Albert and me (part 2)

Albert and me (part 2)

An older man, a teenage girl and a fantasy…………

The chill of the bedroom was a stark contrast of the warmth of the sitting room and I felt my naked breasts tighten and my nipples swell. I placed myself on the side of the bed, Albert standing in front of me and reached up to run my hands over his upper body. Like mine his nipples were erect and he shuddered gently as my fingers lightly circled them, leaving goosebump trails on his torso. His hand cupped my chin softly as he raised it to look at him, smiling eyes taking in all my face.

“You’re a very beautiful young woman Jill, and very special. I knew that from our first meeting….very special indeed”.

I said nothing, just smiled as my fingers worked down to the top of his trousers. I run them around the top, just enough to feel the skin below, reaching for the button and the zip, I undressed him. He stepped out the discarded trousers and stood infront of me in his boxers, still holding my eyes in his as I worked the boxers down and off to land beside the trousers. This was my first sight of his totally naked body. His body belied his age and all thoughts of the huge age difference left me then totally. He stood back from me a little, letting me study him then once again he learned towards me, lifting my chin and bent down to kiss me. Soft featherlight kisses, leaving me breathless.

“Undress for me Jill” he whispered, “let me see all of you”

I stood up and began to unbutton my skirt, letting it fall, then hooked both thumbs under the waistband of my panties, easing and wriggling them over my hips before letting them also slip to the floor. I stood before him totally naked, as he was for me, my heart pounding, my breathing heavy, and my nipples and pussy throbbing.

We melted together, kissing, teasing and exploring and marvelling at the exquisite feeling of warm flesh meeting warm flesh.

We eased onto the bed, still locked in a passionate embrace, and lay side by side. His hands began to roam freely as first he teased my breast and stroked my hard sensitive nipples. My back arched to meet each flick of his fingers as he rolled each in turn between his fingers sending little shocks to the very core of me. Sliding down my ribs, making soft circles over my belly and down till his whole hand covered my enflamed sex. My legs parted freely willing him to touch me more intimately. He began to squeeze his hand, allowing a finger to push between the swollen folds of my pussy lips.

“mmmm what a very wet girl you are” he whispered “very wet and very sexy” he murmured as his finger began rubbing the length of my slit. I reached down and for the first time felt his cock. Wrapping my hand round its thickness I began to stroke in time to his rubbing. Squeezing a little harder as I pulled the foreskin back and running my thumb across the moist tip. He groaned his pleasure as he kissed me deeply, his tongue deep inside my mouth, probing and exploring.

He raised himself onto his elbow looking down at me “very wet and sexy but are you a dirty little girl” he asked. I looked at him questioningly. “how dirty do you want me to be?” I said. “I want you to be as dirty as you like, I want to do things with you that make me want to cum right now just thinking about them”. “tell me” I said, “tell me what you want”.

He sat up fully and smiled. “I loved my wife deeply, she was my life, but our sex life was functional. Only ever with the lights off in bed, only on her back, and only ever when she allowed it. We never had oral sex and I wanted so many times to sink my tongue into her pussy and have her suck my cock. I was faithful and never strayed although I was so frustrated”. I looked at him and smiled, “tell me what you want” I said again, “I’ll be yours to do with what you want.. anything you want”. Somehow the thought of being at this man’s command thrilled me beyond anything I could think of, my body heightened beyond belief. “tell me now what you want me to do” I said.

“I want you to let me watch you pleasure yourself, I want to watch your fingers as they probe and tease your pussy, I want you to open yourself up to me and let me watch” with that he slid down the bed and positioned himself between my open legs. I let my fingers caress my breasts on their journey downwards until they reached the core of my longing. Very slowly I began running a finger the length of my slit which was open and throbbing. Circling the swollen hood that hid the bud of pleasure and back to the opening of my soaking pussy, pushing one then two fingers into its burning depths plunging then in as deep as a could before pulling them out, coated with my juice, and sliding them up to my throbbing clit. His eyes never left my fingers as his hand began to stroke his cock, long slow strokes. I plundered the depths of my pussy again, and began to fuck myself. My body was crying out for release but I controlled the urge to cum on my fingers. My other hand was rubbing slowly the by now tender clit and my hips bucked to meet my thrusts. Knowing he was watching every move was exciting beyond anything I had known, knowing that I was fucking myself, thinking of and watching him was taking all the strength I had not to explode.

Still stroking his cock he ordered me to stop and with both hands to open myself up. I was totally exposed, my pussy gaping and deep pink of my inside lips on view. I watched as he sucked his finger and eased it inside my hole, all the way in and all the way out before repeating it again and again. My pussy thrust up to meet every probe, the invasion bringing me to the edge of orgasm. I needed more, I begged him to fuck me with more fingers, to fuck me hard and fast and let me cum. He smiled and never changed pace, just torturing me with the promise before stopping totally. “please” I said, “please don’t stop” but he silenced me with the fingers what had been inside me, letting me suckle like a hungry child the juice that coated it.

He leaned forward and began to rub is cock up and down my slit, letting it rest lightly on my clit before rubbing again. I pleaded with him to put it inside me, but again he just smile and continued his teasing. I tried to buck up to meet him, trying desperately to push it inside me but all he would allow was the tip to sit at the entrance, jangling every nerve. He sat back again and said “suck me” I was there in an instant, sucking and licking his cock like I had been starved. I could taste my self on his rod as I licked and sucked it deep into my throat. He was thrusting up to meet my strokes, his breathing fast and I felt sure he was going to explode any second, but instead I felt his hands on my head pushing still deeper. “your loving my cock in your mouth, your loving tasting your pussy juice from my cock aren’t you” he said. I could only nod unwilling to release him and reached to wank his cock as I sucked greedily. He bucked harder telling me to keep using my hand but to lick the tip only then to lick his balls. I marvelled at this mans staying power but loved that he could. He told me to stop and to lie back on the bed, legs wide. “please fuck me” I said, “I need your cock in my pussy”. He shook his head and buried his face between my legs. My god his tongue was like a snake, licking, probing, pushing inside me. His teeth nibbling on my outer lips, then my clit before sucking like I had just done to him. I was frantic, so close to orgasm yet somehow he managed to hold it back. I could hear myself moaning and pleading to let me cum but he kept on and on. He pulled away, his face glistening with my juices and pushed his finger inside me again, then another and a third and began pounding my pussy. “is this how you like it” he asked “your pussy stretched with my fingers, pounding you hard?, cum for me Jill, cum for me now”. His other hand sought my clit and he began rubbing hard as I screamed out my orgasm. Wave after wave of pleasure rushed through my body and still he worked me hard. I was aware of my pussy being stretched still further but it added to the intensity as I bucked and thrust on the bed. His fingers left my clit and the pounding slowed as I gradually began to regain some sense. I opened my eyes and saw him smiling at me. My breathing came back to normal and I smiled back at him. “that was amazing” I said. He looked at me and said “you took four fingers, that’s whats amazing.”. I laughed, “and if I’m not mistaken all four are still inside me”. With that he pulled them out and I could see the juice running almost to his elbow as he held them up, still held in the shape they had been inside me.

“why don’t you let me clean that up” I said “as you fuck me” and I reached to hold myself open for him. He shook his head and said “princess, I’m a very long way from fucking you yet, the night is young and we’re just getting warmed up”……..

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