep. Couldn't sleep, not in the cold but…so tired…the excitement of Black's miraculous return couldn't sustain me, and eventually I lost the battle, drifting off into sleep.
I woke to the cold muzzle and wet tongue against my face. Opening tired eyes, I saw Cloud, close behind her was the alpha female, and Black. I stirred, and they crowded close, their furred bodies feeling good against my cold, bare skin. As I wobbled to my feet, sore all over, I could see another female by Black. She bore his resemblance in her dark coat with brown along the muzzle and face. It took me a second to realize she must be my other daughter, grown and strong. She was bigger than Kaela, but not by much. She came forward and we touched noses in greeting. Sniffing each other hesitantly at first, then more affirmatively, and soon we were mother and daughter truly, and I licked her muzzle lovingly, my sweet daugther!

Kaela soon joined us, and my girls met and bonded, making my heart soar. I hoped my sons faired just as well, and hoped that my family would accept these new additions that were coming any time.

I was coaxed by the alpha female to lay back down, and I'm glad I did because the contractions soon hit me, I was going into labor, again. I breathed, and tried to remain calm, and remain conscious. I didn't want to pass out during this pregancy, I wanted to see my new pups come from me, be birthed by me. I don't know why, maybe just the warm fuzzy motherly feelings I've had since the birth of my first litter, hehe, but I had to at least try and last through it. And despite the cold and my recent trials, I am also stronger than the woman I was before during my first pregnancy. More knowledgable, more wild and in the wild strength is everything.

I rolled on my back, screaming in pain, fighting to stay aware though it was painful. Cloud, the alpha, and my two daughters stayed crowded around me, licking my sweat covered body and I was cold and warm all at the same time out there in the snow. Memories flashed through me, of my life before this, before joining the pack. They were good memories, and I remembered my friends, my family. I cried in pain as well as sadness then. I knew I was hurting them by staying here, but I also knew I couldn't really go back. I was too much a part of this world now, with my own family. They wouldn't understand, and I'd rather their memory of me not be one tainted by fear and disgust.

Howling till I felt like my throat was on fire, I saw the first wet muzzle push out. I was actually watching my pup come from my body! The thought just overwhelmed me and I smiled and hissed in pain as I pushed. Cloud and the alpha went to my emerging pup, and soon he popped out with a wet slurping sound. They worked quickly to clean him and soon he was whimpering and mewling. But I wasn't done yet, no not yet. Pushing still, screaming and convulsing, I felt another pup emerge, to my eyes looking identical to the other. It was easier to get out this time, but once they were done I realized that was it, just those two. It was a small litter, but I figure it was probably due to my imprisonment and malnourishment. I rolled onto my side and Cloud and the alpha helped the pups to my tits to feed upon the milk gorging them.

My face flushed with excitement at the new life clambering at my breast, watching them feed, feeling them take the milk from my breasts gave me this rush of joy so profound, so huge. I don't know why I felt so much happy than my first litter, I didn't love them any more or less, but…I don't know. Maybe it has something to do with watching them being born. Or maybe after being a mother already, I just could enjoy it more this time, I don't know. But I do know I was happy, and I could tell my daughters were excited by the new family members. Black came to me then, having stayed away through the birthing, and licked my hot face. I licked back, loving him more than anything in the world, not knowing how I survived without him for so long. But I was back with him, and I never wanted to lose him, my family, or my pack which really was like my extended family, again.

While the new pups, who I discovered were male and female, fed and then slept, Black left and returned with, surprising, my old sleeping back. Him and my daughter Midnight(I know I'm not original with names, but seeing her just made me think of that name) pulled it over me and the pups, and I started feeling warmer. Soon I was drifting off as well, with my mate and family and companions laying down close by. It was a good feeling, and I think this was the first time in so long that I fell asleep content and at peace.
It's been a week now, back with my pack. We traveled as hard as I could manage with the new pups to return to the alpha male and the rest of the pack. I did notice a lack of some of our number when we returned, and I was sad. I didn't know though, nor I guess would I ever, know if it was because they moved off to join new packs, start their own, or were killed. But that was the life in the wild, a life I had come to know and love.

Black was a dutiful mate, caring for me as we made a way to rejoin the pack, hunting for me while I stayed and nursed the pups. It was peaceful, and I relished in it. Back with the pack, we were in a new area, caves to curl up in, though there were no private little caves for individual mates. It was okay though, I loved being surround with the pack again, after being almost entirely alone. I got to see my boys, and how big and strong they were growing. One bore the same black coat as their father, they other was a mix of brown and cream, both of them strong and fierce looking.

When I first saw them bounding up to me I cried, to have my family back all together again, I had barely let myself dream of this moment. We nuzzled and licked each other, it was great. They were nice pups, well not really pups anymore. But they were very protective of me and their sisters I noticed, and it made me smile watching them. They were especially protective of Kaela, who was new to them though still a sibling. Meanwhile I stayed in the cave most of the time with the twins tucked against my breasts suckling. It was a good time, a great time after the horrible experiences me and Kaela had gone through.
I woke one night from a nightmare I couldn't remember and unwinded myself from my family and mate, exiting the cave. Kaela stirred, but went back to sleep. This had become a regular thing, nightmares plaguing my sleep, and every time I wake up I'd go for a walk.

It feels good to stretch my leg into a good lope, feeling the air rush over my naked body like a cold lover's caress. The freedom of the forest was something that just…intoxicated you. I stopped at one point to relieve myself then was off again. I found my favorite spot by the stream near our pack, and plopped down, panting and watching my breath as thick puffs of air from my lungs. I jerked though when I felt a cold nose at my shoulder and turned to see my son Fleetfoot. His speed was something any mother would be proud of, and I was, very much so. He was the black one, like his father. We touched nosed and I licked his muzzle lovingly. He laid next to me, looking at me curiously. I wish it was possible to communicate more to him, or to Black or any of the pack. It was a little frustrating, but it's okay. Things work themselves eventually, and my nightmares will surely go away.

Fleetfoot was a sweet boy, soft in heart, though I had watched him hunt and he was also fierce. Protective almost to a fault, but I believe he'll make a good alpha one day, and make a wonderful mate. I was feeling better now, and stood, shaking myself, stretching and howling into the night, Fleetfoot soon joining me. Once I felt calmed and at peace again I set off at an easy run, Fleetfoot matching in seconds. We raced back, and I lost, but he made sure it was a close win, good son coddling his mom! Once back in the cave with our family I tucked in by Black and Kaela, licking Fleetfoot's muzzle in a show of love, silently wishing him a good rest. It took awhile to get back to sleep, but once the combined body heat of my family warmed me up, I slipped into the darkness easily enough.
Things were settling into a peaceful rhythm around the pack. I was the only female with pups, so I got spoiled a little. The alpha's pups were strong and taking after their father. Cloud and another were the only females with us, along with my two daughters. There were two other younger males, but the rest of the pack was gone, off to their own adventures, their own packs.

I was taking a stroll with my other son, Brownie. Yes it's a goofy name, but that's because Brownie was more playful and sweet than fierce. He loved wrestling and playing with the other wolves. I had also noticed him trying to attract Cloud's eye unsuccessfully, and smiled sweetly at his goofy attempts. He was young though, and Cloud knew how to rebuff him nicely. We were coming from such an attempt, and I decided he needed to get away to collect himself, he looked pretty down after the last time. We were loping through the forest though when he tackled me playfully in a meadow. We rolled around, and I bit his thick fur, enjoying our romp. I couldn't be out long because of the twins though, and soon had to halt the playing, signalling my need to go back, though my milk leaking tits probably were sign enough.

We were taking a different way back when Brownie halted suddenly, causing me to bump into his tail. I was about to bite it for stopping so suddenly when he took off away from the pack. I growled and barked but he wouldn't return, so I took one last look at the direction the pack was in, and headed off after my wayward son.

I found him eventually, but that wasn't what got my attention. The scream of a human child coming from a hole where Brownie had his snout stuck up did. I raced for him, bullying him aside to look in myself. I could make out the form of a small child. Poor think, she must've been lost on a hike or something. But none of the pack had noticed any humans or else we would've moved. Brownie tried to weasel himself in, curious as ever, but I growled and snapped at him, causing him to whimper and tuck his tail between his legs. I might not have been an active mother for very long, but he knew who was in charge here, me. I looked back inside and saw the child trembling. Had to get the child out, it couldn't survive out here long. Maybe I'd be able to lead it closer to people. I didn't want to, but I couldn't just let it die, or become food for some other predator. I left the child briefly, and with another growl at Brownie to behave, took off. I found blackberries and grabbed a branch, ripping it off to take it back for it to eat.

Back at the hole I coaxed the child out with the promise of food, and saw that it was a she, a girl looking maybe six. She was dirty, and her clothes were torn, but she looked alright enough if frightened. She gave me a curious look, but when I backed away from the blackberries she didn't take long to snatch them up and start eating hungrily, obviously the poor thing was starving. After eat though she was back to giving us wary looks. I tried to appear unfrightening, and crouched down lolling my tongue out and sticking my rear end up in the air, wagging it like I would a tail. It was a common expression that dogs did when wanting to play, and the girl seemed calmed a little. She then took the bare branch from the blackberries and hesitantly tossed it out a short distance. I took a second but then decided it was worth it to gain her trust. I turned and bounded for it, gripping it in my mouth and running back to her, sitting waiting for her to take it.

We played for a little bit longer before I stopped. She was laughing now, and had even started to pet Brownie hesitantly. But I had my own children to take care of, and they must be starving as well. I tried to convey that to the girl, and I think I partially succeeded. Then I looked at Brownie and signalled for him to stay with her. After that I took off, returning home. The twins were mewling for me, and I quickly gathered them to my breasts, licking Black's muzzle appreciately as they fed. The girls were around, and Kaela seemed to sense something was going on, but for once not being able to communicate in words was a good thing. I would figure out how to help the girl tomorrow, but tonight my family was more important. I lovingly gazed at the times suckling hungril, pulling on my nipples in eagerness. I couldn't imagine losing them, it was horrible to think about. There was probably a mother out there right now crying, wondering if her daughter was still alive. I would help her and that faceless mother, I promised myself.
I went to her the next day, as soon as I satisfied my mate. I was worn out so I merely laid stretched out and watched her as she splashed in the water. I thought about what to do with the girl, and it kept coming around to leading her back to the humans. Not long from then I went hunting for berries and returned rather quickly. She still seemed kind of hungry though, but there wasn't anything else for her to eat. I couldn't feed her a rabbit, because there's no way to cook it, and I don't think she would enjoy raw meat.

That evening after I made sure she was tucked away in her hole, I hurried back home to my family. Black seemed curious as to where I had been, but he didn't mind when I cozied up to him for a little lovemaking. I definitely love having him with me, and being back together just…makes me so happy. As I crouched beneath his big strong body, feeling his slipping his hard cock deep inside me again and again thrusting, I couldn't help but feel happy and…complete. It sounds silly, especially when I'm being screwed by a big black wolf, but it does. I was with the one I loved, surrounded by my family. As I came, howling into the night, I came to the conclusion. I had to bring that girl back to her family. It would be hard, but I had to do it. But I didn't want to do it alone, and I swore I'd stay with Black so…tomorrow, I'd take him to her. I don't know how I'd explain it but I'm sure he'd get it. And his nose is so much better than mine, I'm sure he could pick up something.

As my breathing relaxed, I crawled to Black, curling around him, tucking against his thick fur cloak. It felt so nice, so warm, so strong…
The next morning me and Black headed off on our own to hunt. I admit I was feeling…hyper. I was happy because it was the first time I had hunted with Black since coming back. I felt like a child though, in a way. Eager to show my parents just what I could do…but at the same time I also wanted to show Black he could rely on me, and that I wasn't defenseless and needing to be looked after. If we were going to go on this excursion together, he needed to know that.

So while we ran through the woods, leaping roots and small bushes, letting the wind caress our bodies, I concentrated on the hunt, on trying to locate prey. My luck was great I guess, because I found a young deer, alone and probably hungry. It wasn't real meaty, but it'll do. Black will hunt again later anyway, so I didn't have any problem picking this one as my catch. I veered to the left, hoping to get in behind the young animal. Crouching low, my belly almost flat on the ground I wriggled my way from behind him. Black stayed back far enough to give me space, but also not so far as to not be able to help if needed, for which I was thankful. I admit the thrill of the hunt did turn me on to some degree, got my adrenaline pumping. And it had been so long since I had been able to hunt. The twins were doing well, still needing some of mother's milk, but they'd soon be onto real food, though mostly insects and mice they'd catch themselves.

I paused at one point, a little over half way so as not to alert the animal. This was crucial. Had to prove I can hold my own, had to do this right…I moved closer, inch by inch. My mouth was watering at the vision of fresh, hot meat to sink my teeth into. I was a few feet away when I leaped, catching the deer from behind, pulling down with all my wiry weight. He jumped a little and bucked, but lost balance and fell. That was when I climbed upon him and ripped out his throat. Though it wasn't easy, it was really messy and took much effort to end the animal's life, but it was so much fun! Oh god feeling the hot blood splashing upon my face and breasts as I ended it was intoxicating. I quickly set about eating, knowing Black would join me. After I had taken a few bites he did, and I felt his warm strength beside me as we ripped into the belly, enjoying the prize between just the two of us.

Once I had had my fill of food, I had another need, sexual need, burning in my loins. I licked and rubbed against him, coaxing him a little. We moved a little away from the partially eaten deer when he mounted me. We were both splattered with blood and bits of flesh but it was great, feral! I growled and moaned as he took me, thrusting into me so hard my body jerked sharply forward and back, my breasts jouncing hard, a little painful but pleasantly so. We were messy and dirty and it was great, just what I was in the mood for. No lovemaking, soft play now. I wanted hard fast feral mating with Black, and he was more than happy to let loose upon me. He was heavy but his weight only served to give him amazing strength which he used upon thrusting hard and fast into my wet, open pussy. I felt him swell and knot within me as he came and I moaned loadly, panting beneath as my body quivered.

We were knotted for some time before he slipped from me, and I felt his cum, which there is always a lot, run down my thighs. My pussy was pleasantly sore, and I rolled onto my back to look up coyly at him. He was a good mate, and spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning each other and resting. When I awoke in the later afternoon I realized my mistake. I had let the thrill of the hunt and passion for Black cloud my objective. Shaking myself, I swore that tomorrow I'd take him straight to her, no tumbles in the bushes for me! But then I blushed, it had been so much fun though…
The next morning we woke, and I fed the twins well. The good thing about living in a pack is that when one female was pregnant or nursing the other females tended to exhibit the same characteristics. As such Cloud would be able to feed my babies while we were gone. Though even with the girl I think it'd take maybe three, four days to reach the humans. From there I wasn't sure what I'd do but we had time, I'd figure something out.

With that settled I touched noses with my children, saying goodbye for now. They all wanted to accompany me, but I wanted to be with my mate, just me and him. Black was a smart mate and followed me all the way to where the girl was holed up. I coaxed her out, she was nervous seeing Black who was the biggest wolf she had seen yet. But Black having watched me with her, knew to be gentle and let the girl touch his nose, rub his head, until she calmed down and realized that though he was big and fierce, he was sweet and gentle. I sat and smiled as she warmed to Black. I hoped Black would be up to carrying her, I think he would, and it seemed like she'd be fine with it.

Soon though, I knew we had to move and with much effort I finally relayed what I wanted from Black, who crouched down. THen I nudged the girl onto his back and she settled fine like she was riding a horse, gripping onto the thick fur around his neck. Once that was done Black set off at an easy lope which was slow compared to his normal speed but then he had a small child on his back. This slowed him enough for me to keep fairly close to him, running beside and behind him on his right. Leaping tree branches or running around them as we made our way. Black understood where to go, at least in theory. I knew once we got close to the town I'd be taking the lead, but for now I was more than happy to let Black be leader and follow him. I had enough of being leader for a long time, serving under Black, following him, made me much happier. I wasn't great leader material, I was a great leader's mate though!
It took us some time, a few days probably, before we were near the town. I was scared though, of the town. Memories flashed through me at night, causing me to wake in a cold sweat curled up against Black. It slowed us down, which was fine because we were having to hide from a couple of people in the mountains. I wasn't sure if they were looking for the girl maybe, or just camping so I didn't want to leave the girl for them to find. I may be living in the wild with my wolf family, but I hadn't forgotten the horrors of the human world.

Instead we continued till we were quite close to the edge of the forest and had to stay hidden more often then not. It was time for me to take the lead sadly, and I could tell Black wasn't happy with me leaving him. But it would be easier if I took her down to where the cars were. If the humans saw Black with the girl they'd probably shoot him. At least they'll pause before shooting me…I hope. So with one tender lick I left him and trotted away, the little girl doing well walking beside me.

Thankfully it seemed that there were no people around right as we descended, getting onto the trail which was a little easier on the girl. Once we made it to the parking lot though I stopped and sat. The little girl took a couple steps forward then turned around, giving me a confused look. "Aren't you coming? You brought me down here, you and your friend."
I shook my head, I wasn't going any further. I wanted to, wanted to make sure she was safe, but I just couldn't go any further. I don't know if she noticed, but I was trembling, my body covered in cold sweat. It was too terrifying, I wasn't ready to get involved this close to humans yet. The little girl stared at me for awhile then took off running. I really hoped she'd find her parents, I mean there had to be a helpful person here right? Park rangers or something like that right?

I turned and loped off into the woods, soon meeting up with Black. I licked and fussed over him, congratulating him for being the best mate in the world. I could keep myself from him, and crouched down to let him mount me trembling body, seeking the release of my fear in the hot passion of mating with him. He was so good to me, good to our pups, I couldn't be happier. Once he filled me with his hot see we were off, and I could feel it warming my womb and belly. But I did hope I wouldn't become pregnant again, I wasn't a puppy making factory here! But whatever happened happened. Soon though I stopped, turning to look back toward the direction of the city, the little girl. I barked at Black who stopped and trotted back to me, licking my face, confused as to why I stopped.

I signaled to him that I wanted to stay here, though I'm not sure he entirely understood. And I knew he wouldn't completely understand my reasons. I just had to make sure that girl found her parents. And I just knew she would come back here when she did. I couldn't explain it, but just looking at that little girl I knew she would, that she'd want me to know. So I'd wait here with Black. It was alright, we could find a nice enough place to sleep, hidden from the more adventurous of explorers. I licked Black's nose in return and smiled softly, oh how I loved him and our pups. I felt my heart clench, realizing how terrified and scared that girl's parents must be. It warmed me more that anything to know that I could help someone, a fellow parent.
A few days passed as me and Black stayed up in the forest. It was alright, though our sleep wasn't always comfortable. Food was decent enough though it consisted of rabbit which didn't fully satisfy me, let alone my hunky mate. But I couldn't leave. I was going back down this morning, had to see if she had found her parents, I really hoped so.

So giving Black a loving lick I turned tail and raced down the mountain to the hiking path. I was coming within view of the parking lot when I saw the girl. She was in nicer clothes, but I couldn't miss her. There were a couple other vehicles in the lot but she was there, back to me holding hands with a man, I presume her father. I smiled, and took a few more steps down the well trodden path and sat, enjoying seeing this girl look up at her father and smile. He went around, leaving her standing at the rear of the car as he got in. It was then that she turned around. It was weird, we were a good distance away but I knew we were looking in each other's eyes. She smiled and waved to me and I arched my head up high and howled in return. But then I had to go as to not be seen.

I returned to Black quickly enough, my heart and feet light. We wrestled and played with each a short while before taking off. Faster this time, though Black was still great enough to go slow for me. I loved watching him move from behind, his taunt muscles stretching as his fur shifted. It aroused me to watch his legs move with such flud power and strength that I stumbled once, caught in my day time fantasies. When we stopped for the night I was upon him, arousing him with my tongue lapping at his sheath until he sprouted. Once that was down it was only seconds before I crouched beneath his weight and accepted his hard cock to fill my wet pussy. It was love, pure love as we coupled. His thrusts met mine, our bodies rubbing together his fur sending jolts of electricity through my body every time we moved. As we finished and his knot eventually slipped wetly from my hot, sweaty body, I rolled onto my back and licked his lower jaw lovingly. He returned my tender kisses with his own and rested his body upon me, making me happy to breath in his scent.

I grinding my hips lovingly against his belly, loving the feel of his fur against my own belly and sensitive breasts, the nipples hard and throbbing with desire so bad I could even feel a little of my milk leak from them which made me blush. Black must have felt it to because he tucked his head to my breasts and licked the milk dribbling down both of them. I moaned and grinded against him eagerly, soon I would be in the throes of another orgasm if he continued. He lightly nipped my jiggling breasts and I cried, it felt so good! I started humping against him madly, my fingers digging into his back and sides, my tongue lapping on the underside of his muzzle, then his nose as he licked me in return. It was finally too much for me and my body twitched and arched in orgasm as I felt my juices soak into Black's belly as we pressed against each other.

When my orgasm passed I curled around him worn beyond any day's running could do to me. But I was so happy and content as we nuzzled and lapped at each other's faces beneath the moon, slowly drifting off to sleep.
We raced each other back to the pack, nipping at each other tenderly. It was so much fun, running free and full out. of course I didn't have near the stamina or speed of my mate, but Black was loving and let me gain the lead a few times. Though I think he did it just to nip my butt, the tease!

When we returned home our family was waiting. The children came racing up to meet us, making me howl with joy for them as we licked and nudged each other in greeting. Cloud came out soon with the twins trundling along, adorable young pups! I touched noses with then gently and they licked my face, making me giggle. They were getting bigger and bigger, and I loved watching them grow. Black moved off, I assume to greet the alpha and his mate. I retreated to our den with the twins, curling up and letting them suckle and feed. It made me feel all "warm and fuzzy" inside like this. This was worth all the trouble of being pregnant, and giving birth. To curl up with my pups at my breasts.

Black returned, and the alpha female came by to greet me, licking my face gently. She…she always made me feel good. It was…weirdly enough, like an older sister. It made me nostalgic for my family, my own older sister and brother must be worried. I admit I hadn't really given a whole lot of thought to my family until now. But surrounded by my own family made me wonder. I guess I wouldn't mind seeing them again, but a part of me knew it just…it wouldn't work. I love my life now, it's complete. I know I hurt them but my family will move on. And I wasn't as happy back in the human world as I am here. Kaela and Brownie curled up around me while Fleetfoot and Midnight followed their father out, probably to hunt. Midnight was one of the best hunters in the pack now, which was great.

One of the other males in the pack was courting her, and I hoped she would chose well. I really believe she'd do better with a mate in position for alpha, but whatever made her happy was fine with me, that's what I think mothers are for. Supporting their children but letting them make their own decisions. Those comforting thoughts let me settle into sleep nicely with most of my family around me.
As time passed winter thawed into spring, and spring warmed into summer. Life was routine, except for some changes.

The first came when a drifting wolf stayed with our pack for a couple nights. Big and black like my own mate, though his muzzle was white. He was fierce and hunted for himself which was fine by our alpha's mind. The reason why this event was so noticable was because it was when my daught Midnight left us. She was the best of our pack, and I could tell she was itching to go off on her own, but afraid to. Then the solitary wolf came through, and before I knew it she was with him. And when he left, she left to. I cried when she left, what can I say I'm highly emotional sometimes and this was my own daughter, leaving me. But the wolf had the potential to be an alpha, which made our own alpha nervous, so I'm glad she picked a strong mate for whenever they formed their own pack.

The next big event happened around the beginning of summer. Another loss for my family, Fleetfoot left to start his own pack, taking the only other mated pair our pack had with him. It was a fond fairwell, and I kept myself a little more controlled, but over the next couple days I stayed in the cave with the pups and cried for my children who had grown up and gone on their own paths. The only thing I hoped was that I would see them again.

Our pack was smaller now, much smaller really. The alpha pair and their two sons. My mate and I, plus Brownie and Kaela and the twins Ari the female, and Raven the male. Then there was Cloud, plus another male. It was okay though, we did well as a smaller group. The twins were growing strong and healthy, with Kaela spending a lot of time teaching them how to hunt when me and Black wanted time to ourselves or to hunt. I learned to deal with the loss of my children well enough, mostly because I believed they were strong and would do fine. As such I rebounded and got back into the swing of the pack fairly quickly.
As we moved deeper into summer I spent a lot of time by the river bathing and cooling down. Kaela usually accompanied me, as well as the twins. Another surprise came about during this time of the summer. Somehow Brownie won Cloud as his mate. I really couldn't believe it when I saw them but…it's true. Before Cloud rebuffed my son almost daily for his attempts but ever since Fleetfood left Cloud had be slowly giving in to him.

It was just a few days ago that I saw them together, beginning the motions of their mating. I of course backed away. I didn't want to intrude, nor did I really want to watch my son mate. But I was proud of him despite being surprised, and I congratulated him later that day for it.

The summer though, also brought me to a new threat. Not a serious one exactly but…well let me explain. A female wolf was passing by and came to our pack for the night. But the next day she didn't show signs of leaving, and instead was showing increasing signs of wanting my mate. I wasn't worried about Black straying, we wasn't showing any interest in the bitch but it still made me jealous, or just plain angry.

What made it worse though, was that she was all to eager to challenge me. At first it was just looks, maybe a sneer or two. But before I realized it, we were all around the central clearing and I was sitting protectively next to Black. Then came her challenge. She swatted at me and thankfully I moved quickly enough. But I was angry at her attacking me, and so gladly leaped into the open area. That's where I was now, circling this stray bitch. I wasn't entirely thrilled about the idea of fighting a wolf, but I had to protect my family. And this bitch wasn't going to have my mate, nor was she going to shame me in front of them either. I snarled, showing teeth and feinted a lunge which made her jump. I laughed to myself and started circling again, had to find a way, had to take her down.
She made an attack, diving for my front left leg/arm, but I jumped and twisted, tumbling over her back side and biting onto her tail. She whipped around but I moved out of the way. We continued in this circle for a few more turns before I slipped and she bit into my calf, causing me to let go of her tail. Oh man did it hurt! I felt the burning where her teeth punctured flesh but it was seriously deep and I raked at her face which made her let go.

I was limping a bit which didn't help me since she was really faster than I am. We doged and snapped at each other, but she had drawn first blood. I kept getting fur, and had to keep myself from getting too frustrated about it. Finally I got the upperhand as she ran and leaped for me. I don't know what I was truly thinking but instead of dodging out of the way I rolled onto my back and flipped her over me. She score a couple grazing scratches on my arms and right shoulder but she went flying overhead wonderfully, crashing down hard, stunned. I ran and was ontop of her in seconds. She struggled but the flipped had surprised her and she was slow to react. I clawed and bit and we were soon entangled. I felt her teeth score again and again, but I wasn't doing real bad.

We broke away at last though and I dropped down and kicked up at her jaw before she could move. I heard the connection, and she wobbled away before falling down. I stood, panting and bleeding from numerous wounds. But did I kill her? I wasn't sure, I had been so eager to finish the challenge, I hadn't really wanted to kill her. I took slow, weak steps toward her.
I stood beside her and lowered my face slowly, sniffing. There was no reaction at first, but then I saw a faint rise in her chest. She was still alive, good. I didn't like her, but I had no intention on killing a fellow wolf unless I absolutely had to. Instead I pulled back and watched her awake, her eyes opening and looking at me. She was afraid now, and rightly so I had beaten her though I wasn't in the best of shape, so it was close.

She gave me another look before exposing her throat to me and I bent down and bit softly. Showing my power over her, my dominance. When I let her go I made my way back to my mate and family with as much control as I could. My back was to her, showing how little I feared her. But to be honest if she attacked me I don't know if I'd be able to win. I was bleeding bruised and sore all over. My front leg hurt badly where she bit me, and all I wanted was to get to the nearby stream and wash off, then sleep.

There was no attack then, nor ever afterward. She whined pitifully and vanished into the woods. Black paced beside me and I leaned against his strong powerful frame gratefully. Kaela was on my other side. I didn't mind showing weakness now, it was over. By the time I got to the stream I was dizzy. Black came into the stream with me, and the water felt so good. I rolled around gratefully, but all to aware of the bites and scratches littering my body. Woozy upon my feet I collapsed by the stream and just couldn't move. Kaela and Black licked me gently, worried but I touched noses and licking them back for a kiss before laying back down, letting myself rest. It felt so good to rest.
I woke some time later, early evening I believe. Kaela was next to me, and gave a short bark in greeting. I smiled, standing slowly. I still felt a little weak but it was okay, I was better now. We made it back to the pack fine enough, but when I crawled back into our den I was feeling tired. I guess I had lost more blood than I thought or something. I laid down and watched the twins playing until I fell asleep once more.

Waking up the next morning I felt much better, more active. I took myself outside, the twins tumbling around my feet. I watched them lovingly, a tender smile on my lips. They were sweet and young, so playful. I hoped we would be able to raise them in a nice enviroment. I found the alpha female and greeted her. Her own pups where off somewhere else. I had drawn some real status now in the pack. Before I had simply been the mate of Black, bearer of his pups. And that was fine, but now. Now I had real status. I had power so to speak, the others looked at me and didn't just see another female. They saw a fighter, a strong wolf. It made me proud, especially when I saw it in the alpha females eyes. It made me feel really good, elated.

Brownie was off with Cloud, he slept with her now. Kaela still stayed with us in our den though but she was busy hunting I think. Even Black was gone. It was strange. The twins were calming down, tiring themselves out chasing bugs and each other. I herded them back to the den to lay down, then took myself outside again. We were a tiny pack now, but it was nice and close. I missed my children but I knew they were alright, I was sure of it. And hopefully I'd see them again somewhere down the road so to speak. So for the rest of the day I spent wandering around the pack area, exploring a little bit. It was nice, a day to myself to just relax. The pups were sleeping the day away, it was good.
I lapped some water from the nearby stream. Chased a squirrel playfully, wasn't really hungry for food and I'd rather get something bigger than a squirrel anyway. It was strange having this quiet alone time. I hadn't been exactly alone since joining the pack. It was part of being with one, you're together, you're never really alone. And I liked that feeling. I hadn't been real popular when I was with the humans, maybe that's why I so readily went along with this at first.

I found myself lounging under the shade of the trees, thinking about before. I hadn't really thought much about my life. I had been so entranced, enthralled by Black. Consumed by my desire for him that my previous life just fell to the side. Then getting pregnant was a suprise, and well everything else. I looked up into the branches and imagined what would've happened had I never wandered off into the woods. Gone back home, went back to school. Frustrated and depressed as I had been when I retreated to the woods in the first place. I thought about my family, how much I missed them, yet at the same time…they were like, part of someone else. Someone else's family not my own. I felt so disconnected from the world it was hard sometimes to recall those things.

I woke later feeling refreshed like I haven't felt in a long time. Full of energy and renewed strength. My arm was still sore and healing, but I was feeling much better. I loped home, finding my lovely twins awake and anxious for their mother to be home. I loved being a mother, being my mate's pups. I hadn't thought about kids as a human, it seemed so unreal, so scary. But here with the wolves it was natural, a part of life. I liked the tops of their heads and they tangled themselves in my limbs. They both stretched for my hanging tits thought, and I laughed, still momma's babies. I laid down and let them snuggle close to feed, relishing the feeling of their little teeth around my nipples, suckling my milk. Another thing I couldn't believe, how easy it was for me to just lay down and breat feed my pups.

Kaela came home and laid down nearby, watching me feed her brother and sister. Once the pups were fed the went to play with big sister Kaela who was amazing with them. She'll make a good mother some day as well, I know it.
As the days went by, we moved our pack to a new area. It was a lovely place in the woods. Nice and green with a small clearing to play in with the pups. They were growing so fast, moving on to real meat game. Kaela took them hunting most of the afternoons, while Brownie had settled down with Cloud who was now pregnant. I was eager to watch another wolf birth, of course I had gone through two of my own, but I still wanted to know how to do it right, like a real wolf. Black was happier than normal, playful even and I sure felt it. We spent time running through the woods, hiding from each other, pouncing on each other when we could. I lost most of the time though, I didn't have the wolf's senses.

The other day we were playing and I had crawled out from inside a hollow log, thinking I had lost Black. But once I was out he fell upon me from behind, the sneak! I felt him upon me, his rough furred body pressing me down a little as he panted against my ear, turning me on. He knew I enjoyed it when he did that, pressing down on me and panting in my ear. It all made me hot which is what he wanted. That was the game, whoever caught the other by surprise controled the sex. I admit I loss on purpose a time or two, can't blame a girl for wanting what she likes. And as he slipped his hardening, hot member into my wet pussy I moaned and trembled. It was nice to let loose in the hot summer like this. Of course our play didn't help me keep cool but that was alright, I don't mind being hot and sweaty.

He railed my body hard, hot as he was it made him more aggressive during sex, which was also alright. he had been taking me kinda gentle up until recently. I'm not sure why but now that he was being harder upon my sweaty body, it felt so good. With his panting, furred body on top of me my hands dug into the forest floor, my body stretched and bending as I moaned for him to fill me with his seed. Of course I thought about getting pregnant again, but we had been at it so many times since the birth of the twins and nothing yet, so maybe I've just been lucky. Not that I'd mind bearing him more pups, I love being his mate and a mother, but half the time I've spent with my mate has been pregnant. And too be honest I'm a young bitch who wants to have fun once in awhile as well. So I let him go at my body with all he's got, and when he finishes I'm once again left twitching and weak upon the forest floor, cum running down my thighs, dripping from my pussy. It feels so good.
It was a strange time for me. I felt so light hearted and free. Free to play around with Black, the pups, or just to go romping through the forest. It may sound childish but I loved playing around. Sure I was a mate and mother, but those responsibilities were light. Especially being a mother, the twins were growing well and didn't need their mother as much. To be honest they'd attached themselves to their big sister Kaela. She spent most of her days playing and watching the two. I felt a little bad, like I was shirking my responsibility but Kaela truly seemed to enjoy watching them. I think she wanted pups of her own, if only she could find a mate.

Meanwhile I frequently took myself off with Black for some romantic one-on-one time. It was great, hot, and just what I needed. Oh we didn't just have sex, it was more than that. We really got to know each other. Spending so much time together had deepened our bond as mates which I loved. Sure he was a wolf, and maybe not as sophisticated as a human but he still got me. It was a deeper, primal way but he got my needs and wants so well. This particular afternoon I was recovering from a hot session with my mate. He was a short distance away sleeping off the hot noon sun. I was panting beside the river on my back, worn out. Hot and sweaty myself I let my left arm and leg drape in the cool stream water. It felt so nice that eventually I crawled into the river itself for a swim.

The water felt so good, cold against her hot sweaty body as she paddled around. Dunking beneath the surface she popped back up and howled, feeling so good. She turned and watched Black sleeping away, even her howl not waking him. Poor thing he had worked so hard. She was still throbbing to prove it! After a little bit longer of swimming she was ready to sleep herself and crawled out, giving herself a good all over shake before stretching out on the back with a yawn. Now the hot sun felt good on her cooled skin as she slowly slipped off to sleep.

She was awakened by Black's nose nudging her breast. Sighing she opened her eyes and licked his muzzle in a kiss before getting to her feet. It was darker, late afternoon now, he probably wanted to get back or go hunting. So she followed him and ended up back with the pack. Sadly Black took himself off then, apparently wanting to hunt on his own. I was a little sad, but we had been together a lot lately so I was probably getting too clingy for a wolf's mate. So I relished in some time with her twins. Kaela went off on her own as well so she spent the time wrestling and playing. They were growing up and gave her a run for her money when they tag teamed her. Black came back to find the three of them in a tangle. She extracated herself with a throaty chuckle and went to nuzzle her mate. Food was here and Kaela returned to dine as well. After dinner they laid about, all of them worn out by their day.
The pack was moving again, why I'm not real sure but then summer was coming to a close so I guess we were moving to a new area for the winter maybe? I couldn't help but remember the horrible time I spent, me and Kaela, last summer and fall. I shook my head to clear my thoughts, following my lovely mate. The twins were keeping pace with me while Kaela stayed behind us to make sure the twins didn't go wandering off. No one wanted to be separated again. Everything was great, it was a warm day but a faint breeze felt good against my hot skin.

That was, until we heard a roar that I had heard before, one that I didn't want to hear again to be honest. It was that roar of a grizzly bear that made me freeze in place, trembling in a fear that I hadn't felt in so long. I couldn't move, just frozen in place and let out a low whine. Black placed himself in front of me, guarding his family, which was good because I couldn't move, couldn't do anything. The bear crashed out of the undergrowth, large and terrifying. Why it was being so aggresive I couldn't say, but I felt the twins cower against my side. I wish I could comfort them but I couldn't…

Our alpha circled the roaring bear, leading it a little further back from the pack. he was protecting us, but there's not way he could take down a bear, could he? I wasn't sure, but he was. The bear took a swipe which the alpha dodged then leaped on the bear, trying to get a good bite it. The bear shook himself back and forth, and I watched the alpha swing from his back. Black looked like he was going to jump in but he turned back and saw us, his family and stopped. I admit I was so grateful for him staying. I couldn't believe my own fear of the bear but…it was so huge compared to me, so fearsome. I may have taken a fellow wolf but…this was a bear. So Black stayed and we all watched as the alpha was flung from the bear's back, getting to his feet and attacking again.

The battle went on and didn't seem to favor either of them. The alpha was good at dodging the bear's slower attacks, but the bears bulk and fur kept the alpha from sinking his teeth in for any good attacks himself. His mate stayed back and watched, I could tell she was worried by the way she stood. Cloud and Brownie were just ahead of us, standing together. It was quiet except for the the growls of the bear and alpha. I wanted to do something, but still couldn't move, only watch.

It was then that the bear managed to hit the alpha, hard. He was on the bear's back and he got flung off and slammed into a tree. It looked painful, and I could hear the yelp. It was then that the bear raked his claws across the alpha, opening gashes across his side. I screamed, the blood, it was horrible! But the alpha still stood and attacked, getting a throat shot. He was swatted away shortly but the bear was bleeding, he had been injured. Instead of continuing the attack the bear roared and lumbered away.

I was still frozen, but everyone else moved to the alpha. His mated was there first at his side, and when I could move me and the twins hurried to see the damage. IT was as bad as I thought, he wouldn't make it. He lay there bleeding out, one of his hind legs bent the wrong way, broken. I turned and puked, his insides were visible. It was…I didn't know what to think. He was my alpha, no matter that I was a human, he was my alpha all the same. I didn't know what would happen…what would we do without our pack leader? This was a situation that I had never thought of, what would the pack do?
It was hushed, silent. We waited and watched as the alpha passed on. I felt sick though my stomach was empty. Black tried to comfort me and it helped…a little. But I was scared and unsure what would happen. As he passed his mate slunk off. It had been almost a day since I had seen her last, I wasn't sure if she would return or not but I wished she would. I felt…tight? My stomach, insides were all screwed up tight with apprehension. I wasn't sure how to deal with this. Not that I couldn't think for myself or anything, but this was my pack, my family. They needed an alpha, and I didn't want my family to just break apart.

The pack seemed uneasy as I returned from relieving myself. There was a tenseness about the area that wasn't there before. That's when I saw the young male wolf. He was large and snowy white mixed with grey. He had joined before we left our previous home, and wasn't a wolf I enjoyed spending time with. He was aggresive with the rest of the pack, the alpha had to step in on several occasions to keep him in line. Now I knew what was happening, he was trying to take over. I snarled, but knew it was beyond me to challenge him. One, females just didn't become the alpha, and this wasn't the time to challenge nature. Second, he was too big for me, I wasn't strong enough to take a large wolf such as him.

As I stood snarling at him from beyond the press of the pack there was a call from the other side. I knew that call and it made me halt my snarling as I felt my stomach clench. THe others of the pack moved away to allow room as Black stepped into the clear area where the other wolf, Rage, stood. Black was the only other wolf that Rage didn't mess with after the first time. He had tried to come onto me, and Black made it quite clear that if he ever tried something again he wouldn't live through it. Now though, now Black was challenging him for leadership of the pack. I couldn't believe it, I never thought my Black would do something like that. I pushed my way to the front to have a clear view. The pack had extended the circle, making a large area for the two to fight in. Both stood hackles raised, teeth bared. I felt the twins crowd beneath me, seeking comfort in the warmth of their mother. Kaela made her way to my right, giving me a lick of comfort. I wasn't sure how this would end, I honestly didn't but I cried silently for Black to make it out alive no matter what the outcome. He had to survive, I don't know what I'd do without him.
The young male, Aggro, made the first move.

It was quick, but it was premature and Black easily dodged out of the way, slashing lightly at Aggro's rear left leg. Aggro whipped around but Black was too quick and experienced, moving away they began circling again. I watched horrified. I knew it could go either way, I wasn't naive enough to believe that my Black was the best wolf in the world, nor the strongest. And I couldn't do anything. To even try and help would make Black look weak and thus unable to lead. He had to win on his own, but…but I'm his mate! To lose him now, I'd be lost. I may be able to survive on my own, but live? I hadn't cried in a long time, crying was an emotion or action that just didn't happen to wolves, and being among them had truly changed how I reacted. But I cried now, and howled. I wasn't the only one but I think I was the only one howling because I was in pain, I was sad.

Black was winning though, barely. He had scored light scratches and one good bite on Aggro's right front paw. But he was clean of any injuries himself. He lunged and the two locked in a snarling tumble, both trying to rip into the other with their teeth. I watch, my body shaking. I remembered my own fight, but for some reason this just seemed more…violent or worse or something. Maybe it was because it's my mate, I don't know. The twins were huddled beneath my legs, they understood on some level what their father was doing. Kaela was with me and that helped me gain more control over myself. I had to be strong, for Black. For my family.

Aggro broke away and Black fell back, bleeding from a wound at his side, Aggro's claws. I whimpered at the sight of him bleeding but Black stood his ground and snarled, taunting Aggro. It worked, the younger wolf was impatient and attacked. Black moved out of the way with only a mere scrape of the claws and twisted, burying his fangs into Aggro's right shoulder. The wolf howled in pain but I was happy, wanting to cheer. They twisted together, both kicking to claw at one another. Aggro tried to twist his head around but couldn't reach, and instead clamped down on Black's tail causing him to release. They went back to circling each other, wary of the other's moves. I still could honestly say I knew that Black would win, I wanted him to but I couldn't be sure and that scared me.
The sun was sinking, and both Black and Aggro were showing obvious signs of exhaustion. Every member of the pack was hungry by now, but no one dared leave to hunt. The twins fed from my breasts but otherwise during that time, I was avidly watching the fight. Most of the time was spent circling each other, sometimes taking swipes and half hearted lunges. Both were well matched, and something inside me felt that the next move would probably be the final one, and we'd know the victor.

Then it came, suddenly and without warning. Aggro had been circling closer to my mate when Black snaked around his side quick as a flash and tore at Aggro's rear right leg. It was a nasty wound and blood sprayed briefly. Aggro collapsed with my mate pinning him down in triumph. I blinked, it had happened so quickly, after such a drawn out fight, that it took me a few seconds to process. When it did though Aggro was exposing his throat in defeat and Black was stepping off him. I ran to his side, nuzzling and licking his face. He absently returned my nuzzling but then pulled away, growling at Aggro. The defeated wolf hobbled to his feet and left. I watched, overjoyed that my mate had won. I had been so worried yet now all that worry just drained away, leaving me feeling light and happy.

The rest of the pack seemed to accept the decision and I forced Black to move away so we could have some privacy while I licked his wounds. As I finished I set about licking him to erection. I don't know why but maybe I just wanted to congratulate him. Or maybe the fear and adrenaline just needed an escape. Either way I coaxed his arousal and happily crouched down for him as he settled upon me, pounding my pussy hard and fast. IT was aggressive, more that we usually did, but we obviously needed to blow some of his own steam and who was I as his mate to argue? I loved his hard thrust, throaty growls against the back of my neck while he did his business. It felt good as his front paws gripped around my body while he shook me with his mating. My breasts bounced and my moans echoed in the darkened forests until I screamed in orgasm, clenching around his cock and the knot that kept me plugged. I wondered if I'd get pregnant again, and honestly didn't care either way tonight. All i cared about was that my mate was still alive, and that he'd won. He was the alpha now, and I was his mate.

It was amazing to think about. I mean it felt like forever but really it couldn't have been real long ago that I was wandering off into the woods after this pack. Then my first mating with Black, learning to eat raw meat, and now look at me? Proud mother of wonderful pups who are all strong and loving. And now mate of the alpha of the pack. It was a lot to take in, but that's alright, right now was about pleasure pure and simple. Once his knot shrunk and slipped out, I felt the familiar dribble of his hot seed down my thighs as we returned to the pack. It was time for my mate to do his duty.
Life at the top of the pack was interesting. All the other wolves defered to me and my mate. They even gave an amount of respect to my pups, it was all a little much at first. But eventually I learned to adjust to my new role as the alpha female. Of course my mate was the true leader, and he did his job amazingly well. It took a lot of effort to get the pack under his control, I kinda figured it was like this for every new alpha.

For myself, I had to keep the others in line as well, because my mate couldn't be everywhere. But together we worked wonderfully, as team we got the pack under a tight control as we moved. We were in a more open area this time, with only trees and bushes for cover which was fine because the weather was wonderful and we didn't need to worry about storms yet. I watched the twins playing around, marveling as I always do, how they've grown. They've moved onto catching insects and small rodents, and Black was teaching them very well. For myself I looked after them still, and took them on a hunt every now and then, enjoying the time I spend with them because eventually they'll probably leave as well.

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