Workplace Bitch Gets What She Deserves Part 1

Workplace Bitch Gets What She Deserves Part 1

My situation was not so different from many others I had heard over the years. I worked for a prominent company and held a respectable position. I had been employed for over 10 years with this company and had worked hard to build a good reputation. Everything was great until Robyn arrived and took over as director of our group.

Our group had its issues, but on the whole we completed our work efficiently and accurately. Robyn did not feel the same though. She was relatively young for the role she had been placed in, she was 33. She was the typical woman on the rise and saw an opportunity to make her mark for future elevation. She was also a control freak micro manager.

Each of us had always reported our updates to executive management directly. She immediately put a halt to that and insisted that we provide her with reports and presentations that she would use to report to the executive staff. Many times she would omit key information and when things went wrong she would sacrifice the responsible team member’s reputation. One thing that quickly became apparent was that the women of our group received better treatment than any of the men. She also protected those of that agreed with her every move and did not argue with her.

As you can probably tell I was one of those that fell on the wrong side of her every turn. I was recently divorced and had acquired a reputation as a player. I had dated a couple of ladies in other units of the business. I was not looking for anything beyond a good time with any of them; they on the other hand wanted a relationship. When I got first hint of a lady maneuvering toward a more committed relationship I would break it off promptly and then the accusations would start.

One of the ladies I had dated was a close friend to Robyn. After I had broke off our relationship Robyn’s actions made it clear to me that she was going to make me pay. In her mind I had taken advantage of her friend and on top of that I would not conform to the way she wanted things to operate. She sat out to undermine everything I did. I quickly found my high profile projects being taken and given to Robyn’s favorites. The executives that used to greet me in passing now avoided eye contact with me. The damage had been done and I saw no alternative but to look for employment elsewhere.

I was lucky enough to find employment, but the pay and benefits was not as great, plus I had lost all that time vested. Like anyone else would be I was pissed off. I could never get what Robyn had done out of my mind. The more I dwelt on it the more I wanted to get even with the little cunt. I promised myself that if I was ever presented an opportunity to make her pay I would.

Fast forward 2 months. One evening after work I stopped by a TGI Fridays to relax and have a drink. I sat in a booth away from the bar, as the bar area gets really loud and annoying at times. I already had a couple of drinks when I looked up to see Robyn and a couple of ladies from my old job enter. I could just see their heads over the divider between my booth and the one on the opposite side of me. I watched as the hostess brought them to the booth opposite of mine. Due to the divider they could not see me sitting just on the other side. They ordered a round of drinks and settled in with small talk about the office.

I overheard Robyn mention that her husband would be out of town and that she was looking forward to the weekend alone. I thought to myself her husband probably felt the same. I laughed and imagined what a bitch she would have to be to live with. I wondered if she was as much a control freak in bed as she was in life. I had really never been attracted to Robyn she was a short woman with small breasts, freckles, and a wider than normal ass. She was more about business than looks and therefore usually dressed in conservative business suits. As I sat there a devilish idea formed in my mind.

Robyn was a ball busting feminist bitch and if anyone deserved to be treated like a sex toy it was her. I found myself walking through the possibilities and ways of breaking her will; how rewarding it would feel to see her naked, vulnerable, and humiliated. I had never before thought of treating a woman in this manner and was shocked to feel my cock was hard as a rock. All I could think about was tearing her clothes off and making her be my little fuck toy, to treat her with no respect, to make her do things I know she had always refused to do. My mind was made up; I was going to rape Robyn and knock that little chip she had on her shoulder off.

I paid my bill and quickly made it out of the bar while making sure none of them saw me leave. I waited outside in my car for them to exit. An hour went by and I started to second guess thoughts. I was about to drive off when they all came out and I watched as Robyn got in her car. Since I did not know where she lived I needed to follow her to. As I followed her my heart started to race. I could not believe I was actually following her, but I drove on. Luckily she did not live in a gated community. I drove by her house as she got out of her car and walked to the door. I saw her keys in hand and knew it was hers and that she had not stopped by friends. I drove down and turned around; on my way out I slowly drove by her house I saw a light on the top floor. I thought to myself that must e be her bedroom.

I drove home thinking of how I was going to pull this off. I started to get worried about many factors; did she have a dog, does she have an alarm system and if so does she activate it, will the neighbors hear her if she screams? I knew I had a lot of things to figure out. I got home and put my plan together. I would get a glass cutter so I could get in a door downstairs. If the alarm did not sound once I entered I would find the key pad and see if it was activated. If the alarm was on and set on silent I would haul ass, if not I would proceed. I had remembered a conversation one time I had with her about dogs and how much she hated them, so I did not give that a second thought.

I would wait until about 1 or 2 am and enter the house. I figured all the neighbors and well as she would be in bed asleep at that time. If I made it by the alarm I would head to her bedroom, quickly subdue her, tie her up, and blindfold her. Then I would do whatever came to my mind.

I made my way over to her house, and just as I thought every house was dark and quite. I parked my car a couple of streets over in an overflow parking spot. Got my bag of goodies I brought with me and headed to her house. I walked around back and paused for a couple of minutes to let my eyes adjust to the dim light and to listen to the surroundings. Everything was nice a quite. I took out the glass cutter and slowly cut a hole in the small window of the back door. It made a perfect circle that my hand slipped in. I turned the deadbolt and the doorknob, no alarm yet. As I pushed the door open every nerve in my body was screaming, I just knew the alarm was going to sound, but to my relief nothing happened. I quickly and quietly looked around for one of the alarm control pads. I located one in the kitchen and realized the stupid bitch had not activated it.

I took a few moments to relax and calm down. I knew my next step would be the no turning back point of my plan. I cleared my head and calmed my nerves and headed upstairs. I found her bedroom door slightly a jar and looked in. She was in the bed fast asleep. I slowly entered the room and closed on the bed. She was laying on her side with her back to me, only a sheet over her body. I quietly sat my bag down and pulled a pair of handcuffs from my pocket. I grabbed one of her arms a quickly rolled her on her stomach. I slapped the cuffs on her arm and before she could react I had grabbed the other arm, pulled it along with the other one behind her back and cuffed it as well. I pulled the blindfold over her eyes and duct taped it to her. I did not want her to know who I was.

She was now fully awake and starting to make noise. I grabbed her and put my hand over her mouth with one hand and reached into my bag and produced a knife in the other. I placed the knife blade to her throat and whispered into her ear to shut the fuck up or I would cut her wide open. She shut up and I removed my hand. She started telling me that the cops would be there soon that she had a silent alarm. I laughed and whispered to her again that I know for a fact that she did not activate the system. She then started to tell me that her husband would be home soon; again I laughed and let her know that I knew he was gone for the weekend.

I let her know that she was at my mercy and that I had all weekend to do what I wanted. I could hear her start to cry, my cock immediately sprang to life. The bitch was afraid and I loved it. I turned on the light to see her fear. She had rolled to her side and curled up shaking uncontrollably. She started to plead for me not to hurt her that I could take anything in the house.

I laughed again and whispered to her that everything I wanted was right there in her bed. She gulped and fully realized what was about to happen. She started to beg in earnest at that point. I removed a ball gag from my bag and placed it in her mouth and rolled her over on her back. She started kicking wildly with her legs. I placed the knife back to her throat and she immediately calmed down. I slowly moved the knife from her neck and traced it along her left breast. For the first time I had noticed she had on an over sized T-shirt with no bra. Her little breasts poking through the material. I moved the blade over her nipple, watching her twitch to the feeling.

While I enjoyed watching her fear I really wanted to rip the shirt from her. I sat the knife down and with both hands grabbed the collar of her shirt. In one swift move I ripped it wide open, she screamed into the gag and start thrashing once again. I looked down at her and was rewarded with the fact that she had nothing on underneath the shirt.

She was now fully exposed and vulnerable, just as I had fantasized. Her breasts were small as were her nipples. Her cunt was shaved smooth with a nice looking clit and hood. I must say she was more sexually appealing naked than clothed. She still had wide hips, but they looked made for fucking.
Her fear was getting the best of her. She was screaming into the gag, thrashing about the bed, kicking into the air. It was time to get serious and break the bitch. I slapped her hard across the face repeatedly until she stopped kicking and thrashing. Once calm, I stepped back and quickly removed my clothes. I explained to her that she was going to take my cock like a good little whore; I told her that if she was good and did as I said I would do it easy and gentle. If she wanted to continue to be a bitch then I would not be so easy on her. I asked if she understood, she shook her head that she did.

I reached down and touched her inner thigh, she flinched and pulled away. I told her that was her one and only freebie, that if she pulled away from me again that I would hurt her. I reached down again and was rewarded to her leg staying where it was. I rubbed up her thigh slowly. She was trembling in fear and anger. This only drove my lust ever higher. I continued up until I felt her pussy lips. She slightly pulled away but quickly stopped. I grinned knowing I had her. I told her to open her legs wider, which she did. This slightly opened her lips allowing my finger full access to her inner regions. I shoved my middle finger up her cunt. She gasped and rolled her head back, sobbing and shaking. I explored deep in her cunt.
I knew I was being rough but did not care. I pulled that finger out and quickly returned it along with the finger next to it. I worked my two fingers in and out of her cunt for a few minutes, enjoying the sounds coming from her. She had no idea what laid in store for her, these two fingers would prove to be the easiest part of the night.

My cock was aching at this point. I had to have it shoved in her wet cunt. I rolled her over and un-cuffed one of her hands. She laid there crying rubbing her sore wrists, after a few minutes I grabbed her arms and pulled her up to the head board. Her bed had rails on the head board and cuffed her to them. She pleaded with me to let her go.

I forced her legs open and crawled up on the bed. She started to cry uncontrollably at that point, for she knew what was coming next. I warned her once again to be good and make sure I enjoyed myself or things would turn to the worse. I placed her legs over my shoulders and leaned into her. Once she felt my cock push against her cunt she started to kick and buck wildly. I slapped her repeatedly until she calmed down. I told that she had fucked up and would regret do that. I reached in my and pulled out a set of ankle cuffs. I placed the cuff over her left ankle and pulled it up, and then I pulled her right leg up and put the cuff through the head board and on her right ankle.

She was now fully subdued and legs spread. I told that I was originally going to gentle with her, but she had ruined that. I explained to her that she would remain tied like an animal and take whatever I decided to do to her. She started to cry and plead once again. I crawled between her legs and moved over her.
My cock head pushed into her open cunt and I thrust with all my might. I heard her gasp as I slammed all 9” into her. I could tell that I had forced more cock into her than she had ever felt before; her cunt was grasping it and quivering with the intrusion. She was laboring for air, her nose was full with tears and the gag had buried deep in her mouth, making it hard for her to breathe. I told her that I would remove the gag, but she had to be good and not scream. If she screamed I would knocked all her teeth out and put the gag back in. She nodded compliance and I remove the gag from her mouth
I pitched it to the side and started thrusting my cock in and out of her. With the gag gone she started to grunt loudly each time I would bury my cock into her. I told how good her cunt felt around my cock. I ask her if she had ever had a cock as big as mine, she replied no and that it hurt. That made me slam into her even harder. My mind was in a rush. I had never treated a woman with such brutality and lack of care. She was my fuck toy and I was determined to fuck the hell out her.

I told her how hard she was going to make me cum, she started to beg me not to cum in her. I laughed and picked up my pace. I was drilling her with everything I had. She must have felt the massive load of cum enter the shaft of my cock, as she started to sob and repeatedly say no please don’t. I could not hold back any longer and with one final drive, shoved my cock as deep into her pulsating cunt as I could. I exploded into her with the force of a shot gun. She cried out as she felt my seed dump in her. I pushed into her until every drop was deposited in her cunt.

Once I regained control, I climbed off of her. She was crying uncontrollably. It felt great to see her in this condition for all the frustration and aggravation she had caused me. But we had just begun; I had a lot more plans for her before this night was complete.

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