Workplace Bitch Gets What She Deserves Part 2

Workplace Bitch Gets What She Deserves Part 2

Robyn lay on the bed quietly sobbing. I had just filled her little cunt full of hot cum and was watching as she attempted with all her might to push it all out. I laughed to myself as she struggled.

Her chest was heaving heavily, which made her small breast move up and down. I descended upon them. I grabbed them and squeezed them. She yelled in pain. I took her little nipples and pinched both of them hard, again she yelled. I told to shut up or else. I then placed my mouth over her right breast and bite hard on the nipple. She did not yell out, but did make a hurting noise deep in her chest. That drove my desire even more. I wanted to hurt this little bitch.

With that I thrust my hand between her legs and shove two fingers into her soaking wet cunt. She grunted as my fingers explored her inside. Her cunt was slick with my recently deposited cum. I bite down once again on her nipple and felt her cunt squeeze on my fingers. Each time I would bite her she would flex her cunt. I quickly grew tired of that and wondered to myself how much could this bitch take in her cunt. I pulled my two fingers from her and rubbed my whole hand around her cunt, getting the whole thing wet. I cupped my hand so all my fingers where in a circle and pushed them into her.

She quickly realized what I was doing and tried to get away. I laid my body weight on her chest and forced my fingers farther and farther into her. I felt her cunt stretch and give way. I pushed on knowing I was ripping her apart, but did not care. She started to scream with the pain, this alarmed me as I did not want anyone to hear her. I pulled my hand from her cunt and placed the gag back into her mouth. She was begging for me to stop. I laughed and told her I wanted to see how much she could take.

With that I put my hand back to her cunt and pushed. This time I got all but my thumb in it. I work my fingers in and out of her, feeling her give way to my onslaught. She was screaming into the gag, but it was so muffled no one outside of the room could have heard. I decide it was time to bury my whole hand, I pulled back and this time moved my thumb to enter as well and pushed. My hand buried up the thump knuckle. I pushed and slowly my hand started to disappear into her cunt. Robyn let out a shriek and passed out. I felt her cunt wrapped around my wrist, pulsating to the intrusion.

With my free hand I slapped her face until she came to and continued to fist fuck her cunt. She was grunting like an animal with each thrust. To my amazement I felt her cunt tighten around my hand, she arched her back, and screamed out in what appeared to be an orgasm. I was completely caught off guard; the whore had actually enjoyed having her cunt stretched to hell and back. I pulled my hand from her dripping cunt, and remove the gag. She lay back on the bed gasping for air. I laughed at her for cumming, to which she starting crying even harder.

During all this my cock had started to come back to life. I had ruined her cunt with my hand and had no desire to go there. I wanted to see that wide ass of hers up in the air. I removed the ankle cuffs and rolled her over.

I did not say a word to her; I slowly reached into my bag and pulled out a bottle of lubricant. When I squirted it into her ass crack she gasped loudly and started to beg for me not to put anything in her ass. She was near hysterical. I touched her wide ass and she jumped. I grabbed her and crawled on top of her letting my cock rest in her ass crack. I told to the calm down or I was going to gag her again. She lay still, but continued to beg for me not to do anything to her ass. I leaned forward causing my rock hard cock to push deeper into the crack which caused her to tense even more.

She had never been fucked in the ass and must have been terrified of it. That realization drove me wild; I felt my cock grow larger than I had ever felt it before. It felt like all my blood in my body was being pushed into my cock. I had to shove it up Robyn’s ass. I wanted to her yell as I forced up in her, so I decided to not gag her. If she started to get loud I would simply push her head into the pillows she was laying on.

I decided to push her fear farther and start rubbing my cock back and forth in her crack. She was begging uncontrollably, crying, trembling; especially when my hard cock would rub her pucker asshole. I played with her fear for a few minutes, until I could not hold back any longer. I rose up enough to take my cock in my hand and pointed to her little clinched asshole and pushed the head in. When she felt me aim my cock at her asshole she started saying no repeatedly.

She tried to crawl out from under me, but I anticipated that and grabbed her shoulders with my free hand and pushed down on her with it. This stopped her and pushed her head into the pillows. With that I pushed my entire length up her ass. I heard her scream out, but her screams were muffled by the pillows. Her body was shaking, her ass doing everything it could to push my now over engorged cock out. The feeling was tremendous. I positioned myself so I could drive her ass for all it is worth. I pushed her head into the pillows further and start to fuck her ass with no mercy. I pulled it all the way out and slammed it all the way back in. Each time she screamed into the pillows.

After a few minutes of pumping her ass she stopped screaming and started grunting. I let go of her head so she could rise up and breath. I buried my cock deeper and started fucking her guts with gusto. She had given up fighting me. She had finally submitted to my demand. She laid there and was taking whatever I decided to give to her. There was no more protesting, no more attempting to get away. I had finally broken her.

I pulled my cock from her ass and pulled her hips up. I wanted that ass up in the air taking my cock. She did not fight my desires. She kept her ass up and lowered her head in total submission, knowing I was going to fuck her up turned ass. I pulled up behind her; her asshole was open due to the prior attack. I grabbed her by the hips with my left hand and guided my raging cock back into her ass. She let out a slight grunt as I buried myself balls deep up her ass. I grabbed her hips in both my hands and started to fuck her ass as hard, fast, and deep as I could.

Her ass muscles were squeezing my cock like it had never been squeezed before. I was pumping her with everything I had. I wanted to rip her asshole to pieces and was doing my best to destroy it. The whole time Robyn made deep grunting noises from within her body. The sight of her wide ass taking my cock and the sounds she was making drove me to a sexual frenzy. At this pace it was only a matter of time, I felt my balls constrict and send a load of cum to my shaft. Robyn must have felt that and caught me off guard once again. She turned to me and started to beg for to cum in her ass. She started fucking me back as hard as I was fucking her.

She wanted the attack over and was giving her all to make me cum. I stopped fucking her and told her to pull the cum out of my cock with her ass. She lowered her head and started driving her ass up and down my cock, squeezing her anal muscles for all she had. After a few moments of that action I exploded and filled her bowels with an enormous load of hot cum. After the last drop left my cock I pulled out and fell over on the bed. She slumped down sobbing. She would never be the same, I knew. I got up and cleaned up it was nearing 6 am by that time and I had to get out of there before the sun was completely up. I gave her a drink of water, but kept her blind folded and cuffed to the bed. Her husband will be home later that day and I wanted him to find her bound and leaking cum.

They never reported the attack, not sure why, but my guess is that she did not want anyone to know. I figured she did not want to have it known at work so it would not have an impact on her career. I did hear from some of my previous co-workers that she had changed. She was not such a bitch anymore and tended to stay to herself. With that I smiled to myself knowing I had exacted sweet revenge…….

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