Angela's Nest_(1)

Angela's Nest_(1)

Angela’s Nest Egg
Johnny cum lately

Chapter 1

‘Well if you don’t mind me saying so; you hardly look 20, more like fifteen I’d say. Your to petit to be of that age’
‘Tell me about it!’ Angela said with a deep sigh. ‘I have missed out on so much because of my stature’ She replied.
It was always the same for her; all her friends had guys, but because of her young looking age no one would give her a second look, cradle snatching they would say.
Ron looked down at her. ‘If she was telling the truth; he wouldn’t mind giving her one. ‘In what way have you missed out then?’ he asked expecting the answer that she gave him.
‘If I have a date it’s always someone much younger than me; and they don’t know what they have it for. It looks as if I’m going to end up like lost mail; and be returned unopened!’
Ron laughed at her remark. ‘Are you saying that you’re still a virgin then?’
‘It looks as if I’m going to stay that way. I wanted to go with my girlfriends on holiday. They asked, what the point would be; they’re all going to be laid. Anyway, it would cost me just under £1,000 so there is no chance.
Okay she had diminished boob’s they only just protruded from her T shirt and that was more than likely because she was still wearing a training bra.
‘What do you do for a living if you don’t mind me asking?’ Ron questioned.
‘It’s not that easy. Oh, I have all the right credentials, but because of my young looking age people won’t employ me’
‘D’you mind coming for a drink, I’d like to talk with you?’
‘No problem I have my driver’s licence with me!’ Angela implied.
There’s no need for a car, it’s only around the corner. What would you need a licence for anyway?’ Ron quizzed.
Nothing was mentioned until they arrived at the Inn, even the barman never questioned her age which she found funny. ‘We’ll grab that table over there out of the way then we can talk’ Angela followed him to the vacant table in the corner and sat with her back facing to drinkers. ‘That’s never happened before!’ She implied.
‘What’s that then?’
‘Well he never asked me for proof of age, that’s never happened?’

‘This is my local; he’s knows me well enough to know I’d never bring anyone under age in here. Anyway I might just have a solution to you’re problem!’ Ron assured her.
‘My problem?’ Questioned Angela; looking at Ron with an element of doubt in her eyes
‘Well; as to loosing your virginity and money for you’re needs; your holiday if you like. You told me what your capabilities or your education produced, but your not actually using your capability, I presume that you are working’ Ron eyed her up and down as he spoke.
‘Chambermaid, in the Royal Oak, I can’t even say that I get tips, well not very often at least!’
‘What sort of hours d’you work?’
It’s a short day from 8.30 through till around 2 o’clock in the afternoon around five and a half hours a day. Never any overtime as they call it’ Angela expressed across the table; Ron’s eyes were still on her boobs; well at least where they should have been.
‘How about working under time?’ He implied with a smile.
‘I’m not with you, how do you mean under time?’
‘Well you talk of loosing your virginity, how about getting laid by seven of us and getting £20 per time, if a guy has you twice then he pay’s the extra’
‘You mean become a prostitute?’
‘No, I mean it’s not if you’re on the streets. I own a large house over near the back of the park; there are seven of us sharing. We all earn good money, so you could be quid’s in at least you could be sure of earning at least £280 per week, you could live in. Have a man in your bed each night, plus you’ll learn the art of sex. What do you think? Where are you living now?’
‘With my parents, but its not a problem, I mean I can say that I going to move in with one of my friends. Are you saying what I think your saying?’ Angela said with a smile.
‘That depends on what you think I have said?’ Ron replied straight-faced.
‘That you want to take me to bed?’ Angela said coyly
That’s right; however, what of the money I mentioned?’
‘That could be a problem; how will that work out I mean seven guy’s; I take it that’s not in one go?’
‘More or less’ Ron smiled. ‘One after the other, maybe they’ll want more as I said, if they want more then they’ll pay you the extra £20 each and every time! It will give you the experience of how other people perform. And difference in cock size?’

‘I didn’t realise; I thought all cocks we’re the same size, in what way size wise I mean; do you mean lengthwise?’
‘And thickness we mustn’t forget that!’ Ron said with a grin on his face.
‘You have me worried now, I don’t think any of my friends has had more than one guy at a time, this difference in size has me somewhat anxious though. What would you consider the average size of a guy?’
Angela was deep in thought, seven guys one after the other, would she be able to actually do it; surely she’d be a mite sore once she had that sort of punishment.
‘I’d be sore after such an onslaught surely?’ she questioned. ‘Not at all!’ said Ron. ‘Every guy will blow his load, that would lubricate you for the next, and being as the guy with the biggest and fattish cock will be last you’d have no trouble?’
Ron knew she’d be sore from the first guy as he would take her virginity, that would be painful enough to start with, and each cock would stretch her hymen even wider until it had split entirely wall to wall. The thought of it all brought his cock up. Reaching down he gave it a quick squeeze… ‘So what do you think then, are you game, I mean you could earn at least £140 a day and perhaps more, I’m sure the first or second guy would want a second helping once we’ve all done; I know I shall’
‘When would all this happen?’ She asked.
‘Soon as you like; today should you wish it!’
‘I wouldn’t be too worried, each of us will make sure that you’ll get the uppermost pleasure from it. So what do you say? Tell you what; I’ll run you home and give you a couple of hours to think about it; I’ll meet you back here at 5.30, if the answer is yes you can tell your folks your moving in with a friend, as you said? Then come back here, the boys will all be home by six, it will give us a chance to get the first portion over and done with. Then they can have their chance; believe me they’ll more than approve. Is that a deal or not?’
‘Sure but what happens on my bad week, if you know what I mean?’
‘No problem!’ answered Ron. ‘You have two other apertures which can be used, anal or oral we’ll not mind?’
‘Yes I have heard of that; one of my girlfriends informed me that it was very enjoyable. In my mind, it sounds painful especially the anal way. It makes my eyes water just thinking about it’ Angela stated with a smile.
‘He’s my mobile number, ring me if you change you’re mind or need a lift with your belongings

Angela’s parents were quite taken back by her request; she’d always been at home, and to have her missing from the household would take some getting used to, her mother told her. In a way Angela was quite pleased with her decision,
packing her bit and pieces, her mind went back to the money she would earn and the new clothes that she’d be able buy. She didn’t believe she had so much to pack.

Chapter 2

She knew now as to why Ron offered to pick her up, there would be no way that she’d be able to carry the amount of luggage which she now had. Her parents looked at Ron as he helped her load the car with her belongings. ‘I hope she’ll be okay’ her mother asked her husband
Angela felt great as the speed down the main road with the wind rushing through her long blonde hair.
The house was large and set in spacious grounds with flowing lawns. It was a good mile off the lane that lead up to it.
‘What’s the time?’ Ron asked. Angela looked at her watch. ’It’s just gone five fifteen.
Ron pulled up at the main doorway; the steps had huge pillars each side leading to a large oak door, before Ron had opened the door for Angela. She turned viewing back over the front lawns noticing how they we’re so beautifully kept.

‘Do you all keep the gardens up to this standard?’
‘Heavens no, we employ a gardener for that; he’s here every day but we see little of him, he’ll pop in for a mug of tea at the weekends, more so on Saturdays.
Ron was eager to get her up into the bedroom; the sight of her bare knees in the car was more than enough to pump the blood into his cock.
Angela was all eyes once the entered the large hallway, it certainly was a grand building.
‘So seven of you live here, and all fellows. Do you all get on alright?’
‘Ron laughed at her question. ‘Sometimes we have a disagreement, but not to often. ‘Would you like to see your room?’ He asked; looking up the large stairway.
‘My room, you sound as if you have been expecting me?’
‘Not really, we have a room that we call the guests room. That will be yours. For your stay a long one I hope?’

Ron lightened her of her bags and started climbing the stairway. Come this way I’m sure your going to like what you’ll see. ‘We call it the room of love; well of lovemaking should I say?’ Ron stopped at a door halfway along the hallway, he put the bag down and opened the door fully for Angela to see the

vastness of it. She brushed past him, her eyes seeking every corner. ‘My, beautiful, what ever are your room like, this is orgasmic’ Angela twirled around as she spoke.
‘I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there, you’ll find it is orgasmic in more ways than one’
Angela sat back on the four poster bed, slapping her hands each side of her. My, this is going to be more than comfortable.’ She implied.
‘Ron knew what he wanted and he was eager to start. ‘So are you ready to lose your virginity then? He asked with a broad smile,
‘Now?’ Angela replied. ‘I mean this minute?’
‘Why not you’re near enough a woman lets make it so!’
‘I must use the bathroom first if you wouldn’t mind?’
Fine, it’s over there’ Ron pointed in the direction of bathroom door.
‘En-suite then?’ Angela said with a smile. ‘A mite better than home-from-home’ she collect one of her bags and she was gone.
Angela was minutes in the bathroom; Ron had laid himself on the bed awaiting her arrival; from the bathroom. ‘You’re quick?’ Ron stated as she stood in the bathroom doorway in a dressing gown. A hornier sight he couldn’t have asked for. Although Angela hadn’t realised; the afternoon sun was filling the bathroom with sun light, exposing the light from between her legs.
Ron sat up from his lying position, come you over here’ He stated tapping the bed beside him; his cock throbbed once as she strode angelically across the room. She stood for moments beside the bed, she just couldn’t realise as to just how sexy she looked to him
Ron edged to the side of the bed, offering his hand up under her dressing gown, the feel of her smooth skin was not unlike velvet. His probing fingers found her silk like panties; he edged one finger up from one side, the feel of the soft down gave his body another shock wave, his cock jumped up, as if his erection couldn’t wait much longer.
Angela moved onto the bed; lying beside him, he slowly undid the lace ribbon at the front of the gown exposing her tiny breasts, other than her panties and gown she was naked.

Moving his hand slowly down her body, his probing fingers tucked there way under the elastic waistband of her panties. Angela sighed as the fingers stroked the soft hair between her long legs once more. Angela gave a gentle gasp as his finger tenderly entered her soft pussy lips. Ron understood that she was quite dry as far as pussy juices were concerned, he moved around sitting in front of her, and then withdrew her panties. He was mesmerised by the sight before him; her pussy
looked so perfect, just a slight fissure between her legs, not even a protuberance, with soft blonde hair, he moved forward and went down on her. Angela wasn’t
ready for this, no one had mentioned such an ordeal although she enjoyed it. It was no mean test for Ron; her pussy was so undeveloped that he could not find her clit. Even after flicking his tongue over the known area, it still didn’t make it rise. The forced hardening of his own cock, was eagerly awaiting insertion, he knew if it
didn’t happen soon he would blow his load without even putting it anywhere near her. He sat back on his knees viewing the image before him.
Angela was worried by his expression. ‘What’s wrong she asked. Ron smiled ‘it’s nothing’ he stated.
After placing two fingers into his mouth he reached down once more rubbing the lips of her pussy, slowly he prized her pussy lips open with his thumbs, then he could see her ridged clit. Placing his moist finger directly onto it, gyrating it slowly, his own cock was by now busting to get out of his boxers.
She’d now the need to force herself onto his finger, she abruptly drew her knees up in front of Ron. Now he’d found her clit once more he went down on her, Angela let out a gasp as he started toying with his tongue; Ron pulled his hand up between then the put spittle in his palm. He reached back down to his cock wiping the spittle over its end and down the shaft.
As he sat back up, Angela then got her first sight of his now very huge firm cock. Well at least it did to her she’d already sensed the thickness of his stubby finger; even this was to fat in her mind.
‘I can’t go any further, that’s going to be miles to big!’ She implied reaching down removing his spindly fingers Angela drew her knees up placing them to the front of his belly; Ron placed his arms around them then eased himself over on top of her body.
He eased his backside up the forced it back down; pushing his cock all the way up inside her, her eyes glared up into his, she could feel the swelling as his seed pumped along his shaft, then the warm spurts as the hot cum welled up inside her.
Ron was gutted, he’d never done this before. O K he’d got worked up, but never had he blown his load so quickly. He looked down as he withdrew; there were traces of blood along his shaft

Sure, she’d not seen the blood; he reached across her legs gently pulling her panties across to cover her pussy.
‘Just going to the bathroom then we’ll go down and meet whoever it was that had come home’ Ron implied.
‘I think I might like to use the bathroom?’ Angela asked.
‘That’s no problem; it’s your bathroom anyway?’

‘If this is my bedroom whatever are the others like, how many bedrooms do you have?’ Angela had to steady herself as she slipped from the bed as her legs nearly gave in.
‘Ten actually, but there are as I have said; there are seven of us, so we take up seven. This room is extra special' only used for our lovemaking. So you’ll
not know who you might wake up with’ Ron said with a grin. ‘Our friend Rambo he’s on a late shift this week so you’ll more than likely wake up with him this week.
‘There you go I’ll wait until you’ve done’ Ron said holding the bathroom door open and easing back to allow her in.
The bathroom had everything, even a bidet, something she’d heard of but never tried. She considered it non essential at this time, placing her hand down to her lower tummy she looked at herself in the bathroom mirror ‘So now you’re a woman’ she smiled to herself, the tingling had not as yet left her body. ‘If this is from one she thought ‘What would it be like after seven of them?’ she considered.
She waited until Ron had finished his ablutions then they went downstairs together. ‘This is Warren!’ Ron explained as he entered the kitchen.
Warren was sitting at the table as they both entered the room. Warren was quite taken aback. ‘I didn’t realise any one was in. I’m pleased to meet you!’
‘Angela!’ Ron explained’ looking to Angela.
Angela!’ Warren smiled.
‘That’s an unusual name if you don’t mind me saying so?’ Angela implied. ‘It sounds more like a surname?’
‘It’s not his real name’ Ron stated. ‘We all have nicknames here.
‘Why Warren?’ Angela asked.
‘Ha!’ Ron chuckled. ‘It’s because he makes love like a rabbit, he’ll fuck you like stink, then he’ll blow his load, and its over in minutes’ Ron smiled. ‘A bit self centred if you want my point of view. Even then Ron was more gutted, he’d never made a stroke, straight in then blowing his load. ’What an arsehole he thought of himself.

‘Take no notice of him Angela, would you like a coffee I’ve just made it’ Warren stated as he lifted from his chair. ‘I know you’ll not say no!’ he implied looking toward Ron.
Ron just nodded to him.’ Come take yourself a pew, the others will be in shortly, then you’ll be off upstairs again’ Ron stated as he looked at the kitchen clock.
‘I bags first fuck!’ Warren stated putting a coffee in front of Angela; the other he handed to Ron.

‘Bit late for that, that’s already done and she did well, nice tight little pussy’ Ron grin down at her
‘So what’s you’re nickname then?’ Angela asked of Ron.
‘He won’t like giving it to you!’ Warren sniggered.
‘Unpredictable!’ Ron stated.
‘Is that not strange?’ Angela implied.
‘Funny you should say that remarked Warren with a snigger. ‘You never know if he’s going to cum, he takes it so slow. I believe in letting the girl know she’s being fucked, I’m the one who gets all the squeals’ Warren said. ‘How wet have you made her?’ He asked turning back to Ron.
‘Believe me; she had a good filling, I haven’t had a good fuck since Julia left. She was a good ride!’ Ron implied.
‘I take it that I wasn’t then?’ queried Angela.
‘Not at all, I found you very pleasurable. In fact I’d like to consider that I can fuck you again before the nights out!’
Angela chuckled to herself feeling somewhat swollen with pride. ‘I thought it was £20 a time; I have received no payment as to yet’ She beamed.
‘Pay on demand? Warren questioned looking at them both.
‘To both of you yes’ Ron the answered with a smile; putting his hand into his pocket. ‘I take it that you have your twenty?’ He asked of Warren.
Angela was quite taken aback by his reply. ‘No Twenty; no fuck!’ she implied.
Ron handed over £40 pounds. ‘You owe me’ he winked whilst still looking at Warren. ‘I take it you’ve got it?’
‘Only just!’
‘It’s pay on demand with this little cutie; and believe me, she’s well worth it.’ Ron said handing Angela the two twenty pound notes making sure that Warren saw the transaction.

‘So when do I get my chance? Warren stated; his hand went down to the bulge in his trousers squeezing his cock.
‘Once I have drunk my coffee!’ Angela smiled. She’d never earned money so quickly or easily for that matter. Trouble was she didn’t realise the fuckings she was going to get.
‘I’ll let you drink yours then you can get up to your room and get yourself ready for me. Come on drink up, I don’t want to blow my load before I get it into you!’ Warren blabbered whilst drinking his own coffee.

As Angela rose from her chair, she sensed dampness between her legs as she stood. It was noticeable from the expression on her face. Ron gathered what had happened. ‘You should have used the bidet!’ He remarked with a smile.
‘She’s a little cracker, you kept her dark. How old is she for God’s sake? Warren stammered as Angela left the room.
‘Well old enough; she’s twenty, I know she looks a lot younger you wait until you see her tit’s, they’re as firm as a rock, and she was brand new, so take it easy with her!’
‘You jammy bugger, that something I’ve never had; a virgin I mean?’
‘As I have said take it easy with her. We do not want her to do a runner, she is an exceptional ride, That’s why I’m after a second helping, I want to get it before Rambo dips his wick, or they’ll be no feelings once he’s given her a seeing to the size of his weapon’ Ron remarked.
‘In that case I should have gone in first, if your worried about Rambo’s he’d more than likely split her in two with his cock.’ Warren slurped the last dregs of his coffee and made toward the door.
‘I should think she’ll be more than lubricated by the time he’s home’ Ron implied.
‘By that; I take it, you’ve already blown you’re load up her then?’ Warren hesitated at the door as he spoke.
‘You telling me you wouldn’t have; I mean after taking her cherry. And as I say take it easy with her; she’s bound to be a bit sore!’
‘It is alright I’ll take it steady to start with; when you’re used to its size we’ll get on with a good fuck. You’ll enjoy mine better than old Unpredictable, you’ll know when I’m going to blow my load, and it’ll be deep, I always do it that way. Warren implied with a silly grin.
He went like hell once he’d got his cock in nice and deep. The shock made Angela cry out. It didn’t hurt as much as Ron’s had when he broken her in It

wasn’t that long before Warren himself blew his load. Angela couldn’t work out why it all happened so quickly, her friends had informed her it could last for hours. However, so far it was only minutes. There was a gentle knock on the bedroom door. Angela looked up towards it; Warren’s eyes followed her own.
‘Meet your next lover Angela?’ Warren stood beside the bed arranging his clothing. ‘He is called Floppy! ‘It’ll be a bit of time before you lose my load of cum’ he implied to Angela. Floppy as so called walked up to the bed and looked down at her with a smile.
‘Take no heed of our friend Warren here. I’ll expect you’ve understood as to why he is so called. I might be called Floppy but you’ll find I’m a lot gentler than our friend here?’ Floppy implied as he sat beside her so your Ron’s Angela, then I

admire his choice, you look very fuckable to me. With this he pushed his hand down between her legs entering his finger into her now very moist pussy

Chapter 3

‘I don’t consider you’ll need to much foreplay; your surely moist’ Floppy reached down to his fly unzipping it speedily allowing his cock freedom.
Brushing her hair from the side of her face, she leisurely leaned over his shaft and engulfed the purple head of his cock into her mouth, closing her lips all most as soon as it was inside.
Considering she’d had no experience she was doing fine. Floppy managed to turn and kneel onto the bed then reaching back clasping his ankles. His cock was now swelling out of proportion, never had he had a blowjob such as this.
Angela stopped and looked up to him. ‘Are you alright?’
‘Fine, never had such a feeling’
‘The noise you we’re making it made me unsure?’ Angela stated. ‘God look at the size of it now?’
Yes, you did well; now it’s my turn, let’s have the blouse and skirt off. Floppy watched as she undone the buttons on the blouse he was overjoyed when he noticed no bra. As soon as she’d taken it off, he laid her lengthwise along the bed.
‘What about my skirt?’
‘It didn’t hinder the other two so it will not hinder me, you can leave the panties on as well, and they’ll catch my load in them. Her tiny breasts stood up firmly; reaching across her, he kneaded both in turn.

The sight of her lying there half-naked really sent Floppy’s blood alive; his cock was standing up like the Blackpool Tower he leaned over her kissing her gently on the lips even that pushed his blood around his body.
He knew he’d to be gentle; it had been days since he’d had a good fuck he knew this one would be tight.
Using his hand he gently eased her legs apart, she offered no resistance to his movement. Bringing his hand back he moistened it with spittle then reached down to his heaving cock
‘This wont hurt?’ She questioned. Reaching a cross his body taking his swollen cock into her grip. ‘Now that is big. Does a cock grow with age or usage’ she asked.
‘Just relax, you’ll find it enjoyable, you just wait until you’ve the real thing in there’ Floppy slowly pressed his tongue into her mouth rolling it around her own. He’s finger had entered her pussy, however, Floppy felt little constraint he

knew she was more than ready to take him, even his own thoughts sent spasms to his cock ‘God, what are you doing?’ Angela blurted out, forcing her hand down between her legs, collecting the three prong fingers from within her pussy
‘Do you not enjoy that?’ Floppy stated, before allowing his lips to meet hers once more. He increased his momentum Angela could but gulp at the sudden ferocity of his movement on her pussy. She couldn’t answer; the feeling of his gyrating fingers was one she’d never witnessed before, okay she’s played with herself but never did she experience anything like this, her pussy was sending out electric shocks to every nerve tip around her body.
‘That’s an understatement, never have I had this kind of handling. Hell; it feels dam good!’
‘By the sound of it you’re ready for the next stage, the real McCoy. He eased himself up from her; reaching down to his now ridged cock; he gently wiped the juices from his fingers over the helmet, then down the shank.
Angela was somewhat surprised once she experienced he’s cock spreading her pussy lips, reaching up she took him by the wrists. ‘I not to sure if I like this?’ Her big brown eyes looked up into his; there was a look of anxiety in them.
‘Worry not you’ve bigger to come yet’ Floppy smiled, although she had two lovers he still experienced her tightness, okay he knew he was bigger than Ron’s; however the tight sensation pleased him enough to think he himself was taking her virginity

‘That wasn’t very nice!’ Angela stated after she’d winched at the sudden pain, although it gave her somewhat of a shock, now the feeling was very pleasurable as Ron soothingly eased his cock in and out of her.’ Do you do that every time?’ she asked.
Ron eased his pace and then looking down at her cute little face. ‘No it only happens when you lose you’re virginity, after that it’s all smooth going. How does it feel now that you know you’re a fully pledged woman?’
To Ron, the sensation was excellent, her pussy fitted him like a warm glove, and he eased his cock in deep then leaned across her body kissing her tenderly on the lips. Angela eased her knees apart, placing her hands around his neck then pulling him down to her. As they kissed, Ron slid his tongue into her mouth as if seeking her own.
Angela wondered as to why she’d left it so long to lose her virginity; her friends had by no means told her of the gratification a good fucking could be worth.

Ron hadn’t had such a good fuck; in thinking, he realised he’d not had a fuck for over a month if the truth was known. Placing his hands under her shoulders he started to fuck her in deep long slow strokes, although his cock wasn’t that big
Angela really felt full as he plunged in and out of her, at one time he pulled out just that bit to far; after he’d plunged back in, her gave a loud fanny fart, excusing herself not realising as to what had happened and as to why!
There was a noise of a door being closed then a voice called out ‘Is there anyone home. Ron pushed himself up sitting back onto his knees; his cock was still deep inside her pussy. ‘Should we get up?’ she asked.
‘No need its one of the lads arriving home’ Ron implied as he looked down at his cock, it looked as if it had been in a war zone, blood all the way along the sides. He didn’t mention it to Angela as she would have considered it a dilemma she’d already told him his cock was large. Ron knew he’d have to go down stairs; however, he didn’t want to miss out on his fuck. Laying back over her again he started to fuck her in earnest, this time she was squealing he could feel her long nail digging into his back. Her tautness, was driving him mad; he knew he’d cum very quickly now, he considered there was a strong possibility that she was not on the pill, but he thought to hell with it. Nobody would be fucking her until later, by then his load would have seeped out into her panties.
‘There; all done missy. You’re now a fully pledged you woman. How do you feel?’

Angela sat up onto her elbow, her right hand went down to her lower tummy, it feels as if it’s still inside me. I feel a mite bloated should it feel like that?’
Ron knew he’d cum buckets, after not having a good fuck for a month he knew he’d have cum plenty.
‘That will soon go!’ Ron smiled easing his legs off the bed.
There was a sudden knock on the bedroom door; which opened immediately and in walked Warren.
‘Angela this is Warren; Warren meet Angela’ Ron managed to say before Warren had time to open his mouth.

Chapter 4

Angela sat up pulling her blouse up to cover her body as Warren entered the room, she didn’t know what to expect after what Ron had said about him. She just hoped he wouldn’t plough into her as Ron had expected.
She couldn’t really call it work if Ron was anything to go by; she’d quite enjoyed it with him. Okay it hurt to start with but he’d told her that it would be a mite sore at first. She’d not realised it would be so pleasurable. She watched as

Warren came up to the bed and to shed his clothes; his cock was nowhere near as large as Ron’s was, this pleased her, surely he couldn’t hurt her with a measly little cock like that. She thought
Take care of her she needs to be treated with respect!’ Ron stated as he left the bedroom. Warren stood for moments viewing Angela; then reaching forward removing the blouse she held up before her.
‘Ready for a real fucking now are we? Warren lifted the duvet and climbed in beside her, his hand went straight down between her legs. ‘He’s not left you to wet then?’ He remarked. ‘Might as we get straight down to it then, you’ll be more than prepared I should imagine’
Angela ignored his remark; she shuffled to the middle of the bed as he made to step over her. His cock was good a ready. ‘I’ll let you put it in!’ He told her.
Her hand was warm as she took his cock into her hand, she couldn’t believe as to how thin it was up against Ron’s. As she eased it up between her pussy lips Warren gave a quick thrust forcing it deep inside. The suddenness made Angela jump.
To start with Angela was somewhat dismayed; it was as much as she could do to sense any sensation it was that thin, she understood that she was still wet from Ron. Perhaps he had to fuck her hard to make himself felt.

‘I think your ready now; open your legs wide and I’ll start. I don’t want to hurt you!’
As soon as Angela brought he knees up each side of him he went into turbo, okay she sensed the feeling because of the force and speed; she didn’t think she’d be able to stand it for to long, She had to grip the sheet so as to stop her being pushed up to the headboard. Warren was swearing and calling her all the sluts under the sun. Angela could only assume this was his get off.
‘I think you’re a bit to wet for it this way; let’s try the firebox?’ With this he flipped her over making her sit back on her knees. Angela didn’t no what to expect, then she realised as he started jabbing at her anal passage.
Once he’d found it the pain made Angela’s eyes water; she wouldn’t have thought it would be so painful. He speeded up his tempo, gradually getting deeper; at one stage, Angela had to cry out with the pain of it all.
‘Ah you like it better this way then!’ Warren gripped the headboard pulling himself deeper inside her. Angela was by now in tears with the pain it didn’t seem to get any better.
‘For Christ sake d’you have to be so dam rough, it’s really hurting. You said you get more squeals, of that I can understand. If you don’t bloody slowdown you can stop right now. What do you think I am a sack of bloody potatoes?’

Warren eased his pace’ There’s no need to be like that, most girls love it brutal, most guy’s are to soft they love a bit of rough?’
‘If you don’t take it steady from now on this will be you’re last chance with me. Ron said you we’re rough now I understand as to his meaning!’
Warren didn’t like the idea that she didn’t consider him to be good in bed; no girl had said this before. He didn’t want to lose out with her; so he slackened his pace. Angela couldn’t see that any girl could like it this way. Warren held on to her butt; pulling himself in as deep as he could, her arse was that tight he felt sure she making it so on purpose. He looked down at his cock as it appeared and disappeared up inside her.
‘I’ll be cumin any minute now, do you spit or swallow or do you want it up your arse?’ Warren asked.
Although his cock wasn’t fat, its length would more than likely choke her. ‘Carry on as you are!’ She implied. Her knuckles were white as she gripped the pillow; although he’d slow down his pace it still took a bit of getting used to. She did wonder as how aware she’d be of a cock as big as Ron’s.

Her thoughts were broken when Warren let out a loud gasp, then she realise that he’d cum, although she didn’t feel any sensation from it, with his grip on her butt she knew he’d gone in deep.
At that moment there was a knock on the bedroom door, it opened no more than a jar; when a head popped around the opening. ‘How long will you be Pete? A voice asked. It was another of the inmates
Warren looked back to the door. ‘Just finished, do not worry her pussy is clear, I blew my load up her arse. Come on in!’
Warren placed his £20 note on the cabinet beside bed. ‘Well, I’ll be agreeing with Ron you are a good fuck, even up your arse. Get yourself into her Floppy before she dries up!’
‘Thought you said you had blown your load up her arse; I am not going up there, it not to my liking’ Floppy replied.
‘Don’t I know it, if you want a tight fuck it has to be up the arse, Ron’s blown his load up her pussy, it was a bit to juicy for me; that’s why I went up her arse.’ Warren implied
Angela managed to sit up, the first thing she noticed was Floppy’s cock. She could understand as to where he got his name from, although it was bigger than Ron’s. She hoped that Warren was right about her being juicy. She considered that it might be a mite painful. However, she was looking forward to it. Angela moved her eyes over towards the door as Warren left, thanking God that as far as he was concerned it was over.

‘Rum fellow our Warren; the women do not think a lot to him, he is a bit to full of himself. Because he doesn’t need too much foreplay he considers his cock master of all Miss!’ Floppy stated. He move up to the side of the bed, drawing the duvet back he stepped in. ‘I’m Pete by the way; Ron tells me that you we’re a virgin?’
‘Yes, I’m afraid I was; but Ron was gentle enough, but Warren he’s an animal, I don’t look forward to his form of lovemaking! Angela implied.
‘The choice is yours Miss, sorry Angela. You can refuse him at any time’
Floppy snuggled down under the duvet putting his mouth over her breasts whist his hand slithered down between her legs. ‘It is still nice and moist ‘He mumbled to himself, easing a second finger in beside the first
Angela felt his long fingers enter her; the feeling was nice after Warren’s onslaught. She eased herself down the bed spreading he legs widely. Allowing Floppy to the chance to enter his second finger freely, Angela let out soft gasp of pleasure with the fullness his fingers added.

Floppy eased himself down the bed further down in the bed then stepping over her. ‘I think you are ready now. She pushed his hand down between them both.
‘Would you mind if I put it in?’ Angela asked.
‘You’re not worried are you?’ Floppy implied. ‘You can only lose your virginity once; I can assure you they’ll be no pain.’ He raised his head above duvet as he spoke.
‘I would prefer if I could enter it!’ Angela’s hand was already down the bed. She nestled herself below him as she took his cock into her hand, it felt reasonably hard but also soft. As she eased it forward she lifted, her hips readying herself to what she considered might be pain. Instead, she felt herself allowing the large penis into her pussy with little or no effort
‘That feels real good; I thought it would hurt when I first saw it?’ she explained.
‘As I said it was taking your virginity that was painful, you should have no pain now little one.’ Pete informed her.
‘Well that Warren; he really hurt me, and when he forced himself up my rear that really was painful. I didn’t expect that?’
‘As I said he considers himself a ladies man, its just wham-bam-thank -you Mam with him, he hasn’t had that many girls; but he considers it’s his right and the woman is there for his pleasure. He will learn in time.’
‘He was so…ferocious’ Angel had trouble finishing her sentence, the warmth of his lovemaking sent a sudden burst of spasms though her body. She brought her legs up allowing him more depth, of which she got further pleasures.

Her head started spinning almost as if her body was floating on air, she could do nothing but lie back and enjoy the mesmerising vibrations. She sensed Floppy’s lips on hers; his tongue in search of hers own, even this seemed to be enjoyable. Her body responded to his gentle but firm thrusts. Floppy, fucked her with perfect timing one thrust after the other; her pussy gave a small squeeze on each push into her. To him the sensation was also pleasurable; the tender kneading of her pussy was like none other that he had laid. He knew he would sow his seed very soon.
Angela’s body was gripped in an atmosphere of sheer pleasure, her mind just wandered; almost fairy like; her mind took her to open fields a slow babbling steam, Everything was unhurried. She imagined herself sitting under a large oak tree, rabbits and birds flitting back and forth.
Floppy knew seed had passed the point of no return; he knew he should pull out. However, this had to be the best fuck of his lifetime, to waste it seemed to

be a disrespect to her, she should be able to remember his presence to blow his load other than in her pussy would be sacrilege. He held in deep leaning over and kissing
her gently on the lips as he blew his load, Angela was in no state to know of the final glow from her lover.
Slowly he withdrew from her, Angela lie shattered beneath him. Looking down he took in the scene before him. Angela lie with her legs wide apart, he pussy was leisurely allowing his seed to drain in white creamy droplets.
Angela looked like an angel, her long blonde hair, tiny boob’s slender figure and long legs. Floppy eased himself of the bed and headed for the bathroom.
When he re-entered the bedroom Angela was still in the position he had left her, he walked silently to the bed lifting the duvet. She gave a slight sigh and turned pulling her knees up to her chest. Her pussy came into view, as Pete looked
down; it gave a sudden belch and cum seeped heavily from the now puffy lips. Pete’s cock gave a sudden plus as he pulled the duvet cover over her shoulders.
‘So what did you think then?’ Ron asked as Pete entered the kitchen. He moved to the table and sat looking across to Ron.
‘I can honestly say she’s the best lay I have ever had, she’s sleeping now. You did well in finding her. However, she was a bit upset with the way Warren
treated her, telling me he was not unlike wild animal. I think we’d do better to keep him from her room, or we’ll surely lose her, she’s not only very pretty but a good Ambassador for us. I would be please to have her on my arm when out!’
‘I did wonder at him, I’ve never known a chap so irresponsible; I sure he considers himself God’s answer; he’ll get himself nowhere. I consider your view. As you say, we don’t want to lose her for the likes of him!’ Ron implied.

‘I can honestly say I have never had a ride like her, and she’s so petite.’ Pete said with a smile.
‘You didn’t have any trouble then?’
‘She was more worried about me having it up her bum than anything else, however, her pussy welcomed me with open lips’ Pete chuckled
I wonder how she’ll get on with Rambo.’ Ron questioned.
‘Should think she’ll be well oiled by the time he gets home, she still has the three others before he gets to lay her?’

They we’re interrupted by the kitchen door opening. ‘I sorry I must have dozed off; I do apologise. I didn’t mean to be rude’ Angela said with a face of forlorn.

‘You weren’t rude, it’s no big deal’ Pete stated. ‘Come, come and sit down I’ll make us all a cup of tea. Pete collected Pete’s empty cup as he stood.
‘How do you feel?’ Ron asked with a smile.
‘A mite wet!’ She smiled.
‘Sorry I never asked; you are on the pill?’
‘Yes, I need that to sort my periods, they are all over the place without it. I’m safe as far as that’s concerned. I’m on the injection once every three months and I have a good two months to go yet’ Angela said as she sat opposite to Ron.
She looked over to Pete. ‘I hope you enjoyed me, I’m so sorry I dropped off to sleep!’
‘Enjoyed you; best ever!’ Pete smiled. ‘What time are the others in?’ Pete asked of Ron.

Chapter 4

Ron looked up to the kitchen clock. ‘About 7.30’ he replied. ‘Are you okay for more?’ He asked Angela.
‘It will be fine, as long as they don’t treat me like Warren did, I still feel sore from his attack. That’s the only way I can describe it!’ Angela implied.
‘Peter and I we’re just speaking as you entered the room. We considered withhold him from you; that’s until he has learnt to respect you!’
‘Thank you, I would appreciate that; He has spoilt it for me. I’ll have to take my bags upstairs so that I can change, I don’t think my panties will hold much more, if you’ll excuse my expression’

‘I should have carried them up when we went up; I’m sorry. It was un-thoughtful of me. You can use the bidet; it’s quite a novel tool?’ Ron explained.
‘I saw it but I was unsure of how it worked’ Angela replied.
‘I’ll take your bags up when we have finished our tea. ‘The others will be home in 30 minutes and Rambo at around 10.30. You’ll be fine’ Ron smiled. His cock was starting to rise once more. He wondered if she decline his invitation to go to the bedroom again. He knew he’d already paid her for his next portion.
‘What are we doing for eats tonight? Pete asked.
‘I can cook!’ Angela implied.
‘No-way!’ Ron stated. ‘On your first day here; no will go for the usual, I take it you’ll eat a take away, Indian or Chinese?’ Pete asked.

‘Fine’ I don’t mind either’ Angela smiled. ‘Providing its not to hot?’
‘Sorted then, we’ll ring when the others get home, Rambo will have ordered his own and he picks it up on the way home’ Ron said with a smile.
Angela looked across the table giving Ron a cute little smile; Ron could only assume that she was giving him the okay for another portion. He started to rise from his chair. ‘I’ll take your bags up’ He voiced.
‘May I come with you I’d like to put my bits and pieces way for the time being’ Angela implied with a full smile.
There was no way Ron could refuse her offer.
Angela stepped in front of him as they got to the stairway, she leapt two steps ahead of him once on the stairway, Ron hesitated giving her another two-steps. Offering himself a clear view up under her skirt, a hornier site he could not have asked for; no such a sexier sight. ‘You’re asking for trouble young lady’ He whispered up to her.
‘Not bad trouble I hope?’ She replied turning back to him with the grin of a Cheshire Cat.
‘You’re asking for another portion as you call it I take it?’
‘If that’s not to much bother’ she smiled.
Angela was first in the bedroom door followed by the now horny Ron, she went straight to the bed that she’d already pulled together before she’d headed downstairs. Ron placed the cases at the bottom of the bed then went back to close the door.
‘More!’ he smiled
‘Should you wish it; would you like to show me how the bidet works first?’ She asked.
‘Afterwards; then we’ll be able to get straight down to it. He reached down pulling his zip; his lavish cock flopped out good and hard.
‘Good Lord, I never knew they came up that quick?’ Angela grinned, turning and sitting back onto the bed.
Ron walked up in front of her, his cock jutting out before him. ‘Give him a suck if you wish?’ He said, moving his hand down clasping his cock then offering it to her. Angela edged forward with an open mouth engulfing his cock fully, she turned up to him with a smile whist drawing his hardened cock with a gentle sucking motion. Ron placed his hands behind his back leaning forwards to her.
‘God, you’re bloody gorgeous!’ Ron reached down holding her head between his hands. ‘Come on lets give you what you want, I’m sure you’ll be wet

enough’ with this Ron reached down taking her by the shoulders laying her lengthwise in the middle of the bed. Then casually removing his belt and dropping his trousers, his eyes never leaving hers. As he stepped over her, she reached up taking his cock into her hand; and as he lowered, she sat a little placing the ridged cock back into her mouth once more.
‘By God you we’re a surprise find; let’s hope your stay will be long, and you cut your holiday short.’
As Ron leaned back he lifted her skirt, she then opened her legs in a exotic way, Ron heaved a sigh. Then slowly he eased his cock from her mouth, I know of a better place for this as do you?’ He said with a smile, leaning down
‘I’m not to wet am I?’
‘Not to worry, I’d find you enjoyable however you are’ Ron eased in fully as he spoke. ‘I’ll teach you pussy power then you’ll have no worries about being to moist. However, you feel wonderful; and I hope it is to you?’
Angela looked up into his eyes ‘It’s just wonderful four men in one day, my friends will never believe me?’
‘It’ll be more than that before the nights out. You’ll have more than a good tail to tell.’
Ron started to fuck her in slow gentle movements. As Pete had said her pussy worked wonders considering its newness to fucking. Unexpectedly. Her body
went into convolutions. Thankfully, Ron knew to expect this; he tenderly fucked her thought it. then after a few gasps Angela relaxed putting her arms up around his shoulders, pulling him down to her lips; this time she was the one to use her tongue, it was like being hit by a bolt of lightning to Ron; he couldn’t help but push his cock in hard, then his momentum increased; with sheer enjoyment Angela started squealing.
Her body was racked with pleasure; never would she have considered sex so pleasurable. She always considered her fiends talked as a wind up to her, nothing could have been this enjoyable. She was now lifting to meet his deep thrusts enjoying every moment; this was going to be a life of bliss she told herself.

Ron heard the front door close in the hallway below. ‘Well here come your next bedroom playmates’ he whispered into her ear.
‘No don’t go yet; a little bit longer. Remember, you are my champion!’ she told him. ‘If I don’t cum now, I could have you again later he smiled down to her.
‘Just stay and hold me for a while’ Angela asked in a soft voice.
Ron went to pull out of her and lie by her side, but she grabbed him by the waist. ‘No, stay inside me’ She pleaded.

As Ron eased his hips forwards filling her once more, she reached to his shoulders pulling him down to her lips; kissing him passionately on his lips then cupped his face into her hands lifting his face away from her. ‘‘Now what of this pussy power, can you teach me?’ Her eyes met his as she spoke.
‘He smiled, it’s not done in bed you’ll have be standing for it to work, I’ll have make the devise first’ Ron pulled himself up the bed. ‘It is a good thing for a woman to know, once you have the knowledge you’ll be able keep yourself in trim when ever the need arises!’
Ron really wanted to carry on; he just had to blow another load up her, but she was holding him tightly around the shoulders now. The feeling of her inner pussy was sending his cock into convulsions, he knew if he kept in this position she’d make him cum anyway, for somebody with no experience she was doing very well, he hated to think what she could do when her pussy muscles were developed.
‘You intrigue me!’ said Ron as he stood up beside the bed
‘Whatever are you going to make for me?’ Angela pulled him down once more; kissing hem passionately.
There was a call from downstairs; Ron managed to pull himself clear.
‘They’ll be wanting to know what take-away we’ll be wanting. I’d better go down. What would you like; Chinese or Indian?’
‘Sweet and sour Chicken if it’s Chinese, or Chicken Madras if it’s Indian’
‘What about Rice?’
‘Oh, yes I’d forgotten about that; Fried Rice if it’s Chinese, or Pula Rice if it’s Indian. That would do fine’ Angela lean across him; kissing him once more, she took time to look down at his cock which still stood firm. ‘I really don’t know how you get all that up inside of me?’
Ron collected up his clothing. ‘You stay here I’ll send one of the lads up to you, you won’t need to use the bathroom as I didn’t cum. Hopefully I’ll be back for more later, he’ll be finished by the time the take away gets here. I’d just go and freshen up I’m sure you’ll feel better for it’
The two lads we’re over the moon when Ron finally got downstairs, from what Warren had told them they we’re both looking forward to meeting this new female. Spindle loved anal sex; whilst Hook loved pussy, she’d be more than ready for both, the take-away was ordered and the boys we ready to go.
‘Pop into your room first. Ron told Spindle. ‘You’ll need some oil if you taking her up the arse, Warren has already given her a session up the arse and she
didn’t think much to it. By the way it’s £20 per portion paid before or after. Make sure you both look after her, we need to keep this one, she’s, well fit!’

Angela had already heard the commotion on the stairway; she sat up and turned as the bedroom door opened. She felt a bit like Cinderella as they both came to each side of the bed.
‘He’s certainly right about her beauty! Hook implied looking down at her, he reached down to the Duvet. ‘Do you mind if we have a closer look?’ He smiled.
‘Two of you? I’m not sure as I can handle two?’ Angela said looking at them both in turn.
Both viewed her as Hook pulled the duvet away from her. ‘Fuck; look at those boobs, are they firm or what.
Spindle put tube of oil on the cabinet at the bedside then they both started to strip. Angela was surprised when she saw Hook’s cock; it had a definite kink in it; almost as if it was bent, it had a definite lean to the right. Little did she realise it
was due to constant wanking. However, with Spindle she nearly broke out in laughter it was very much like a pencil.
‘Don’t worry your little head about the two of us; I’ll be going in the front door whilst Spindle here will be in your firebox. Hook implied.
Angela remembered the pain that Warren had given her, she winched at the thought.
‘I’m not sure of that; your friend Warren has all ready been there, all I can tell you it was bloody excruciating!’
‘Ah; he has, has he? Don’t worry with a good dollop of this cream they’ll be no hurting. You’ll be begging for more’ Spindle said with a smile. Taking the tube up into his hand.
‘But two at the same time?’ Angela questioned with a look of wonder.
Spindle reached down taking her by the shoulder, and then eased her over onto her tummy. ‘Let’s make sure you’re nice and juicy!’ He stated. Spreading her legs he took the tube and squeezed a small amount just above her rear passageway, the rolling his finger into it he started to enter his finger up her arse.
‘Well he’s left you juicy,’ Chuckled Spindle. Wiping the juices onto his cock which was now standing bolt upright. He reached down pulling her up onto her knees, then adjusting himself behind her. Angela readied herself for the pain.

This time there was none; his cock slithered up into her rear passage like a knife through butter.
Hook climbed onto the bed in front of Angela, his thick bent cock swinging before her. ‘Into you mouth he implied twisting it from side to side,
Angela cupped it into her hands, pulling it to her mouth. Both Spindle and Hook we’re working against each other; as one pushed in, the other withdrew.

It was a strange sensation from her back passageway. The awareness she had from Spindle was nice, much different to that of Warren. Spindle gripped her around the waist pulling her back onto his cock this made Angela jump; she gave out a yelp from the pain. He pulled back apologising plentifully, the last thing he wanted was to be banned as Warren had; although he did not know it at present. Hook was going great guns into her mouth; at times Angela thought he would choke her.
Hook decided it was time to get to her pussy; slowly he withdrew his cock from her mouth. ‘Now we’ll try it in the ‘Pleasure Garden’?’ he implied.
‘Pleasure Garden?’ Angela asked.
‘Well Spindle is in the ‘Fire Box’ I find a pussy much more to my liking’
Hook moved around so that he could slide his body beneath her, Spindle realised what was happening and spread his legs open allowing Hook room to get his legs to the bottom of the bed. Once the positions we’re right; Spindle helped by lowering Angela down so that Hook could line himself up to her pussy.
Angela sensed the warm head of Hooks cock prodding at her pussy lips as if asking entry. Spreading her knees, she lowered her hips slowly allowing him full entry, his cock started the spasms she so remembered from Ron. It was a strange feeling having two cocks at the same time, although she sensed that the one up her rear passageway was not unlike having a pencil inserted up her arse. She felt sure that Spindle was considering credit for her moans and gasps for breath. He
couldn’t even keep in motion or up with the leisurely strokes of Hook. She couldn’t work out whether it was because of the acute kink in his cock that was giving her such tremendous orgasms or the gentleness of his movements.
Spindle was not to unlike Warren; his cock had no dimensions that would spread her. Even his helmet never offered any pulsations like that of Ron or Hook. He broke his tedious existence when he started to breath heavy.
‘I’m cumming; I’m cumming…Can you feel the thickening of my prick?’ He stammered, as his momentum increased.
Thankfully, Hook made her cum at the same time. Her body tensed into strong convulsions.
‘You certainly know when you have a master up you; he slowly eased himself from her, holding himself away looking down expecting a mammoth cream pie, and saw but nothing.

Angela could only agree to herself that it was a prick, and not a fully blown cock that he offered her. She considered that so far Ron had the thickest cock with Hook following close behind. This was going to be easy money; £980 a week or £50,960 per year plus the extra’s.

At this moment Hoof eased up the bed pushing himself in deep, with this she did feel the pulsations along his shaft as he blew his load, it was a nice warm feeling. ‘Thank you; that was a one hell of a ride, you’ll earn plenty with the lads here’ He smiled down as he spoke.
Angela’s eyes were drawn down as he withdrew; the scene thrill her ‘She’d now been fucked five times the initial pain was now all gone; she knew she’d Ron to come back, then of course there was Rambo, but he wouldn’t be back till later that evening. For something only a couple of hours ago she had known little about; she was enjoying herself.

Chapter 5

‘Come on grubs up, it’ll be cold if we don’t go down now, I’d give yourself a little spray on the bidet if I were you, or you’ll be leaving snail marks all over the place’ Hook implied as he started to redress himself.
‘What time will Rambo be home?’ She asked.
Hook looked at his watch, then back to Angela. ‘In about three hours time I should think; although he’ll be picking up his take-away on the way home!
Angela swung her legs off the bed and tried to stand; her legs wouldn’t hold her so she had to slump back down on the bed. Hook gave grin down at her, ‘Just not used to it are you; I hate to think how you’ll be after Rambo, you’ll know you’ve had a good innings once he’s finished?’
Angela tried for a second time then managed to stand heading for the bathroom. Once inside she gazed down at the bidet; she’d heard of them but never tried one. Leaning forward she turned on the taps lightly, water came up in a small fountain, once she saw this she knew as to what she had to do; Slowly she adjusted the temperature to her liking’ then turned lowering herself onto the jet of water, adjusting her body allowing the jet to force itself up into her pussy. There was a bubbling feeling she looked down into the bowel watching the globules of spunk being cleansed from her pussy.
The boys were all sitting around the table as Angela and Hook entered the room, they smiled at the couple.
‘Nice?’ smiled Ron as he stood from the table. ‘I’ll get your meals; they’re still hot I put them in the slow oven.

Angela selected the vacant seat next to Ron; the table was littered with the empty take-away cartons.

‘I take it you’ve all had your fill?’ Spindle questioned; looking toward Angela and Hook, Angela felt somewhat embarrassed by his remark, not being to sure as to his meaning.
Ron had collected the two meals and brought them to the table. ‘Take no notice of him Angela, I told him he’s barred from your bedroom until he can control his ‘I pay and I do as I like!’ attitude’
Ron sat down next to Angela handing her the knife and fork he notice that she looked a mite pale. ‘Are you okay?’ He whispered to her.
‘I’m fine; just a bit sleepy’ she whispered back.
‘Can I get my remaining portion in?’ Ron asked making sure that the others never heard his question.
Angela found his remark quiet funny. ‘Your portion!’ she smiled; if you mean what I think you mean, of course you can’
There was chatter around the table, mostly from the boy’s wanting to know more about Angela, were she lived; were she worked this made her even more tired. ‘I think I would like to go up to my room now?’ She asked of Ron.
‘Leave her now lad’s I’ll take here up to her room’ Ron stood as he spoke taking Angela’s arm. ‘Come let me help you up the stairs?’
Hook caught Ron’s eye; giving him a quick wink. See you a little bit later’ he said with a smile.
Angela’s legs were unsteady as she started to climb the stairs; and very grateful of Ron’s support.
Once in the room Ron’ moved to the bed switching the bedside light on. ‘You’ll need a hand undressing’ He told her. Angela was half asleep as he undressed her then laying her out on the middle of the bed. Ron didn’t need much coxing. His cock stood out firmly; how would you like it?’ He asked.
‘I’m not worried’ replied Angela. ‘Just help yourself!’
Ron looked down at her pussy; it was slightly puffed, than when he’d first seen it. He decided that a morsel of oil might be needed, reaching across the bed he picked up the bottle spilling a drop into the palm of his hand.
Angela gave out a low moan as his cock entered her; it went in like a knife through butter. Ron found that she was more relaxed in her present state. He fucked her in long slow strokes; she murmured something under her breath.
Although half-asleep, her pussy muscles were much calmer there was no grip as Ron had noticed before. Even in her present state, she was a first class fuck. Ron speeded his pace; every now and again Angela would give out a light squeal of

content of which fuelled Ron’s energy, he started fucking her harder, he knew he’d not be long.
Rambo didn’t arrive home until half past midnight, he got down to his meal straight away, picking up the note on the table which Ron had left. He smiled to himself, a good fuck would end the week admirably. He could hardly eat his meal fast enough, his mind was a rush, his huge cock started to rise at the thought.
Ron had left the light on beside the bed. Angela had turned over onto her side with her knees up tightly under her chin; her breathing told Rambo that she was fast asleep. He walked around the bed to get a better look at her pussy, it looked puffy and moist. Rambo kneeled onto the bed then offered her his finger, which glided into her pussy with eased. Within moments, his clothes were on the floor beside the bed and he crawled in beside her. He took things very slowly; Ron
had said he’d left a load inside; so he considered that his cock would enter with ease. Nestling up tight behind her his hand went down gripping his now very thick member. Placing it up to her pussy, he wiped some of the remnants of Ron’s load onto his cock then slowly started to ease it up inside her. Although fast asleep
Angela let out a soft moans as his cock made headway. Rambo gradually ease his bulky cock forwards and backwards allowing it to pick up the residue of spunk within before reaching Angela’s pussy depth. Although moist; she was fairly taut to his magnificent weaponry.
Angela was in the state of dreams; she was at home; in the paddock behind the house. Her horse Alex walked to the gate to meet her, she couldn’t help but noticing his huge cock dangling beneath his belly, it was enormous; flopping from side to side as he walked. She often saw him when he was sent to the stud farm. If there was something Alex liked; it was a mare as often as he had the chance, Angela always rode him to the farm often watching as he took his mare, she was mesmerised by the sight of him pumping his cock into the small mare, and the mare would let out squeals of pleasure once he got going. He’d always be shattered by the time he’d finished with her. Angela would always walk beside him on the way home; patting him and stroking his nose; telling him what a good boy he was.
Okay the money was good Alex more or least paid for his own keep by the studwork he undertook. In saying this; Angela often thought how she’d feel once she’d lost her virginity.
Rambo had beads of perspiration streaming of sweat on his brow, he fucked her hard, knowing the next time he fucked her it might not be as easy. Angela suddenly let out a heavy sigh, then stretched her legs to the bottom of the bed as she enter an unexpected orgasm. Rambo held on tightly to her as she pulled her legs back up the bed, then he really went into turbo; he knew he’d sleep with

her that night, so blowing his load would help him in the morning make her more than just ready for him.
Angela was the first to awake, she tried to turn; then realised that Ron was still with her. She reached down between her legs feeling his huge organ in her pussy. She wriggled trying to get him in deeper. This woke Rambo; his senses went straight down to his cock. Moving his arm over Angela’s body and heaving his huge cock, which was already solid up into the depths of her virginal passageway. Angela was stunned when she noticed the colour of his arm, it was then she realised it wasn’t Rom fucking her.
She felt the extent of his fat organ deep up into her stomach, it was not uncomfortable by a long chalk, and she felt the sensation of being expanded from within. Her fingers reached out clasping the edge of the mattress. Her mind had willed her to see this monster.
She grasped his arm. ‘Could we turn over I’m sure you’d be more comfortable with me underneath? She implied.
Rambo couldn’t have asked for better; at least he’d be able to see her fully. ‘Your pleasure is understood!’ With this, he withdrew his cock stepping over her as she turned onto her back. A prettier face he could not have imagined.
Angela took the chance to look down between them viewing the expanse of the great organ; once seen she was lost for breath, never would she have imagined such a huge cock, her thoughts went back to her dream and Alex.
Her hands went to the edge of the bed again as Rambo reached down taking his cock into his hand. She was expecting pain but there was none. It went in effortlessly; looking up into his eyes, she lifted her hips to meet his thrusts as she took grips of his muscular arms. Whether it was, the thought of the over sized cock or not, Angela went through orgasm after orgasm as he ploughed in deeply. At one stage he managed to withdraw completely then going straight back into her pussy. There was an almighty fanny fart, which smothered Rambo’s private parts with the night before volume of hot spunk; this only turned him on, more of his cock was going in and out like a battering ram. Poor Angela was in another world, every picture in her mind was softened by a cloudy mist, another world. She was holding onto Rambo’s arms for grim death.
Arching his back, he leaned heavily onto his cock allowing it to penetrate deeply into her virginal passageway. Angela opened her eyes as the thick shaft started to swell, by now she had an idea as to what was about to happen. Rambo’s face screwed up as if in pain; however, this was through absolute enjoyment. Then and only then did she feel the hot spurts of cum welling low into the depths her

pussy. This took her through yet through another long orgasm. To Rambo the tightness of her passageway restricted the natural flow of his seed; he had to withdraw slightly allowing space for his seed to flow into her pussy. The force at the top end of her channel surprised Angela, her hands went down gripping the sheets, it felt as if her pussy was trying to push not only him but also the giant cock out of her passageway.
As Rambo withdrew leisurely, spunk was spurting everywhere, it even reached Angela’s face, some fell onto her lips, and the taste was of salt. Rambo sat back onto his legs looking down at his cock; spunk was still slowly oozing from its eye. Angela started to spread her long legs hoping that it would release the pressure from within, but it was in vain, all she sensed was the walls of her pussy spreading wide, thus allowing cool air to penetrate deeply up inside her.
Rambo took her by the ankles, lifting her legs up in front of him then easing them together he looked down into her childish face, ‘I think its time to go
down to breakfast!’ He whispered, as if someone else was in the room. I’ll go to my room and get changed’ with this Rambo stood then leaned forward to pick up his clothing. Angela let out a gasp as he leaned over; never would she have considered a man having bollocks so big they hung for a good six inches; they were not unlike those of a fully-grown bull, it was no wonder he cum so much if he had to empty these each time
Rambo took his wallet from his trousers and removed £50. Then turned back to her. ‘I owe you from last night’ he smiled ‘Keep the change you were worth it’
Angela thanked him and reached for her bag, she was amazed to find just as to how much she’d now got
It then came to Angela, it wasn’t a dream she had, it was real life. She couldn’t work out as to how he managed to insert such a huge weapon into her without here being awakened.
She’d have never considered that she’d be able to cleanse herself; with the amount of cum he’d pumped up her, the poor bidet would be working overtime.

Chapter 6

Poor Angela felt somewhat embarrassed when she entered the kitchen; all the seven we’re sitting around the table they’d all looked up as she opened the door.
‘Rambo said you were sound asleep when he came to your room, tells us you never awoke when he started to fuck you.
‘You really must have been tired not to be awoken with a cock like the he’s one being pushed up you.’ Warren asked with a smile.

‘Take no notice of him; he’s only ashamed of what I had to offer!’ Rambo stated as he walked from the door. ‘Come sit you down what would you like for breakfast.
‘Just some cereal if you have it’ she smiled up to Rambo as she sat in the chair that he’d offered. ‘Is Ron not here?’ she questioned
Hook answered her. ‘He’ll be down shortly; he’s gone to pick up some paperwork he needs to deliver’
‘What have you got arranged for the weekend then?’ Rambo asked.
‘Well I’d like to go into town to meet up with some of my friends; we normally meet up at a caf?n town. But it’s a bit far to walk; I wondered if I could cadge a lift from someone?’ Angela replied looking around the table.
‘Perhaps you’d like an escort?’ Rambo smiled. ‘Of course we’ll go by my car.
‘What a brilliant idea!’ Angela thought. ‘That would be an eye opener to her friends, being as she’d never been seen with a boyfriend.
‘I accept your offer!’ Angela smiled. ‘Only I’ll have to be there by 11 o’clock?’
‘Consider it arranged’ Rambo replied with a broad grin on his face.
‘Hey-up, what are you guy’s up to?’ Ron asked as he walked into the kitchen.
‘Angela wants a lift into town, I told her that I take her, she’s meeting some friends in town. Rambo replied.
‘You make sure you stay with her, we don’t want to lose her now. Where will your friends be?’ Ron asked putting his armful of papers onto the kitchen table.
‘We normally meet up at KFC in the main Street. Just a get together; with a round of cokes, sort of a girl’s thing.’
‘You watch out Rambo doesn’t get intoxicated, he’s one for coke.’ Ron laughed.
Angela’s friends all looked up when she walked in the doorway with Rambo, they instantly started tittering to themselves; stopping they both got to the table. Rambo looked up to the counter then back to Angela. ‘What would you like Hun?’
‘Just a coke, I’m still full after breakfast’ Angela smiled.
‘What about you ladies, ready for more?’
They all looked up at Rambo, they we’re not used to freebies. They each gave him there orders, a mixture of drinks.
‘Can I help you?’ Angela asked.
‘I’ll be fine, I’ll get a tray; you sit down I wont be long!’ Rambo smiled.

Angela sat down making sure that she had a vacant seat for Rambo when he returned.
‘You’re a dark horse, where did you find that hunky stud?’ It was Mary; she was always the out spoken one. ‘You know what they say about coloured guy’s?’ She looked around the tables as she spoke.
‘He’s just a friend’ Angela implied.
‘The next thing we’ll know is that he’s tried to get into you knickers. If so be prepared to be in for a shock?’ Mary stated.
‘Your mind Mary, leave the poor girl alone, as she said he’s just a friend. One of the others implied with a sarcastic look on her face.
‘Well, I wouldn’t mind his tie next to my knickers!’ She replied.
The table went quiet as Rambo came back to the table. ‘Who’s tie next to your knickers? Rambo smiled down looking straight into Mary’s eyes. ‘I’ve had something’s spoken about be, that takes the biscuit. ‘Did you mean that?’
Mary blushed up, stuck for words looking around the table for inspiration. Luckily, a car pulled up outside tooting it horn. It was Ron he waved up to the window beckoning Rambo.
Rambo apologised and left the table.
‘So what will your answer be then?’ Angela inquired as soon as Rambo left; he could be seen leaning down to the nearside window of the car talking to Ron.
‘I know what I would do’ Jenny implied. ‘Who in there right mind would turn down an offer like that?’
This cause quite a stir with the girls, Mary wanted to know how Angela met him, and what was her connection to him.
‘Friend of a friend you might say, he’s a nice enough guy he lives with my friend and others in a big house on the road to Barley.
‘Are you going to take up his offer?’ One of the other girls quizzed.
‘Not on your Nelly, if what I have heard about coloured guys I’d consider him to big to be enjoyed, even the thought of it makes me winch’ Mary replied. ‘Any way I didn’t think he heard my words!’
Angela looked at Mary and smiled. ‘What do you mean by big?’ she questioned.
‘Well you wouldn’t know would you; I mean still being a virgin? However, they are supposed to be gigantic in the way of sex. Ask me when you’ve lost your virginity, then we’ll have to set you up with him. Why not see if he’ll deflower you, now that would be an experience. Come to think about it, no other man would ever satisfy you after something that big!

Angela hadn’t the nerve to tell them all she had lost her virginity, and that she’d taken on seven other guys straight afterwards including Rambo, and all done in about 6 hours.
‘Sorry about that, Ron wants to know if you’re available this afternoon.’ Rambo quizzed as he sat back down beside Angela.
‘Did you tell him yes?’ Angela replied. ‘I have to go down to the bank before we go back?’ Angel pulled the money out of her bag and started counting it; whilst her friends looked on.
‘Your loaded there must be nearly £200’s there, what have you been working overtime?’ Mary said with a smile.
‘That’s easy money for her!’ Rambo said with a chuckle and a wink toward Angela.
We’d better drink our drinks, so I can go to the bank before we go back I have something’s to do before dinner time’ With this, Angela raised her glass taking a large gulp then turned to Rambo. ‘I take it you’ll run me back to the house?’
‘House?’ asked Jenny. ‘But you live in a bungalow!’
‘She’s moved in with us’ Rambo smiled tapping Angela on the knee, his hand felt warm to her, and her pussy gave twitch, taking her mind back to their love making earlier, she reached under the table placing her hand down onto his; giving it a gentle squeeze.
Once Rambo had finished his drink, they were up and away. The town was still asleep. Rambo drove leisurely to the bank and waited outside in the car.
‘D’you think you could take me from a stand still?’ Rambo smiled not taking his eyes off the road.
‘I’m not with you; how do you mean a standstill?’ Angela quizzed.
‘Straight from the off! I mean others had fucked you before you got to me. I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy you, only it’s nice to think that you could take the pressure, I’m not that long but I do have a good girth on my cock, to actually be able to squeeze it into you from a start, that would be one hell of a fuck. Are you game?’
Angela knew he’d meant what he said, the thought appealed to her after what her friends had stated. ‘I think I might like that, how about when we get back?’
‘It’ll have to be this morning as Ron expects you this afternoon, you’ll have to spend some time on the bidet, else he’ll not feel the inner walls’ Rambo said with a grin.
It was straight to her bedroom when they got back, Angela was mesmerised by the dimensions of his cock. No way did she consider she’d be able

to cope with such a thickened tool, mind you he did have a lazy lob on. He must have been thinking of her on the way home. Angela didn’t bother to remove her skirt she whipped off her panties and lie spread-eagled on the bed.
‘I should think I’ll need some oil, I’m really going to enjoy this, I promise I’ll be gentle.’ Rambo insured her with that he left for the bathroom.
When he returned he stood next to the bed, his cock sticking out proudly, Angela couldn’t take her eyes off of it. It gleamed in the beams of morning light coming into the bedroom
‘Are you sure about this, I mean I only lost my virginity yesterday. It looks enormous!’
‘Believe me, the thicker it is the more enjoyment you’ll get from it. What we’re your friends saying to you when I went out to speak to Ron?’ Rambo asked.
Angela moved to the centre of the bed as Rambo moved in between her open legs. ‘They we’re telling me that if I got the chance I should be bedded by you, my friend Jenny said that she’d never tried a coloured guy? Always feared from the stories she’d heard from friends about size.
Rambo pored oil onto his fingers then inserted, two straight into her pussy, she was surprised at the eased that they went in, for moments he played with her citreous spinning it around with his fingers. The sensation was titanic; Angela arched her back as the first orgasm took over her body; letting out a low moan. She eased herself up onto one elbow gazing down between him. The huge organ stood out firmly, her mind went back to the initial entry from Ron, and she could not deem as to what the pain would have been like. Rambo move his hand down clasping the huge organ in his fist, then dipping his hips toward her.
Angela sensed the head as he wound it around in the mouth of her pussy, laying back she pulled her legs back spreading them widely as Rambo eased himself into her tight passageway.
The feeling to Angela; was one of that of being forced open by a large cucumber, it didn’t hurt as she may have expected, in fact it was more than quite comfortable, but she knew it was only the head of the gigantic cock; the deeper he moved into her the better the sensation became. Once he’d fully entered her she reached up taking his arms. Lifting her head to kiss him.
Rambo started to fuck her intensely; every thrust took her through an almighty orgasm, as if her body was electrified, she would push her feet to the bottom of the bed the spasms were that strong, she dearly wanted to wrap her legs around his waist but her body would not keep motionless she had no control over it. She could only work with him lifting her hips as he thrust his cock in deeply.
Angela knew now as to why Jenny had jokingly stated that she’d not mind his tie next to her panties, she’d been surmising as to the size of his giant

cock. Now he was hers, every inch of him. Rambo went in deep placing his hands under his shoulders allowing him the advantage of his strength to pull himself in deeply. Angela sensed his cock swell, and then the hot spurts hit the back of her pussy in a stinging sensation. She then lifted her legs placing then around his back willing him to deepen.
‘That was breathtaking!’ Angela wrapped her hand around his neck as he began to sit up. ‘It’s a pity you weren’t my first’
‘I don’t think that would have been possible, you’ve done better with Ron, his cock is around average size. Come on now into the bathroom. Rambo had told her she needed a good flush from the bidet, his cum belched out as the water
was driven into her pussy, Rambo sat in front of her watching as his cloudy seed bubbled out. Angela felt a warm glow in her lower tummy; it was a wonderful feeling, this she could without difficulty get to like.
‘Is it interesting?’ She asked
‘Interesting?’ Rambo smiled. ‘Well yes you have truly interesting pussy, outwardly it’s still brand new, however; with amount of fucking it’s going to get, it will soon become puffy and you’ll have what’s known as pussy flaps. Then, any man that sees it will know he is in for a good ride.
Rambo knew that within around thirty minutes her pussy would have, gone back to its normal size the cold water would have helped in this matter, and all his seed will have drained away. She’d be just right for Ron when he returns.
Rambo stood then reached for his back pocket pulling out his wallet; taking out a £20 pound note he push it into her hand.
‘I enjoyed that as much as you did!’ Angela looked up into his eyes as she spoke.
‘Believe me your well worth it, please keep it. If you handed it back each time you’d end up with nothing, The boys don’t mine paying you, Anyway according to Ron you’ll soon be having a holiday, a well earned rest.
Angela had finished in good time; Ron never returned until 3 pm.
So are you ready for your first lesson then?’ Ron said with grin as he lifted the shopping bags onto the table.
‘My first lesson?’ Questioned Angela; what lesson are you speaking of?’
‘Pussy Power!’ Ron laughed.
‘I’d forgotten about that, I’m game if you are’ Angela had not as to a clue of his meaning, she knew it would be something sexual
Rambo looked toward Ron with a wink. ‘D’you really think she needs pussy power.
‘Well lets put it this way; she good now! Think what she’ll be like with pussy power.

‘How’s it done?’ Angela said with a smile.
‘You’ll soon find out. Now go into the larder and get me two bags of sugar and the scales that are on the shelf.
Angela was mesmerised by his needs, sugar and scales?’ She questioned.
‘Yes, and bring the bowel and chains from the old fashion scales in the corner. I’ll put the kettle on whilst your gone; I could do with a nice cup of refreshing tea.
‘Bowel, chains?’ Rambo quizzed. ‘What are you up to?’
‘An idea came to me whilst I was out, you’ll see!’ Ron chuckled to himself as he turned the kettle on. ‘God I’m looking forward to a good fuck this
afternoon, I’ve had a hard-on all morning. Bet you to it then, I had my third when I brought her home, she’ll no need any of you pussy power. She’s plenty tight enough?’
‘For you, that might well be, anyway it will aid her in the near future!’
‘Near future?’
‘Well if she’s going to be fucked; as much as we all want her to be; she’ll need something to tighten her pussy up, and with your fucking great tool. It stands to reason.
Rambo was used to this sort of micky taking. ‘We can’t all be well blessed; I have enough trouble getting a girl to take it as it is. It’s quite easy once you lot have been up her’
Angela came back with the items. She looked at Ron and smiled. ‘What’s the sugar for?’
‘Weight; you’ll see all in good time, I just hope that I don’t get to worked up when I’m testing you, All I’ll have to start all over again.’ Ron stated as he walked back to the table with the tray with the teas.

Angela sat straight onto the bed when they walked into the bedroom, she was mesmerised as to what Ron as about to do. He placed the items on the floor beside the bed.
‘Right no slip out of your clothes; and we’ll start.
‘All of them?’
‘Yes I want you stark naked, it will be easier that way I’ll be able to see as to how you respond.’ Ron watched as she slipped out of her clothes. If this wasn’t bad enough, he still got a dam great hard on. ‘Right now lie back onto the bed’

Angela lay across the bed opening her legs very slowly. Ron put his hand into his pocket drew out an item and placed it down between her open legs, then started to finger her. ‘We’ll need a drop of oil you’re a bit dry’ Ron didn’t realise
that she’d flushed herself earlier ridding herself of Rambo’s full load. ‘Firstly we’ll develop your pussy tightness and improve on it?’
‘Pass me the oils Rambo’ Ron turned and asked him.
Rambo took the dido from Ron and dripped oils onto it, giving it back; Ron placed it between the lips of Angela pussy.
‘God that cold!’ Angel implied; sitting up onto her elbow.
‘Worry not you’ll soon get used to it’ Rom chuckled, with this he started to move it up inside her, once in he placed his finger on its end then looked up to Angela. Now what I want you to do is to push on it as if your restricting a pee or a poo!’
Angela pushed down with her pussy; as Ron had stated the dildo was positioned solidly inside her with Ron’s finger on its end. He could feel the pressure on his finger as the dildo tried to slide back out of her pussy. He eased his hold allowing her to slowly force the dildo out of herself.
‘What does that do then?’ She asked.
Ron pushed it back up inside her. ‘Well it makes your pussy tight as if you’re brand new; it enhances the feeling to a cock no matter what its size. Come on give it another push’
Angela lie back; then after digging her heels into the bed, she pushed hard again, there was much more pressure. But Ron kept his finger on the end allowing it no freedom, Angela let out a gasp as it she had exhausted herself. ‘I can’t budge it!’ she explained.
‘It’s aright; just keep trying, it will develop your pussy muscles, soon they’ll become solid; you’ll see, you’ll be able to block any cock that you don’t want intruding into you pussy. As well as giving a guy a thrill into believing that his cock is too big for you?’ Ron then eased it in and out collecting her juices onto it sides. ‘Now,’ he said pushing it in deeply, give it a quick push’ This time Ron didn’t restrict it movement with his finger. It shot out under the pressure, Ron looked up to Rambo. ‘What do you think of that then?’ Ron said with a grin.
‘Well, she has soon learnt that’ Rambo smiled.
‘Practice that on the next cock that you have. I can assure you it will be mine!’ Ron implied. Now stand up beside of the bed with your legs open’
Angela lifted herself from the bed doing as Ron had asked.
‘What now?’ She asked.
‘Now we are going to work the opposite; this will grip a cock, very good for when a guy is about to cum, it restricts his flow.

Ron pushed the dildo back up inside her. There was a loop on the end of the dildo which Ron hooked the bowl from the scales placing on of one bag of
sugar onto the bowl. Then lowed it slowly, allowing her to feel the tension. ‘Now grip your pussy lips as if you’re now holding back a pee!’
Angela understood to his meaning and gripped hard, for moments she held the dildo, then realest her hold. The dildo immediately started to drop. Ron took the weight, pushing it back up inside her.
‘Come on you’ll have to do better than that, if you want to grip a guy’ try again only this time hold on tightly!’ Angela tried once more; her grip was somewhat tighter this time and she held.
Ron was satisfied with this. ‘So now you can hold around a Kilo of weight now lets try two kilo’s’ Ron picked up the second bag of sugar placing it onto the scales. ‘Right now get yourself ready for the extra weight. Angela gripped
her muscles once more, this time she sensed the extra weight but held onto it. ‘I can’t hold it for long, it’s slipping!’ Ron placed his hand under the bowl taking the weight. Angela let out a sigh. ‘I don’t think I can hold that sort of weight’ she implied, catching her breath.
‘You did well, now you must try both of these ideas on your own; and gain the strength you’ll need to use the powers. Would you like to be fucked now?’ Ron looked up to her and smiled.
‘That would be nice, both of you?’ Angela looked up to Rambo as she spoke.
‘If that’s what you want. What about you Rambo, think you can manage it?’ Ron grinned.
Angela move back to the bed and lie down opening her legs eagerly, I’m ready when you are?’ she smiled.
Ron was the first to undress, his cock forcefully flipped up as he removed his underpants. Rambo was much the same as he dropped his.
‘I didn’t mean the two you at the same time!’

Chapter 7

‘You can give Rambo a blow job until I’ve blown my load. He’ll enjoy that I’m sure?’ Ron stated; as he moistened the end of his cock, ‘Right now lets try this pussy power that you have learnt?’
‘The sense of the tightness overwhelmed Ron; he really did have a job forcing his cock up into her pussy.
‘Nice!’ Angela asked.

‘Bloody wonderful’ Ron implied, she was tighter than she had been when he took her virginity.
Rambo moved around the bed and knelt beside her mouth, after placing his hand under her head he eased her lips closer to his cock, she could only just open her mouth wide enough to enclose it; it was so huge.
Ron fucked her for at least 20 minutes before he cum, but Angela was ready for it. She gripped her pussy lips as tight’ once she sensed his swelling. The pressure withheld his seed, until she suddenly gave way, then she sensed the hot spurts deep up inside her pussy, with this she realised as to how a full load felt; she enjoyed it enormously.
As soon as Ron pulled out; Rambo was straight between her legs, again but this time she had a struggle, she pushed down on his cock as he tried to enter her, even without this she would have been tight to Rambo; she was adamant to
give him the same thrill as Ron. Because of the juices and Ron’s heavy load, he found her quite easy to enter, however the added pressure from her muscle power it was even more enjoyable. Angela could only hold her pushing for so long, once she succumbed, she enjoyed the enormous cock; lying back benefiting from the huge organ. She did wonder if she would be able to grip her pussy lips at the end.
Angela took immense gratification as his cock speeded motion, Rambo caused a vacuum in her pussy each time he drew back. It was a wonderful sensation, Angela thought as to Jenny words; about coloured people, and she wasn’t far out, it was a much more enjoyable fuck. He touched every nerve end in her body with his deep thrusting. She pulled her legs up and gripped his waist tightly.
At the end she was to knackered to try her new found power, she just lie exhausted as he downloaded his thick seed into her belly, try as she may; when she tried to stand beside the bed; her legs just couldn’t hold her.
‘Rest a while!’ Rambo smiled.
‘When your ready come downstairs we’ll make you a cup of tea, I’m sure you could do with one?’ Ron said with a chuckle.
Angela lie on the bed for at least another twenty minutes. It was easy money she considered, and she enjoyed the work if you could call it that. However, she wondered how her body would stand up to it. Her friends stated that they we’re fucked at least three times a week. At the rate, she was going she’d have been fucked at least forty nine times each week and more. Remuneration for this would be £980’s in addition any to any extras portions she could had. Rambo was first in her mind she considered that she was infatuated with him. His size didn’t seem to

bother her now; however she considered his lovemaking was more than tremendous.
When she finally made it downstairs to of the other lads we’re sitting at the table’ they looked up as she entered the room, all had smiles on their faces.
Angela realised she’d not been to the bathroom, she considered that she would keep Rambo’s seed as long as possible at the time. However, by the looks on their faces she was in for another good fucking very soon, so the bidet would need activation.
‘So how do you feel now?’ Ron enquired.
‘Fine, I’m just fine’ Angela replied, placing her hand down onto her lower tummy; as she walked to the table Where is my tea’ She said with a smile.
‘Are you up for more?’ Floppy asked.
‘I think I’ll have my tea first, but yes I think I can handle it, no roughness mind!’
As she sat down at the table, she sensed the dampness in her knickers, as Rambo’s seed started to bubble out into her crutch.
Once, Angela had finished her tea. Floppy stood from the table. ‘Ready then he asked, with this both Spindle and Hook rose as Angela agreed to Floppy’s proposal.
‘Three of you, not at the same time I hope?’
‘You’ll manage it!’ Ron implied, ‘you’ll enjoy it’
Firstly, Angela made for the bathroom, unbeknown to her it would have been better if she’ not taken that avenue.
All three were sitting on the edge of the bed when she came from the bathroom. Each had his cock in his hand pumping it as it stood firmly.

‘Come, lie down in the middle of the bed over Floppy, Floppy had already lain out. He held his hands out beckoning her to sit on his cock. Angela lowered her body as he guided his cock up into her pussy, he lowered her body back over him. Then the shock came, Spindle moved in from behind her his hand searching for his rod. The unquestionable happened; Spindle hovered above her; she felt his cock nudging at her pussy.
Floppy withdrew from her now open lips, and then as if in harmony; they both pushed together, she sensed the stretch of her inner pussy walls. She’d not have been able to take this, if it wasn’t for Rambo; her hands stretched down the bed gripping the sheet each side of her, her fingers now gripping into the soft material until her knuckles became white.

She did wonder as to where Hook would take his pleasure. She was about to find out, as he moved up the bed beside her offering his cock to her mouth. She

could but agree the sensation of the three cocks working in rhythm worked wonderers for her own stimulation. Her body became numb with the continuous momentum; she wondered who’d cum first, she didn’t consider the thought of Hook cumming into her mouth would taste good. Both Spindle and Hook were ploughing into her pussy as if this would be their last fuck. Her head dropped as they lost motion and worked against each other. Suddenly she sensed one of the cocks start to swell, who’s she could not tell, she tensed her pussy lips tightly together, a loud moan come from under her she knew then that Floppy was about to cum, his pace had slowed, then she felt the hot spurts as they jetted from his cock. Spindle continued to fuck her even though Floppy lie stationary inside.
Hook sensed that one of the two had finished. Even though he’s enjoyment continued within her mouth he pulled from her.
‘Come on Guy’s there room for more down there!’ He shouted out.
Floppy started to wriggle from under her, Hook withdrew, edging her over on top of him as he himself lie in the middle of the bed.
Once the position had been established, Angela once again lowered onto his cock, a waiting Hook’s cock but things had changed. Hook knew that she be to wet for him in her pussy, without a word he nudged his cock into her back passageway, the shock made Angela squeal, but he was in, in one hefty thrust.

Chapter 8

By the time three months had pasted Angela’s bank account had swollen to £6,500 and that’s some fucking, it totals a mere 350 portions; her holiday was paramount she was completely knackered to say the least; however, she didn’t go with the girls as planed. She went to Jamaica with Rambo; he’d lost his mother some years since.
However, Rambo’s father welcomed her warmly. He looked quite fit for his age. As they got to the garden gate Robby, his fathers Great Dane rushed to greet them both. The first thing he did was to push his nose up under Angela’s skirt, the suddenness made her jump. She’d decided to leave her panties off. As she had a long session with Rambo that morning and she welcomed the cool air, he always left her pussy gapping

‘It is all right; his only checking that you’re not on the wrong week!’ Rambo’s father acknowledged.
Angela was somewhat taken back by his remark.
‘It’s alright we like to keep it in the family!’
Angela was amazed by his words. ‘Meaning?’ She asked
‘Well, both dog and father enjoy sex to the extreme. Father always like to follow Robby, as he makes the way easy for him.
Angela looked down to the dog who was sitting in front of her with his tail wagging. ‘You mean that you want me to have sex with a dog?’ Angela reached down then stooped in front of Robby,
‘Not right now; we’ve only just got here, anyway you should be alright, and you had a bloody good filling before we left this morning!’
‘What are you saying that I can have a rest?’ Angela turned toward Rambo’s father. ‘Are you in agreement to this?’ ‘How old is your father’, she asked Rambo without turning back to him.
‘I am 66, do you think I’m not up for it, I mean I’m old enough to be your grandfather.’ Rory added without letting Rambo have his say.
Rambo chuckled at his words. ‘He’s up for it, he’s got equally as much as myself, and he packs a fair load, and you’ll understand when you see the size of his bollocks. Still as I have said. ‘We have only just got here, I’m sure both father and Robby can wait, I feel as if I could eat a horse?’
‘We’ll eat out if you like? I’m sure Angela would like Jamaican food, do you like spicy food?’
‘Sounds good to me! Why not have a take-away?’ Rory questioned, ‘We can have it in the garden. It’s a lovely day for it!’
Between them Rory and Rambo selected the food explaining it to Angela.
It took but moments to have the food delivered. Both father and son had only just finished setting the table. The delivery Man gave Angela a once over before he left
Rory brought wine to the table to compliment the meal. Robby sat next to Angela, his tale still wagging. Angela offered a piece of meat but Robby turned his head.
‘It is not food he is after, its pussy. He’s never had a female dog however, he appreciates human pussy?’ Rory stated.
Before the meal was finished Robby went under the table nudging at Angela’s knees. His nudging rocked her in her chair, rather than let him bring attention to Rambo and his father; she slowly started to open her legs. His nose was

forced all the way up to her still moist pussy. Once there Robby set his tongue into the shape of a ‘U’ then forced as deep up inside her.
Angela let out a soft gasp as he drew it back; the tip of his tongue tickled her clitoris. Both men looked to each other with a smile. ‘Straight after our meal I’d consider?’ Rory said with a grin.
Angela understood now as to the female attraction to animals, with this type of stimulation it was more than understandable. Her hands gripped the edge of the table, showing the whites of her knuckles, as she gave out a low growl of
satisfaction. She knew with this kind of treatment she’d soon be exhausted, as she wasn’t even making any movements to aid Robby’s efforts.
Once the meal was over, Rory stood. ‘I think the bedroom is the place to go now?’ he walked around the table and took Angela’s hand. At this time Robby as making the most noise, they could hardly hear themselves over his yelping. ‘He’s more than ready’ Implied Rory.
Robby knew the score from here, as soon as they made for the stairs he bounded up to the top, standing watching was the group headed up. Still he was howling, Angela thought she must seem like a bitch on heat to him.
It wasn’t until they reached the bedroom that Angela noticed that Robby’s cock was sticking out under him, it was long and pointed with a large bulge at the base..
‘Sit on the edge of the bed; open your legs with your feet spread wide’ Rory stated as they made their way into the bedroom. Angela did as she was told, then lifting each of her feet and placing them on the edge of the bed. Robby needed no telling he lifted his front paws up onto the bed placing them each side of her body. With his body moving from side to side.
Rory stepped forward guiding Robby’s cock on target, once he sensed the dampness he trust his hips forward. Angela let out a gasp as his cock slid up her. Reaching down she held on to both his legs, again Robby started to make growling noises.
‘I hope we’re not going to need a bucket water when he’s finished?’ Angela managed to make herself heard over Robby’s winching.
‘Just you hold on to his front legs and make sure you push him off when he’s finished. It’s only when a dog steps off sideways that you’ll get stuck together.
The pace that he was fucking her was unbelievable. She constantly sensed the bulge at the bottom of his cock, she didn’t understand the reason for it, none the more it felt good as it spread her passageway. She felt she was cumming every few seconds.

Both Rory and Rambo we’re sitting opposite masturbating; She could not believe the size of Rambo’s fathers balls, she knew Rambo had mentioned them and there size. His fathers cock was shorter that Rambo’s but in saying that it was nearly twice as thick.
Angela felt like putting her hands down onto Robby’s rump and pulling him deeper inside her, however, she remembered Rory saying to keep hold of his legs, she didn’t want to finish up with a bucket of water over her.
Suddenly she gave out a loud yelp, as Robby’s leg claw dug into her waist. She quickly pulled his legs aside, but still he fucked her hard. Angela
wondered what her friends would think that she’d actually been fuck by a Great Dane. Although his cock wasn’t that long, it’s felling was being felt in all the right places.
Robby leaned forward over her and started to pant heavily, she sensed the feeling of expansion; she realised that the dog was about to cum, she lifted her hips as to get as much of him inside as possible, the blow wasn’t as powerful as Rambo’s but she did sense it. Sensing the expansion of Robby’s bulbous end, as he leaned on his cock pushing it into her as far as possible, it was stretching her pussy lips wide. Suddenly he started to walk backwards. Angela held onto his front legs; Rambo realised what was about to happen and jumped up from his seat. He grabbed Robby’s rump and walked him back in a straight line, should he be left to pull himself out of her pussy, he would have stepped to one side twisting his cock inside her; this is why dogs are locked together.
Rory was sitting with full view of her pussy when the dog was pulled clear; a more inviting scene he could not have wished for, Angela’s pussy was gapping open due to the bulbous end to the dogs’ cock with the dog’s semen trickling from deep inside. He stood and dropped his shorts; Angela was mesmerised by the thickness of his majestic organ but his bullocks hung very low, second only to that of a bull, it was obvious why he decided to follow Robby. As Rory walked slowly forward, his huge cock rocked from one side to the other. He leaned over her; lifting her by the waist then turned her over; and pulled her up onto her knees. It was only moments before Angela felt the spherical helmet of his cock stretching her open-mouthed pussy. She didn’t need to use Ron’s pussy power here; she’d only have hurt herself. Roby leaned heavily on his cock. Angela buried her head into the pillow, which Roby had pulled down for her. The dispersal of her pussy walls ahead of his cock sent waves of excitement to her young body, she knew that he had very little length, so the stimulation would be short lived. However, the movement in and out proved equally responsive, Angela gripped the sheet of the bedding; as one orgasm followed the next, her young body was in point of seizures.

Robby the dog moved in under Rory, licking her pussy of his own juices as they spurted out of her with each inward thrust.
‘She’s as tight as a ducks arse, how often do you fuck her Rambo?’
Rambo was sitting on the bed beside Angela running his fingers through her hair; he looked to his father with a smile. ‘As often as I can; over the last few months at least twice a day, to start of with she was tight to my own liking, like you I had to follow one of the lads; else I’d have never go my cock up her. Still you
must admit, she is an expectable lay. Only once; have I fucked her from her first fuck of the day, it took time to get it up inside her but it was well worth the wait!’
Angela became exhausted. The orgasms were now continuous one after the other, should couldn’t work out as to where Rory was getting the energy from
okay he was fucking her in gentle movements, but his fullness was an eye-opener to her. She knew now of the feeling that Ron had taught her with pussy power, this had to be the reverse to the method he’d taught her. Gently she gripped her pussy lips; Rory noticed the slight grip as he pushed his cock forward. Thinking he’d the answer to her plight he pumped blood down into his cock, the suddenness of he’s action which expanded the girth of his cock made her grip the bedding even tighter as it increased the expansion of her pussy walls. Then Rory started to increase his pace, Angela knew only to well what was about to happen; spreading her legs and lowering herself allowing Rory easier freedom to go deeper, it was then and only then, did she appreciate the immense size of his cock. She could feel the rush of cum as it travelled the full length of his gigantic cock. Knowing that because of his fullness and the depth his was inside her, they’d be little or no room inside her to take the volume of cum that he was about to pump up her violently majestic from his helmet. The compression was so great; she could not help herself to avoid the loud fanny fart that transformed, the sound seemed to ripple from the depth of her stretched pussy around the walls of the bedroom. Robby was still there to lick up the cum as it was forced from her pussy lips

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