Young black university student get raped by a white male on her way home

Young black university student get raped by a white male on her way home

I had stayed behind at university that day. I urgently needed to get my essay on the Afro-Caribbean
Diaspora in Europe
in by 10.00am the next day, and had very little time considering how little I had done.

I had foolishly lost track of time writing up my essay that before I knew it, it was already 12.30pm. I would have to walk across the empty campus in the dark to get home. I wasn't too worried as I only lived across the campus, a 10 minute walk away. I left the Social Science department, outside was well lit but very dark. I wished my department was nearer to where the student bars were, that part of the campus was always lively-especially at this time of night. We'll I wasn't too afraid anyway because I felt sort of at home on campus, and my warm cosy room wasn't too far away. As I walked I felt a few wet drips hit me, “dammit”, I thought to myself, “my damn hair!”, I forgotten to umbrella and had straightened my hair a few days ago, now it was about to get completely soaked-all that hard work for nothing!. I grabbed a scrunchy out of my bag, tied my hair back and decided I would try and take the quickest route home.

The campus looked so different in the dark, I could see the physics department in the far distance and knew I had to head there. I saw a small alley between two buildings and decided it was probably the fastest route. This was my big mistake. When I reached the end I realised that the exit had been closed off, “dammit” I thought, the university had blocked it off for obvious security reasons. As I walked back up the alley and as I was about to make my way out I saw a man suddenly appear. The rain got heavier and heavier. I couldn't see him properly, he had light hair, blondish, or maybe a very light brown, looked tall, about 6ft 2 or maybe 6ft 3, he stood there staring at me, he did not say a word. This was when I realised something was wrong. My heart began to beat faster, adrenaline ran through me, I didn't know what to do, if I was to run back, I would be totally trapped. I had to get passed him somehow. But I was afraid, I knew that if I was to try and run passed him he would grab me. I have never felt so scared before.

He slowly began to walk towards me, I backed away frightened and nervous as he moved closer. My body was frozen with fear, as he got closer I could see his eyes were cold and lifeless . I looked around frantically trying to find an escape route, somewhere to run to, but was trapped. I felt helpless, I screamed for help, but knew that no-one would hear. The man walked towards me, as he got closer I could see his tall, muscular frame, he was wearing dark jeans and a leather jacket. "Please, please…", "dont!" "I…" I cried, but he didn't not say a word or change his expression his eyes remained emotionless . I could see an evil grin form on his face, he is revelling in my distress. My legs felt like jelly and my heart pounded like crazy. I could see his face better now, he had a strong jawline, and was quite handsome. It was silent, the rain had sunsided a little, all I could hear was a few raindrops hitting the ground. As he stared coldly at me my mind told me to fight, to fight my way out. I had always wondered why some women didn't try and fight their attackers when I had watched reconstructions on shows like Crimenight. I had always envisaged myself fighting in such a scenario. This was such a scenario but my body remained numb and frozen, I felt as though I am sinking. A voice in my mind told me to Kick him in the balls, NOW, KICK HIS BALLS NOW, this was the moment, he didnt even have a knife or weapon! But I couldn't move. I had lost control.

He reached me and pressed himself against me, I felt his hard cock against me. He was so close that I could smell him, he had a sweet, fresh smell. Strangely enough I felt somewhat relieved that it didnt have any bad odours about him. He looked at my hair and took off the scrunchy I had used to tie it up. He then began to run his fingers through my kinky hair, softly combing it into a shape that framed my face. A look of satisfaction briefly glimmered in his ice- blue eyes. Looking intently at me, our eyes locked. I tried to look for sympathy in his eyes, silently pleading, but all that return was a vacant stare. It was confirmed, I knew now that he would hurt me.

He quickly took off his jacket and suddenly unbuckled his belt and grabbed both of my wrists with one hand and used his other hand to bind my wrists with his belt. He cupped my breasts and squeezed them, and then put his hand down my trousers feeling my pussy. My whole body quivered-I have never felt so scared and helpless before. He violently teared off my T-shirt to reveal the lace bra I wore underneath. He then proceeded to unbutton, unzip and pull my jeans halfway down to reveal my matching lace knickers. I could tell by the grimace that formed on his face that he liked my lingerie. He pulled me closer to him, pressing himself hard against me as he slipped his large strong hands into the back of my knickers onto my buttocks and began squeezing them, rubbing them, kneading them feeling them shape and roundness. He then proceeded to feel me run his hands along my slender and curvaceous frame.

His eyes were transfixed on my body. He began to work his way up to my breasts, he pulled down my bra straps and let them drop against my arms. He seemed to be concentrating hard, he gently pulled down the part of the bra that covered each of my breasts whilst making sure that I still had the bra on. My 34c breast were now exposed, they stood supple and firm, unaware and somewhat detached from what was happening to me. I could feel his breathing gets deeper as he suddenly turned me around pressing my front hard against the wall. The sharpness of the brick wall grazed and cut into my soft brown skin. I struggled reluctant to accept my fate, but didn't stand a chance. My wrists were tightly bound and made it impossible.

As I struggled he pushed me harder against the wall, I could feel him hard against me, something told me he enjoyed it even more when I struggled. He reached round to my breasts and cupped them in his hands, and proceeded to flick, and twiddles my nipples, I feel his warm breath breathing against my neck, he began softly biting my neck as he fondled my nipples. My nipples got harder with each motion, and I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter, more aroused at each flicker. I could no longer resist him physically, but I had told myself that I could do so mentally by not getting aroused. As he played with my nipples I could feel my body given in-I was letting him win.

His large hand slipped down to my thigh, stroking my curves, and moving towards my pussy. He gently pulled the elastic of my knickers as his fingers crawled towards my pussy. His fingers prized open my outer labia and arrived at my clitoris. Gently he stroked it, flicking it upwards and downwards, in circular motions. My body was feeling more and more relaxed. Delicately he pulled the hood of my clitoris up, exposing my clit and making it even more sensitive, he pressed his the tip of finger against it and began grinding it around and around. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter, and when he gently slid his other hand into my panties it was as though he has read my mind. He began by circling my cunt, gently feeling the entrance with his index finger and slowly moving upwards. As he then gently slid two fingers into me, pushing as deep as he could go, his fingers felt so large inside of me. He began to fuck me with them, gently bending the tip of them to hit my G-spot. Now, my heart was pounding faster and faster, I could feel myself melting, submitting to him against my will, each time he pressed against my clit my body trembled and as he thrusted his fingers up me I wanted to scream. I had been trying to keep silent. I wanted to deny him the satisfaction of knowing I was enjoying it, but I couldn't help it any longer, as he hit G-spot I felt my heart pounded faster and my body shuddered and I let out a loud gasp. He continued whilst gently nibbling on my shoulders as if silently acknowledging my first orgasm. He then turned me around, pulling me away from the wall and tuned me around to face him. He looked at the belt that tightly bound my wrists together and undid it. My wrists were red and looked very sore, somehow I hadn't felt the pain, until now. I knew my ordeal was not over yet as I caught glimpse of his huge cock glaring at me.

He forcefully threw me ground and pulled off the top he was wearing to reveal his hairy chest. I fell on the coarse, cold floor, I shuddered as the force of the fall hurt me cutting my knees, hands and making me ache. I suddenly realised how cold it was, how vulnerable I felt and that he was going to fuck me against my will, hard. He didn't care. He got down on the floor and pushed me on my back tearing my legs open and pinning me down. Although my body had enjoyed the earlier stimulation, all I could think of was the word rape, I was being raped. I felt my eyes burning and tears roll down my cheeks.

He then slid my panties to the side, to expose pussy and before I knew it I can feel his rock hard cock entering me, the shear size of him teared through my walls prizing me open and making me quiver and grasp in pain. His strong muscular arms held up his defined frame. Without mercy he began to pound me, banging deep into me. I could not think, my body jerked and screamed out loud each time he pounded me. He looked frenzied, like a mad man, sweat dripped from his brow and onto my face, he groaned as he pushed deeper into me. I had lost control of my body, he kept hitting the spot, driving me crazy, I was no longer myself and wrapped my arms around him willing him to fuck me harder and harder, to tear me to pieces and destroy me. He suddenly got faster and faster, his breathing faster, he grabbed my hips tightly, I felt his cock expanding inside me, his eyes flickered backwards and he let out a loud groan. At the same time my trembled and quaked to climax and a sudden gush left me. He collapsed and rolled over, we were both gasping for air.

We looked each other in the eyes for the last time ever, it was strange, a feeling which words cannot explain .

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