Deep in Macy. Part 1

Deep in Macy. Part 1

Macy smiled slyly. I knew what she would say.

“How many this time?” I asked smiling.

“Two studs.” Macy said in a playful manner, blushing.

It was fantastic! Macy is a real slut, she’s great both at fucking and blowjob, and the best thing about her is that she’s always ready for a hook-up. I’m her boyfriend but it’s no problem for her to spend time with other guys. Besides, she knows I love it when others screw her.

So that time Macy had a threesome with two strangers and then came up to me to tell me everything in detail. She shared a room with her friend Julie. There were two guys from college that wanted to hang out with them. So the guys brought some wine, made sure the girls were tipsy and compliant. It’d never been an issue for Macy to sleep with a guy. You could fuck her anywhere you wanted to – let it be a bench in a park, a car, a porch of your parent’s house, all that mattered was a hard stem to impale her insatiable pussy on. It was just fantastic when she had more than one to play with… just like that time.

Well, the guys weren’t expecting to have a threesome with Macy. They thought one could take my girlfriend, and the other go and fuck Julie but Julie didn’t wanna have sex with a stranger. Macy didn’t mind having some fun. While Julie was quarreling with that other guy, Macy got on her knees, took off the guy’s pants, and took his dick in her hands. She was caressing it for a couple of moments and soon got it in her petite mouth. The other guy was staring at them enviously, feeling damn sorry he didn’t choose Macy. He didn’t know she was spunky enough to please both of them, at once. On seeing Julie didn’t feel like having sex, Macy called the second guy to come closer and started giving him head. She was sucking the dickhead rhythmically, though not really deep throat. It was so unexpected but the guys liked it. Macy doesn’t usually care whose dick to suck, so it was ok with her too. Hard cocks found themselves in her hot insatiable mouth one after another, in turn.

Soon the guys were ready to use all other Macy’s holes. One of them poked his cock at her sweet round ass. She stuck it out alluringly, while still sucking a dick. The guys raised her skirt and pulled off her thong. As soon as she was bare-ass, the guys could finally go on with the fun. Well, as to Macy, she knows she can have sex even if her panties are on. She can pull the thong to aside and get a hard pecker in her hot cave. That’s why she always wears thong.

So Macy swayed her hips invitingly and the guy entered her pussy. He was kind of dripping his cock in her gushing slit at first, then he sped up, trying to keep up with the tempo of his friend fucking Macy’s mouth. It was a real wild ride! So Macy liked her new friends, she liked their hard dicks in particular. Macy wished she remembered their names… all she really knew she really wanted to fuck. She stopped giving head, and asked the guys to change places.

Macy impaled her slit on the new cock, and then stuck the other one in her mouth. Both got in her holes really smoothly. They went on pumping Macy’s holes till the one screwing her mouth started cumming deep in her throat with Macy swallowing his hot gooey semen. When he was drained she sucked the cock off a bit longer and then focused all her attention on her own sensations and on the penis ramming her vagina.

“Cum on my ass,” Macy smiled. Her lips were shining with sperm.

The guy took his cock out of her hole and started erupting cumloads on her back and firm buttocks. There was a lot of cum, she scooped some and drank it. She liked the taste.

When telling me the story, Macy asked me if I could write a story about it and post it at some site to show what a naughty and kinky slut my girlfriend was. She said maybe there would be a guy who would like to hook up with her…

Macy’s always ready to share her new adventures with me. She’s in never-ending search of new dicks to get in her insatiable hot cunt. I often hear her say something like: ‘Remember Nick, you friend’s friend? Well, I fucked him!’

Macy has already had sex with all guys from her college, neighborhood and with all her friends and her friends’ friends. She could never get enough. Once we were in the train going to see Macy’s aunt. Macy was wearing a sexy tee that was see thru and I could definitely see her hard nips. She was wearing white pants that fitted her sexy butt like a glove, making her look really hot. First Macy wasn’t doing anything obscene. Then I saw her look round in a playful manner searching for a new cock, apparently. I realized she wanted to have another sex adventure. This idea made me break out into a sweat.

She walked back and forth between the aisles a couple of time and then said she liked a guy who was sitting several rows away from us. I looked at him. He was rather handsome. He was muscular. When he went out to get himself some water she followed him, I saw them talk. As Macy told me later, they weren’t talking about anything in particular. But when he said the water tasted nice she whispered that sperm tasted much better. She stretched her hand out and touched his penis through the pants. She started patting it. Before he could say anything, she took him by the hand and led him to the WC.
There wasn’t enough room in the cabin. The guy was standing, Macy squatted down and pulled off his pants to catch his cock with her lips. The penis was of average size with a big but flat dickhead. Macy was using her right hand to help, she was sucking the cock off. She’s always so damn good at sucking! But Macy doesn’t consider blowjob to be enough. She has to get her pussy hardly banged to say she’s satisfied. When the cock was hard enough she let it go, stood up, turned round and pulled off her pants and sexy white thong to give the guy full access to her gorgeous body. In a moment, the guy was screwing her pussy in a really fast tempo.

Just some 10 minutes ago he couldn’t even imagine he would be fucking a pretty girl in the restroom just like that. He surely realized how lucky he was. The guy was ramming Macy’s hole energetically and almost silently. But for her lusty moaning that immediately disappeared in the train’s noise one could think the room was empty. It took them less than 10 minutes to have sex in the train and they didn’t even know each other’s name! All they actually did was take off their pants and get really close to one another in the room. Macy let him use her leaking pussy. He definitely liked her hole as he took out his dick and started cumming on the girl’s butt. Macy smiled smugly and got some of his juice to taste. The guy went out of the room and got back to his seat as if nothing special had just happened or it was an ordinary thing for him to fuck strangers in trains.

I also remember my friend’s birthday well. I was having a blast that night! There were a lot of guys there, by the moment we arrived they were all pretty drunk and really having a lot of fun. Macy didn’t know anybody there, so it meant there were a lot of new cocks she could go and try. I saw guys stare at her. She was wearing a very skimpy skirt that let everyone see her slender legs… Macy radiated lust and desire to have her hole filled with some hard member. I decided not to interfere with her fun. So I went to another room, got beer and tried to enjoy myself too. Soon I lost her. I checked every room in the house but didn’t find her. I went out of the house because I knew there were people hanging out outside too. Here she was… leaning against the wall, arching her back, impaling her vagina on a guy’s cock. The guy was squeezing her buttocks, his cock was moving really fast, the frictions were really hard. Macy’s denim skirt was raised up to her waist, her thong was pulled aside… There were two more guys standing nearby, waiting for their turn to fuck the girl.

I did feel I could spend my life watching her please other guys. I really liked what I saw. I was watching them from a nook so they couldn’t see me. The guy sighed and made two more deep frictions, cumming. As soon as he got his penis out of her slit, another guy took his place to screw it. Macy didn’t even seem to notice she had another partner now, she was still arching her back and moaning. The third guy was shifting from side to side impatiently. Meanwhile, the first guy got his now-flaccid dick back in his jeans and got back to the house to go on partying.

The second guy came soon, letting his friend take his place. I thought it was enough of the show for me, so I got back in the house. I saw Macy in several minutes. She was red-faced, her eyes were shining lustfully, she was smiling and looking really luscious. She was center of attention.

She got out of sight again. This time it took me less time to find her. I peeked in one of the rooms and saw her taking part in a threesome with two strangers. One of them was lying on the couch with his pants pulled down to his ankles, Macy was riding his dick, her ass was moving up and down along his stem. The other partner was standing by her side, holding her by the head and fucking her mouth. Macy was sucking his shaft zealously. My coming didn’t embarrass them, they went of ramming her, apparently thinking I was just another one in the row to get that slut. As far as I understood they didn’t know Macy and I knew each other. Macy told me later: “Those two were attracted to me, and I didn’t mind having sex with them.” So they were also having a blast.

“Guess they knew about my sex with those three studs outside. So they wanted something more than just a blowjob. And you showed up soon after they entered my mouth and pussy,” Macy explained later.

Anyways, I thought it was high time I had some fun with my girl. I came up to her back and pressed my dick against her anus. It didn’t take me much effort to enter her asshole. Through a thin wall I felt another dick fuck her. Macy loved double penetration! She looked at me alluringly as if saying ‘watch these guys fuck me. I love it, don’t you?’

The door opened and I saw some more men come in. They grinned at us and unzipped their pants. They were jerking off their cocks, making them ready. Macy couldn’t wait to taste more cocks. As soon as she had drunk all of the cum, she found herself surrounded by a number of hardons that were ready to try all of her holes. All of the dicks were of different length and shape. She smiled and licked her lips invitingly

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