Deep in Macy. Part 2

Deep in Macy. Part 2

Well, long dicks were preferable, and they were the first to get in Macy’s hot mouth. Macy was licking and sucking new cocks in a very spunky manner, but even though, there were too many cocks, and the guys couldn’t wait. One of them was really weird. He was patting Macy’s cheeks with the dickhead while she was sucking somebody else’s penis. I thought it was time I let somebody else use my girlfriend’s asshole.

As soon as I made a step aside the guys circled round her body so I didn’t see anything at all. But I could hear her moan, the guys groan and sigh. I suddenly realized it would take me time to get my turn to fuck MY girlfriend so I decided to go get myself some beer first.

Guys in the hall were gushing about the new girl who lets everybody fuck her holes. Yeah, Macy stole the show. When I peeked in the room, I saw her impaling her holes on new cocks, those were new guys coming in the room to take part in the gangbang, while the rest were sitting around, happy, satisfied, watching the show. Macy was on her knees, a guy was pounding her wet slit, while she was giving head to some other guy standing in front of her. Her soft butt was trembling with every hard friction. I saw a line of guys, waiting for their turn to screw her tireless pussy, mouth and shithole.
I couldn’t help but admire my babe’s enthusiastic performance. She was so zealous sucking their stems. The slut was ready to get all the new cocks inside her body. I looked round to see smiling faces. She was a great fucker, everyone was perfectly satisfied!

A large guy was fucking Macy in the doggy style, cumming on her round butt. There was a lot of sperm on her back, some was dry, some was dripping on the bed sheet. He was surely not the first to cum on her butt that looked wet and slippy in the lamp light. I knew for sure that everyone of Macy’s new lovers would be happy to fuck her again, and I knew Macy was anticipating the fun.

A new guy took his place to ram her vagina, while she was vigorously sucking some new pink dickhead. I just wondered how come she managed to do so many things at once! She was sucking a dick, while her hands were jerking two more, she was so insatiable, filled with lust and never ending desire to fuck harder and longer every time she got a new cock in her insides. I was fascinated by her manner to let strangers use her holes freely and do anything with her: they could feel up her breasts, caress her hands, fondle her butt and her back.

Everytime she saw a new penis in front of her face, before sucking it deep in her mouth she looked in the guy’s face with admiration and love, equally pleasing a fatso with a huge belly, a muscular guy with a huge cock and big balls, or a geek with an average size pecker. Her pussy was never empty and waiting for caress. One dick was replaced by another, it was a non stop sex marathon! Whenever Macy felt het pussy free of a dick, she looked round and twittered something like: “OK, so who’s the next?” Judging by her face, she was thrilled to feel and be treated like a real whore.

There was camera snapping heard from every corner. The guys used their phones to get a pic of Macy sucking two cocks at once, or getting ass-drilled, or getting a cumshot on her back.

All of a sudden, Macy jumped off the dick ramming her, turned round and lay on her back, spreading her legs wide, invitingly. She beckoned a guy in a motley bandana. He came up to the girl and entered her pussy with his penis. I saw her looking at me from behind his wide shoulder while he was fucking her hard. She was smiling smugly. A door flung open and I saw a girl stepping inside the room. She glanced at the bed, said ‘oops’ and shut the door the same moment. It made everyone laugh but it didn’t mean the gang bang was over. The man in the bandana was groaning silently, showing Macy was really really good at fucking no mater what position she took.

Macy was smiling lustfully getting a new prick in her insatiable gushing slit. She was never satisfied. She was a real nymphomaniac. She was always hungry for group sex. So, her mouth was soon stuffed with a new cock. She was so skillful at blowjob! She was protruding her lips, pressing them tight round the stem, helping herself with a hand… she opened her mouth drinking sperm. Some drops hit her cheeks and lips.

The party host came in the room. He entered her mouth with his cock, closed his eyes in pleasure and enjoyed the fun, pounding his balls against her chin. Then he entered her hot pussy to screw Macy. While she was impaling her slit on his penis she got another dick in her mouth, squeezing the balls in her hand, pleasing the guy with her lips.

If only all those studs knew Macy had a boyfriend and he didn’t mind watching her fooling around with somebody else and was watching her performance right there in the room, they would be all really surprised and ‘d surely consider me a total pervert and freak.

The next in the row was a guy with a fringe. I remember seeing him when we just got in the house. Macy whispered she didn’t like him. But a couple of hours later she let him screw her anyway! His dick was first dipping in her hole, then he sped up. He was fucking her for a couple of minutes, then he made a couple of deep frictions and came in her twat.

“Juicy slut,” he commented.

There were many people in the room but some of Macy’s partners left right after cumming. The line of newcomers was endless. There seemed to be new guys coming every few minutes. Macy was so into the bang that seemed she didn’t even notice new cocks were coming over an over again, all she really gave a shit about was having a cock in her mouth and her holes. She was winking at me, cheering her partners up. She did enjoy the drill! She was trying to get all of the cum in her mouth, she’d already drunk a lot of semen! I saw her lie with her legs spread wide and her juices stream down on the bed.
By the end of the party Macy was on the bed with three most insatiable studs, with all other partners sitting around the place watching a great show of petite Macy and three huge guys ramming her holes. The guys saw she was so sex-crazed she was ready for anything, so they were fucking her in a foursome with one of them lying on the bed and Macy mounting him, with the second entering her asshole, and the last one getting his dick in her mouth. It was so awesome to see my girlfriend squeezed between their bodies and two hard stems sliding to and fro in her holes…. I was ecstatic!
When the party was over, Macy went to take a shower and was about to go home. On her way out of the house some guy pressed her against the wall, bent her frontward, raised her skirt, took his hard penis out of his jeans and entered her pussy. Macy didn’t really mind it. Somebody else heard the noise and joined the pair. The one, fucking her didn’t get enough yet, so seemed there was gonna be a fight. Macy lifted her eyes at the newcomer and said:

“Stop quarreling boys, I’ll please you both.”

Well, as soon as the first guy’d climaxed, Macy let her new friend ram her pussy real hard.

So, after that party Macy became a renowned whore in the neighborhood. Once soon after that party, one of the guys who had a foursome with her, invited her over to a party with his friends, clearly stating that they needed her there to have a wild gangbang. He promised her many new hard cocks, and Macy just couldn’t say no.

Later she told me she had a fuck with five guys, pleasing them all together and having fun with all five of them individually. She said she was walking round the house naked, letting them fuck her anytime they wanted. By the end of the day four more guys arrived, so she had to suck cocks of all four of them.

So, while writing it now and I’ve just got a message from Macy reading: “2 guys’ve just fucked me hard. One was fuckin’ my cunt and I was suckin’ the other. It was great.”

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