Aux Ed – A School Sex Story (f/mm, f/m, m/ff, young, school)

Aux Ed – A School Sex Story (f/mm, f/m, m/ff, young, school)

John Burke had always wanted to be a teacher. He cruised through college, obtaining his precious teaching license and even managed to get a job before anyone else in his class. He was 22, tall with piercing green eyes and a great smile that made people comfortable and at ease. Now, he was gearing up for his first term at West High School – teaching 9th and 10th grade history. He was very happy about the way his life was going.

John managed to survive the first two days of meetings – saying hi and being nice to all the veteran teachers who he would likely ask millions of questions. He was given the keys to his classroom and was very happy to have found him placed next to Ms. Robins – another younger teacher who just started at West last year. They spoke across the hall as they unpacked, mostly talking about how unprepared they were. It soon became obvious that there was some attraction between the two as “Nicole” as Ms. Robins liked to be called was also single.

John would have loved to pursue something with Nicole – she was short, with a great, firm ass and very large and full tits or her frame, but he soon became much too busy with school. The overwhelming flood of homework, class preparation and planning soon took up most of his day. His dating life suffered and he frequently did not get out of school much before 7:00 at night.

It was a Tuesday night when John noticed something strange. He had a killer headache and the usual mountain of work to do so he had to leave. He went home for a couple of hours, took some aspirin and decided to come back to school to get ready for the next day. As he fumbled with his keys to his classroom, he noticed Nicole’s light on. He walked across the hall to say “hi” and something cute about misery loving company – but as he approached the door he was intrigued to hear the sounds of sex coming from her room. He stood at the door and distinctly heard Nicole’s voice pant “Fuck me” and “oh that is it”. John realized that either she was in there by herself, or managed to find a boyfriend since they last spoke the previous week.

Feeling quite horny himself, it had been six months since he last got laid, John decided to linger at the door a bit more. It soon became apparent that Nicole was not alone as she muttered something about a “big, hard cock” and “licking the cock head”. This aroused John even more as he peered through the crack in the partially-closed door. As he looked around, he was shocked to see two of his 9th grade students (a boy named Steve and another named Andrew) fucking Nicole. Steve pushing his cock into Nicole’s exposed pussy while Andrew offering his cock for her to lick, suck and tease with her tongue. And as wrong as he knew it was, he could not resist watching these 14 year old young men fucking Nicole. It was obvious she was quite skilled as Andrew soon blew his load all over her very large tits, covering the large areoles with the hot, white liquid. Not too much later, Steve came all over her light blonde pussy hair and stomach completing the pasting Ms. Robins was apparently quite proud of.

John was still at the door when Nicole got up off her desk, patted the ass of each boy and grabbed a towel to wipe herself off. He didn’t hear what she said next as John, and his now-hard cock, made a quick retreat back to his classroom – not wanting to be caught watching Nicole’s illegal sexual escapade. About fifteen minutes later, he was startled to hear a knock on his door. “We have to talk,” said the re-dressed Nicole. “There are some unusual things about this school that you need to know about. Me fucking Andrew and Steve is part of it, but really just the beginning.

Steve looked wide-eyed as Nicole told the story. Apparently the district he was teaching in had significant problems in the past with sexually transmitted diseases and a high rate of teenage pregnancy. In fact, five years ago over 30% of the senior class tested positive for an STD and more than 10 girls were pregnant. The school district decided to take action, drastic action. It was agreed that students were going to have sex no matter what their parents or the district communicated to them about abstinence. Now, the focus was to channel this sexual activity into a controlled environment.

As Nicole conveyed the story – at the beginning of each year, every parent has the option to enroll their student in an after-school program called “auxiliary education” – commonly known as “Aux Ed”. Almost 90% of the students had signed up for the program when it began and, now in its third year, the school has almost 100% participation.

The program itself is really an advanced sexuality class, with a few twists. In the program, students were taught the general ways to have safe sex (putting on condoms, inserting diaphragms, etc.) – but they were done with real models in the classroom. Second, students were instructed as to the ways how to have sex that leads to the enjoyment of everyone. This part was what Ms. Robins was involved in as John spied. Parents approved of this program and volunteer teachers are recruited and utilized to help instruct the students in all aspects of sex. Nicole was recruited last year by a group of parents and eagerly accepted. She is now a lead teacher in the program.

“So the big question is,” coyly asked Nicole. “Did you like what you saw?” John gulped hard remembering the very erotic site of the two young students shooting cum all over the short, blonde teacher’s body. “Very much so,” nervously whispered John. “I was very aroused.”

“Was?” asked Nicole. “It looks like you are confusing the past tense with the present.” Her hand snaked down John’s t-shirt to his jeans. She paused when she reached his crotch, feeling his hardness through the fabric.

“Do you want to see what makes me such a good teacher?” the sexy, young Nicole said as the quickly unbuttoned his jeans. “It will be so nice to have a grown man’s cock for a change. These boys try hard, but don’t really know how to please a woman.” She pushed down his jeans and boxers, exposing his throbbing cock to the cold classroom air. Nicole’s hand firmly gripped John’s cock as he bent down to kiss the short teacher. Her tongue plunged into his eager mouth as he could feel the built-up lust seeping out of her every pore.

John knew that he wouldn’t last long if Nicole even came close to sucking his cock as she did her students. He took her by the hand and sat her on his desk. Their eyes locked and he quickly made short work of her blouse – lifting it over her head and exposing her large breasts and her sheer bra. She reached around and unfastened the bra, letting it fall as he stepped out of his pants and quickly removed his shirt. His nakedness in contrast to her bare top and her clothed bottom.

“That isn’t quite fair,” muttered John as he unfastened her pants and pulled them off, taking time to note that Ms. Robins neglected to put her panties back on after her last fuck-session. His fingers quickly moved in and ran softly and quickly over the trimmed pussy that only had a thin strip of blonde hair running down to her clitoral region. After inserting a finger, he could feel her wetness left over from her last session. Adding another finger, he saw her bite her bottom lip and gasp once his tongue began to flicker over her exposed and erect clitoris. This girl was ready to be fucked, and John was going to be the man to do it.

Grasping his very erect and hard cock, he pushed it inside of her. He was not overly large in any sense, but her pussy stretched to take in his girth. As Nicole laid back on the desk, John pushed into her further and further. The great feeling surrounding his cock was further heightened as he watched Nicole reach down and begin to lick her left nipple. The large breasts heaving and the nipples fully erect, aching to be touched.

John took this opportunity to fully fuck this little nymph. He began to move back and forth, faster and faster with no regard to the force he was slamming into Nicole’s cunt. She moaned and whimpered as he continued to fuck her faster and faster. Her hand snaked down to her pussy, tracing circles around her clit – further increasing her pleasure.

With more speed, John could feel the cum welling up in his cock. It had been a long time and he hadn’t even had time to masturbate this week. With one final push and grunt his cock spewed forth cum into her very wet and, newly sore, pussy. He continued to cum into her until it began to drip out of her and onto his desk. As he removed his cock, a stream of white jizz leaked out down Nicole’s thigh. Using his cock, John wiped the fluid off of her firm thigh and moved up to straddle her large, voluptuous tits. Nicole hungrily inhaled his cum-covered cock, cleaning it from the base of his shaft to his cock head.

Once John had removed himself from Nicole’s large and soft tits, he began to get dressed. Nicole was clearly shaken, cum still leaking out of her sex. “I guess I found a new teacher for Aux Ed. That is, if you are interested. You could teach our students a lot and I know they would be appreciative.”

John couldn’t hide his smile as he watched Nicole get dressed and clean up the cum that now covered his desk. He knew he was going to love teaching at this school.

Nicole dropped off an Aux Ed teacher’s handbook to John the next day. It was just a blank binder with the words “Confidential” marked on all sides. The morning went fairly smoothly as he endured another tedious fire drill and tried not to focus too much on the site of his fuck-session with Nicole the previous night. At lunch, he managed to sit down with the handbook and review the Aux Ed material.

Inside the binder, John became amazed. Here is listed all the students in the school that enrolled in the Aux Ed program (nearly 100% at this point) and some very intimate details about them. For example, under “Gretchen O’Toole” it mentioned that she was a senior, her parent’s names and that she is open to all sex, except anal. Lost virginity in the program during her sophomore year. Reading more, John examined the information contained for “Andrew O’Toole” – Gretchen’s brother and the student Nicole was “teaching” the previous afternoon. For Andrew, the information stated that he was a freshman, a virgin as of the previous September and his mom caught him tit-fucking his next door neighbor (also a student in John’s class) during his 8th grade year. The listings went on and on. Most students stated they were “open to all” sexually, with a few exceptions (like Gretchen) and that virtually all seniors and juniors lost their virginity in the program.

There was also some additional information designed to help the teachers facilitate the class. One of the primary focus areas was teaching the students how to correctly perform oral sex, while another was to provide them a safe and disease-free situation where they can have sex freely. All students appeared to be free of disease (as they were tested at the beginning of each semester) and almost all the girls were on birth control – making the need for condoms limited.

Nicole came by later in the day to see if John had any questions, which he replied “not really.” She invited him to a formal afternoon session the following day in her classroom where she will introduce me as a new instructor in the program. She also stressed the need to be discreet – but since almost all students were involved in the program, the school was fairly open for talking about the program.

The next day, John could not keep focused at all. Not only was his mind racing as to what the formal session would be like in the afternoon, but Andrew O’Toole was in his afternoon class and he could not get the image of him exploding all over Nicole just a few days earlier. Finally, after a day of very limited teaching on his part, John felt nervous as the final bell rang. Most students filed out of the classroom, and John shooed the remainder out with some mention of an after-school meeting. His stomach was in knots, but there was no way he was going miss this meeting.

About 15 minutes after the final bell, Ms. Robins came by to take John to the meeting. She was joined by the foreign language teacher Mr. Turner – a tall black man that was very soft-spoken. In fact, John had to strain to hear him say “hello” as they walked down the hall. As they entered the oversized classroom, and site of the meeting, it appeared to be like any other event. Teachers were at the front of the room – about 10 of them from the 9th and 10th grade wing – and most of the students from the freshman and sophomore class. John looked out and saw some of his favorite students in the front two rows, including several very pretty young students that he reminded himself to read up on later in the teacher handbook.

Nicole started the meeting and went over some general information (date for the next meeting, etc.). Next, she talked about the need for all students to sign up for a job at the upcoming holiday event and then she mentioned that she wanted to introduce new faculty.

As soon as she mentioned this, a loud round of applause broke out among the students. Obviously, they were very interested in this portion – which seemed very strange to John. Nicole looked at John first and stated, “Our most recent addition is Mr. John Burke. He is our history teacher, as we all know, but what you may not know is that he is a great fuck.” This caused the entire room to erupt in applause and cheers. John felt his face getting redder by the minute. “In fact,” continued Nicole “I personally ‘interviewed’ him two nights ago and I can tell you that he really knows what he is doing.”

“Obviously, Mr. Burke understands what the program is all about, but he is not yet fully aware of his need to commit to the program. As we all know – Aux Ed is not the place to be modest. So, if you will allow me Mr. Burke – let’s show the students what you have.”

John looked confused as he approached the podium – thanks largely to a shove by Mr. Turner. Now at the front of the classroom, Nicole whispered in his ear, “I hate to do this to you, but part of joining this group is showing everyone what you have underneath.” With that she quickly unbuttoned his shirt as he began to protest. Before he knew it his pants were also unbuttoned and he was standing in front of all his students in nothing but his boxers. As the chants of “Take it off! Take it off!” fill the crowded classroom, Nicole quickly yanked down his boxers – exposing his manhood to all in attendance. Again, applause filled the classroom as he stood before the students as naked as the day he was born.

Feeling dizzy from the events and the rush of blood to his already red face, Nicole spun Jeff around – spanking his well-defined ass. After 1-2 minutes of parading by Nicole, Jeff was able to make his way to the back of the classroom, partially hiding himself behind the other teachers in the front.

Thankfully, the attention that was focused on Jeff was not pointed toward another teacher. Ms. Williams, the 9th grade science teacher, was absent apparently during the first meeting – which led to her being required to undress as Jeff did previously. With very little prompting, she removed her blouse and bra – exposing her small tits with long, engorged nipples and pulled down her skirt. Jeff noticed her beautiful legs and tried his best to relax – lest his cock begin to become erect and inflict even more embarrassment on him. Ms. Williams finally stripped off her baby blue panties, exposing one of the most interesting pussies Jeff had ever seen. Her clit was quite large, but her inner pussy lips extended far below her outer lips. Jeff had seen these “meat curtains” in various porn magazines and on-line, but never up close. Ms. Williams took great time to show everyone in the audience her pussy – even sitting on one of the desks and spreading her legs as far as they would go.

“Accepting those with different body parts is part of the program too,” whispered the teacher next to Mike. He was unsure of her name, but he was certain that she was one of the sexiest women he had ever seen. She was older, but possessed a sexy look and demeanor that very few men could resist. “Like yours,” she continued. “I think you are the only uncircumcised cock on the faculty this year. Something I find very appealing.” Jeff almost said thanks, but was taken aback when the sultry teacher actually reached out and squeezed his cock – forcing blood into the organ and making it swell.

Fortunately, the meeting was just ending as Nicole mentioned something about ongoing work and the upcoming event. Jeff was given back his clothes and, after a quick smack on his behind courtesy of an unknown assailant, he quickly got dressed. Thankful that he was able to control his typically-hard cock on this one occasion. He walked back to his classroom in a daze, wondering what he had gotten himself into.

John spent the next ten minutes gathering his things. He was just about finished when he heard a knock on his closed door. Before he could say anything, two of his students – Alexa and Lindsey – entered the room. They were both giggling profusely, so John assumed (correctly as it turned out) that they were in the room when he was stripped naked. “What can I do for your girls?” John inquired.

“We just wanted to know how excited we are that you have joined the Aux Ed program,” said Alexa. “We think you are going to be a great addition.” While she was speaking, John took some time to really look at both Alexa and Lindsey. He had seen them in class, obviously, but now he was starting to see them differently. Alex tended to wear a lot of black. Black eye liner, black skirts. She was a bit chubby, but with a very pretty face. Her boobs were well developed for a 10th grader and it was apparent that she had no problem stating her mind. Lindsey was a bit different. She was tall and lanky, and John remembered that she just turned 14 at the beginning of the year – only about two months ago. Her tits were almost non-existent, but her long legs led up to an amazing ass that John was dying to get his hands around.

“Well, I am glad girls. And that is nice of you to say. Tell me – did you enjoy the show?” retorted John.

“Very much so,” blurted out Lindsey, looking a bit ashamed at her eagerness.

“In fact,” stated Alexa. “We kind of wanted to return the favor.”

John gulped hard, feeling the sexual tension filling his classroom once again. “And just how will that happen?” he asked.

Alexa walked over to the tall man and stated “Just sit back Mr. Burke. We think its only fair. You showed us, so we will show you”

And with that Alexa quickly stripped off her tight black shirt, exposing her pale skin and her very large breasts – covered in a somewhat lacy black bra. John’s eyes enlarged, eager to see what else would develop.

Lindsey began to take off her pants. Slowly unsnapping them – in a shy and awkward manner. He panties were not what John expected. They were a soft green fabric (velvet, maybe?) in a thong cut – framing her exquisite ass perfectly. John glanced over at Alexa next as she removed her skirt – stripping down to her very sheer panties. John was very clear that she had no pussy hair and was eager to see her cunt without the thin fabric covering.

John’s cock continued to swell and become erect as he watched Lindsey unbutton her blouse. Her boobs were so very small, John was amazed that she even wore a bra. Regardless, she removed her top as both girls sat across from John in their bra and panties.

“We’ve wanted to do this for a long time Mr. Burke,” stammed Lindsey as she watched Alexa remove her bra. Her beautiful boobs had small, pink nipples that pointed straight ahead. Alexa rubbed them and moaned – more for the effect on her teacher than anything else. Lindsey removed her panties, exposing her naked pussy. “I really don’t have much hair on my pussy,” she said. “I hope that is ok.”

“It is beautiful.” stammered John as he unknowingly began to rub his cock over his pants. He was rock hard and couldn’t believe his two students were stripping for him. Showing him each and every inch of their teenage flesh.

Quickly, both girls removed their remaining garments, standing naked in front of their favorite teacher.

“I touch myself and think of you a lot,” said Alexa. “And Lindsey does too. We were so happy to see your cock earlier. It really turned us on.”

With that both girls, almost on cue, began to move their hands across their chest, towards their stomach and to their pussies. John’s cock was pushing so hard against his pants, he had to adjust himself. Alexa was the first to sit down on one of the desks. She began to move her hand quickly and with great abandon. Swirling her fingers across her clit and over her engorged pussy lips.

Lindsey continued to stand as she was actively inserting one finger into her pussy while using her other hand to rub her clit. After almost losing balance, she also took a seat – spreading her long, tan legs extremely wide. Giving John an amazing view of her pussy.

John could not resist any longer, his cock was ready to explode an he needed a release. Watching these two girls masturbate in front of him was too much to handle. He pushed down his pants as his cock sprang to life. As he did so, he heard Alexa moan “That is it Mr. Burke. Show us that beautiful cock.” Lindsey sped up her assault on her pussy with her fingers – her small boobs fully erect with what could only be described as hard erases jutting from her chest.

John began to stroke his cock as both girls pleasured themselves before him. He watched Alexa’s tits bounce as she fingered her swollen pussy rapidly. Lindsey moved her hand and began to insert a finger into her ass while using her wrist to rub against her pussy. He could smell their sex from his position as he stood and began to stroke his stiff cock.

In very short order, Lindsey came with an amazing grunt and moan. Her heart was clearly beating hard as she continued to watch John stroke his cock. Alexa spurred her teacher on. “You like watching us play with our pussies, don’t you Mr. Burke. You want to cum all over us, don’t you?”.

In very short order, Johm could feel the cum welling up inside of him. He walked the five feet that separated him from his students and continued to beat his cock. The first stream of cum landed all over Lindsey’s small tits and stomach, the second over Alexa’s hair. He continued to jack his cock as cum continued to ooze out over his hand and the two sexy students.

Seeing this sent Alexa over the edge. He orgasm was so violent that her knees buckled and she was clearly hyperventilating. She panted “I came so hard. It is never like that when I masturbate alone.” The now-spent teacher offered his young students a towel to clean up, but they politely refused as they got dressed.

“We like to shower together at the end of the day,” stated Lindsey in a matter-of-fact fashion. “Besides, I want to feel your cum on me for a while.”

“I am glad I could help,” said the teacher – as his cock began to retract. “I look forward to seeing you tomorrow in class.” As he drove home, he eagerly awaited another day at West High School.

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